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Hefeweizen. Never drink something you can't spill. -- Steve Miller
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The ignorant pronounce it Frood
To cavil or applaud
The well-informed pronounce it Froyd
But I pronounce it Fraud. -- G.k. Chesterton
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Honey poured over thunder. -- George R R Martin
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That strong, grassy smell, raw milk in a tin cup. -- Marilynne Robinson
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Two glasses of ice water--with ice. -- Hunter S. Thompson
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Stronger than alcohol, vaster than poetry,
Ferment the freckled red bitterness of love! -- Arthur Rimbaud
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The best bubbly I ever tasted was laughter. -- Richelle E. Goodrich
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Espresso is a miracle of chemistry in a cup, -- Andrea Illy
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She sugared and milked -- James Patterson
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But what is coffee, but a noxious berry, Born to keep used-up Londoners awake? -- Charles Stuart Calverley
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May they all be stricken with the screaming fire-shits. He sipped his -- Scott Lynch
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When we drink coffee, ideas march in like the army -- Honore De Balzac
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This is unexpected ... like squirt from aggressive grapefruit. -- Earl Derr Biggers
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Fill till the wine o'erswell the cup -- William Shakespeare
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After a few months' acquaintance with European 'coffee' one's mind weakens, and his faith with it, and he begins to wonder if the rich beverage of home, with it's clotted layer of yellow cream on top of it, is not a mere dream after all, and a thing which never existed. -- Mark Twain
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Tea - the cups that cheer but not inebriate. -- William Cowper
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A little Toffee Crunch, -- Patrick Skene Catling
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Life's enchanted cup sparkles near the brim -- George Gordon Byron
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Ice cream is happiness condensed. -- Jessie Lane Adams
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keep your breath to cool your porridge -- Jane Austen
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Signs you drink too much coffee: You don't sweat. You percolate.
Internet meme -- Darynda Jones
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What is sweeter than lettered ease? -- Marcus Tullius Cicero
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Dearest I cannot loiter here
in lather like a polar bear. -- Robert Lowell
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Black milk of daybreak we drink it at sundown. -- Paul Celan
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Foul and magical fumes bubbled out of the kettle, like the flatulence of a dragon on a demon-only diet. -- Christopher Moore
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This is the only way I like cream with my coffee. -- Ella Frank
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Beer is my coffee. -- Moi
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Only cream and SOBs rise to the top. -- Al Neuharth
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I do a little thing about the way people shake the sweetener packet. You know, like they're all excited. I want to get all the granules down to one end. I love all these rituals. -- Jerry Seinfeld
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Milk Duds. It doesn't' bother me that it gets stuck in my teeth or anything. -- Danny Garcia
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If you were coffee, you would be bitter and strong; the kind that makes my heart palpitate its way out of my chest -the kind that can turn my thoughts manic. Oh, just the way I would like it. I like it. -- Nessie Q.
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Ah coffee, the elixir of gods and humans. -- Jacqueline M. Battisti
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Coffee and chocolate - the inventor of mocha should be sainted. -- Cherise Sinclair
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I liked the taste of beer, its live, white lather, its brass-bright depths, the sudden world through the wet-brown walls of the glass, the tilted rush to the lips and the slow swallowing down to the lapping belly, the salt on the tongue, the foam at the corners. -- Dylan Thomas
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I am afloat on a sea of foaming joy and delight. -- J.p. Martin
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Mother, when was this coffee dripped?" Ignatius demanded, flapping into the kitchen again.
"Just about a hour ago. Why?"
"It certainly tastes brackish. -- John Kennedy Toole
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Chase opened the mini fridge. "Wanna drink?" He asked.
"No thank you and you shouldn't either."
"Oh I definitely need one, besides it numbs the hunger." He grabbed a few of the tiny bottles from the door shelf.
"Then by all means get your drink on." Samuel chuckled. -- S.l. Ross
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I'm a chai tea latte monster. Anything syrupy! -- Suki Waterhouse
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It was the color of ice and honey and sky and rain mixed together into a sheet of flawless glass with broken frothy edges that tickled my feet -- Kiera Cass
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I envy
the cup of coffee
that gets
to kiss
your sleepy lips
every cold and
bitter morning. -- Sade Andria Zabala
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Nothing revives the cup of life more than a caustic splash of death. -- Leylah Attar
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Caffeine's untrustworthy gift of nervous energy. -- Patricia Briggs
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Did you know that Dairy Queen ice cream is mostly bubbles? -- Stephen King
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Figs that drip with honey, sugar blown into curls and flowers. -- Erin Morgenstern
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Coffee just makes me happy. -- Stacey King
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For a cup brimful of sweet water cannot spill even one drop of bitter water, however suddenly jolted. -- Amy Carmichael
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Life is mostly froth and bubbles, Two things stand like stone, Kindness in another's trouble, Courage in your own. Well, -- Emma Burstall
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Oh, this beer here is cold, cold and hop-bitter, no point coming up for air, gulp, till it's all
hahhhh. -- Thomas Pynchon
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You can't live on amusement. It is the froth on water - an inch deep and then the mud. -- George Macdonald
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My little cup brims with tiddles. -- Vladimir Nabokov
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I have to admit, I do loooove eggnog. -- Christina Hendricks
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don't swill my best cognac. You must savour each drop."
"Savour like you do a man". -- Astrid Cooper
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Coffee is not my cup of tea -- Samuel Goldwyn
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Tea! thou soft, sober, sage and venerable liquid;- thou female tongue-running, smile-smoothing, heart-opening, wink-tippling cordial, to whose glorious insipidity I owe the happiest moment of my life, let me fall prostrate. -- Colley Cibber
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Candy is my fuel. Ice cream, too. -- Jane Smiley
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Tea tasted the best at its second pouring. A -- Anchee Min
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Spare your breath to cool your porridge. -- Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra
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Flames from the lips may be produced by holding in the mouth a sponge saturated with the purest gasoline. -- Harry Houdini
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Coffee Fuck you, coffee IS TOO a virtue. Do not deny me this. Do not dare! -- Chuck Wendig
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Nanny Ogg could see the future in the froth on a beer mug. It invariably showed that she was going to enjoy a refreshing drink which she almost certainly was not going to pay for. -- Terry Pratchett
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Joy all creatures drink At nature's bosoms ... -- Friedrich Schiller
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Max spat his coffee out all over himself. He tried to laugh and choke at the same time and so the only thing that came out was a sputtering bark that sounded like a phlegmatic seal with a pack and a half a day Lucky Strike habit -non filtered. -- Zachary J. Kitchen
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Sweet cream on an ice cream sandwich! -- Dwayne Johnson
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Water! pretending to be pure, thou resemblest false friends. Thou art warm at the top and cold at bottom. -- Victor Hugo
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Clarity in my cup. Transparency of my soul. Lucidity of myself.
Elixir of the ages. Tea makes us all sages. -- Dharlene Marie Fahl
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If at first you don't fricassee, Fry, fry a hen! -- Carol Ryrie Brink
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The sensual caress of waist deep cold smoke ... glory in skiing virgin snow, in being the first to mark the powder with the signature of their run. -- Tim Cahill
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Of all the things I love to taste, sweetest is the kiss of love. -- William, Saroyan
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It's as mild as goose-milk. -- Mark Twain
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I like my coffee like I like myself ... making rustling noises inside a burlap bag -- Josh Stern
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Drinks, fans and snow - heaven -- Wretch 32
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There are three intolerable things in life - cold coffee, lukewarm champagne, and overexcited women ... -- Orson Welles
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The only time I drink milk is when I drink coffee. I make love the same way - contributing 2% as I just sort of lay there. -- Dark Jar Tin Zoo
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You know what it's like," said Storm, "when you want to
pour a woman into a glass and
just-drink her
just drink her down, one gulp, body and soul? -- Andrew Klavan
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Taste his fear. It tastes just like champagne. Cold and crisp and absolutely without sweetness. -- Janet Fitch
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Who would drink from a cup when they can drink from the source? -- Diane Ackerman
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What the heart conceals the drink reveals. -- Anonymous
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I know few greater pleasures than holding a lacquer soup bowl in my hands, feeling upon my palms the weight of the liquid and its mild warmth. The sensation is something like that of holding a plump newborn baby. -- Jun'ichiro Tanizaki
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Sipping once, sipping twice, sipping chicken soup with rice. -- Maurice Sendak
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Half-caf, double-tall, non fat, whole-milk foam, bone-dry, half-pump mocha, half sugar in the raw, double cup, no lid, capp - to go. -- Linda Evangelista
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How you refill. Lying there. Something like happiness, just like water, pure and clear pouring in. So good you don't even welcome it, it runs through you in a bright stream, as if it has been there all along. -- Peter Heller
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What relish is in this? How runs the stream?
Or I am mad, or else this is a dream.
Let fancy still my sense in Lethe steep.
If it be thus to dream, still let me sleep! -- William Shakespeare
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Bertie opened the vial and drank the traded words down, tasting sour cherry syrup over shaved ice, bitter lemon peel, and spices that recalled a nameless sorrow. -- Lisa Mantchev
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Cheese. The adult form of milk. -- Richard Condon
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Foul are my contents but sweeter than filth from the mouth. -- Emily Croy Barker
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Wit, wit! - I look upon it always as a draught of air; it cools indeed, but one gets a stiff neck from it. -- Katharina Elisabeth Goethe
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The sound of the blades on the ice in the morning is like smelling fresh coffee. -- Tara Lipinski
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There's an awful lot of coffee in the air, and a lot of awful coffee, too! -- John Simmons
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floral olive oil sorbet with mandarin orange swirls. -- Elizabeth A. Reeves
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You are neither coffee nor tea,
you are just the right amount of
whatever it is I'm trying to find. -- Sade Andria Zabala
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Who spit in your porridge? -- Jodi Picoult
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Joy bubbles on a fountain of doubt. -- Alison Croggon
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Delicious tears! The heart's own dew. -- Letitia Elizabeth Landon
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Jesu, the very thought of Thee With sweetness fills the breast. -- Edward Caswall
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The sweetest pleasures soonest cloy, And its best flavour temperance gives to joy. -- Juvenal
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Since writing, I've learnt to truly appreciate COLD coffee. If the second or third sip is cold, I lost track of time and was in my groove. -- Michael Kroft
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You have to fill your cup. You then give away the overflowing, but you keep a cupful for yourself. -- Wynonna Judd
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All the buildup and hype, everything else, is foam. The game is the beer. -- Marv Levy
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If you have a milkshake and I have a milkshake, and I have a straw and my straw reaches across the room and starts to drink your milkshake ... I drink your milkshake! I drink it up! -- Daniel Day-Lewis
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I like my coffee hot and strong. Like I like my women: hot and strong ... with a spoon in them. -- Eddie Izzard