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So that's how you know Donovan. You knew his father."
Warren nodded. "Daniel Caine, a fine man. Donovan is too. But he's not the one for you. -- Jennifer Estep
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Nash has been the sun lighting up the horizon of my life, outshining everything else in my world. I'd thought once that he was to good to be true. Turns out I was right. -- Rachel Vincent
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I am Captain Dakkan. I am in charge of this facility."
"Captain Dakkan," Ryan repeated. "It's good to meet you. I've heard ... well ... nothing about you ... -- William L. Lavell
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Ben's chances in the campaign. -- Terri Blackstock
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Daniel Daniel Dentistry - Halifax Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry -- Daniel
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Not Duncan, but Da's down there -- Diana Gabaldon
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I never saw a player who had greater promise. -- Casey Stengel
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My advice for Sebastian Kehl is: if you have a 35-point deficit in the league, it is better to shut up. -- Pep Guardiola
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He's sharp, he can score and he doesn't worry about missing. -- Alan Hansen
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the shoulder I built up in Japan. Since I came to the major leagues, I couldn't train my own way, so now I've lost all those savings." Farrell -- Terry Francona
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Holmberg's Mistake. -- Charles C. Mann
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Josh Freeman will be an MVP candidate. -- Warren Sapp
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My rookie is manly, so manly, oh so manly his name is Derrick Bateman. -- Daniel Bryan
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Your name is Sanchez, what are you doing playing for Northern Ireland? -- Lawrie Sanchez
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Percy, who was looking immensely -- J.k. Rowling
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He's a gutless puke, that's what Travis Green is. That's why he doesn't wear an Islander uniform any more. -- Mike Milbury
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If you're 0-0 down, there's no-one better to get you back on terms than Ian Wright. -- Robbie Earle
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Johnny, he is bounce, effort, and snark. -- E. Lockhart
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Buju Banton plays -- Danielle Imara
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There's a lot of letters in Ladanian Tomlinson -- John Madden
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What a hell of a league this is. Ah hit .387, .408, and .395 the last three years and Ah ain't won nothin' yet! -- Joe
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No Fletcher. Wake up, boy. Those are the flames of Hell. Dermont dropped out of school, so that's where he's headed. See the little horns? -Ms. Quinn -- Eoin Colfer
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I am going to heal you, Carson Steele. It's gonna happen. That's it. No response necessary. -- Kristen Ashley
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I do not want Michael Angelo for breakfast-but for luncheon-for dinner- for tea-for supper-for between meals. -- Mark Twain
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Dave [Holland] plays the way he wants to play. And it's usually what's needed. You know, Dave is such a deep thinker. You can't tell him too much, else it might spoil his spirit, you know. -- Miles Davis
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I think of Dermot Healy as the heir to Patrick Kavanagh. -- Seamus Heaney
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I really like Derek Hough. -- Jodie Sweetin
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Sam seabury is a fresh new face on the International Market...Jeffery Marsh -- Mike Sullivan
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Daniel Geale is the next chapter in my career. After I get through him, I can talk about what comes next. -- Miguel Cotto
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Sam is there, Sam has been playing well, he has been doing great in camp. -- Latrell Sprewell
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If you want to split a bottle with a friend, then Sammy Hagar is your guy. If you want to split your friend with a bottle than give me a call. -- David Lee Roth
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The guy that's holding the ball gets hit a lot. Sometimes he gets banged up. We feel very comfortable with Jason. -- Mark Richt
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Got any excuses tonight Roy? -- Antonio Tarver
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Desmond Mason is one of my best friends in the world. And he's a great, great talent. -- Michael Redd
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Do ya, now?

Jaxson Ryan -- T.l. Alexander
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hospital johnny. -- Mary Catherine Gebhard
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Every ball that is kicked, Martin O'Neill will be literally kicking it -- Dwight Yorke
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I wanted to try and trace the genuine origins of 'Johnny' and how he so successfully staged this takeover of 'Michael Pennington.' 'Johnny' is a contradiction to who I am as a person. I'm not very good at confrontation, I have a tendency to internalise and to carry things around. -- Johnny Vegas
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better than Sherman. -- Robert L. O'connell
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We know who is out there as far as available quarterbacks, but in reality, no one would be more prepared or capable as a No. 2 at this point than Dan. He got more snaps in the preseason than any of our quarterbacks and continues to get better. -- Steve Mariucci
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What does this program/team need this week? -- Dick Bennett
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He has a home, Cole. He has a permanent home in my heart. -- Debra Anastasia
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Greg Jackson is a sport killer -- Dana White
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Demetrius appeared -- R. Cameron Cooke
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Chris Pittaro is the best rookie I've had in 15 years. -- Sparky Anderson
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I can't bear it that Douglas isn't still here. -- Lalla Ward
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Michael Pollan is a champion. In all ways. A man of great integrity, humor, and common sense and kindness. -- Maira Kalman
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Augusten very distant tonight. Probably because of my games. -- Augusten Burroughs
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He is a very positive captain; he is proactive as well as reactive. He is keen to read the game, to get in there, and he never stops thinking about the game, the situation, and trying to turn it to his advantage. He has been very good for the game. -- David Gower
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Andrew is an integral part of the team and he is staying at my football club. The reality is I need him to score the goals that will get us promoted. -- Simon Jordan
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Yeah, right," Minho said. "And Frypan's gonna start having little babies, Winston'll get rid of his monster acne, and Thomas here'll actually smile for once."
Thomas turned to Minho and exaggerated a fake smile. "There, you happy?"
"Dude," he responded. "You are one ugly shank. -- James Dashner
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home early, Liam? -- Maeve Binchy
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Do you play football for Pittsburgh? Then why are you such a Steeler?! -- Lisi Harrison
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It seems like Satan has thrown the DH into our game. -- Andy Van Slyke
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The kid looks good in his first game. -- Gordie Howe
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I'm not going to mortgage the Eagles' future for Marcus Mariota. -- Chip Kelly
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Delirium takes over Oakland Scott Strazzante / The Chronicle Right: Stephen Curry's wife, Ayesha, and limelight-grabbing daughter, Riley, wait for Game 6 to start at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland. -- Anonymous
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Jackson is gone - not entirely gone; Jackson was there today watching, and Ewell sees his eyes - but you cannot blame him for not being Jackson. You must make do with the tools God has given for the job. -- Michael Shaara
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You have one good game or season, so what? You have to have a career. -- Roy Oswalt
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Frank Farrelly ... must be thought of with respect (perhaps even delight?) by his clients who have so far played the game of therapy with their therapists, but, I am afraid, also a shocking example for those therapists who, in Laing's words, 'are playing at not playing a game'. -- Paul Watzlawick
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Nolan Ryan is pitching much better now that he has his curve ball straightened out. -- Joe Garagiola
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Jake. From Philadelphia." Then he shook everybody's hand, like he was joining a poker game. Another Jacob. Michael turned to his brother whose eyes -- Alice Mcdermott
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You're my reward."

-Kane "Tack" Allen -- Kristen Ashley
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Ulick Norman Owen. -- Agatha Christie
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Phil Dowd checks his whistle and blows his watch. -- Alan Green
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I appreciate men like Ben Webster and Coleman Hawkins very much. -- Stan Getz
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If I said Jim Carroll would you be insulted?"
-Jessica Citizen- -- David Rat
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I'm trying to think of a witty comeback, when Boggs says brusquely, "Well, don't expect us to be too impressed. We just saw Finnick Odair in his underwear." I decide to go ahead and like Boggs. -- Suzanne Collins
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Egil Olsen should have gone six games ago. He was totally useless. I'd like to give him a right-hander! -- Vinnie Jones
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What are you waiting for, Ryan? Suck it already. -- Sarina Bowen
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I've got to make sure Corey Clark is all right. -- Corey Clark
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On his refusal to deal with Keith Primeau: We refuse to pay a prima donna, a petulant, pouting player who had 30 goals last year the same money as Toronto is paying Mats Sundin or Pittsburgh is paying Jaromir Jagr. -- Peter Karmanos Jr.
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DONOVAN: Court's a good leader. He doesn't hold my hand or treat anyone like a child. He's kicked a few *sses when guys went off script to make their own moves. Once he even scared the sh*t out of one of the older guys. -- Bijou Hunter
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Baldwin is sort of getting to be a bit funny. I don't know what happened, but a few years ago they suddenly went bankrupt and Gibson bought the whole outfit. Since then they haven't seemed to be doing an awfully good job of providing pianos. -- Marian Mcpartland
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I think Francis at half form is better than anybody else by 50%, you know? I think it's just that he has never ... he has a late pick of the things that are ambitious enough for him. -- John Milius
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Stuart Davises he -- Amor Towles
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I like james patterson -- James Patterson
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What position didn't I play last season? -- Aaron Hill
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The big oxygen thing is out for Benni McCarthy ... he's got a lot of medical round him -- Paul Merson
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Mario Lemieux is Mr. Pittsburgh. -- Andy Van Slyke
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Francisco Garcia could have been a high draft choice last year, probably in the 20s. He's the best wing player I've ever coached. But he's done it the right way. He knew he had to work on his body to become a good pro. When he goes into the pros, he'll be physically ready. -- Rick Pitino
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You have 1 new message from Danny Morgan. -- Kerry Heavens
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Clarence once mentioned to me during a negotiation but he should be paid not only for playing but for being Clarence. -- Bruce Springsteen
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Wright is a visionary with a great strategic mind, and he's a strong business leader with outstanding people skills, ... He's a terrific guy and will be a key force in guiding the company's future growth. -- Jack Welch
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Jay Cutler, he's a fine quarterback, but I think at times he gets a little nicked up. -- Gale Sayers
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D-Bo had a great game, so now a lot of teams, they're not sure what to do. They can't just key on me. They've got to key on both of us. D-Bo had a coming-out party. -- Calvin Johnson
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Carlton Palmer can trap the ball further than I can kick it -- Ron Atkinson
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The world should be full of Josh Bennetts. But it's not. I had the only one. And I threw him away. -- Katja Millay
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Sidwell, Parker and Duff are all coming back to pastures old, as the saying goes -- Stan Collymore
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These Seattle Seahawks wide receivers have been called pedestrian, they've been called no-namers, but they always come up with the big play. -- Nate Burleson
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A fine coaching inn there - though not much else. Dougal looked surprised -- Diana Gabaldon
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Hyde?" repeated Lanyon. -- Robert Louis Stevenson
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So the blues player, he ain't worried and bothered, but he's got something for the worried people. -- Roosevelt Sykes
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Who cares who's captain after the wings have fallen off. -- Scott Mcnealy
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I'm not so sure about him. -- Sarah Waters
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That leaves Decker and what's his name, Mr. I'm Too Sexy for My Shirt. -- Suzanne Brockmann
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We will maintain heading until he's committed, then I want a hard
skew-turn to starboard. As hard as you can make it, Chief. I want our starboard broadside on him as he passes below us, and then I want to cut down across his stern and stick it right up his kilt. Clear? (Honor Harrington) -- David Weber
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I've won, and Hayden is my weapon. -- Lily Paradis
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Hope for Garbage ALEX TULLY -- Alex Tully
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You can never entirely rest comfortably with Michael Black or Michael Paynes. -- Joshua Malina