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Wave bye-bye to your cash cow, 'cause it's leaving the pasture.
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Dear friends, do you know that you are lucky people? You don't have any cows to lose.
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Americans are good at herding Bison. The end.
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One can often recognize herd animals by their tendency to carry bibles.
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How now Mad Cow?
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But when I say 'cow', don't go running away with the idea of some decent, self-respecting cudster such as you may observe loading grass into itself in the nearest meadow.
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Now I have a sheep and cow, everybody bids me good morrow.
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Ground the coursing of flocks run wild.
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The common herd of "burghers", those cattle, complete with horns, who turn millstones with their bare hands.
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We pull on to the road, where our only company are the wandering cattle, who have become commonplace as traffic lights. Lethargic and listless, they look like they've been roaming the roads of Guinea since the dawn of time. And no doubt they will continue to long after we're gone.
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Respect the sheep.
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I don't want to follow the herd.
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All isolation is wrong so say the herd. And long didst thou belong to the herd.
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Communicating with Cattle by I. Ken Moo
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I've known a whole lot of bulls in my time, and their work is never done.
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I'm a superstar alien from another galaxy! Where is my herd?
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If you and every person in the county mailed
me an envelope of five to ten dollars, I think
I could rehabilitate the sheep.
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Men are not so much the keepers of herds as herds are the keepers of men.
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It's only cows who never change their opinion.
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I ain't seen a herd the size of it, not even when the Scots drive the beeves down from Scotland to London.
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Of what use is it to please the herd? They are simply coarse animals
for all that is admirable in man is the artificial product of special breeding.
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Work is the province of cattle.
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Altogether too many sheep
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Comparing the humped herds of whales with the humped herds of buffalo, which, not forty years ago, overspread by tens of thousands the prairies of Illinois and Missouri, and shook their iron manes
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Does anyone like a fat old cow?"

"Maybe other fat old cows?
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Sheep are not the docile, pleasant creatures of the pastoral idyll. Any countryman will tell you that. They are sly, occasionally vicious, pathologically stupid. The lenient shepherd may find his flock unruly, definant. I cannot afford to be lenient.
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"You got beef, bring your cow, I will cattle you"
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What did one shepherd say to the other shepherd? Let's get the flock out of here.
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It was a well-known fact that humans became more addled than usual when running in herds.
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If a society needs a shepherd, this situation proves that that society is yet a flock!
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It's time for compassionate Americans to send a wake-up call to their members of Congress and demand passage of legislation to end the wholesale slaughter of America's horses once and for all.
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No shepherd and one herd! Everybody wants the same, everybody is the same: whoever feels different goes voluntarily into a madhouse.
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Man is a gregarious creature, we are told, a social being. Does that mean he is also a herd animal? ... Are men no better than sheep or cattle, that they must live always in view of one another in order to feel a sense of safety? I can't believe it!
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If you're going to follow your bliss and make a difference in the world, you'll soon learn that you can't follow the herd.
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Hair is like a flock of goatsstreaming down Mount Gilead. b
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But far more numerous was the herd of such,
Who think too little, and who talk too much.
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Breed is stronger than pasture.
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Like every other guide or wildlife lover who is eventually eaten or trampled, I felt that I had a bond with this herd that would make me safe with them. I wanted to try my luck again.
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went out for sports as others did, in an affable herd.
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Sometimes I think I look like a sheep between wolves so I answer where is shepherded? Sometimes I think I am the wolf so I answer where are the sheep-dogs?
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Cows are a lot smarter across the board than bulls.
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Repeal all laws which assume that mankind is a herd of cattle
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Should I be in distress? In a meadow? You mean if the cows organize some sort of attack? I have extensive experience with cows. They almost never do that." "Forget
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dont put the sheep on the table
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Sheep with a nasty side.
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Cows sometimes wear an expression resembling wonderment arrested on its way to becoming a question. In the eye of superior intelligence, on the other hand, lies the nil admirari spread out like the monotony of a cloudless sky.
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Put the hay down where the sheep can reach it.
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I love me a good sheep.
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In the crowd, herd, or gang, it is a mass-mind that operates-which is to say, a mind without subtlety, a mind without compassion, a mind, finally, uncivilized.
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Only sheep need a shepherd.
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You don't direct ostriches, you herd them.
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Now I've a sheep and a cow, every body bids me good morrow.
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Wolves travel in packs, not in herds.
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Things began to come together, and I went from speaking like an evil baby to speaking like a hillbilly. "Is thems the thoughts of cows?" I'd ask the butcher, pointing to the calves' brains displayed in the front window.
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Children should be seen and not herded
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Cease, cows, life is short.
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In conditions of uncertainty, humans, like other animals, herd together for protection.
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This was more than just a cow - this was an entire career I was looking at.
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You can actually herd cats. They can't be forced, of course. But if they sense something they want, if there enticed by something good, they'll follow, even in herds.
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Some of these bulls are gonna' spin those cowboys so fast, they'll look like a frog in a blender.
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They did attack our herds: you could have seen a woman pull a calf to pieces as it bellowed alive in her bare hands!
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The calf scramble will be during both rodeo performances and consist of children attempting to catch and halter several loose calves. If a child succeeds, he or she will receive a certificate to purchase a breeding animal to raise and bring back to the livestock show next year.
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In for a sheep, in for a gargant.
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A bull that allows a he goat to deter it from moving forward is nothing but a mere he goat
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I got mouths to feed,
Unnecessary beef is more cows to breed.
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When one runs with the wolves, one must howl with the pack.
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Ruminants are a perfectly normal thing to possess when you live in upstate New York. It's just moving scenery. It's kind of like the equivalent of Great Danes. It's the way you keep your grass mowed. It's the way you keep your weed-whacking to a minimum.
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Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, one by one.
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Cows are amongst the gentlest of breathing creatures; none show more passionate tenderness to their young when deprived of them; and, in short, I am not ashamed to profess a deep love for these quiet creatures.
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When mother-cow is chewing grass its young ones watch its mouth
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A herd of old men with shriveled balls and spotted skin and young men with ridiculous hair.
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To be a good shepherd is to shear the flock, not skin it!
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And God, the herdsman, goads them on behind.
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their lambs spent the whole summer loose in the highlands without any significant losses. They produced wool of consistently high quality, and were easy to feed and simple to handle. It was no surprise that other breeders
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Jilly Beaton's a vicious cow. Inspectors love her, but she's a cow when they've gone."
"Back home in Argentina," sniffed Isabella, "cows are very important, but they know their place.
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When you are new at sheep-raising and your ewe has a lamb, your impulse is to stay there and help it nurse and see to it and all. After a while, you know that the best thing you can do is walk out of the barn.
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Only the stupidest calves choose their own butcher.
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"Yes, as in baaaa.
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There is only one way to deal with a goat.
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An old black bull threw back his head and bawled when the cows behind him didn't keep up, as if telling them the breakfast buffet was about to be spread, and he wasn't waiting for grace.
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To country people Cows are mild, And flee from any stick they throw; But I'm a timid town bred child, And all the cattle seem to know.
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A horse herd was, in its very essence, the manifestation of the expression 'It's always something.
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We all have a tendency to want order in our lives. But order presupposes authority, and authority presupposes, sooner or later, that we'll all need hooves. It's going to happen sooner or later, isn't it? You know it is.
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pulling an uncooperative goat
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It is a fool of a shepherd who culls his dogs.
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I don't do farm animals. Can't stand hay in your leathers? Or wool in my teeth.
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The dogs bark because we gallop
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I'M SCURRYING AROUND THE HOUSE, TRYING TO DECIDE WHAT I should pack (cloth diapers, knitted booties, cotton jumpers?) and what I should leave behind (cloth diapers, knitted booties, cotton jumpers?) when I'm stopped in my tracks by the lowing and braying of the animals in the barn.
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Cow-protection can only be secured by cultivating universal friendliness, i.e. ahimsa.
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A howl is as infectious to a wolf as a yawn is to a human.
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It's madness the sheep to talk peace with the wolf
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I love my kids as individuals, not as a herd, and I do have a herd of children: I have seven kids.
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Mama says the Beardsleys follow her around like dogs, but they don't. They follow her like tame wolves.
I thought Ian said it wasn't possible to tame wolves.
It isn't.
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I love the lambs, not the sheep.
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I was a black sheep, but now I'm just a goat
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Belief forages, moving from pasture to pasture.
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Your job is to abide in my pasture
Eating sweet grass and drinking pure water,
And sharing both with others -
That is a lamb's business.
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In time the bull is brought to wear the yoke.
[Lat., Tempore ruricolae patiens fit taurus aratri.]
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My great forte in killing buffaloes was to get them circling by riding my horse at the head of the herd and shooting their leaders. Thus the brutes behind were crowded to the left, so that they were soon going round and round.
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Hur! How do you count cows? GrayG: How? IvyMac: With a cowculator.