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It's much more casual than it was, but my clothes and my ring attire - I thought up half of what I brought to the show. -- Ric Flair
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The tailoring may be a softer, more draped, but I don't believe it's any less smart. For sure it feels more relaxed, it's a different kind of elegance, but I'd never call it casual. -- Patrick Grant
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A certain degree of ceremony is a necessary outwork of manners, as well as of religion; it keeps the forward and petulant at a proper distance, and is a very small restraint to the sensible and to the well-bred part of the world. -- Lord Chesterfield
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There is a feeble urgency behind all forced mannerisms of finery- haste and pomp cannot coincide.
-- Nicholson Baker
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Good convention, with the military class and the -- James D. Best
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How did you ask a man, "Oh, by the way, did you ask me to marry you the other day or were you merely suggesting I become your mistress?" Formality was the key to surviving this, she hoped. -- Anne Gracie
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Teaching to unsuspecting youngsters the effective use of formal methods is one of the joys of life because it is so extremely rewarding. -- Edsger Dijkstra
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The appurtenance of welcome is fashion and ceremony. -- William Shakespeare
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I think there is a way to be formal and elegant and classy, but more modern. Brad Pitt has been changing it, and Will Smith has been doing it in his own way. -- Steven Cojocaru
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A suit is a sign of respect. -- Matt Berninger
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For me to go casual is not to go simple. To me, it is to be able to bring back the art of tradition and the soul of French food and my interpretation of that. -- Daniel Boulud
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I'm super, super casual. I like boxer shorts or jeans or tank tops, tennis shoes and flip flops. That's about it for me. -- Shannon Elizabeth
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I'm not a suit and tie kind of guy. I wear a suit once a year, for the Hall of Fame, or if I have to go to a funeral or something. It's just not me. -- Cm Punk
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If you're dressed for my funeral, it's too casual. If it's just street clothes, then you must be scaring the tourists. -- Laurell K. Hamilton
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Casual elegance is all about the mix. -- Charlotte Moss
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My style is neither casual nor academic, it's somewhere in between. For me, that's the best way to be succinct and informative but still (I hope) at least a bit entertaining. -- Joel Mciver
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Nowadays everyone's got the nose rings and the colored hair, so for me to wear the suit and tie is a different way to go. -- Sam Raimi
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Formal art is essentially rational. -- Sol Lewitt
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The emergence of Casual Fridays has created a fine line of fashion ion dos and don'ts. -- Michael Perlis
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So, are you into casual sex or should I dress up? -- Suzanne Wright
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To be dignified and distinguished give honor and dignity to others. -- Sunday Adelaja
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In statesmanship get formalities right, never mind about the moralities. -- Mark Twain
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be brisk, be splendid, and be public. -- Sarah Orne Jewett
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I'm a bit of a traditionalist; the ballroom is all about tails and I never mess about with that. But for the Latin you can have a bit fun: tight trousers, gold shirt open to my waist, be a bit ridiculous. -- Anton Du Beke
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Formal training is arduous, disruptive and expensive and so best reserved for getting across the most critical concepts and principles, and the skills that employees use every day. -- Clive Shepherd
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sartorial splendor with a long, speculative survey -- Dana Stabenow
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Whatever people may say, the fastidious formal manner of the upper classes is preferable to the slovenly easygoing behaviour of the common middle class. In moments of crisis, the former know how to act, the latter become uncouth brutes. -- Cesare Pavese
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I believe in ceremony. I think ceremony is important, pomp and circumstance, tradition. I'm into those things. -- Rob Lowe
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Nothing I do is princely since I met you -- Eloisa James
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I've always been a bit dressed up, even on casual days. I suppose that's the performer in me. -- Danielle De Niese
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There were the meaningless greetings the humans called "formalities": insincere inquiries into the state of health, nebulous benedictions and hopes for past well-being; all compensations for the lack of human Mediators. -- Larry Niven
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Bowing, ceremonious, formal compliments, stiff civilities, will never be politeness; that must be easy, natural, unstudied; and what will give this but a mind benevolent and attentive to exert that amiable disposition in trifles to all you converse and live with? -- William Pitt, 1St Earl Of Chatham
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I am going to get political on you. Because I am the most shallow person in the world, my mission is to see men's formal wear change a little bit. It is too rigid! Everybody looks like a penguin! -- Steven Cojocaru
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The kingdom of formal ideas will always be a weak neighbor to the kingdom of thrills -- Tom Robbins
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When I get up in the morning, I stay nude for three or four hours. If I really feel like getting formal, I'll put on board shorts. -- Iggy Pop
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I'm a vulgar lounge entertainer, I don't need to wear a tie. -- Craig Ferguson
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A wedding is the formality a man has to go through before going to work for a new boss. -- Evan Esar
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I never wear very serious suits. I don't have to because I don't go to an office, so it's fine. -- Jean Pigozzi
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That civet-jasmine blend you're wearing tonight absolutely clashes with the third-level formal style of your dress, you know. -- Lois Mcmaster Bujold
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Extravagant sartorial display had a purpose. It created the impression of wealth and power on the opponent and pride in the wearer which has been lost sight of in our nervously egalitarian times. -- Barbara W. Tuchman
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Love in modern times has been the tailor's best friend. Every suitor of the nineteenth century spends more than his spare cash on personal adornment. A faultless fit, a glistening hat, tight gloves, and tighter boots proclaim the imminent peril of his position. -- George Augustus Henry Sala
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Madam, I assure you that you are dealing with two gentleman of the highest propriety and social standing.
When one contemplates the deeds that are daily done in society's name, such a description is no high recommendation. -- Paul Di Filippo
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To this end, nothing is to be more carefully consulted than plainness. In a lady's attire this is the single excellence; for to be what some people call fine, is the same vice, in that case, as to be florid is in writing or speaking. -- Joseph Addison
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Elegant is not what you wear, and it's not about how you wear it, but it's more about who you are. -- Alber Elbaz
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It's strange how in the craziest moments you reach for normal things like handshakes and formal introductions. -- Corey Ann Haydu
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There is a famous Russian cartoon in which a hippopotamus, in the bush, points out a zebra to another hippopotamus: 'You see,' he says, 'now that's formalism. -- Alain Robbe-Grillet
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A commercial society whose members are essentially ascetic and indifferent in social ritual has to be provided with blueprints and specifications for evoking the right tone for every occasion. -- Marshall Mcluhan
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Politeness requires this thing; decorum that; ceremony has its forms, and fashion its laws, and these must always follow, never the promptings of our own nature. -- Henri Rousseau
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Custom is a mutable thing; yet we readily recognize the permanence of certain social values. Graciousness and courtesy are never old-fashioned. -- Emily Post
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sartorially appropriate. He seemed so enthusiastic -- Neve Cottrell
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To be professional you need to be professional. -- Jayelle Cochran
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good-natured groom on -- Donna Tartt
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In my high school yearbook I was voted third runner-up for "Most Casual." I never figured out if that meant most casual in dress or in overall manner. In any case, I didn't come in first. I guess the two ahead of me wanted it less. -- Amy Poehler
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Wearing the correct dress for any occasion is a matter of good manners. -- Loretta Young
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If you just live in New York and you only know New York, you know a certain kind of condition of formality and informality. By being able to go to another context and to be able to use that as a counter foil to the context you know, you are about to see a wider range. -- David Adjaye
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I love informality. I hate dressing up. I hate to be conventional - and I hate every kind of snob. -- Orson Welles
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Don't be afraid to mix things up by pairing a military-style jacket with a velvet skirt, vintage with modern, off-the-rack with couture, formal with casual. -- Nina Garcia
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Every fashion, the fashion before: in a duller dress. -- Dorothy Parker
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In dress, seek the middle between foppery and shabbiness. -- Horace Mann
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Fashion is custom in the guise of departure from custom -- Edward Sapir
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You can be serious without a suit -- Larry Page
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You feel very romantic when you're in a ball gown. Everyone should wear one once in a while. -- Carolina Herrera
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I said we would be informal," said Agatha. "I did not say we would be eccentric. -- Helen Simonson
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Conduct, not speech, flowery -- Munindra Misra
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I don't dictate particular styles of dress. I do teach classes in self discovery. -- Frederick Lenz
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Politeness, however, acts the lady's maid to our thoughts; and they are washed, dressed, curled, rouged, and perfumed, before they are presented to the public ... -- Letitia Elizabeth Landon
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Manners are the ornament of action. -- Samuel Smiles
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Dear Alec and Magnus, I known we're not really close, but Isabelle just came by to drop off a pleated orange velvet tux that she claims I will be wearing to your wedding. Is this true, and if so, why orange? -Simon -- Cassandra Clare
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I love wearing a well tailored suit.
Strutting in my sartorial repute. -- Richard L. Ratliff
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I like clean-cut, very proper, very elegant looks. -- Bella Thorne
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I love wearing suits. I love being suited and booted. When I'm chilling, I also like to look nice. -- Dwight Howard
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For better or ill, I was very heavily influenced by men I knew who always dressed formally. -- Alec Baldwin
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One may be elegant or enthusiastic, but seldom both. If -- Deanna Raybourn
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Ballet aficionados are just sports fans in formal wear. -- S.l. Price
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A custom-tailored suit retains a certain dignity about it. -- Vincent Piazza
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A suit is just a suit: a practical garment, not a ceremonial robe; it can be worn out to dinner with friends or for a visit to an art gallery. Its beauty and craftsmanship are utterly wasted if you think of it as something magical and symbolic. -- Russell Smith
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Putting on a beautifully designed suit elevates my spirit, extols my sense of self, and helps define me as a man to whom details matter. -- Gay Talese
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I was thinking... that this isn't casual for me. -- Katie Reus
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I have always thought that perhaps formal good manners may be a cushion against heartbreak. -- John Steinbeck
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Speak plainly, sir.'
'*Sir*? I say, Lyd. Are you always so formal with men you've made love with?'
The whip of her head caused the bird [on her hat] to saw wildly, like a famished woodpecker in range of a tree. -- Meredith Duran
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What are you planning?" I asked, as we turned toward the grand ballroom.
"Just a small demonstration for the public good," he said. "I am so sorry."
"You're apologizing in advance."
Never a good sign. -- Ilona Andrews
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I tend to think shorts are too casual That's just not businesslike. -- Dale Carnegie
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There's a formality in academia that can't be ignored, even if a man is busy with other things, like trying not to die. -- Randy Pausch
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I've never approached classical music in a formal way, ever. I couldn't read very well. I'd have to play every piece and internalize it, almost as if I had written it myself. -- Andrew Bird
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Important moments like this are time to reflect. To remind us, sometimes, that it's not only important what you wear, but it's also important to be aware. -- Kenneth Cole
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Fashion is like a party. Getting dressed is preparing to play a role. -- Yves Saint-Laurent
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The real ceremony begins where the formal one ends, when we take up a new way, our minds and hearts filled with the vision of earth that holds us within it, in compassionate relationship to and with our world. -- Linda Hogan
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We believe elegance can be casual. We believe gracefulness can be compatible with fits of laughter. We believe in living a colorful life -- Lilly Pulitzer
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We've dressed up in our best and are prepared to go down like gentlemen. -- Benjamin Guggenheim
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Formal education enhances what you do, self-education nourishes who you are. -- Auliq Ice
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If formality and courtesy take over the feelings . . . how silly and meaningless these things could become. And despite all this, I still take part in it! -- Fumio Obata
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The unadorned gentleman's suit was the product of the change from rigid status to social structures constantly shifting in response to the forces of modern capitalism, becoming ever more egalitarian in both appearance and reality. -- Adolf Loos
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Occasionally, in times of worry, I've longed to be stylish, but on second thought I say no-just let me be myself-and express rough, yet true things with rough workmanship. -- Vincent Van Gogh
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I dress for the occasion. I like Tom Ford for more formal, especially his suits, and I wear a lot of Under Armour for my athletic gear. I also love Rag & Bone. -- Tom Brady
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Certain formalities. It is a great delight also to seal up a love-letter, and, slowly putting on one's hat and coat, to go softly out of the house and to carry the treasure to the post. -- Anton Chekhov
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This, reader, is an honest book ... I want to appear in my simple, natural and everyday dress, without strain or artifice; for it is myself that I portray -- Michel De Montaigne
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I despise formal restaurants. I find all of that formality to be very base and vile. I would much rather eat potato chips on the sidewalk. -- Werner Herzog
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To dispense with ceremony is the most delicate mode of conferring a compliment. -- Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1St Baron Lytton
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was in black dress slacks, a white shirt, and navy blue suit jacket. -- Gayla Drummond
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The sweetness of life lies in dispensing with formalities. -- Muhammad Ali