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Your garden will reveal yourself.
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I long for my garden to be complete. Working in it is one of my joys, but it will never be finished because it's forever changing with the seasons.
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We both know, you and I, that if all men were gardeners, the world at last would be at peace.
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Gardeners are good at nurturing, and they have a great quality of patience, they're tender. They have to be persistent.
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Tend your own garden: savor the blossoms, trim the weeds.
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This gardener will be out in the very early morning and from late afternoon, attentive to small changes in the quality of light and the atmosphere, as well as to every nuance of the season, which combine to create perfection.
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Gardening is a humbling experience.
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A garden should be in a constant state of fluid change, expansion, experiment, adventure; above all it should be an inquisitive, loving, but self-critical journey on the part of its owner.
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Gardening is a madness, a folly that does not go away with age. Quite the contrary.
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He who makes a garden Works hand in hand with God.
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A gardener who cultivates his own garden with his own hands, unites in his own person the three different characters, of landlord, farmer, and labourer. His produce, therefore, should pay him the rent of the first, the profit of the second, and the wages of the third.
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Now the gardener is the one who has seen everything ruined so many times that (even as his pain increases with each loss) he comprehends - truly knows - that where there was a garden once, it can be again, or where there never was, there yet can be a garden.
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Working in garden is like digging knowledge from the earth.
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No better occupation than to look down into the garden.
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I adore gardening and plan to take it up properly when I have a bit more time on my hands. Until then, I love pottering in garden centres. I'm totally low maintenance. I don't ask for fancy plants, just basic, long-lasting shrubs that look nice. But I am particular about flowers.
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I have always wanted to be a gardener, and I love the time I spend in my garden.
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I cultivate my garden, and my garden cultivates me.
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Gardening is an active participation in The deepest mysteries of the universe.
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Nature soon takes over if the gardener is absent.
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It is up to us to cultivate our garden.
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Only years of practice will teach you the mysteries and bold certainty of a real gardener, who treads at random, yet tramples on nothing.
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Successful gardening is not necessarily a question of wealth, it is a question of love, taste, and knowledge.
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'The Gardener' is more than a marvellous collection of images by a master photographer.
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Each year the big garden grew smaller and Jane - who grew flowers by choice, not corn or stringbeans - worked at the vegetables more than I did. Each winter I dreamed crops, dreamed marvels of canning ... and each summer I largely failed. Shamefaced, I planted no garden at all.
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Like editing, gardening requires infinite patience; it requires an essential selflessness, and optimism.
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Gardening transcends everything that otherwise divides us.
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If there is no gardener there is no garden.
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Gardening is akin to writing stories. No experience could have taught me more about grief or flowers, about achieving survival by going, your fingers in the ground, the limit of physical exhaustion.
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I think the true gardener is a lover of his flowers, not a critic of them. I think the true gardener is the reverent servant of Nature, not her truculent, wife-beating master. I think the true gardener, the older he grows, should more and more develop a humble, grateful and uncertain spirit.
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Gardening is, apart from having children, the most rewarding thing in life
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Who loves a garden still his Eden keeps.
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Gardening is the greatest tonic and therapy a human being can have. Even if you have only a tiny piece of earth, you can create something beautiful, which we all have a great need for. If we begin by respecting plants, it's inevitable we'll respect people.
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A garden is never finished.
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The Gardener does not create the Garden. The Garden creates the Gardener.
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It's my observation that gardeners and gardening for a very long time have had to take a back seat. Architects are very famous; they've got huge projects. What goes on in and around them has been relegated to a very minor role.
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In a delightful garden, sowing, planting or digging are not hardship but are done with a zeal and a certain pleasure.
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For fun and for life, through life's changes, look to be inspired, to stay gardening.
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Gardens were weeded and watered and
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A garden, you know, is a very usual refuge of a disappointed politician. Accordingly, I have purchased a few acres about nine miles from town, have built a house, and am cultivating a garden.
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A garden requires patient labor and attention. Plants do not grow merely to satisfy ambitions or to fulfill good intentions. They thrive because someone expended effort on them.
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Working in the garden gives me something beyond the enjoyment of the senses. It gives me a profound feeling of inner peace.
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Gardening is really an extended form of reading, of history and philosophy. The garden itself has become like writing a book. I walk around and walk around. Apparently people often see me standing there and they wave to me and I don't see them because I am reading the landscape.
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A visitor to a garden sees the successes, usually. The gardener remembers mistakes and losses, some for a long time, and imagines the garden in a year, and in an unimaginable future.
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Jesus is the Master Gardener. He's the Second Adam, the true and obedient Son of God, tasked with caring for God's garden and protecting it from evil, fulfilling the mandates God had given in the beginning, mandates Adam failed to complete (Genesis 1:28).11
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One of the greatest virtues of gardening is this perpetual renewal of youth and spring, of promise of flower and fruit that can always be read in the open book of the garden, by those with an eye to see, and a mind to understand.
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As is the garden such is the gardener. A man's nature runs either to herbs or weeds.
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The average gardener probably knows little about what is going on in his or her garden.
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The fellow who tends the greenhouse gardens? Trust me, Lady, you'd let him stake your tomatoes.
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Gardening is an art form, but it has lost its sense of history.
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My passion for gardening may strike some as selfish, or merely an act of resignation in the face of overwhelming problems that beset the world. It is neither. I have found that each garden is just what Voltaire proposed in Candide: a microcosm of a just and beautiful society.
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I'm not really a career person; I'm a gardener, basically.
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I am a gardener of life, the heart is my garden, love is my flower, and joy is the fragrance.
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Then there are those who plant. they endure storms and all the many vicissitudes of the seasons, and they rarely rest. But, unlike a building, a garden never stops growing. And while it requires the gardener's constant attention, it also allows life for the gardener to be a great adventure.
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The real wealth of a good gardener is not his salary but the marvellous flowers he is raising in the garden!
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The glory of gardening: hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature. To nurture a garden is to feed not just on the body, but the soul.
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garden. I have been defeated,
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A gardener's life is full of sweets and sours; He gets the sunshine when he needs the showers.
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A garden is a lovesome thing, God wot!
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I just wish human beings were better gardeners.
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The love of gardening is a seed that once sown never dies, but grows to the enduring happiness that the love of gardening gives.
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Undisturbed, my garden fills with summer growth - how I wish for one who would push the deep grass aside.
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No occupation is so delightful to me as the culture of the earth, no culture comparable to that of the garden ... But though an old man, I am but a young gardener.
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After his death the gardener does not become a butterfly, intoxicated by the perfumes of the flowers, but a garden worm tasting all the dark, nitrogenous, and spicy delights of the soil.
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A garden is half made when it is well planned.
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I did a salad, but I didn't do a garden.
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Let us cultivate our garden.
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Where there's no gardener, there's no garden.
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Gardening is peaceful, yet there is a great element of failure. It's the perfect metaphor for life
a lot of pleasure, then it's over. There's great satisfaction in tending something, feeling it needs you, even if it's just a plant on your windowsill.
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Gardening is about communication, relationships, routines and life-enrichment. Gardens are places that connect us to the seasons and the life cycle. They're a vehicle for talking about esoteric and - as far as TV goes - alien topics such as beauty and fulfilment.
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The great Master Gardener, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, in a wonderful providence, with his own hand, planted me here, where by his grace, in this part of his vineyard, I grow; and here I will abide till the great Master of the vineyard think fit to transplant me.
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The trouble with gardening is that is does not remain an avocation. It becomes an obsession.
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Gardeners work with an ever-receding ideal of perfection; no sooner is something growing well than they see how to place it better or give it a better neighbor. To other's eyes, all may look as well as could be expected, but a good gardener's eye sees more to be improved.
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Is it too ingenuous to imagine that anything can be left to say about a garden? Garden literature, descriptive, reminiscent, and technical, has blossomed so profusely among us during the last decade, that he should be an expert indeed who ventures to add thereto.
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Everybody's got plants, but most are just growing weeds. The cultivated have greater gardens, finer and gaudier gardens.
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Gardeners produce flowers that are delicious dreams, and others too that are like nightmares.
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Poet: gardener of epitaphs.
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The gardener does not make a plant grow. The job of a gardener is to create optimal conditions.
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Deep within each one of us lies a garden.
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Among gardeners, enthusiasm and experience rarely exist in equal measures. The beginner dreams of home-grown bouquets and baskets of ripe fruit, the veteran of many seasons has learned to expect slugs, mildew, and frost.
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Gardening is not something to get on your high horse about or be overwhelmed by. Either you enjoy it or you don't.
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A garden in winter is the absolute test of the true gardener.
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Gardening is not a rational act.
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I adore gardening, and whenever I have time off, that is my passion.
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A good gardener looks at every plant every day.
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We may think we are nurturing our garden, but of course
it's our garden that is really nurturing us.
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Gardening is the instrument of grace.
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Who sows a field, or trains a flower, Or plants at tree, is more than all.
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A garden is a complex of aesthetic and plastic intentions; and the plant is, to a landscape artist, not only a plant - rare, unusual, ordinary or doomed to disappearance - but it is also a color, a shape, a volume or an arabesque in itself.
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Gardening can become a spiritual exercise, teaching us discernment as we eliminate the weeds from our lives, giving what we value room to grow.
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Gardens were meant to be seen, smelled, walked through, grubbed in. A hundred objective measurements didn't sum the worth of a garden; only the delight of its users did that.
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The passion to produce is very great. One man, who has not yet been assigned his little garden plot, is hopefully watering a jimson weed simply to have something of his own growing.
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For most of that time, I've also been a keen gardener, but for many years I failed to make the connection between gardening and science.
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You can put a gardener behind the wheel, but you can't keep her eyes off the landscape.
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One must first seek to love plants and nature, and then to cultivate that happy peace of mind which is satisfied with little. He will be happier if he has no rigid and arbitrary ideals, for gardens are coquettish, particularly with the novice.
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Today the art of gardening is practised much more often than any other, in ignorant, impulsive ways, by people who never stop to think that it is an art at all.
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The fool who loves giving advice on our garden never tends his own plants
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He's an avant-gardener whose great work includes the famous minimalist garden at Kew which was just a daisy and three wittily arranged grass stems.
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Sometimes he dug in his garden; again, he read or wrote. He had but one word for both these kinds of toil; he called them gardening. "The mind is a garden," said he.
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Gardening ... demands a certain attitude. It is necessary to accept the dynamism of vegetation with serenity.