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Forever isn't important-it's now that counts. Doing the right thing. -- Gemma Malley
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I think that forever is an incorrect concept. -- John Green
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Lets make this last forever -- Blink-182
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Nothing is forever, if you have enough power tools. -- Albie Sachs
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Like maybe it's forever, maybe it's not -- Sarah Dessen
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No measure of time with you will be long enough, but we'll start with forever. -- Stephenie Meyer
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When I fall in love, it will be forever. -- Jane Austen
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*Forever* is an illusion that human beings promise each other when they are horny, or, trying to appear holy. -- Mokokoma Mokhonoana
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Forever used to feel like a curse. Now it feels like a promise. -- Rachel Vincent
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If only either of us knew the challenges a simple word like forever could bring. -- Kaitlyn Oruska
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If you do it right, it will last forever. -- Massimo Vignelli
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No. Forever isn't long enough. -- Kahlen Aymes
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Some things, the best things, do last forever -- Kiersten White
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Is forever longer than always? -- Dolly Parton
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Until the sun falls from the sky. -- Kristen Ashley
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When we say forever, we are talking about a desire. -- Daya Kudari
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Forever and ever, kid, until you're sick and tired of seeing me. -- Marie Lu
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Forever is hidden in a moment. -- Jenim Dibie
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Forever is only now. Let's enjoy it and not think about tomorrow. -- Renee Carlino
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Forever doesn't exist because it hasn't started yet. -- Andrew King
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Neither of us can do anything for forever. Because forever passed away, long ago. -- Pleasefindthis
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I used to believe in forever, but forever's too good to be true -- A.a. Milne
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When I look into your eyes, one word leaps to my mind every time: Forever. -- Lara Adrian
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You can live forever for me. -- Sherry Thomas
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...forever could be so, so brief. -- Nick Cutter
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The truth about forever is that it never gets any closer or farther away. -- Maximus Freeman
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Forever is comprised of nows. -- Emily Dickinson
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Nothing is forever...nothing lasts. -- Michelle Moran
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Everything's forever until it isn't. -- Matthew Woodring Stover
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Till we're old-new. -- David Arnold
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Forever is not a word ... rather a place where two lovers go when true love takes them there. -- Stephanie
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Our favorite holding period is forever. -- Warren Buffett
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Nothing goes on forever; if one could only remember that. -- Isabel Scott Rorick
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Forever, time is standing still. We are flying away with the wings of desire we call life. -- Debasish Mridha
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Infinity and Always. -- Aubrey Grace Tomlinson
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Nothing remains forever, only thing that remain forever is romantically stupid word forever. -- Santosh Kalwar
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Until we two be burned to ashes. -- Diana Gabaldon
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Forever is made up of nows. -- Emily Dickinson
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When I look in your eyes, one word leaps into my mind every single time: Forever. -- Lara Adrian
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forever is composed of nows -- John Green
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You gave me forever within the numbered days. -- John Green
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Everyone had a forever. -- Sarah Dessen
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Stay with me."

"Forever. -- Mitch Albom
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Every. Single. Day.
Forever. -- Aly Martinez
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Forever is as troublesome and as emotive a word can be, withholding infinite happiness, infinite hope, infinite grief and infinite desire. -- Ashutosh Gupta
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I will prove to you that forever is not just a word, not just a measurement of unending time, but that forever is a place where I will treasure your heart. -- Mia Sheridan
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Forever [is] so many different things. It is always changing ... it is twenty minutes, or a hundred years, or just this instant, or any instant I wish would last and last -- Sarah Dessen
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That's one of the first things that comes out of young people's mouths when they're in love. FOREVER. And that's cool, it's all good-until you get old enough to realize what forever is. -- Ice-T
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Forever was something we all took for granted, but the problem with forever was that it really didn't exist. -- Jennifer L. Armentrout
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Forever ... ' he smiled at me, expectant, knowing I knew the end of the ominous sentence. I grinned and waited a whole minute before responding ' ... and always'. -- Mercy Cortez
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Nothing is forever. Except atoms. -- Dannika Dark
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Until you die .. it's all life. -- Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
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'Never' is too much of a word. Nothing lasts forever. -- Martin Van Creveld
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It's like forever, always changing. -- Sarah Dessen
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For forever, and after forever,
Caden. -- Jasinda Wilder
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I can't give you forever, but I can give you now. -- Michelle Turner
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Nothing lasts forever, Neither bad nor good -- Vijay Dhameliya
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repeatedly until -- Like Test Prep
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Last forever!' Who hasn't prayed that prayer? You were lucky to get it in the first place. The present is a freely given canvas. That it is constantly being ripped apart and washed downstream goes without saying. -- Annie Dillard
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Forever, just the word fills Beverly with an unaccountable, schoolmarmish sort of rage. Forever, that's got to be bad math, right? Such terrifying math. -- Karen Russell
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Always and forever, baby, you're stuck with me. -- Kristen Ashley
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I've been waiting for you forever."
"Forever' as in several hundred years, or forever as in since my lesson began? -- Maggie Stiefvater
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I'm in this forever. -- Jaci Burton
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If love never lasts forever, then what's forever for? -- Michael Martin Murphey
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What happens to you here is forever. -- George Orwell
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I've been thinking about forever -- Frank Ocean
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How long did you want me to stay?"

"Forever. -- Sylvain Reynard
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If you can find true contentment, it will last forever. -- Laozi
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At one time it really felt like forever might happen for us. -- Jennifer Brown
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True love lasts forever. -- Joseph B. Wirthlin
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Nothing's forever forever's a lie. All we have is what's between hello and goodbye. -- Marilyn Bergman
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Until we meet again in the everlasting world of tomorrow's dream, where the power of love is untouchable and the pain of sacrifice is invaluable. -- Ramona Matta
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All love is immortal. -- Shannon A. Thompson
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We dwell in forever. -- Storm Constantine
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Only the impossible lasts forever. -- Djuna Barnes
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I don't know what forever is, April. I don't even want to think about the finish line while I'm in the race, because that's the end, and I don't want this to end. If that means forever, then yeah. -- Dannika Dark
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You gave me a forever within numbered days. -- John Green
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Forever was knowing moments of weakness didn't equate to an eternity of them. -- Jennifer L. Armentrout
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It seems like it has been forever.
But i getbthe feeling that forever hasn't even started yet. -- Johna Passaro
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Remember when you said "Mine?" and I said "Forever". You said "Only forver?" It's forever, now. -- James O'barr
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For my whole life, all of my love -- A Meredith Walters
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When love was real, so was forever. -- Jamie Mcguire
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Nothing lasts forever. Not even the universe. What -- David J. Eicher
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This is what 'forever' means, my dear. You don't walk into danger on your own. Not anymore. -- Kerry Greenwood
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Forever always seems to be around when it begins, but forever never seems to be around when it ends -- Ben Harper
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In life, and in sports, we all know that nothing lasts forever. -- Peyton Manning
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How much longer can I be so fucking cute? -- Margaret Atwood
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If forever was a reality, nobody would commit anything for forever. -- Katie Khanna
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Marriage meant forever. -- Lauren Groff
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I can wait beyond never. -- Sarah Beth Durst
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Nothing lasts forever - except forever. That's the good news. It's a good thing that nothing lasts forever because things would get terribly boring. -- Frederick Lenz
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I won't accept anything less than forever with you. -- Alicia Rae
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Eternity is only forever with your love. -- Rachel Higginson
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nothing that beautiful lasts forever. -- Gayle Forman
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If the present is really all we have, then the present lasts forever. -- Anne Lamott
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Love lasts forever. --
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At this rate, I'll live forever. -- David O. Selznick
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Hope springs forever. -- J.k. Rowling
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The truth about forever is that it is happening right now -- Sarah Dessen