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Hello, freaky peoples!
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I know: I am a freakish geek. Or is that a geekish freak?
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We let the weirdness in.
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Three kinds of people get talked about: The fascinating, the freaks and the nefarious.
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People are always looking for me to be a freak, weird.
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Now the freaks are on television, the freaks are in the movies. And it's no longer the sideshow, it's the whole show. The colorful circus and the clowns and the elephants, for all intents and purposes, are gone, and we're dealing only with the freaks.
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I didn't ever think you were a freak. I think ... I thought you were magic or something. I thought that you were too perfect to be real.
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I might be a freak, but I preferred to keep that part of my personality private.
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So often when you meet child actors, they're weird - they're freaks. No, I mean it, they're really odd people.
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I've met every freak in the business.
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I'm a freak,you're a freak. Your house makes rooms disappear. My house makes people disappear. Your shut-in uncle is nuts, my shut-in dad is a lunatic, so i don't know what you think makes us different. -Ethan Wate
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Woodwork creaks and out come the freaks, eh?
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Clearly you do not understand the innate intricacies and often illogical drives of an A freak.
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Anyone who falls in love is a freak. Its like a socially acceptable form of insanity.
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I was the freak who moved into the nice neighborhood.
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No matter how I look, the freak inside me leaks out.
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In all of our lives, we know some boring people, but we don't want to see them on television. In our families, we have some very odd people who have odd neurosis. All of us are really strange people.
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I'm a fucking freak!" - Sarah Saunders
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You're a total freak. But you're my freak.
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I feel like most creative people are total freaks.
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Everybody is fucked up and we are all freaks in our own ways-Agent Reed
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The weird set an example for the rest of us. They raise the bar. They show us through their actions that in fact we're wired to do the new, not to comply with someone a thousand miles away.
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Aren't we all a bunch of weirdos?
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Some of you may think I'm a freak. While others may think I'm intriguing. Hot, some might say
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Vampires. Honestly, they're like children sometimes.
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Most of our fans seem to be very intelligent people who don't stand out too much, but they're still total freaks. I like that - they're smart and sadistic, which I think is a reflection at us.
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There are so many weird people that nobody takes any notice. We all just fit right in.
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You can never have enough nerds, freaks, and weirdos. You know what I'm sayin'?
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those ghouls who enter into a macabre dance with pot-bellied netas.
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There's only room for one freak in her world.
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We're a rock group. we're noisy, rowdy, sensational and weird.
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I'm a freak with power.
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We're the weirdest monkeys ever.
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From Bourbon Street to Baton Rouge, the freaks come out at night in Louisiana. And nowhere are they more raucous and unnerving than at Tiger Stadium.
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Weirdoes make the world interesting.
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Of all the people in the crowded six hundred fifty-capacity gymnasium, I was the one to hit his radar. I had no idea how to deal with the attention. So, I pretty much functioned in freak mode.
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'Freaks and Geeks' was a show where our individuality was really celebrated.
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I'd rather be a freak than a clone.
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I was definitely the oddball freak show in school.
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Everyone, in some small sacred sanctuary of the self, is nuts.
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Whoever challenges freaks should notice
that in the method he does not mature into a beast.
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What kind of freaks are they? Katelyn thought as they continued to circle her. Is this some result of banjo inbreeding?
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Everybody's weird, fundamentally everybody is a snap. Sometimes it's a sexual thing and sometimes it's a different kind of weirdness, but one way or another everybody's nuts.
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I'd been labelled a goth, an emo, a druggie, a loser, and my personal favorite only because it showed just how ignorant people were: a freak.
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Me and my merry band of mutant bird kids.
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We knew that we were kind of odd and creeps, and we wanted to do odd, creepy stuff for people who wanted to see that.
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Cats. Furry little sociopaths that we invite into our homes.
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I'm surrounded by freaks. Am I weirder than the rest of them? Ultimately I've learned to pride myself on being quirky.
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Monkey People? They
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We're the guys who, if someone says you really shouldn't do an episode making fun of Scientologists, we say, 'Whatever.' Someone says, 'They might come try to burn your house down,' we say, 'We'll just get another one.'
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People think I'm a freak or something, but I'm actually a really normal guy.
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I'm a creep, I'm a weirdo
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People are the world's strangest creature.
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On the one hand, Sylvie loves the feeling of being like everybody else... on the other hand when she feels most like a freak is when shes getting away with not being one.
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They want you to think that darkness or evil is only something that gets inflicted on you by the outside world, but I know better, and I think the freak does, too. Sometimes the darkness lives inside you, and sometimes it wins.
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There are more and more visibly weird and freaky people in the world these days, and it's high time we stop carrying forward the junior high school dynamic of excluding them all from our lives or worse ... nailing them to some cross.
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People have all day to talk about what makes them ordinary. It turns out that they want to share what makes them weird.
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If tomorrow, ninety percent of the world's population started scooting around on its collective asses while wearing dead raccoons as hats, people who walked on two feet and were visibly raccoonless would be called "weird.
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Humans are the most gloriously bizarre creatures.
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Nowadays, everybody wanna be weird. We know how to manifest being weird.
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Giving freaks a pass is the oldest tradition in Montana.
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It's intriguing. I've always felt like a freak myself. But what would it be like, to wear my freakishness on the outside, to have it be obvious to the world?
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People are quite frequently eccentric.
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Ninety years ago I was a freak. Today I'm an amateur.
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I was always fascinated by people who are considered completely normal, because I find them the weirdest of all
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We can't be afraid to be weird.
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So many FREAKS and not enough CIRCUSES!
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Everyone's weird, I'm just a bit bizarre.
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Sci-fi fans are eccentric.
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What do they want?" "They want all the freaks dead. Funny. I don't
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Nutters love murder.
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I'd rather be known as a freak than a science project.
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Stupid, fragile mortals.
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... discovering how freaky the freaks can be - and wonder at the certainty that I will never stop wondering.
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Monsters, show me the monsters: these people out on the street.

My people.
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Crazy people. They never think they're crazy. Their craziness makes perfect sense to them.
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Congratulations, Christy. You just met one of the weird things in the world that don't fit neatly into the fae or werewolf category."
"Weird like you," said Christy.
"Well, yes," I agreed. "I thought that went without saying. Weird things like me.
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Growing up in Fife, you were aware that there were these creatures called lesbians, but it was in the realms of complete freakishness. And I didn't feel like a freak.
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People are dreams and awkwardness and gawk.
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But it wasn't anyone! ... What could I say I was a freak - an Empty.
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Anything with no head is dead, and anything with two heads is a freak.
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Also, serial killers, child killers, they're hot, they're the new cool kids, the new vampires, the new zombies, everybody's favourite spook monster.
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What do your crazy speciests do?" Kizzy asked.
Sissix shrugged. "Live on gated farms and have private orgies."
"How is that any different than what the rest of you do?"
"We don't have gates and anybody can come to our orgies.
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It takes the right person to open you up to your inner freak
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Vampires. They wrote the book on possessive.
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Rats. Rats, mice, and rodents.
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There are men from whom nature or some peculiar destiny has removed the cover beneath which we hide our own madness. They are likethin-skinned insects whose visible play of muscles seem to make them deformed, though in fact, everything soon turns to its normal shape again.
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Crazy: the new normal.
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If we're weird onstage, I don't know what you'd call the Tubes.
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If you are normal, I intend to be a freak for the rest of my life
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It was a little weird that they were friends. But then, maybe freaks just tended to find each other.
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I'm a total weirdo and have often felt like an outcast and a freak, and I love that. It makes things so much more exciting.
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Just a little bit too freaked to go to The Freak Show today.
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We're freaks, that's all. Those two bastards got us nice and early and made us into freaks with freakish standards, that's all. We're the tattooed lady, and we're never going to have a minute's peace, the rest of our lives, until everybody else is tattooed, too.
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Too weird for jocks, and not weird enough for hipsters, I was neither freak nor geek, and that left me stranded in no-man's-land.
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What's one more crazy thing in the midst of all this weirdness?
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We are all weird in our own unique ways. The weirdest of all are the people who pretend to act normal in order to please people they don't know or care about,
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Nobody is so weird others can't identify with them.
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People with imagination
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I envisioned all these people who had been admired for having been freaks in their own time, and I saw myself in line with them.