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But sometimes the best help a person can find is helping someone else. -- Patrick Rothfuss
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The ideal of helping is to make others independent of you. You help them to become more independent rather than making them addicted to you. -- Chogyam Trungpa
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everybody needs help in some way, we are a community on earth, giving & receiving, ebbing & flowing, reflecting, even tough lessons can help -- Jay Woodman
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It's always great when you're really needed. -- Dale Murphy
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Assistance is the universal, immutable force of creative manifestation, whose role since the Big Bang has been to translate potential into being, to convert dreams into reality. -- Steven Pressfield
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needed a friend, -- James Dashner
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Help is a conversation. If one side talks too much, the other side will get bored. So make sure you help back when you can. -- James Altucher
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Helpful is happy.
Selfish is sad.
(It's not uncommon to confuse the two.) -- Richelle E. Goodrich
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You have to search for things you can do to help now... -- Hotaru Odagiri
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Helping people is difficult and unpredictable, and our interventions don't always work, but successes are possible, and these victories are incredibly important. -- Nicholas Kristof
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I want to say to you, Help yourself, so you can help someone else. -- James Brown
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Self-help isn't really self-help unless someone else is also helping you. We'd like to be that someone. -- Kenneth Schwarz
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Who have you helped today"? -- V.
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Sometimes help comes from unexpected places. -- Nadia Bolz-Weber
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To achieve greatness, let us be helpful and grateful to others. -- Debasish Mridha
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Here you go, she said. I don't need it anymore. I'm very grateful. I think it may have saved my life, saved some other people's death. -- Neil Gaiman
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HELPED are those who find the courage to do at least one small thing each day to help the existence of another - plant, animal, river, or human being. They shall be joined by a multitude of the timid. H -- Alice Walker
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If you're reading it in a book, folks, it ain't self-help. It's help. -- George Carlin
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Help another and you will be the one who benefits most -- Jim Rohn
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Try to be of some use to others. -- Joseph Hall
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You are the help." "We're in trouble," I said. -- Jim Butcher
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You like to help everybody, don't you?
I only pretend to. -- F Scott Fitzgerald
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When you connect with people, they want to help you. -- Amanda Palmer
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I am building a healthy support system and learning to use it readily. -- Maureen Brady
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I never said I would be helpful. I said I would ask permission before stabbing you. -- Chelsea Fine
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Help your brother; and as regards helping, everyone is your brother! -- Mehmet Murat Ildan
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All my adult life people have been helping me. -- Stephen Hawking
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If you help someone, you may create a customer for life. -- Jay Baer
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One of the greatest things you can do to help others is not just to share and give what you have, but to help them discover what they have within themselves to help themselves. -- Rita Zahara
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The help we give to others creates the ripple of good feeling we give to ourselves. -- Gina Greenlee
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If the only reason you help is so that you can tell people that you help, I don't need your help. -- Pleasefindthis
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My problem is how to find the best way of being useful. -- Jacques Delors
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All of us, at certain moments of our lives, need to take advice and to receive help from other people. -- Alexis Carrel
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When you need help, who can help you the most? It is you and yourself. -- Debasish Mridha
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A good way to forget your troubles is to help others out of theirs. -- Boonaa Mohammed
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I thank heaven I have often had it in my power to give help and relief, and this is still my greatest pleasure. If I could choose my sphere of action now, it would be that of the most simple and direct efforts of this kind. -- Reinhold Niebuhr
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I hope that I'm able to help people when they're going through things, even if it's just to listen. -- Frances Newton
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Helping a friend is helping yourself. If you don't help today, you will not be helped tomorrow. -- Vinita Kinra
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If I were useful, you wouldn't know it was me. -- Tamora Pierce
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Don't fall into the trap of letting others do everything for you. It's noble to accept help when you need it, lazy to accept it when yo don't. -- Fiona Paul
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Helping others is the secret sauce to a happy life. -- Todd Stocker
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I think I can help others just by my example. -- Pat Summitt
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Sometimes you can't help people. Sometimes it's better not even to try. -- Stephen King
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You want to help. That's fine but do you know how you want to help? The intent may be good, but without the way, you are lost. -- Arnab Ray
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If you're feeling helpless, help someone. -- Aung San Suu Kyi
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Well, a friend in need is a friend indeed. -- Edgar Bergen
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Help is giving part of yourself to somebody who comes to accept it willingly and needs it badly. -- Norman Maclean
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You may be your own best helper, if you choose the right path. -- Juliet Marillier
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I am grateful for the idea that has used me. -- Alfred Adler
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If you are very helpful, no one may remember you, but never forget to be helpful anyway. -- Debasish Mridha
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My ma always used to say, It's a good thing to need others.' It's okay to need my help, Britta. I'm not gonna make you pay for it later. -- Erin Summerill
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Helping others in need is not only a responsibility of life; it is what gives meaning to life. -- Mollie Marti
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Ask for help when you need it, and give help when you can. -- Kristin Hannah
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When we help ourselves, we find moments of happiness. When we help others, we find lasting fulfillment. -- Simon Sinek
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People love to help. I don't have to be insecure and know it all. -- Chip Wilson
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When you help others, your own troubles aren't as heavy. In fact, you can fold them like a handkerchief and place them in your pocket. They're still there, but they're not the only thing you carry. -- Alice Hoffman
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You will find that the mere resolve not to be useless, and the honest desire to help other people, will, in the quickest and delicatest ways, improve yourself. -- John Ruskin
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People helping people, builds stronger communities -- Andrew-Knox B Kaniki
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I like being mistaken for someone useful. -- Helen Humphreys
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I thank God that I have been meeting so many people who want to help me. -- Julie King
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When you feel helpless, help someone. -- Aung San Suu Kyi
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My friends! Let us try to be helpful, if we are worth anything. -- Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
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There is no one more capable of helping you than yourself. -- Gary Hopkins
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Knowing how to help people is an art and the person who knows how to do it can always know that he will have the lasting affection of many. -- Norman Vincent Peale
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To remember that you are needed -- Krystal Kuehn
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I'm not a great believer in self-help. -- Daniel Kahneman
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If you are feeling helpless, help someone. -- Aung San Suu Kyi
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I helped you help me, you helped me to help you, that's the way it must be or the very idea of help would be obsolete. I always thought that being helped was a loss of control, but you must allow someone to help you, you must want someone to help you, and only then can the act begin. -- Cecelia Ahern
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If no one is helping you, you need to help yourself. -- Lovely Goyal
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I do not know how to be of help."
I felt her in my arms. "You are, just by being here," I said. "You help because you understand. No other person has ever understood me like you do." I held her close. "You understand me, and I get you. -- Tillie Cole
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Thus one thing requires assistance from another, and joins in friendly help. -- Horace
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Lay hold of something that will help you, and then use it to help somebody else. -- Booker T. Washington
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My help had been needed and claimed; I had given it: I was pleased to have done something: trivial, transitory though the deed was, it was yet an active thing, and I was weary of an existence all passive. -- Charlotte Bronte
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Nobody can help you as much as you can help yourself. -- Lailah Gifty Akita
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If you can help guide somebody through a challenging moment because you've been there, that ends up becoming a great gift. -- Christian Slater
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It's only possible to provide help when it's asked for. The rest of the time, all you can give is love. -- Jess Lourey
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Help your pieces so they can help you -- Paul Morphy
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Everyone needs help from everyone. -- Bertolt Brecht
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It is better to be helpful than harmful. -- Lailah Gifty Akita
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The other piece of advice I want to give you before moving on to the next level of the toolbox is this: The adverb is not your friend. -- Stephen King
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The simple act of helping someone - with no desire (or possibility) of repayment is good for us and our self-image, and it may positively change the life or outlook of the receiver for the day! -- Kevin Eikenberry
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I help those who can help themselves. -- Agatha Christie
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Having felt people's love and support first hand through difficult moments in my life makes me feel it's our responsibility to help one another. -- Gloria Estefan
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I remember the many occasions on which help has come from people whom I though had nothing to add to my life. -- Paulo Coelho
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Help other people ,help themselves -- Yanis Yingnan Ji
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HELPED are those whose ever act is a prayer for harmony in the Universe, for they are the restorers of balance to our planet. To them will be given the insight that every good act done anywhere in the cosmos welcomes the life of an animal or a child. -- Alice Walker
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Even if you don't have a lot, you can help someone. -- Lynn Schusterman
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You are the capital U in Unhelpful. -- Marissa Meyer
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When you really want to help someone, express your love. With kind words, touch their heart and give a sincere compliment. -- Debasish Mridha
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It's by understanding me, and the boys, and mother, that you have helped me. I expect that is the only way one person ever really can help another. -- Willa Cather
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You never can truly help people by helping them, but you can help people by teaching them how to help themselves. -- Debasish Mridha
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If someone needs help, I can offer advice. I'm not always right and people don't always listen. -- Tony Dungy
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Helping others is perhaps the greatest joy! You cannot have a perfect day without helping others with no thought of getting something in return. -- John Wooden
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Help anyway you can and don't turn away from people who help you. -- Ann Marie Aguilar
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People will be much more likely to help you if they can see you're trying to help yourself. -- Matt Wynne
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Help yourself before you help others. -- Jayson Engay
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Solutions to problems often come from knowing when to ask for help. -- Buck Brannaman
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Don't you see, Lynn? We have to help ... or else we won't have learned a thing. -- A.c. Crispin
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If you find something helpful to give you a hand, allow it to assist you, hands down! -- Julie Hebert