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I don't call myself Latin, I call myself Puerto Rican.
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I am myself of a mixed background.
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What do we call our Harlem Renaissance? Maybe in the future, it won't be just Latino, maybe it'll be more multi-multi, because, you know, people are such fusions now, of so many different cultures.
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Some people wanted me to be the Latino quarterback. Some people wanted me to be the USC quarterback who happens to be Latino.
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The Latina in me is an ember that blazes forever.
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I came to see a Latino wedding, and I expect to see one," I tell him.
"And here I thought you were comin' to be with me."
"You've got a big ego, Fuentes."
"That's not all I've got." He backs me against my car, his breath warming my neck more than the midday sun.
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I'm Mexican-American. My dad was actually born in Mexico. He was raised up there, and he came back and forth to America pretty much his whole teenage years. My mom is from Sacramento, California, and she's a blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl. She's a whitey.
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I might be a Cuban American, but I'm also an Afro-Cuban American.
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We are not only a Latin American nation, we are an Afro-American nation also.
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When I was growing up, I lived in a neighborhood that was largely Latino and I thought I was Latino!
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I'm black and Cuban, Australian and Irish, and like most people in America, I'm someone whose roots come from somewhere else. I'm a mixed race, first-generation American.
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You're Mexican until you make money and then you're Spanish.
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Latinos are very passionate, and they perform a lot, and look at me, I'm talking with my hands, and this is just my normal self, so it kind of allows me to be who I am and not dumb it down.
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I'm Korean-American. Not Colombian. My parents are first-generation, and I'm like ... in-between, because I moved over here when I was four or five.
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I see a Latino comic as someone who can only perform for Latino audiences. I cross the board.
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My father was Bolivian, which makes me half-Bolivian. It's where I got some of my exotic features and certainly my skin tone.
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The Ecuadorian, Mexican, Dominican and Salvadorian cooks I've worked with over the years make most CIA-educated white boys look like clumsy, sniveling little punks. In
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The relationship I have with my Hispanic fans is very deep and intricate.
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You know what really fries my Puerto rican pancakes?
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We made history when President Obama appointed Sonia Sotomayor, a proud Latina, the first Hispanic Supreme Court justice. And as the President likes to say, 'Every single one of them wasn't just the best Latino for the job, but the best person for the job.'
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My mother was born in San Juan. So I'm Puerto Rican, Jewish, colored and married to a white woman. When I move into a neighborhood, people start running four ways at the same time.
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Anyone who watches a lot of television, or listens to pop music, is familiar with a certain vision of America. If not exactly colorblind, this America is one in which different races easily interact, in which a white person might have an Asian boss, Hispanic stepson, or African-American frenemy.
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I grew up in a highly Hispanic neighborhood. It was very rare to find any race other than Mexicans. I feel very comfortable around Spanish speakers and people from Mexico and people who don't always feel comfortable living in the U.S. because they are in fear of being deported.
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Considering our history, I can think of nothing more American than an immigrant.
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I would say to you that Americans of Hispanic descent want desperately to give their children the chances they never had.
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He speaks English, Spanish, and he's bilingual too.
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Obama is the closest thing to a Latino that we have. Barack. Everybody wants to see his birth certificate too.
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I am Ecuadorian but people felt so safe passing me off as a skinny, blue-eyed white girl.
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In Sacramento, my brown was not halfway between black and white. On the leafy streets, on the east side of town, where my family lived, where Asians did not live, where Negroes did not live, my family's Mexican shades passed as various.
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I'm Hispanic - don't mess around with my coffee. Leave my beans alone.
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When confronted with a clear definition of what it is to be Mexican, we encounter ourselves in a never ending allegory of mixes and chaos.
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A Latino actor can't play this and a Latino actor can't play that because they're Latino.
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My father's Peruvian! I actually have a lot of family in Cuzco. I'm also Swiss, Alaskan, French, Spanish and Italian.
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I'm proud of my background, so I hope there will be more roles where Hispanics are being portrayed.
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You can tell he's mexican because of his chinese eyes.
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I do not consider myself a Hispanic writer.
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Hispanic values are conservative values. Hispanics are highly religious, they're very strongly pro-traditional family ... not only pro-family, but also pro-life. They are highly patriotic.
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I guess it all depends on whom you ask and when you ask. Race, I've learned, is in the eye of the beholder.
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Sarah Palin is Latina. Pay-leen. She has an infant and a grandkid the same age. Latina!
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America is White and Black and Latino and Asian. America is mixed. America is immigrants.
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I'm a first generation American. My mother is Italian and Russian and a lot of other things, and my father is Uruguayan. In fact, my mother's been married twice, and both men were Uruguayan. So I grew up in a very European/Latin American-influenced home.
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Race ain't nothing but a number.
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I think I'm representing a new generation of Latinos - bilingual, bicultural people.
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I'm Cuban and I always will be.
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I'm very, very Spanish. I have fat cheeks on both ends. I'm sitting on my Spanish part. And it's my heart, the way I am, the way I speak. It has nothing to do with the way I look.
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My mother's Cubana/Irish and my dad's Catalan. And that blows my mind.
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We as Americans of Latin descent are just as American as anyone else of any other descent.
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It's interesting: I think, as a Latino actor, the biggest challenge is being called 'Latino' because immediately, the world has a perception of what that means.
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I'm bicultural, and everyone sees me as a Latina, but in my head I see myself as both Latina and American.
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I am Dominican American. My father was born and raised in the U.S. and his heritage is German and Eastern European, and my mother hails from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
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More often than not, we think of ourselves as black, white, Asian, or Hispanic pretty much in this country, but the real America is much more than that.
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As a child of West Texas, I identify with Hispanic culture every bit as much as I do North American culture.
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Second-generation Hispanics marry non-Hispanics at a higher rate than second-generation Irish or Italians. Second-generation Hispanics' English language capability rates are higher than previous immigrant groups'.
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It so happens that I never talk about race. I do not know what race is.
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Reaching out to Hispanics is critical to our future. The fastest-growing, and most conservative, segment of the population are natural Republicans.
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Latinos can do anything.
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I'm part Chinese, part Hawaiian, part Filipino, and part nigger. You'd hate to be me
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My mother's Puerto Rican and my father's Russian-Jewish, so we consider ourselves to be Jewricans or Puertojews. I think Puertojew sounds like a kosher bathroom, so I prefer Jewrican.
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She was one of those golden mulatas that French-speaking Caribbeans call chabines, that my boys call chicas de oro; she had snarled, apocalyptic hair, copper eyes, and was one whiteskinned relative away from jaba.
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I'm a writer. In Latin America, they say I'm a Latin-American writer because I also write in Spanish and my books are translated, but I am an American citizen and my books are published here, so I'm also an American writer.
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I was only curious. What do I care? At least he's not Salvadoran.
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I also identify as a Latin person, a person who has Latin blood.
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Most Hispanics are concerned with the same issues other Americans are - the economy, jobs, education. Similar to Main Street America.
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Illegal is not a race, it is a crime.
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We are African in origin and American in birth.
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I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn't lived that life.
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I do wish you'd break the careless habit of using the word American as if you had stolen it from the rest of us. Use norteamericano, because we Cubans and Mexicans and Uruguayans, we're also Americans.
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As a boy, I felt ashamed of being Mexican. I'd say I was Hawaiian.
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They just think I'm a white dude. Every once in a while someone thinks I'm Jewish. I get a lot of stuff, but never Latino.
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People don't realize that when you're Latin, you're so diverse. I am black. I am Latin. I am Spanish. You know? It's a little bit of everything, and that's beautiful. So, everybody, claim me. I'm fine with that!
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Ranger is Cuban-American with skin the color of a mocha latte, heavy on the mocha, and a body that can best be described as yum.
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I'm a little bit of everything. Sometimes people think I'm not Puerto Rican, because my name doesn't sound Spanish.
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Hispanic children now make the largest group of children in poverty.
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Fucking cracker," Alvarado hissed as he was shoved into the patrol car.
"Aw, that's discrimination, right there." I feigned hurt. "See, I see you as scumbag first, Alvarado. Or dick-cheese. Scumsucking pedophile. Asshole. The fact that you're Hispanic doesn't even factor into it.
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I do not wish to hide my origins, nor do I seek to make it a subject of conversation. I am what I am.
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I want to be open to the kids who only speak Spanish, the kids who speak only Spanglish, and the kids who don't even speak Spanish at all.
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Color categories are on steroids in Latin America. I find that fascinating. It's very difficult for Americans, particularly African-Americans to understand or sympathize with.
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I get offered a lot of black roles, because apparently I don't look Latino enough.
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It's really tough to be a Mexican on 'Breaking Bad.'
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All of the Spaniards are really talented. I don't know what they eat.
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As a Latino growing up in Spanish harlem, it's not easy trying not to be hot-headed.
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Guess I'm going to fade into Bolivian.
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[My grandmother] is a typical white person.
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White folks still in the lead.
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We talk about what's important to Hispanics: education, family, creating an environment in which you can achieve what you want to achieve because there aren't going to be obstacles in your way.
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I'm of Filipino, Spanish, and Chinese descent, and was raised on Hawaii.
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I'm a suspicious mulatto, which means I'm too black to be white and too white to be doing it right.
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Latinos are just like everybody else. There are conservatives. There are moderates. There are liberals.
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My father is Cuban. Spanish was my first language, but I don't speak it that much anymore because I had dyslexia, and in school they work with you only in English. But I'm proud to be Latina, and most people don't know I am.
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The number of Latino roles is very limited, and it's unfortunate there isn't more color-blind casting.
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I grew up in a Spanish-speaking household. With una madre loca, Catholic to the core.
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Colombian humor is very black, very sarcastic.
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I'm a comedian who happens to be Latino. What's the difference? The difference is, my special will air on Comedy Central, not Telemundo.
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We are now the proud owners of a white boy. Now we have to shop in the caucasian isle and get sunscreen, mayonaise and mild salsa because the other ones really hawt!
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Your first name's white, your second is Hispanic, and your third belongs to a black. No wonder you don't know who you are.
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The Latino community anchored me, but I didn't want it to isolate me from the full extent of what Princeton had to offer, including engagement with the larger community. Page 148
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First my mother was Spanish. Then she became a Jehovahs Witness.
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Ballet Hispanico is a mixture of ethnic, ballet, social, jazz - you name it, it's doing it. The company has been going strong for more than 20 years, and you can see why: It may not be refined, but it's full of beans.
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I've actually been asked once or twice if I had some Puerto Rican in me.
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I don't want the Latino community to think I think the reason Latino films are not doing well is because of us. It is not fully our responsibility.