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This new sport is comparable to no other. It is, in my opinion, one of the most intoxicating forms of sport, and will, I am sure, become one of the most popular. Many of us will perish before then, but that prospect will not dismay the braver spirits ... It is so delicious to fly like a bird!
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There are many games I love to play. Which one I put on the table depends on the mood and the level of experience of my opponents; I don't have a clear favorite.
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Games, All Games are meant to be Fun and when it stops being Fun it stops being a Game.
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It is the same game that Moonlight Graham played in 1905. It is a living part of history, like calico dresses, stone crockery, and threshing crews eating at outdoor tables. It continually reminds us of what was, like an Indian-head penny in a handful of new coins.
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I was playing when I invented the aqualung. I think play is the most serious thing in the world.
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The game I play is a very interesting one. It's imagination, in a tight straightjacket.
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The special joy of putting a lead ball into any person who presents a nuisance.
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Give me something interesting to play and I'm happy.
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I've always been big into snowmobiles, four-wheelers, jet skis, all kinds of those X Games kind of things.
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Game recognize game in The Bay mane.
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We play tag and kickball almost every day. It's one of the ways that I've figured out how to spend some fun quality time with my kids while getting exercise.
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I'm not a video game guy. I would rather throw around a football.
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Her favorite game was golf because its essential principles consisted of a stick, a small ball, and a state of mind.
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When I was a kid, my parents would play badminton, but I hardly joined them. I'd just pick up their racquets and fiddle around. Check out how the racquet was made ... toss it around to see how light it was! At the time, I didn't even know I'd play badminton.
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Remember when you picked me up like a frisbee and tossed me across you yard?
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For humans and animals alike, truly vigorous, wholehearted, spontaneous play is something of a biological frill.
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Never bored on a hoverboard.
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Footballs, basketballs, microphones, gas and grass ...
Just some of the few things that J-Ro likes to pass.
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Volleyball, I could be pretty good. After a few practices I could be that striker, or whatever they call it.
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During the sixties, all the risk-type sports were very popular, because everybody was rebelling against their parents, or rebelling against the whole system. But those days are over. This is the day of conservatism.
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If fretting was an Olympic sport, I'd own the gold medal
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I want to go outside and play.
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I Play Dodgeball with Cannibals
(Chapter 2)
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Don't play for safety - it's the most dangerous thing in the world.
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Golf - a young man's vice and an old man's penance.
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In the field of outdoor sports, the American boy is easily capable of devising his own amusements, and until some proof is adduced that baseball is not his invention, I protest against this systematic effort to rob him of his dues.
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I like to play video games like 'Rock Band' and 'Guitar Hero.'
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Soccer and ping-pong are my two favorite sports to play.
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The game, the game: here we go again. All glory to it, all things I am and own because of Roller Ball Murder.
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In the future, we will play games while floating naked in a tank of warm, sensory-depriving gelatin. Games will be distributed chemically, into the gelatin, and absorbed into the player's skin. The gelatin will be Lingonberry-flavored, and the games will encourage good citizenship.
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At KaBOOM! we are crowd-sourcing a nationwide Map of Play that uses GIS data and user rankings to identify where the engaging playgrounds are located, but more importantly, where they are not.
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'Dance Dance Revolution.' That's a lot of fun when you're having a dinner party and you just want to be a little silly.
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Footballs, basketballs, mic<>rong>rorong>phones, gas and grass ...
Just some of the few things that J-Ro likes to pass.
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Play is the work of childhood.
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"And then we played Ping-Pong - "
"Not pool? I always assumed he was a billiards man - I mean, it's so handy the way he keeps a stick up his -
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Of course there is school and sports, but I also like X-Box 360. 'Black Ops 3' is one of my favorites. I also like to play the guitar and piano.
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I've always just loved to play football, even if it was street football, like razzle-dazzle.
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playing that game!
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I used to play ultimate Frisbee, and I just got a reputation for making popcorn at parties. I don't mean to brag on myself, but I make the popcorn in the pot, and it comes out fine every time.
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Games lubricate the body and the mind.
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I love to play pool.
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What we play is life.
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Golf. Trying to knock a tiny ball into an even smaller hole with implements ill suited to the purpose.
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If you watch a game, it's fun. If you play it, it's recreation. If you work at it, it's golf.
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The sports of children satisfy the child.
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Lacrosse is probably the best sport I ever played.
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Games lubricate the body and mind.
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I'm a big Ping-Pong addict. I love it.
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Foosball screwed up my perception of soccer. I though you had to kick the ball and then spin around and around. I can't do a back flip, much less several simultaneously with two other guys.
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I went to watch the Buzkasgu game taking place on a series of fields - some fallow, some plowed and planted- just to the east of the empty Buddha niches. Buzkashi is a form of polo played with a dead goat instead of a ball.
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I don't think anyone ever liked to play more than I did.
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Play With It, Rotate With It
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Golf is the most fun you can have with out taking your clothes off.
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table tennis in the afternoon...
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I grew up playing games, and I remember Christmas 1981 when my dad got us an Intellivision, and we all sat around and played 'Astrosmash' for hours on end. It was a big part of my youth.
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People say they throwing a bboy jam but it is really a bboy competition, there's a difference! Call it the correct thing, please!
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Basketball would have been the natural sport to play, but it's a little too aggressive for me, so instead I dabbled in volleyball and some good old-fashioned Roller Derby.
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Play is a child's work and this is not a trivial pursuit.
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The game is meant to be fun.
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There was this old soccer game called 'Goal' for the old Nintendo, and ever since then, I've played everything from the old school games to the 360.
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Play is the best natural resource in a creative economy. Kids need more of it. It is the work of childhood. We hope to intrinsically change the opinion that play is not just a luxury but an absolute necessity for kids' lives.
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What on earth can you do on this earth but catch at whatever comes near you, with both your fingers, until your fingers are broken?
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their bikes and playing kick
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Mostly I play sports games - football and basketball. 'Inside Drive' and 'NFL Fever.'
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I love playing sport.
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Nothing is more important than creative play through imagination.
Never stop playing, and never stop imagining!
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Playing in this nice weather really makes me remember all the times I got stung by a bee.
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Bowling, I like bowling. I've been getting into this bowling thing. It's kinda fun.
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You know, when I was a young boy I used to play baseball in my back yard or in the street with my brothers or the neighborhood kids. We used broken bats and plastic golf balls and played for hours and hours.
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Polo is the most inviting sport I've ever seen.
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Skittles: the fun,colorful candy to eat, but even funner to throw at old people.
(yes I know funner isn't a word)
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When I turned 11, my dad decorated a room at the Standard hotel in Los Angeles in a '60s, Austin Powers style. There was human bowling: You run inside a giant inflatable ball and try to knock down pins. To this day, adults say it was one of the craziest parties they've ever been to.
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Sports is the toy department of life.
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It's Star Wars golf. This place was designed by Darth Vader.
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A game is a problem-solving activity, approached with a playful attitude
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Boggle with sex addicts is up there with go-kart racing with junkies.
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I tried hockey, but it never stuck.
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We are adults undertaking a team-building activity in a professional capacity, so naturally we spend several minutes horsing around, striking poses with our paintball guns and making sound effects. Joshua and Sergeant Paintball watch us like orderlies at a mental facility.
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sucking on a football.
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How wonderful it is to play with someone you feel very close to.
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A game you play with your own worst enemy-yourself.
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I love outdoor sports, like volleyball, and I play them whenever I can.
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My favorite toy or game has been the ocean. My real passion is for saltwater.
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I'm a big video game fan.
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I like all the adventure sports but I like to do them in a safe way.
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I listen to kids play a lot.
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Play is a sacred act. When we are playing, the essence of all creation flows freely through us. We are expressing our true nature and connecting with the very core of our existence. Nothing is more spiritual than that.
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In order to realize the goal of creating a new starting line that anyone can instinctively understand we have come up with a design that differs greatly from any of today's controllers. We have also made bold innovations in play style as well.
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Mine was the game where the player cannot lose and may win.
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So what are those balloons for? In case you fall off your hoverboard?'
Tally to Peris
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During National Playground Safety Week, I'll celebrate common-sense safety. I'll also celebrate skinned knees and bruised elbows. I'll celebrate so-called 'dangerous' playgrounds - playgrounds with see-saws, zip lines and towering slides.
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The essence of childhood, of course, is play, which my friends and I did endlessly on streets that we reluctantly shared with traffic.
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I think foosball is a combination of soccer and shish kabobs.
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Playing is my way of thinking, talking, communicating.
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My dad introduced me to the game, gave me a stick. Since then I've had a passion for it.
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Golf is my boyfriend right now.
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When my dad was young he shot marbles. When I was young I played Marble Madness on my Nintendo Entertainment System.
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Play with no fear of failure.
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Games are nature's most beautiful creation
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I really like bowling.