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My work is the only ground I've ever had to stand on. To put it bluntly, I seem to have a whole superstructure with no foundation, but I'm working on the foundation.
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He who throws dirt is losing ground,
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I have parents and family who will never allow me not to be grounded. If I thought for a second that I could possibly lift off the ground, I have a thousand people who will grab my ankles.
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In the early work of Frank Lloyd Wright - and you can also see it with Mies - they make new ground by raising the ground. Frank Lloyd Wright did it so beautifully with the Robie House. The roof becomes almost a new ground.
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In order to deal with the chaos that exists in the world today, you need some grounding. That grounding best comes from knowing who you are.
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I live in a house that's incredibly old, and it's typical that part of it is slightly in the ground. It's very earthed. It's almost like living in a hobbit house.
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A ground plan is important in terms of its rigor. If your plan is soggy and weak, your production will be soggy and weak.
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Ha! for a divine and lordly manor, there is nothing like solid ground.
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General Sickles, this is in some respects higher ground than that to the rear, but there is still higher in front of you, and if you keep on advancing you will find constantly higher ground all the way to the mountains.
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Sometimes skin to ground [is] the most comforting place; nowhere to go but up.
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My ground is the Bible. Yea, I am a Bible-bigot. I follow it in all things, both great and small.
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The high ground is defensible.
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I'm so down to earth, I'm bringing gravity back.
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Hard work keeps you grounded
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Stand unshod upon it, for the ground is holy, being even as it came from the Creator. Keep it, guard it, care for it, for it keeps men, guards men, cares for men. Destroy it and man is destroyed.
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The ground will never complain how much weight you add on it, how much you dig it and how much you grow on it, How long you live on it. Unused ground is an abomination to nature.
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The best ground untilled, soonest runs out into rank weeds. A man of knowledge that is negligent or uncorrected, cannot but grow wild and godless.
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Please, ground, just open up and let me fall into an endless crevasse till I hit the center of the earth and combust. Please. Is that too much to ask?
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If it weren't for The Groundlings, I would never be on Saturday Night Live.
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The truly humble feel the ground beneath their feet every day and do not only become aware of it when held aloft or pushed down to their knees.
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There is no neutral ground in the universe. Every square inch, every split second is claimed by God, and counterclaimed by Satan.
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I think groundedness is definitely something I grew up with.
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A noble plant suites not with a stubborne ground.
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The very concept of solid ground is a myth. The galaxy itself is adrift.
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In difficult ground, press on; In encircled ground, devise stratagems; In death ground, fight.
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Let me just be in the ground.
Let me just be in the ground and go to sleep.
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At bottom is the best soil to sow and grow something new again. In that sense, hitting bottom, while extremely painful, is also the sowing ground.
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body to the ground. Though
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I can reach people the average person can't reach because I'm as grounded as I am.
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I like to think I'm very grounded. I'm very grounded in my family. I'm very grounded in my community.
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Underneath the forms of fiction and poetry, you can bet your ass the ground comes from someone's actual life experience.
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You were afraid this might be the case. Your dad has blocked the front door with the REFRIGERATOR. Looks like he's taking the grounding seriously this time.
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The difference between the ground and the heights you achieve.
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If the map doesn't agree with the ground the map is wrong
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You can't ground us. We're homeless," Daphne said.
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We often think that earth is the ground where our houses are built; but scientifically saying, space is the ground and earth is the house built on that ground!
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It's not that hard to stay grounded. It's the way I was brought up.
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Any ground subtracts its own hue from the colors which it carries and therefore influences.
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What is to be got at to make the air sweet, the ground good under the feet, can only be got at by failure, trial, again and again and again failure.
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Max: "Fang! This is a huge break! Of course we should go check it out!"
Fang: "But we're grounded."
Max and Fang: (stare at each other for a second and burst out laughing)
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There was too little solid ground under one's feet.
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We can find common ground only by moving to higher ground.
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When the ground starts moving, all bets are off.
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Left wing, right wing, I am wingless and tired of trying to fly. Here comes the ground.
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Find the earth within.
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You must be grounded to take flight.
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ground, then drank some and fancied it
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To remain static is to lose ground.
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The ground is my ocean, I'm the shark, and most people don't even know how to swim.
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The Earth is deep,
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Grounded likely means no phone or computer," Jamie said. "But if I encounter an owl, I'll try to smuggle a message to the outside, okay?
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In a flash of wonderment she saw firm, continuous ground under her feet, stretching from back then to right now and on and on as far as her eyes could take her.
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On both difficult and easy terrain, you must know the 'tenable' and 'fatal' ground. Occupy tenable ground and attack on fatal ground.
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Ground on which we can only be saved from destruction by fighting without delay, is desperate ground.
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I think right now in the world we're feeling like there's no solid ground beneath our feet, you know?
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The ground of all great thoughts is sadness.
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The ground keeps changing."
He gave her arm a gentle pinch. "Do you still think this is a dream?"
"All dreams change," said Saffron. "That's how you know they're dreams."
"So does reality," he replied. "That's how you know it's real.
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The ground we stand on looks solid enough, but if something happens it can drop right out from under you.
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In the air, there your root remains, there, in the air
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We have fallen into the sugar shaker.
We are the ground beneath you.
Let someone else describe the sky.
Hold us in silence.
Do no throw us back
into some discussion.
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Ground the coursing of flocks run wild.
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How can I stand on the ground every day and not feel its power? How can I live my life stepping on this stuff and not wonder at it?
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I reached for something to break my fall. The ground obliged.
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The ground is to far away, why can't we raise it up?
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There are pieces of me on the ground.
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People who die bad don't stay in the ground.
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Form on the floor. All
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The ground of practice is you or me or whoever we are right now, just as we are.
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Like flowers and plants, we too need ground under our feet, warmth and sunshine and food for our spirit, protective boundaries, tending and care, freedom to grow unencumbered and without limitation, and complete support from the Universe to become our greatest possible self.
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You can't put your feet on the ground until you've touched the sky.
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He can't ground her if he's already killed her," I pointed out when Juliana quoted this to me. "Well, he can, but it wouldn't have the same impact.
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From a guy that still doesn't have his foot in the world, I feel pretty grounded as long as I have music.
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Montefusco bare-hands it and throws him out. That grounder will make you a traveling salesman in a hurry!
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One thing about ground balls: they don't go out of the ballpark.
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I run into grounded people all the time. Given, most of them are behind the camera. But I definitely by no means think I'm the only one.
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The anchors now made are contrived so as to sink into the ground as soon as they reach it, and to hold a great strain before they can be loosened or dislodged from their station.
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The art finds kingdoms in a foot of ground.
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The primordial purity of the ground completely transcends words, concepts, and formulations.
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As we grow, we lift our gaze higher and higher, and then sometimes we are brought to our knees, but all is not lost; what we find on the ground can be very valuable and precisely what we need.
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And you Mr. Ground-of-Wheat, Mr. Text, Mr. Is-Was,
can you calculate the ratio between wire and window . . .
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Love flows down. The ground submits to the sky and suffers what comes. Is the ground worse for giving in like that? Do not put blankets over the drum. Open completely. Let your spirit ear listen to the green dome's passionate murmur.
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The floor is made of condensed air, so we are suspended above a mile vertical drop.
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When the position is such that neither side will gain by making the first move, it is called temporising ground.
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Ground which can be abandoned but is hard to re-occupy is called entangling.
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I started out playing in clubs. I always like existing under ground and over ground at the same time.
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The first pitch to Tucker Ashford is grounded into left field. No, wait a minute. It's ball one. Low and outside.
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Ground) - "He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her" - has entered our literature and our consciousness. This episode
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I have a healthy respect for gravity. The ground is always there, trying to pull you down. It's the most important thing to keep in mind.
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I feel quite grounded, which is great.
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Out of the ground they were called, I thought, and back they went.
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Now Bella, you know Jacob adores you. He naturally wants to protect you. He literally worships the ground you walk on."
"Ha ha," Bella said dryly. "Earth demon. Worship the ground. Cute. Really cute.
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Our feet are our body's connection to the earth.
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Does everything that exists have to be grounded in sufficient reasons? Or are there things that somehow happen out of nowhere?
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I'm always trying to swim to new ground.
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Let the sky lead me, the land ground me, the fire cleanse me, and the water feed me.
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He screamed. Mmm?' inquired the gentleman. I ... I would never presume to interrupt you, sir. But the ground appears to be swallowing me up.' It is a bog,' said the gentleman, helpfully. It is certainly a most terrifying substance.
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What do you call falling when the world is standing upside down?
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There's a rule saying I have to ground anyone who's crazy ... There's a catch. Catch-22. Anyone who wants to get out of combat duty isn't really crazy.
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Stay on the ground because ultimately every one goes up.
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We have sought for firm ground and found none.
The deeper we penetrate, the more restless becomes the universe; all is rushing about and vibrating in a wild dance.