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Brainy is the new sexy. -- Irene Adler
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Melville's Moby-Dick - -- John Irving
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They call me, The Sharkalator -- James Patterson
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Grody is in the eye of the beholder. -- Kevin Hearne
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Who is this lady?" he asked me.
"Britomartis," I said. "The Lady of Nets."
Leo looked dubious. "Does that include basketball and the Internet?"
"Just hunting and fishing nets," I said. -- Rick Riordan
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Do you know what the Sharkgard call humans on a ship?> -- Anne Bishop
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There are any number of reasons for visiting Filey. The beach is clean, long, and rarely crowded. The countryside is bold and handsome, with one maritime feature that deserves to be better known: the long, thin rock finger of the Brigg, pointing into the chilly grey waters of the North Sea. -- David Hewson
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Fenchurch had red mullet and said it was delicious.
Arthur had a swordfish steak and said it made him angry. He grabbed a passing waitress by the arm and berated her.
"Why's this fish so bloody good?" he demanded, angrily. -- Douglas Adams
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Stupid little fish -- Jettie Woodruff
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Madeline Reynolds -- Natasha Lowe
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Seaweed Brain

Wise Girl -- Rick Riordan
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All my clear-eyed fish, Golden, or rainbow-sided, or purplish, Vermilion-tail'd, or finn'd with silvery gauze ... My charming rod, my potent river spells ... -- John Keats
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fishhook. It's squiggly like a worm. Something's -- Caroline Fyffe
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I'm a fish swimming by Ray. Catch me if you want me. -- Janet Fitch
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I," said Lymond, in the voice unmistakably his which honeyed his most lethal thoughts, "I am a narwhal looking for my virgin. I have sucked up the sea like Charybdis and failing other entertainment will spew it three times daily, for a fee. -- Dorothy Dunnett
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Matty told Hatty about a thing she saw, had two big horns and a wooly jaw. -- Sam The Sham
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It was incomprehensible to her that anyone should be amused by such a circumstance, but both Gilly and Gideon plainly thought it excessively funny, so she smiled dutifully, realizing the truth of her mama's dictum, that there was never any knowing what stupidities men would find diverting. -- Georgette Heyer
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The fish is swift, small-needing, vague yet clear, A cold, sweet, silver life, wrapped in round waves ... -- Leigh Hunt
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We didn't name Birdie before she was born. When she came out I said, 'I think we gotta go with Birdie, I think that's her name.' -- Busy Philipps
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An excellent angler, and now with God. -- Izaak Walton
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That was where our fishing began -- Ernest Hemingway,
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Tony Fernandes is in that goldfish bowl and he's swimming against the tide. -- Niall Quinn
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Most of the world is covered by water. A fisherman's job is simple: Pick out the best parts. -- Charles W. Waterman
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Mum, Dad, Fergus... this is Skulduggery Pleasant -- Derek Landy
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MaCleod, since you've flown the SeaBee a lot you'll understand when I say it was the only airplane I ever owned that you could put in a dive, loose a cylinder and stall out! -- Ernest K. Gann
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I don't get 'shark' - but who cares! -- Isaac
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Dude." Percy sent his thoughts through the water, the way he spoke to other sea creatures. "A goldfish?"
Frank's voice came back to him: "I freaked. We were talking about goldfish, so it was on my mind. Sue me. -- Rick Riordan
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Who'd play her in the movie?" "The shark from Jaws," muttered Trout. -- Jonathan Maberry
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Minty? Your name is Minty Fresh? -- Christopher Moore
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They used to have a fish on the menu that was smoked, grilled and peppered They did everything to this fish but pistol-whip it and dress it in Bermuda shorts. -- Bill Geist
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Testing her sexuality, she thinks she's caught a beautiful fish, when in reality, she's netted a shark. -- Tammara Webber
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Do they have names?"
"The red one with the silver markings is Lady Liadrin, the dark blue one is Queen Azshara, and the black one with the long, wavy fins is Lady Vashj."
She glanced at him. Those are the strangest names for fish I've ever heard. What's wrong with Dory? -- Paige Tyler
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Who hears the fishes when they cry? -- Henry David Thoreau
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I swear whatever pheromones Quinn Sullivan secreted were the equivalent of Janie-cat-nip. -- Penny Reid
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Now stop fucking around and look at the fishies. You know you want to. -- Stephen King
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All you need to be a fisherman is patience and a worm. -- Herb Shriner
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Marina, as of the sea. You stick with Hector Ricardo. I'll take care of you;its in my name -- Pittacus Lore
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You shall have," Gillie said, "the king's bread and goat milk."
"The magical goat milk?"
"The same."
"Will it make me beautiful?"
"It cannot. You are already that. -- Shirley Rousseau Murphy
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There was something very fishy about Riley Bay. -- Serra Elinsen
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Tritons Trident! -- Anna Banks
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Twas brillig, and the slithy toves Did gyre and gimble in the wabe; All mimsy were the borogoves, And the mome raths outgrabe. -- Lewis Carroll
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our floating barge. -- Tali Alexander
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Give me mine angle, we'll to th' river: there, My music playing far off, I will betray Tawny-finned fishes. My bended hook shall pierce Their slimy jaws; and as I draw them up, I'll think them every one an Antony, And say, 'Ah, ha! are caught!' -- William Shakespeare
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It may be a weed instead of a fish that, after all my labour, I at last pull up. -- Michael Faraday
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How you ought properly to spell 'fish' in English: 'goti' . -- George Bernard Shaw
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If all else fails, birdie the last. -- Adam Derek Scott
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Could see you all strung by the gills, like sardines on a twig! -- Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra
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Fancy me between Scylla and Charybdis. -- Henry James
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Sir, the year growing ancient,
Not yet on summer's death nor on the birth
Of trembling winter, the fairest flowers o' th' season
Are our carnations and streaked gillyvors,
Which some call nature's bastards. -- William Shakespeare
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We have sat on the river bank and caught catfish with pin hooks. The time has come to harpoon a whale. -- John Hope
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When you say the name Gilligan, you know who that is. If a show is good, if it's written well, you should be able to erase the names of the characters saying the lines and still be able to know who said it. If you can't do that, the show will fail. -- Sherwood Schwartz
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Margaery, you're clever, be a dear and tell your poor old half-daft grandmother the name of that queer fish from the Summer Isles that puffs up to ten times its own size when you poke it."
"They call them puff fish, Grandmother."
"Of course they do. Summer Islanders have no imagination. -- George R R Martin
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...a leering, sneering obscene little harpy... -- Virginia Woolf
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You with the tentacles, you're nicked! -- Paul Cornell
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Jim Leighton is looking a sharp as a tank -- Barry Davies
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Gluppit the prawling strangles, there! -- Patrick O'brian
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Trouthe is the hyest thyng that man may kepe. -- Geoffrey Chaucer
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If you have a fish intelligence, you will be easily trapped in the net. -- Mehmet Murat Ildan
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I was a freshly caught fish who only wanted to be put back in familiar waters. - Shannon Webb-Campbell to -----, 2009 (age 26) -- David Eso
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It's a Magril - a bird that's native to Gillikin Country. It spends half its life as a beetle, and when it's an adult, it goes to sleep for a year and wakes up as this majestic creature."
"Kind of like a butterfly."
"Kind of like you," he said. -- Danielle Paige
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Gazzy: Captain, like the captain of a ship. And then Terror, you know, T-E-R-O-R. -- James Patterson
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I like fish," chirruped Tunstell.
"Really, Mr. Tunstell? What is your preferred breed?"
Tunstell hesitated
"you know, the um, ones that"
he made a swooping motion with both hands
"uh, swim. -- Gail Carriger
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The lightly-jumping, glowrin' trouts, That thro' my waters play ... -- Robert Burns
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I need him like the axe needs the turkey.
Don't be vulgar, Jean. Let us be crooked, but never common. -- Preston Sturges
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My father is a fish. -- Theodore Roethke
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The water near me stirred and then a Sharkface rose up out of it as if on an elevator, slow, his mouth tilted up into a small smile. He stood there on the water perhaps five feet away from me. His eyeless face looked smug.
"Warden," he said.
"Asshat," I replied. -- Jim Butcher
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Critter: I was fairly relieved when Sea took off on her own. She was wearing some two-sizes-too-small T-shirt, practically forcing my eyes to home in on "the girls," and all I could think was I'm going to turn into a pillar of salt. -- Lara Deloza
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Dammit, I'm dying here.

No, worse, I'm already dead. Wheel me off to the fucking coroner's office, and mark down cause of death: Keely's dirty mind and miraculous cunt. -- Roxy Sloane
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The pointless snide remarks of hammerheaded sharks -- Thom Yorke
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She looks like what fishermen don't want after hours spent cutting debris out of their nets. -- Yannick Murphy
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Get up seaweed brain -- Rick Riordan
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I shall call him Tufty. -- Steven Erikson
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My name is Jimmy, but my friends just call me the hideous penguin boy. -- Tim Burton
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This was Jonan's boat. She had helped Nan Seller dose his entire crew against the annual diarrhea outbreak known as the winter runs -- Sarah Zettel
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THE "GLORI A SCOTT -- Arthur Conan Doyle
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Beware of the fish people, they are the true enemy. -- Frank Zappa
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Still fisheth he that catcheth one. -- George Herbert
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This man is my boatswain. -- Scott Lynch
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A pretty little minnow ... cool as rain, blue as heaven ... -- Alice Hoffman
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The fish had kittens? -- William Ritter
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There might be others," Alicia said. "Some of the ones we don't see much. Q-33 North, maybe?" But she was looking at Nobununga, thoughtful.
"Is he the one with the tentacles?"
"No, that's Barry O'Shea. Q-33 North is the sort of iceberg with legs, remember? Up in Norway?"
"Oh, right. -- Scott Hawkins
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Darby, sir, but Janus they call me," the seaman said, "on account of a surgeon we shipped in the Sophie, a learned bloke, saying I saw both ways like some old Roman cut-up by that name. -- Naomi Novik
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Hello, I'm Shellie's new boyfriend and I'm out of my mind.
If you so much as talk to her or even think her name, I'll cut you in ways that'll make you useless to a woman. -- Frank Miller
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Best fishing in troubled waters. -- John Harington
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Oh, my Captain! my Captain! noble soul! grand old heart, after all! why should any one give chase to that hated fish! Away with me! let us fly these deadly waters! let us home! -- Herman Melville
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They can try to kill me all they want, but I'm the girl who stands on tha backs of the beasts of the NeoPacific. The Minnow blazes from within, promising life and warmth and vilainy, but out here I'm mighty. -- Emily Skrutskie
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I considered several names, but Titania, a character from Shakespeare's 'Midsummer Night's Dream', was best able to portray the image I wanted for what is a fantastically elegant and sexy yacht. -- John Caudwell
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Of everyone here, you are the fish I would like to catch. -- Jennie Fields
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Annabeth: Hey, Seaweed Brain. Percy: Will you stop calling me that? Annabeth: You know you love it. -- Rick Riordan
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It wasn't Ginger's Island, it was Gilligan's Island. -- Sherwood Schwartz
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Gilligan's Island is wherever you want it to be in your mind. -- Bob Denver
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The truth is that trout fishermen scheme and lie and toss in their sleep. They dream of great dripping trout, shapely and elusive as mermaids, and arise cranky and haggard from their fantasies. They are moody and neglectful and all of them a little daft. Moreover they are inclined to drink too much. -- John D. Voelker
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She has an eye like a man-eating fish -- P.g. Wodehouse
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Whats up, Seaweed Brain? -- Rick Riordan
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Bugrit! Millennium Hand and Shrimp -- Terry Pratchett
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P - Jamie!" I called.
He waded back toward me. "I'm starting to think my name is Pajamie."
"Your name should be Pajerky. You said it wasn't deep."
"Pajerky?" He gave me a skeptical look. "That's Pathetic."
"We'll see how smug you are once I'm on dry land. -- Diana Peterfreund
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Sometimes, Stukeley wondered if the captain, in spite of his considerable powers, was blessed with the memory of a goldfish. -- Justin Somper
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Grampie's boat was a little double-ender, a model not built nowadays. She was narrow, so that she pitched and rolled something wicked in almost any sea. He could handle her, but he said she was probably the boat Christ got out of and walked away from on the water. -- Ruth Moore
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God! ... Isn't the sea what Algy calls it: a great sweet mother? The snotgreen sea. The scrotumtightening sea. Epi oinopa ponton. Ah, Dedalus, the Greeks! I must teach you. You must read them in the original. Thalatta! Thalatta! She is our great sweet mother. Come and look. -- James Joyce
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My name was Salmon like the fish, first name Susie. -- Alice Sebold