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I was pushing against him to get up and we got in kind of a slapping match with our hands (well, I was slapping, Eddie was more in control and defend mode). Finally he grabbed my wrists and held them between our bodies. -- Kristen Ashley
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I just got pinned by a freakin' twelve year old. -- Kurt Angle
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He strengthened his body to keep up with his mind. He began lifting weights, practicing judo, and wrestling. One day after school, a bully tried to pick on Carmack's neighbor, only to become a victim of Carmack's judo skills. -- David Kushner
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In the early 2000s, I was introduced to the noble art of kickboxing, it thrilled me, and I loved it. I loved the honour and the discipline, and I also loved the punching. -- Nick Frost
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Pussy punch: when a twat tap just isn't enough -- Tara Sivec
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My number one recommendations for part time grapplers is: no alcohol - no smoking - Follow the Gracie diet. The reason I say that is because smoking and alcohol put a lot of effort on your body. Your lungs. Your liver. Your stomach. These things will make you suffer, man. -- Royce Gracie
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pulled out a blue bandanna, -- Jeffrey Eugenides
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The greatest fighter I ever saw -- Gene Tunney
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Abruptly, she let go of his wrists and allowed him to push her to her knees. She looked up, waited for his smile.
And then she punched him in the nuts. -- Laura Ruby
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Wrestlers need a lesson in submission, and I'm just the one to teach them. -- Frank Shamrock
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Grappling for consensus, he noted the general -- Anonymous
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Get knocked down. Get back up. Always be a fighter. Don't be afraid of the punch. Don't be afraid of getting back up. Be afraid of giving up. -- Maria Kanellis
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over the items and he tied -- John Ringo
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tonight i was taking down a man -- Kierra Cass
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Baravetto was unconscious when we found him," Hi said. "What'd you do to the guy?"
"Kicked him in the balls, then brained him with a rolling pin. Twice. -- Kathy Reichs
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Ted was no longer on the ground at all. He rolled his eyes and moaned, dimly aware of giggling outside the closet. His feet were a good six inches off the ground, his ass singing as Kevin used all of his weight and his power to pound away at Ted's body. Ten -- Ethan Scarsdale
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What was that technique you were using on those bastards?"
"An ancient form called kicking ass. -- Nora Roberts
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prostrate body. He groaned when -- Bessie Marchant
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The victim's hand was contracted into a fist except for the middle digit, which was rigidly extended. -- Carl Hiaasen
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Connor picked up the -- Nora Roberts
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Grappling with fate is like meeting an expert wrestler: to escape, you have to accept the fall when you are thrown. The only thing that counts is whether you get back up. -- Ming-Dao Deng
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I was a wrestler. I played football, lacrosse. After high school, I got into jujitsu. I boxed my whole adult life. -- Frank Grillo
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As he was pummeled into one tight spot after another, emerging each time breathless and in amazed chagrin, Bryan flushed, with spots of anger in his cheeks. His whole body sagged. Before our very eyes, he became a beaten man. -- E. Haldeman-Julius
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Most sports require you to master the movements of only your own body to be successful. The combat grappling arts, such as jujitsu, require you to become the master not only of your own movement but also that of your opponent - a far more difficult and complex task. -- Renzo Gracie
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He was bound inside this body, trapped, an airborne being caged. In -- Taiye Selasi
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He reached out, put his hands on her shoulders and pressed downwards. She fell into a seated position against a fallen tree.
"Sit," he said. "Stay."
"That's cute," she said. "Tell me to 'heel' and see what happens. -- Jena Leigh
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Dancing cheek to cheek. -- Irving Berlin
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finger into her vagina. He moved -- Amanda Martinez
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She'd been feeling pleased with a couple of moves, had thought she was gaining the upper hand. But she'd been overconfident. She'd failed to notice his stealthy approach until he turned the tables on her with a move she hadn't expected and now she was fighting for her life. -- Emily Arden
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You punch like you take it up the ass. -- Jake Lamotta
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They pushed closer. Chest to chest. Belly to belly. Two edges of a wound needing to heal. -- Lee Thomas
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John flung himself into a pseudo-karate stance, one hand poised behind him and one in front, posed like a cartoon cactus. I thought for an odd moment he had moved his limbs so fast they had made that whoosh sound through air but then I realized John was making that sound with his mouth. -- David Wong
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Arms and the man -- Charles Harrison
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Grabbed his neck and screamed in terror (which was not very stealthy). -- Rick Riordan
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Busy as a one legged man in an ass kicking contest. -- Stephen King
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He bound and gagged his hands together -- David Swan
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Figure out. Fight. -- Waseem Latif
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A juggler's skill hath been long years alearning. -- Martin Farquhar Tupper
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I was Halfway to Kale when something hit me. A chair. Someone had thrown a chair at me. What the hell was this, WWE? -- Jus Accardo
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hugged him tightly and then -- Kristin Hannah
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Curran looked at me. What the hell was I supposed to do, catch the werebison as he was falling? -- Ilona Andrews
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The wall. Then he grabbed his -- Joanna Wylde
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A climb-out fight is where you climb a building. You climb fire escapes. You climb to the top of the building. You fight on the roof, and you fight all the way down again. -- Jack Kirby
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it was sucking fall to the ground, and it -- Neil Gaiman
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sometimes stood up and speared, and -- Charles William Peck
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They didn't train me to be in the ring for five and a half hours punching air. So, it was hard, I had to get some body contact in there somewhere, it was mostly body shots and stuff. I had no clue, really. -- Michelle Rodriguez
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he ducked his head around the corner he saw that he -- Sarah Mayberry
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Wrestling hurts. Your body's not meant to take that abuse. I've closed that door, but I don't know that I've locked it for good. -- Stacy Keibler
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grappling in a hernia truss with steel kegs of Yuengling. For -- Michael Chabon
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Curran struck at my wrist. His fingers were cat-quick, but I had spent my life honing my reflexes, and he missed.
"Well, look at that." I studied my free wrist. "Denied. Good-bye -- Ilona Andrews
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Um...carefully Bella ow. -- Stephenie Meyer
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I stride to the ring where Cole and River are still hammering at each other. I remove my shirt and drop it to the floor.
"Woo-hoo," Ali calls. "Take it all off. -- Gena Showalter
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My hands shot up over my head, grabbing his ears. I yanked, bending forward.
North sailed over me. I gasped, stunned by what I just did.
"Holy shit," Nathan uttered.
"Kota," Gabriel whined. "Mommy and daddy are fighting again. -- C.l.stone
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He have a modified shrug that tilted one shoulder forward, -- Faith Hunter
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How do you fight when you're trying to pull somebody's arms off or twist their head off? That makes for a different kind of fight. -- Catherine Hardwicke
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throwing it in gear, she almost -- Nicholas Sparks
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Glurk hit the guard in as friendly a way as possible. -- Terry Pratchett
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Hee that is throwne would ever wrestle. -- George Herbert
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I agree with Ten, Taggart said tight before his left fist came out and he punched Ten right in the nose. "Damn it. I just fixed my nose, asshole." Ten put a hand to his face. He grabbed a napkin to wipe up the blood. -- Lexi Blake
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Well, I'm wrestling alligators. -- Claire Mccaskill
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Yelled, but Chuck was already off the box and running -- James Dashner
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attempt to escape, -- Wilbur Smith
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Five swoops down, flames extinguished. Instead of going in for another strike, Five catches Nine by the wrist in midair. He lowers him gently to the ground. In response, Nine punches him right in the face. Because of course he does. -- Pittacus Lore
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Gets aggressive with him. He's very hurt by the -- Danielle Steel
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Gimme a couple G's for every emcee I knocked to his knees.
Verbally useless, 'Oh you got the juice?' I squeeze you juiceless. -- Kurupt
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I don't know Jiu-Jitsu, I don't know wrestling, all I know is how to fight. Period. -- James Toney
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That was the trick- to keep punching, no matter what. -- Scott Westerfeld
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What did my arms do before they held you? -- Sylvia Plath
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There is no escape - man drags man down, or man lifts man up. -- Booker T. Washington
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Get back up when you're knocked down. -- Robbie Lawler
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Looked up from where he -- Rachel Abbott
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If you're working a fight with let's say John Ruiz and ... anyone and Ruiz goes jab, jab and grab, you better see whose landing the punches before it becomes a wrestling match. -- Harold Lederman
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one knee, with a groan, I released my hold upon his throat, -- Solomon Northup
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The kind of match where your opponent wanted you to win while you wished for nothing other than to die at his hands. -- H.j. Brues
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You fight like you train. -- George S. Patton
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Something was about to happen. -- Sarah Addison Allen
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You were supposed to be keeping an eye on the place," Donegan said.
"I was," Gracious yawned.
"You were asleep."
"I was resting my eyes."
"You were snoring."
"I was exercising my lungs. -- Derek Landy
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As the body rolled to the ground Tarzan of the Apes placed his foot upon the neck of his lifelong enemy and, raising his eyes to the full moon, threw back his fierce young head and voiced the wild and terrible cry of his people. -- Edgar Rice Burroughs
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James "Knockout Jimmy" O'Brien, Granite Fall's very own boxing legend - a title he held until a young groupie poked holes in the condom she made him wear "for protection."
My brother was born nine months later, fists already swinging. -- Kate Avelynn
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Wriggling around, two fingers deep in my back end like some teenage boy unsure what he should be tugging at inside his girlfriend's nether region I wrestled a fifty free. -- David Louden
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with their weapons. One struck it with his -- Khushwant Singh
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Ryoga to Ranma: 'Desperation Strike' my steely buttocks! I thought you were a fighter! -- Rumiko Takahashi
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We wrestle with our own opponents on a daily basis. These challengers can come in numerous forms whether it be a physical challenge, emotional, or even relational issues that can overtake us. No matter what opponent we are wrestling against we can be UNSTOPPABLE. -- Anthony Robles
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I was on the floor. "Um, a little help?"
Christopher put his hand down. Martini cleared his throat and Christopher's hand retracted.
"I can handle it, thanks."
"There's nothing amorous about pulling someone off the floor," Christopher muttered.
"There is when I do it. -- Gini Koch
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The Slave master named Mahmel Was a nasty kind of thug, so Stiggy dropped a rock on him and squashed him like a bug. -- John Flanagan
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I couldn't move. Never been hit by anything that powerful.




My chest heaved. I shook. I pulled Kabe hard against me, turned my face into his chest. My eyes burned, my chest seized and I bawled like a baby. -- James Buchanan
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He collapsed right in the middle -- Robin S. Sharma
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People say that I'm a boxer. I actually started with kick boxing, and then I moved onto boxing, and then I moved onto grappling. -- Conor Mcgregor
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scrambled to stand. -- C.m. Stone
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The warrior instinct comes in, the heart, determination, the will to win. Even though you're rocked you still have to fight hard, to come back. -- Timothy Bradley
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They grabbed a woman held in Death's grasp and shook and shook and forced Death to drop her -- Pamela Erens
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Brain against brute force - and brain came out on the top - as its bound to do. -- Kenneth Grahame
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Throat, and pulled the trigger. Then -- Stephen King
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With the last remnant of his strength -- Jack London
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Professional wrestling is a lot like cuddling, I thought as I hugged a tree. As far as lumberjacks go, I'm slow, but when the tree finally falls for me, it falls hard. -- Jarod Kintz
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When he was still about forty feet away he stopped, walked over to a bulkhead, and tapped on -- Mike Resnick
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My nails clawed against the smooth tiles as I pushed up onto my hands and knees. I rose unsteadily to my feet.
Speed is my ally. Breathe. In and out. Focus. Time is my power. -- Lori M. Lee
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Fell." Maddox was cold and wet, and had been only vaguely aware of Ben dragging him through the jungle. Bumpy. Ben pleading. Ben's lips ghosting over his skin. "From -- Annabeth Albert
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He pushed. I yielded. He gave. I took. He captured. I surrendered. -- Nina Lane
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How long were the stretches of toilsome tacking back and forth, of being blocked, of being thrown back again and again. But all that was annulled by the periods when I had my technique in hand and succeeded in doing what I wanted. -- Kathe Kollwitz