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Discontment is an insidious thing, trapping us into thinking that which is enough is longer enough, and that which is satisfying is no longer satisfying. -- Ann Spangler
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Feelings of depression; feelings of frustration; feelings of emptiness in the face of all this randomness - done down by the haphazard, yet again. -- William Boyd
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You're frustrated because you keep waiting for the blooming of flowers of which you have yet to sow the seeds. -- Steve Maraboli
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There are going to be frustrations in life. The question is not: How do I escape? It is: How can I use this as something positive? -- Dalai Lama Xiv
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It's frustration which makes creativity possible. -- Hanif Kureishi
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Learning how to endure your disappointment and frustration is part of the job o fa creative person ... Frustration is not an interruption of your process; frustration is the process. -- Elizabeth Gilbert
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Frustration is an important directional arrow. It shows you where to go to move forward. And what to move away from. -- Julie Connor
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To seek fulfillment is to invite frustration. -- Jiddu Krishnamurti
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Frequent discontent must proceed from frequent hardships. -- Samuel Johnson
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Denial, anger, acceptance -- Gayle Forman
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There is power in the pressure of dissatisfaction, in the tension of temporary discomfort. This is the kind of pain you want in your life, the kind of pain that you immediately transform into positive new actions. -- Anthony Robbins
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A frustrated person was born by frustration.
Petra Hermans -- Petra Hermans
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One of the hard lessons to learn in life is that there are some things you can control and some things you can't. If you want a short recipe for being frustrated and miserable, this is it: focus on things you can't control. -- John Bytheway
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Under the vague dullness of the gray hours, dissatisfaction seeks a definite object and finds it in the privation of an untried good. -- George Eliot
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The pains of disconcerted or frustrated habits, and the inherent pleasure there is in following them, are motives which nature has put into our wills without generally caring to inform us why; and she sometimes decrees, indeed, that her reasons shall not be ours. -- Chauncey Wright
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Crazy frustration, about my lovin situation;
When patience was a virtue ... but I wasn't used to waitin. -- Black Thought
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Frustration is a bad experience. What you have to stress is the satisfaction. -- Pascal Bruckner
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Resentment-why, it is purification; it is a most stinging and painful consciousness! -- Fyodor Dostoyevsky
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Irritated by the fact that the rules that always applied to children never seemed to apply to grown-ups at all (despite the fact that they were the ones who enforced them). -- John Boyne
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Every day we are challenged by events, people and situations that are extremely frustrating and anger producing. -- Kwame Addai
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Discontentment is a gift. It's the stuff that changes the world. -- Shane Claiborne
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Frustration is out of expectation; expectation is our projection. All kinds of love frustrate unless love is based in meditation. -- Rajneesh
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understanding they in their turn have played on them. Our soul sometimes takes its own revenge: What we see and hear when agitated by anger we do not see as it is: -- Roger Ariew
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Resentment, anger, frustration, worry, disappointment-negative emotional states, justified or not, take a toll on your heart, brain and body. Don't let justified emotions rob your health and well-being. -- Howard Martin
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I had some years of definite frustration. Auditioning and not working as much as I would have liked to, or working and being paid a pittance, and sort of scrounging by in New York and sleeping on a chair that folded out into a bed. -- Gillian Jacobs
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The vague torment of ... ambition. -- Emile Zola
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There are a few things that make me angry. Mostly things not going my way. -- Sebastian Vettel
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Trying to pretend to oneself that a life of constant self frustration was in fact a great spiritual attainment. -- Alan W. Watts
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I often feel intellectually frustrated when I'm in a position where I'm not moving forward; when I'm not enquiring about something. -- Eleanor Catton
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Bitterness: anger that forgot where it came from. -- Alain De Botton
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That's the whole story of my life: frustration. It's a chronic disease, and it's incurable. -- Robert E. Sherwood
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Not giving a fuck and not being able to give a fuck. -- Allie Brosh
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I didn't really want to live, so anything that was an investment in time made me angry ... but also I just felt sad. When the hopelessness is hurting you, it's the fixtures and fittings that finish you off. -- Angelina Jolie
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There are people who are unhappy with everything. -- Prince
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Self appointed expectations lead to self induced frustrations. -- Abraham Low
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Frustration is our announcement to ourselves that we need to move back into love in order to find our "center" once again. -- Neale Donald Walsch
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Frustration is the wet nurse of violence. -- David Abrahamsen
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When you get frustrated you try to do too much, you try to make stuff up that's not there, and you play outside yourself. -- Matt Hasselbeck
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I am always frustrated when I see situations that could have been handled simpler. -- Renee Lawless
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Were it not for frustration and humiliation
I suppose the human race would get ideas above its station. -- Ogden Nash
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Disillusion in an ache that eats into the dreams of goodness, of love, of any value that matters - even to the very belief in life. -- Anne Perry
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Much more devastating than frustration is the emotion of disappointment. -- Tony Robbins
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What is it that makes you so angry, bothers you so deeply, that you're compelled to act? -- Craig Groeschel
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Anger is really disappointed hope. -- Erica Jong
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There are disappointments which wring us, and there are those which inflict a wound whose mark we bear to our graves. Such are so keen that no future gratification of the same desire can ever obliterate them: they become registered as a permanent loss of happiness. -- Thomas Hardy
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Disgust at the torments that shackle us, the chains of heavy life. -- Elena Ferrante
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In the world, the disappointed or annoyed person seeks revenge -- Sunday Adelaja
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As the days went by, my frustration festered like an outhouse during a Jamaican summer. -- Andrew Cormier
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I resented that my career wasn't going the way that it was supposed to. And I was angry that I wasn't getting the parts that I wanted. -- Scott Thompson
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Rage, hate, shock, grief, anguish, terror, scorn, amusement, combinations of them, and nothing. -- Patricia Cornwell
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Does your frustration equate a certain form of revenge?
Bright light shines upon me despite of hills of frustration. -- Angelica Hopes
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The misery of having no time to read a thousand glorious books. -- George Gissing
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Remember, frustration is out of expectation, and ego is always expecting. The ego is a beggar. -- Rajneesh
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Anger and embarrassment are often neighbors. -- Amy Poehler
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Frustration is the beginning of the end of pretending. -- Ralph Harris
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Embracing conflict can become a joy when we know that irritation and frustration can lead to growth and fascination. -- Thomas Crum
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The greatest obstacle to connecting with our joy is resentment. -- Pema Chodron
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You know that you can't go out there and change the world tomorrow morning. It just takes time, and the realization of that does not produce frustration. What produces frustration, is when you expect the world to join with your cause it's so reasonable. It is not reasonable to unreasonable people. -- Jacque Fresco
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concerns. That is enough. That is more -- Vannetta Chapman
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Goals are the source of misery. An unattained goal causes pain, but actually achieving it brings only a brief satisfaction. -- Matt Haig
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There are a lot of things that frustrate me. I get frustrated when I have to wait at a red light. -- Kevin Garnett
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The dreadful burden of having nothing to do. -- Nicolas Boileau-Despreaux
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Frustration, complication and misery are available in abundance, but so is God's grace. -- Joyce Meyer
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We often seem to create meaning by complaining. This can feel momentarily satisfying, but ultimately it undermines the integrity of our experience. It sucks the meaning out of our work and out of our relationship to our -- Alex Pattakos
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Sorrow and frustration have their power. The world is moved by people with great discontents. Happiness is a drug. It can make men blind and deaf and insensible to reality. There are times when only sorrow can give to sorrow. -- Winifred Holtby
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about to turn to frustration, -- Scott Cawthon
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My anger tells me firstly that there's a need of mine that's not getting met. -- Marshall B. Rosenberg
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There are times in life when, instead of complaining, you do something about your complaints. -- Rita Dove
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Life cannot be lived without irritations and angers; fights and placation-A cycle of Karma, wheels of succor. -- Aporva Kala
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Satisfaction. Now there's a loaded word. -- Jennifer Topper
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You become angry because something or someone has done something against your expectations. -- Rajneesh
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Fountains of inconvenient feeling - and toward the frantic enticements of -- Cheryl Strayed
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Anger, resentment, envy, and self-pity are wasteful reactions. They greatly drain one's time. They sap energy better devoted to productive endeavors. -- Ruth Bader Ginsburg
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For resentments of any nature bring their fruit in the physical. -- Edgar Cayce
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Apathy. I haven't yet reached that stage. I'm still at the complaining one, but I imagine that soon - in a matter of months, days, or hours - a complete lack of interest will set in that will be very hard to dispel. -- Paulo Coelho
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If you're not scoring the frustrations build up. -- Wayne Rooney
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exhaustion and the daily rigours of the -- Anonymous
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Complaints drain joy. -- Toba Beta
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The only satisfactions available are the satisfactions of reality, which are themselves frustrating. -- Adam Phillips
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Discontentment shows up when we focus on what we can't have rather than what we do have. -- Emily P. Freeman
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Many people are born crying, live complaining, and die disappointed; they chew the bitter pill which they would not even know to be bitter if they had the sense to swallow it whole in a cup of patience and water. -- Charles Spurgeon
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At the core of all anger is a need that is not being fulfilled. -- Marshall B. Rosenberg
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Sadness of not knowing enough words to [express what you mean] ... -- Jonathan Safran Foer
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One of the sources of pride in being a human being is the ability to bear present frustrations in the interests of longer purposes. -- Helen Lynd
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(To those who are themselves unhappy, the contentment of others can sometimes be mistaken for tedium.) -- John Connolly
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The inexorable boredom that is at the core of life. -- Jacques-Benigne Bossuet
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Identify what frustrates you and find a way to fix it! -- Abhishek Ratna
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The thirst to know and understand, a large and liberal discontent. -- William Watson
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Anger, jealousy, impatience, and hatred are the real troublemakers, with them problems cannot be solved. -- Dalai Lama
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I get furious at stairways, furious at doors, at
walls, furious at everyday life which interferes with the continuity of
ecstasy. -- Anais Nin
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The various forms of despair at the various stations on the road. -- Franz Kafka
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Without frustration you will not discover that you might be able to do something on your own. We grow through conflict. -- Bruce Lee
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Dismantling the architecture of my discontent -- Paul Auster
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When a sense of dissatisfaction persists, that means it was placed there by God for one purpose only: you need to change everything and move forward. -- Paulo Coelho
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Evaluation eliminates frustration.
We should also evaluate unrealistic expectations.
Unrealistic expectations become unmet expectations. And unmet expectations are like kindling wood-it only takes but a spark of frustration to set them ablaze and burn those involved. -- Lysa Terkeurst
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Anger punishes the bearer's heart. Who remains angry suffers most. For many, the search for perfection virtually guarantees it will be found, and disregarded in order to continue the search. Some mornings it just doesn't seem worth it to gnaw through the leather straps. -- Emo Philips
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As an artist, it is central to be unsatisfied. -- Lawrence Calcagno
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Utter despair, impossible to pull myself together; Only when I have become satisfied with my sufferings can I stop. -- Franz Kafka
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Expectations always lead to frustrations. Expectations are the seeds, and frustration is the crop that sooner or later you will have to reap. It is your own doing. -- Rajneesh
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The difference between a life laced through with frustration and one sustained by happiness depends on whether it is motivated by self-hatred or by real love for oneself. -- Sharon Salzberg