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I watch a lot of Disney. I want to catch 'Hannah Montana Forever.' -- Nolan Sotillo
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Oh God, this is my fantasy! Where those just-friend boys suddenly realize they love me.'
'I don't know if this was like that.'
'What happened?'
He thought for a moment. 'Well. I realized I loved her.'
Hannah gasped. 'Oh God, that's so sweet. -- Cammie Mcgovern
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Hannah: What's your plan?
Claire: Go get him
Hannah: Honey, that is not a plan. That's what we in the military call an objective. -- Rachel Caine
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PATTY: Hannah, what happened to me was awful, and it happened a long time ago, but I try not to dwell on it. It's with me, is who I am, but I won't allow it to shape me. -- Sam Crescent
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Because if I hadn't been so afraid of everyone else, I might have told Hannah that someone cared. And Hannah might still be alive. -- Jay Asher
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hurt, Hannah prayed to the Lord and wept with many tears. 11 Making a vow, she pleaded, "Lord of Hosts, if You will take notice of Your servant's affliction, remember and not forget me, and give Your servant a son, I will give him to the Lord all the days of his life, and his hair will never be cut. -- Anonymous
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As soon as I read the script for Hannah Montana, I knew it kinda related to me. I wanted to disguise myself as not some celebrity's daughter, just be me and find people that like me for me. -- Miley Cyrus
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Sometimes, when I look back over my life," said Hannah sadly, "I do not think of all the people who harmed me, but quite often of all the kindnesses and wish I could go back and say 'thank you' properly." She -- Marion Chesney
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There is no escape if love is not there, Hannah had said. Had Hannah known when she herself had not even suspected? It was not escape that she had dreamed about, it was love. -- Elizabeth George Speare
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There was a silence. Hannah's own heart was twisted with the force of her love for him. Her eyes were full. -- L.j.smith
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mean, you're not actually going to the party with him!" "Yes, I am," Hannah confirmed -- Joanne Fluke
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According to Hannah, real life just happens, whereas stories make sense. When you put real life in print, she says, you show it up for the pointless mess it really is. -- Jincy Willett
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I was Hannah Montana's mother ... Where did I go wrong? -- Brooke Shields
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I go to the movies, and I watch MTV and the Disney Channel. I admit I like 'Hannah Montana.' -- Lexi Thompson
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Why did Hannah marry Teddy? Not because she loved him, but because she was prepared to love him. -- Kate Morton
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You don't need to watch out for me, Clay."
But I did, Hannah. And I wanted to. I could have helped you. But when I tried, you pushed me away.
I can almost hear Hannah's voice speaking my nest thought for me. "Then why didn't you try harder? -- Jay Asher
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Madeline Reynolds -- Natasha Lowe
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I was Hannah Cohen. I wasn't perfect, but I was strong. -- Shana Norris
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Hannah's magic cure for every ill," he teased. "Blueberry cake and a kitten. -- Elizabeth George Speare
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Maybe you didn't know what people thought of you because they themselves didn't know what they thought of you. Maybe you didn't give us enough to go on, Hannah. -- Jay Asher
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I am like glass to him, like water, Hannah thought to herself, alone now in the music room, heart racing. He sees through me, but how? Page: 97 -- Kathryn Lasky
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Hannah's house has been unfinished ever since I can remember. Deep down I think that's always been a comfort to me, because people don't leave unfinished houses. -- Melina Marchetta
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Hannah looked through her closet of clothes in the same way you keep looking inside an empty fridge. You know there's nothing there, but you look again anyway. -- Thomas Amo
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My eye, though, is set on Miley [Cyrus]. -- Patrick Schwarzenegger
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Hannah sought God's heart, and He "remembered her." He hears your prayers too. He cares about your struggles. He cares about your relationships. He loves you and wants you to pour out your soul to Him. When you call on the name of Jesus, all things are possible. -- Gwen Smith
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I'm conjuring up a little fuck you."
-Hannah Rat Queens Vol 1 -- Kurtis J. Wiebe
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Another girl? That's awesome Shea. What are you guys going to name her, Sheanana? -- Toni Aleo
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Where do you want me, baby? I'm your slave." Reese smiled and watched Hannah. -- Alicia White
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A palindrome, I said the first time she told me. She looked at me, perplexed, and that's when I knew I could never love her. What a waste of a palindrome she was, that Hannah.
-Owen Gentry -- Colleen Hoover
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You rely too much on yo rules, Hannah. You use them as a kind of crutch to hold yourself back from new experiences. You've let these rules control everything you do in your life. -- Shana Norris
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When the camera comes on, I am not Hayden any more, I am Lizzie! -- Hayden Panettiere
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I try to find some pity for Tasha. I don't have any. I try to steal some from how I feel about my mom, but there isn't enough to share it.
I scream, "Fuck this shit!" and kick the chair over. Then I go looking for Hannah -- A.s. King
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Nothing. It's ridiculous," he says. "I don't belong on those tapes. Hannah just wanted an excuse to kill herself." I -- Jay Asher
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My God, thank you for bringing her. It's like a trip into the past. Hannah looks just like her. My sweet little Terri." And Vanni was reminded, not for the first time, that the loss of a child is probably the most brutal loss of all, no matter that child's age. * -- Robyn Carr
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1SA2.1 And Hannah prayed, and said, My heart rejoiceth in the LORD, mine horn is exalted in the LORD: my mouth is enlarged over mine enemies; because I rejoice in thy salvation. -- Anonymous
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NICOLE CULLEN Long Tom Lookout -- Jennifer Egan
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I want to look back. To look over my shoulder and see the Stop sign with huge reflective letters, pleading with Hannah. Stop! -- Jay Asher
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Hurt me?" he asked. "How would you do that? By taking away everything I love? Everything I honour? You're too late, Hannah. Far too late. Fallon already did that."
Claire's terrible feeling suddenly condensed into a heavy, sickening weight. "He took Jesse," she said. "Fallon took Jesse. -- Rachel Caine
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We are all monsters" Hannah said. "Because we are letting it happen." She said it not as if she believed it but as she were to repeat something she had heard before. -- Jane Yolen
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Hannah Rose Brown was not quite 13 years old when she discovered her family was cursed. THE PUZZLE RING -- Kate Forsyth
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He couldn't help but wonder what Hannah might have looked like if ... he'd answered that question April had asked him years ago. -- Sandi Layne
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What's her name? Claire, what's her name? -- Rachel Caine
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Perhaps it is as simple as Hannah's sister is marrying one of the few men in the world I call friend." His gaze strayed to where Joley stood rigid against the wall. "Or perhaps I wanted to see, one more time, whether the reason I can no longer sleep at night is worth it. -- Christine Feehan
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Anna gave her that disjointed look with which so many people regarded Hannah, as if they has fallen too many words behind to ever catch up. -- Laura L. Sullivan
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The Colonel had wanted a general in the family. Hannah would make a great general. Or dictator. -- Melinda Leigh
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Passover isn't about eating, Hannah," her mother began at last, sighing and pushing her fingers through her silver-streaked hair. "You could have fooled me," Hannah muttered. -- Jane Yolen
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Hayley is such a snotty-pants. She's been that way since she started wearing pink lip gloss. Someone should really check the ingredients for that lip gloss because it's having some serious side effects. -- Angela Cervantes
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AAAAAANNND LOOK OVER here," Hannah said. "Another dead person. What a shock. -- Katie Alender
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The elevator jolted and came to a halt. Caught off balance, Hannah stumbled into him. Lincoln caught her, and her cheeks filled with color. "Hmm." Mr. Welch rubbed his beard. "Looks like she's warming up to you already, Mr. Cole. -- Lorna Seilstad
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Elizabeth Spencer. -- Julia Glass
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Jessica, who loves stories, -- J.k. Rowling
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French name, English accent, American school. Anna confused. -- Stephanie Perkins
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Hannah rolled her eyes. 'I'm sixteen, almost seventeen, I have boobs, a whole bunch of hormones, and I find guys attractive. Deal with it.'

'Well, there goes my appetite.' Clark shoved his plate away, looking so despondent that I felt sorry for him. -- Samantha Young
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Melissa officinalis -- Ann Bellows
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You're my reward, Hanna. -- Kristen Ashley
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Because you never wore makeup, Hannah. You didn't need it. -- Jay Asher
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Charlotte. There's a girl on the roof. She says her name is Lena... She says she brought the helicopter you wanted? - August -- Brittany Cavallaro
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Two dates in one night - not bad at all! Hannah's frown changed to a grin as she lifted the lid and dropped her very favourite five-year-old pair of Nikes inside. -- Joanne Fluke
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You'll be fine, Hannah." Grace pats my arm. "Calm down and listen to Lo."
"Lo has almost gotten me arrested before!"
"That was an accident," she says, making Grace laugh. -- Jessica Love
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A gleam of humor flickered in those obsidian eyes. I should warn you, Hannah: when we meet at Stony Cross Park, take care to avoid the mistletoe. For both our sakes. -- Lisa Kleypas
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Anne Shirley. Anne with an e. -- Lucy Maud Montgomery
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Ezra, the girl you're chasing after doesn't exist. I'm not some bohemian adventurer who takes you on treasure hunts and sends you secret messages. I'm this sad, lonely mess who studies too much and pushes people away and hides in her haunted house. -- Robyn Schneider
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Incredulous, Hannah gasped. I certainly don't want to attract that kind of attention from Christian. It's ... it's sinful. -- J.e.b. Spredemann
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Hank Promise's niece. But he'd talk to Mandy -- Lisa Mondello
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[Hannah:] Here is to Rylie Cates: May your pens never run out of ink, your computer never run out of power, and your brain never run out of brilliant ideas. -- Jessica Lave
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There had been a horrible incident the day before, when Hannah Abbott had been taken out of Herbology to be told her mother had been found dead. They -- J.k. Rowling
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My name is Ella; that's who I am at school, hanging out with friends, while I'm doing homework. But when I'm up on stage, 'Lorde' is a character. -- Lorde
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When we were kids, I was in love with you ... That never went away, Hannah." He rested his forehead against mine. "And now that I know you again, I'm even more in love with you. -- Samantha Young
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Hanna, I don't know if I've ever wanted something more than I want you. -- Christina Lauren
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Katniss the mockingjay -- Suzanne Collins
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That girl you can't stop thinking about; the one that makes you feel shit you don't think you're allowed to feel; Dillon, she can't hear a word you say. Cadence - she's deaf. -- Melyssa Winchester
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Oh! Did you hear that Haley Spencer asked him to homecoming?" she exclaimed.
"Of course I didn't. You're my source of gossip, remember? -- Rebecca Donovan
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Katniss. I remember about the bread. -- Suzanne Collins
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Just remember who you belong to, Hannah. I wouldn't want to have to shoot anyone - or strangle you."
She leaned over to kiss his shoulder. "Why am I the one to be strangled?"
"It's a much more personal death. -- Christine Feehan
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My name," the boy said importantly, "is Stacey de Lacey."
"But that's a girl's name!" blurted Oliver.
Stacey de Lacey's face turned a dark shade of red. "Silence!" he shouted. "Stacey is one of those names that can be for a boy or a girl! Like Hilary, or Leslie, Anyway...! -- Philip Reeve
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Jesus. To think I thought I'd have to be dealing with hazing and marijuana possession. Who's that girl out there, by the way? You kissed her?"
"No," Gansey replied truthfully.
"You should," she said. "Do you like her?"
"She's weird. You're weird. -- Maggie Stiefvater
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I'm kinda saving myself for Miley Cyrus. -- Katy Perry
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Ashleigh was the answer to a prayer I hadn't even known how to put together. She was all up in my boundaries, and it was a wonderful thing. -- Annabel Joseph
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the morning after Haley's party and -- Nancy Thayer
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Alison Rosen IWHI! From the easter egg chapter. -- Bryan Bishop
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MADDIE: I know what it's like to be ignored. I know what it's like to feel like everyone in the world is against you. I know what it feels like to be on the outside and wanting desperately to be accepted. -- Ruby Dixon
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What's your name ?
Hazel .
No , your full name .
Um , Hazel Grace Lancaster . -- John Green
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My little Jasnah, insufferable and wonderful. -- Brandon Sanderson
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Without Mona, Hanna felt like a great outfit without matching accessories, a screw-driver that was all orange juice and no vodka, and an iPod without headphones. She just felt wrong. -- Sara Shepard
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comely Savannah Frost approaching my front door. She -- Anna Cromwell
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Tim -- Sean Waller
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Shelby's laugh is like water. Sometimes it's good, cleansing, even refreshing. Other times, I feel it might drown me. -- Jillian Cantor
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I'm not a wannabe Miley Cyrus. -- Dionne Bromfield
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Maddie swallowed hard and tried to channel ... which actress? Damn, she couldn't think of an
actress to save her life! She was on her own. -- Jill Shalvis
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Salvation Amy from Flat Hill, Kansas. Just a trailer-park girl with a bunch of stupid dreams that would never come true. -- Danielle Paige
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Sam has brown hair and very, very pretty green eyes. The kind of green that doesn't make a big deal about itself. -- Stephen Chbosky
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And Hannah?" he says. "Don't beat yourself up too much. You know, about the whole Noah thing. Sometimes it happens. -- Lauren Barnholdt
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Olivia is a girl who sees everything. -- R.j. Palacio
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Whatever, crazy chick who maybe lives here and maybe also breaks into Michael's house when they're all gone. I'm out. Have a nice delusion. -Shayne -- Rachel Caine
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She is mine. -Ethan -- Chloe Neill
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Phil and Hannah had decided that Christian guilt was better than bad math -- Rhoda Janzen
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Katniss, the girl who was on fire! -- Suzanne Collins
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I know she's new here. If not, she's made some drastic, unfortunate transformation over the summer, because I'm more than aware of most of the people on this campus, and even if I wasn't, I'd remember the girl who comes to school looking like an undead whore. -- Katja Millay
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Great to know that I'm in love with a girl with a cool name."
"It's Taylor's middle name, -- Melina Marchetta
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Olivia Taylor, if I have you, then I'll be smiling for the rest of my life. -- Jodi Ellen Malpas