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Wolgast leaned back in his chair and realized how exhausted he was. It always came upon him like this, like the sudden unclenching of a fist. -- Justin Cronin
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My bowels turned watery. -- Sarah J. Maas
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For a split second every morning, she forgets. And then the black heaviness is there, and she wonders what it is, and then she remembers. -- Lisa Genova
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Sensations sweet, Felt in the blood, and felt along the heart. -- William Wordsworth
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his flanks were tucked up with hunger. -- Erin Hunter
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There are two things in life that a sage must preserve at every sacrifice, the coats of his stomach and the enamel of his teeth. Some evils admit of consolations, but there are no comforters for dyspepsia and the toothache. -- Henry Bulwer, 1St Baron Dalling And Bulwer
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The stomach is near the heart and one appetite pricks on another. -- Storm Jameson
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I have the most nervous stomach in the world. -- Sean Hayes
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The only remedy is to take the liver of a toad, bind it tight about your throat, stand naked by the full moon in a barrel of eels' eyes -- J.k. Rowling
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At night, my dreams rhyme, and all day I have an aftertaste of insomnia. -- Vladimir Nabokov
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This morning I had these fluttery butterflies in my stomach that were making me feel SUPERnauseous -- Rachel Renee Russell
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I ached once, hard, like a period typed at the end of a sentence. -- Gillian Flynn
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He looked around the room and felt heartburn coming on like the drunk mother of a friend. -- Joel Kaplan
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he x does not forget the cry of the afflicted. -- Anonymous
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I feel my breath catch in my chest as I breathe out. I have no idea how to describe this feeling inside me, but it's a long way from 'Ick'. It's about as far away from 'Ick' as I can get. -- Frankie Rose
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Moist groaned. It was the crack of seven and he was allergic to the concept of two seven o'clocks in one day. -- Terry Pratchett
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When a man is small, he loves and hates food with a ferocity which soon dims. At six years old his very bowels will heave when such a dish as creamed carrots or cold tapioca appear before him. -- M.f.k. Fisher
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Sometimes, in the middle of the night, I'll wake up with sweat drenching my chest and think it's the blood and muck I was covered in that night. -- Shannon A. Thompson
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Trifling trouble find utterance; deeply felt pangs are silent. -- Seneca The Younger
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Old longings nomadic leap, Chafing at custom's chain; Again from its brumal sleep Wakens the ferine strain. -- Jack London
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My calves feel like pool balls and I'm huffing like an asthmatic Snuffleupagus. -- Geralyn Corcillo
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There's hidden sweetness in the stomach's emptiness. -- Rumi
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Outrage alternated with a sweaty fear he had never before felt. Something, it seemed to him was being drained from him, leaving the body feeling like a very dry sponge, very light, completely at the mercy of sly toying gusts of wind. -- Ayi Kwei Armah
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Abruptly feeling as if his tongue were too thick for his mouth. -- Michael Scott
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Wakings are the worst times
almost before my eyes are open a great weight seems to roll on my heart. -- Dodie Smith I Capture The Castle
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I have them, these attacks of the past, like faintness, a wave sweeping over my head. -- Margaret Atwood
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To break the pentameter, that was the first heave -- Ezra Pound
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senseless, senseless coughs of emotion -- Allen Ginsberg
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Now begin
Famines of thought and feeling. -- Wilfred Owen
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It's like an animal trapped inside you, Thomas thought. After three full days of not eating, it felt like a vicious, gnawing, dull-clawed animal was trying to burrow its way out of his stomach. He felt every second of every minute of every hour. -- James Dashner
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He could feel the shape of his eyeballs beneath his lids, round and hot, tasty bits of jelly rolling restless to and fro, looking vainly for oblivion, while the rising sun turned his lids a dark and bloody red. -- Diana Gabaldon
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p.i.a.: puke inducing actions. -- Christin Lovell
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SPIRITUAL FARTS Reverend Michael Beckwith2 tells us that if we simply study and talk about spiritual truths but never actually LIVE the stuff, we're gonna get spiritual indigestion and constipation. Spiritual farts. It's not a pretty thing. Seriously. -- Brian Johnson
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Keen appetite And quick digestion wait on you and yours. -- John Dryden
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Every night he comes thudding out of sleep drenched in sweat and staring into the dark. Something huge and scaly is twisting away into nothingness. There you are again, he thinks. There you are, old friend. -- Peter Straub
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The Lady takes most mortals unto her bosom by maladies of the colon."
"Death by constipation? -- Steven Erikson
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My eyelids felt like had tiny but chubby sleep faeries hanging on the lashes and pulling them closed -- John Corwin
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When a man sleepes, his head is in his stomach. -- George Herbert
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Mental nausea of daily squash
flabby cauliflower
and grease dripping slick and sheepish
onto the placid plate of mind. -- Sylvia Plath
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I very often wake up at two in the morning with my stomach going over. Sometimes it's difficult to work out why - it's all the things you've put to one side during the day. -- Billie Whitelaw
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Ten times must you laugh during the day, and be cheerful; otherwise your stomach, the father of affliction, will disturb you in the night. -- Friedrich Nietzsche
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You are thirst and thirst is all I know -- Benjamin Alire Saenz
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Ants under the skin. As Rhage transferred his weight from one shitkicker to the other, he felt like his bloodstream had come to a soft boil and the bubbles were tickling the underside of every fucking square inch of his flesh. -- J.r. Ward
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Stomach-sleepers like me were in retreat from reality, given to dark perception and the meditative arts. This -- Jeffrey Eugenides
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On Saturday, he ate through one piece of chocolate cake, one ice-cream cone, one pickle, one slice of Swiss cheese, one slice of salami, one lollipop, one piece of cherry pie, one sausage, one cupcake, and one slice of watermelon That night he had a stomach ache. -- Eric Carle
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Indigestion: A disease which the patient and his friends frequently mistake for deep religious conviction and concern for the salvation of mankind. As the simple Red Man of the Western Wild put it, with, it must be confessed, a certain force: 'Plenty well, no pray; big belly ache, heap God.' -- Ambrose Bierce
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Sullen monosyllabism, a sure sign of sleep deprivation. -- Jim Butcher
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Sometimes with a flutter of agitated worry that felt like a beetle was trapped inside my ribs. p. 90 -- Diane Ackerman
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True ahimsa lay in running into the mouth of himsa. -- Mahatma Gandhi
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For the preservation of chastity, an empty and rumbling stomach and fevered lungs are indispensable. -- St. Jerome
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You give me dyspepsia, Avaric. You and the beans we had at lunch. -- Gregory Maguire
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You don't look well," he pronounced.
"Indigestion," I replied.
"From what?"
"Join the queue. -- Carlos Ruiz Zafon
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I have felt that odd whirr of wings in the head. -- Virginia Woolf
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It feels like you dropped your nightstick down your pants.'

'Oh, so that's where that went.'

'I'm not kidding. Is this all you? Because if so, I think I may need to rethink a few things. I may need to rethink the shape and depth of my vagina. -- Charlotte Stein
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The pleasures of the palate deal with us like Egyptian thieves who strangle those whom they embrace. -- Seneca The Younger
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Eyes that droop like summer flowers. -- Letitia Elizabeth Landon
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A man cannot understand hunger, until he has swum in the depths of hunger -- David Rea
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That strain again! It had a dying fall:
O, it came o'er my ear like the sweet sound
That breathes upon a bank of violets,
Stealing and giving odour! Enough; no more:
'Tis not so sweet as it was before. -- William Shakespeare
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spinning and my stomach feels a bit -- Tania Sparks
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What he hates about whisky hangovers, he thinks now, is the synthesis they achieve between the spiritual and the gastric, as if your soul needs to throw up or your stomach has realised life is meaningless. -- Ned Beauman
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Each time, Jane's heart banged, her skin chilled, and she clamped down on the distracting ache in her gut with a bowl of something naughty, like Cocoa Pebbles. -- Shannon Hale
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Haymitch in my head full-time. Horrifying -- Suzanne Collins
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My chronic hiccups suddenly came back so I had to go the hospital."
"I never heard of you having this condition before -- Mizuki Nomura
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Rhubarb: essence of stomach ache. -- Ambrose Bierce
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The half-baked sermon causes spiritual indigestion -- Austin O'malley
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Of the smells, bread; of the tastes, salt. -- George Herbert
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Stung by the splendour of a sudden thought. -- Robert Browning
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Sunlight dusts them; Water is damp; Crosses pain them; And beheadings cause cramps - -- Thomm Quackenbush
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Often, we melt into our ecstasies as though they were jams, as though we were sinking into syrupy bowls of gooseberries, of raspberries, of bilberries. -- Violette Leduc
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Hee that hath patience hath fatt thrushes for a farthing. -- George Herbert
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Something hot rolled over in my stomach. It felt like uneasiness that maybe shared a condo wall with terror. And maybe arousal lived a couple of doors down. -- Eli Easton
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She'd slept terribly the night before. The room, the bed, were both comfortable enough, but she'd been plagued with strange dreams, the sort that lingered upon waking but slithered away from memory as she tried to grasp them. Only the tendrils of discomfort remained. -- Kate Morton
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I flush with heaving passion's strange delight, Yet find contentment lost in appetite. -- Brian Swimme
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To be honest, I had been restless ... The sensation would rise suddenly like freight from the ocean floor
the unexpected discontent of cows in their pasture. The constant chewing of all that cud. -- Sue Monk Kidd
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Nausea has not left me and I don't believe it will leave me so soon; but I no longer have to bear it, it is
no longer an illness or a passing fit: it is I. -- Jean-Paul Sartre
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Cultural indigestion, I tell you, the gripe in the bowels of your spirit. -- Jeff Vandermeer
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Sleep takes her down fast, and very deep, whirls her through places too fragmentary to call dreams, then spits her abruptly back to the surface. -- William Gibson
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I can't find my breath. -- Jodi Ellen Malpas
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This is a soul under perpetual migraine attack. -- Richard Schickel
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I had something in my throat. It felt like I had swallowed the whole world. -- Frida Kahlo
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Tormented by an unworldly hunger, yet not knowing how to satisfy it. -- Sui Ishida
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The man was allergic to sleep. -- Scott Westerfeld
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There are mornings when all men experience with fatigue a flush of tenderness that makes them horny. -- Jean Genet
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He who is a slave to his stomach seldom worships God. -- Saadi
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He ate his supper without bread. A double helping and bread
that was going too far. The bread would do for tomorrow. The belly is a demon. It doesn't remember how well you treated it yesterday; it'll cry out for more tomorrow. -- Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
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I've got soggy thighs. It must be dinner time. -- Eric Idle
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The words issuing from her lips like crumbs of dry biscuit. -- Virginia Woolf
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The luxurious ache of tired but not weary limbs. -- Margaret Barber
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You drool when you sleep-Annabeth -- Rick Riordan
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I went to the doctor. I said to him "I'm frightened of lapels." He said, "You've got cholera." -- Tim Vine
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I was in that painful condition which occurs when one has lost one's first wind and has not yet got one's second. -- P.g. Wodehouse
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I feel like dough, being kneaded and reshaped again and again. -- Suzanne Collins
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Having Reyes so near is painful. I think it has apoplexy."
"Do you even know what that means?"
"No, but it sounds serious. Like Ebola. Or hives -- Darynda Jones
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Does it hurt? What is it?"
"It's not food poisoning, it's not a hazard to public health."
"What is it?"
"It's just an ache you've given me. I'll live. But only with you. -- Iain S. Thomas
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It was too strong in the air.
I had no rest against that
The pounding of the hoofs on the
raw sods
stayed with me half through the night.
I awoke smiling but tired. -- William Carlos Williams
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He that makes his bed ill, lies there. -- George Herbert
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Sickness seizes the body from bad ventilation. -- Ovid
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Failing tastes of bile and dog vomit. Shame on any man who gets used to that taste. -- Dan Simmons
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The thing stank of unnamed yearnings, unfulfilled wishes, and a hunger so deep it make her feel hollow inside. -- J.d. Lakey
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One of the few times in a man's life when he is not full of shit!!
The morning of a colonoscopy. Enough said! -- Jim Lawrence