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If 'gay' is not in your vocabulary, if being gay is not an option in your world, then you're far more likely to see your kid as anything but gay. -- Suzanne Brockmann
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What the hell! Either you have to get a girlfriend or you will be considered a gay. -- M.f. Moonzajer
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Compared to being caught in the wrong body, being plagued by 'dysmorphic OCD thoughts,' being gay is commonplace and mostly accepted. What once seemed unimaginable and shameful has been revealed to be perfectly normal. -- Susan Estrich
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It's been a secret too long, but I'm actually a straight male. -- Darren Criss
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I can't be gay! I'm a happily married conservative, just like Ted Haggard and Larry Craig. -- Stephen Colbert
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I am gay. I am proud. And God loves me without reservation. -- Mel White
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I think my friend Jeff is gay. I don't know - I'm so bad with names. -- Anthony Jeselnik
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I'm Israeli and gay. -- Gideon Raff
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I'm not gay, and I'm not a transvestite. -- Boy George
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Are you gay, Mr. Grey? -- E.l. James
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- You don't need to be gay to like someone of the same sex as you.
- What do you need to be then?
- In love. -- Pawtal
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He is a gay man, my dear, to say no more; and such are the companions we wish when we join a party avowedly formed for pleasure. -- Hannah Webster Foster
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I am not gay. I am, as far as I know, heterosexual. I've never been with a guy. -- Bruce Jenner
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I guess if I had to classify myself, I'd say I'm straight. -- Brendon Urie
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My cousins gay, he went to London only to find out that Big Ben was a clock. -- Rodney Dangerfield
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Okay. Not gay. Not lovers, they both just appear to like donuts more than your average bear. -- Jandy Nelson
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Well, you're definitely not gay, someone says from behind us. -- Colleen Hoover
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Anyone can be gay - it's no accomplishment - but only I can be me. -- Ned Rorem
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I'm gay but I'm not a necrophiliac you asshole. -- Leonard Norman
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I never said I was gay, because I don't think anyone is. -- Gore Vidal
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I hope you are smiling and happy and I am not gay. -- Sumrit Shahi
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Being gay is natural. Hating gay is a lifestyle choice. -- John Fugelsang
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I am not in the closet. I am not coming out of the closet. I am not gay. -- Oprah Winfrey
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I'm gay. I know things. -- Kristin Cast
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I live in a kind of gay bubble. I live in a gay house, I drive a gay car. I eat gay food. -- Julian Clary
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I am not here to entertain straight people. -- Sarah Schulman
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Don't kill me because I'm gay,
pray for me for it is God who created me. -- Ocean Crisstopher Poet
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My kind of gay is like the late-breaking-lesbian kind of gay. -- Carol Leifer
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Straight people are so fucking weird. -- Warren Ellis
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Thank god I'm gay! It's so liberating! -- Edward Field
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The Gay Science, section 108 -- Friedrich Nietzsche
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I was born gay, just as I was born black. -- Don Lemon
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I've been openly gay since I can remember. -- Marc Jacobs
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Being gay is immutable. -- Andrew Solomon
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Just as I love women, I love gay men. I always say it: inside me there is a gay man who wants to come out. -- Victoria Beckham
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I'm straight, but I love going to house music clubs and flirting with women and gay men. -- Moby
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A lot of people call me gay because they don't see me with anyone. -- Sharon Jones
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It's a good thing to be foolishly gay once in a while. -- Horace
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You can't just put gay in a little gay box anymore. -- Neil Patrick Harris
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Dear Josh, we stopped by to fuck you but you didn't answer the door. Therefore you are gay.
Sincerely, Tiffany and Amber. -- Daniel Clowes
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There's a FEW THINGS you need to get STRAIGHT about being GAY..."
"That's an OXYmoron."
"You'll be an OXYmoron if you don't listen. GAY men SUCK and FUCK. They don't go around falling in LOVE. At least not with every TOM, DICK and HARRY. -- Giorge Leedy
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It's part of Satan I think to say that this is "gay." It's anything but gay. -- Michele Bachmann
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To my friends, I'm kind of sexually gay but ethnically straight, -- Nate Silver
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Don't walk next to me, it looks gay. -- Jonah
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I'm gay for Jesus, fill me with your grace. Pour your love all over me, but please aim away from my face. -- Bo Burnham
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I consider myself gay because at the end of the night, that's who I want to cuddle with. But when I go out, I go to straight clubs. -- Jai Rodriguez
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I can't tell you why I keep getting asked to play gay characters, but I never really considered 'gay' as an adjective, as a playable thing. Maybe it's an element of the character, but it just describes a preference. -- John Michael Higgins
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This is'nt like , vampire gay, is it?

~Kynan -- Larissa Ione
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If you've ever been antique shopping during a big football game, you're either gay, or married. -- Jeff Foxworthy
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I'm not homosexual, I'm not heterosexual, I'm just sexual. -- Michael Stipe
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I'm George Takei, and I'm straight ... up asking you to vote. -- George Takei
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I'm not gay, and I'm not a superhero. -- Jon Hamm
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I love gay people. Or as I sometimes call them, 'people.' -- Rob Delaney
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Stephen is my boyfriend," Doug said. "We're gay together."
"I'm also gay when we're apart," Stephen added. -- Valerie Z. Lewis
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Please always remember, the secret of survival is to embrace change, and to adapt. To quote, All things fall and are built again, and those that build them are gay. -- Rohinton Mistry
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It's not called being gay, it's called being fabulous! -- Pewdiepie
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If liking Katy Perry and drinking margaritas is gay, then who wants to be straight?! -- James Franco
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You're gay," wash stated.
Rhodes nodded, a short jerk of his head, dropping his gaze to his beer.
"As in, you-like-men gay."
Still eying his beer, Rhodes gave an affirmative shrug.
"As in, you like-to-fuck-men gay."
"Yes! -- Katie Allen
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Haters call me 'gay,' but their girlfriends want me more than them. -- Justin Bieber
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If you're a gay person I'd rather not be stuck in a lift with you. -- Kerry King
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Straight people are crazy -- Tere Michaels
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Gay people are the sweetest, kindest, most artistic, warmest and most thoughtful people in the world. And since the beginning of time all they've ever been is kicked. -- Little Richard
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I am not gay, but if I were, I would be the first one running out of the closet. -- Dolly Parton
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You can call me gay or a tutti-frutti
But I won't touch it until I know whose booty -- Erick Sermon
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This is a musical, ma'am. If there's no gay, there's a problem. -- Andrew Rannells
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I might as well be gay. And not just because I love rhinestones and Barbara Streisand. But because Im a sensitive person who is supportive of gay people the same way Im sensitive to grossly obese people and ugly people. -- Richard Simmons
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Do you know any gay guys?"
"Why? Are you switching teams?"
"I'm not sure. Maybe."
"Yeah, I know some gay guys. And you do, too."
"I know some gay guys?" News to me.
"Jake and Terry."
"They're not gay," I argued.
"Yeah? You better tell them to stop sleeping together, then. -- Dani Alexander
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With this look, who's going to think I'm gay? I don't lend myself to that type of confusion. Do I look like a homosexual? Do I talk like them? Do I move like them? -- Mel Gibson
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If I was gay, I would be the best gay of all history. -- Julio Iglesias
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My son wasn't gay. No way. -- Tommy Lasorda
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Being gay is normal; what's abnormal is having to hide who you are for fear of society. -- Ben Tolosa
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Do you have a weed eater?" "No." "Then you're gay. -- Various
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Straight Man: But my daughter belongs to a talk show generation that seems to be losing the ability to discriminate between public and private woes. -- Richard Russo
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The fact is, I'm gay, always have been, always will be, and I couldn't be any more happy, comfortable with myself, and proud. -- Anderson Cooper
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He owned an apricot polo shirt, and ironed it himself. Yes, he was probably gay. -- Liane Moriarty
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If I hadn't been born a woman, I would have certainly been gay. -- Dorothy Hamill
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Look, human men are either 'gay' or 'straight'. Well, there are other options, but let's not get into that right now. -- Eli Easton
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Gay!' he chirped. 'Gay!' It was the way he said his own name. -- Lois Lowry
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Feeling so gay, feeling so gay. -- David Bowie
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I'm not homophobic. -- Alex Meraz
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Credit, youre jewish, your best friend is black, and your girlfriend is a cheating whore. Even if I wore gay, I'd still have it better than you. -- Tucker Max
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He's just... mean. Or gay.
No, he's not gay. I asked...
Mean it is, then. -- Diana T. Scott
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Come to my house and you'll see if I'm gay. And bring your sister. -- Zlatan Ibrahimovic
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I love being gay. I love gay people. I think we're better than other people. I really do. I think we're smarter and more talented and more aware. I do, I totally do. I really do think all of these things. And I try very hard to remember all this. -- Larry Kramer
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Did my fingering turn you gay? I hope not. -- Michael Ian Black
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Jayden's brain stalled. He just called you fit! the voice shrieked. It was beside itself. He just called you fit! That settles it, he's gay, gay as a christening robe, now get your head out of the sink and kiss him! "Um," he said instead. "You get brain freeze under there? -- Matthew J. Metzger
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I'm a heterosexual. I don't know why I'm like this. I was just born this way. -- Roseanne Barr
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God, when I go gay, I really go gay. -- Sarina Bowen
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Im straight ... But my girl a faggot ... Potato on the barrel ... Potato salad -- Lil' Wayne
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I am the most well-known homosexual in the world. -- Elton John
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All rock and roll is homosexual. -- Richey Edwards
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I have a problem with homosexual acts. -- Rick Santorum
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Just because a guy has a shaved head, pierced nipples, and doesn't have sex with women doesn't make him gay. It just makes him down on his luck. -- Drew Carey
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Trust me, if I were gay I'd be getting more action than I'm getting now. -- Ryan Seacrest
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Some people are gay. Get over it! -- John Barrowman
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Being gay is a fundamental part of my being - the core of who I've always been, and the thing that I had repressed and run from all my life. -- James Mcgreevey
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I'm not gay, im just liberal-curious -- Kevin Rudd
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I mean if you two were to make love, that would be gay. Two men touching each other physically and emotionally ... erotically caressing each other ... on the hood of a car ... or the back of a movie theater ... -- Kristen Schaal
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I'm not a homophobic. -- Carl Paladino
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If I was gay, there would be no closet. You would never see the closet I came out of. Why? Because I'd have burned it for kindling by the time I was twelve ... If I was gay, at this stage of the game?age 37, aging alternative icon?I'd be taking out ads. -- Henry Rollins