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Didn't come up here to read. Came up here to hit.
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I don't paint, I hit.
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My idea of a good hit is when the victim wakes up on the sidelines with train whistles blowing in his head ... I like to believe that my best hits border on felonious assault.
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Women are not to be hit, they're to be hugged and caressed.
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I've had plenty of big hits and plenty of big misses.
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I Want To Be Known For My Hits, Not Just My Misses.
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There was no time to think, I just hit it
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I've never hit a man before, and I have to say I'm pleased with my success.
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The words hit, a sucker punch that first inspired pain, then a powerful impulse to strike back.
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I don't like working with hitmakers. I don't want hits! You're not even allowed to say that word around me.
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It ain't about how hard ya hit. It's about how hard ya can get hit and keep moving' forward.
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See the ball; hit the ball.
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Don't hit till you have to; but, when you do hit, hit hard.
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I was hit for the first time before I was married.
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The shot heard round the world.
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Shoot you down. Bang bang.
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Attack is the reaction. I never think I have hit hard unless it rebounds.
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If anyone would like to hit me, they are perfectly welcome. I must warn you, though, that I might enjoy it. So maybe it's not the right kind of punishment.
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No one has hit me. My body is fine. It's my soul that aches. It's always been my soul.
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Next time you want to hit me
hit me with a baseball bat or a crowbar!
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I've been hit hard a few times, been hit really hard a few times, but I don't think I've ever left a memorable, lasting impression on anyone I've ever hit.
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You're only as big as your last hit.
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I think hitting is more a mentality than a philosophy. A philosophy is somebody telling you the way they think it should be. Well, different people believe in different things. My thing is this: Be ready to hit.
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It Ain't How Hard You Hit ... It's How Hard You Can Get Hit and Keep Moving Forward. It's About How Much You Can Take And Keep Moving Forward!
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I hit you and I beat you and I told you that I love you.
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It didn't feel like it was anything too major, but if you had to look at one hit that would be it.
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The great thing in hitting is, not to be half-hearted about it; but when you make up your mind to hit, to do it as if the whole match depended upon that particular stroke.
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It's hard for a hit to be bad for your career.
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No don't hit it. Just press it gently.
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What is loved is a hit. What is a hit is loved.
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I was very tired of being hit, but it seemed like the one thing I did well lately.
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I was struck to my heart and through my heart, knocked clean out of my ordinary life.
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I'm gonna let him hit one.
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He's hit! He's hit!" Pigpen flies into view, gun drawn and on the prowl to kill.
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The hitter can never be the judge. Only the receiver of the blow can tell you how hard it was, whether it would kill a man or make a baby just yawn.
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People aren't for hitting.
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It hit me like a thunderbolt!
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Once you learn to hit, teach yourself to never miss again.
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How mad at me would you be if I hit him really hard? Just once. (Sin)
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He hit that one like an arrow
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That last guy hit me awfully hard.
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Life's not about how hard of a hit you can give ... it's about how many you can take, and still keep moving forward.
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I don't give players a chance to hit me.
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When I'm not hitting, I don't hit nobody. But, when I'm hitting, I hit anybody.
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hit them fast, hit them hard, and hit them a lot
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I aimed at the public's heart, and by accident I hit it in the stomach.
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I don't get hit on enough.
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It's a base hit on the error by Roberts.
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Men who hit do so because they can...someplace they enjoy or need to humiliate another. There is no love in violence, only control and domination.
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If somebody tole you, hit could be a lie. But if you dream hit, hit can't be a lie case ain't nobody there to tole hit to you
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You touch, I kill.
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A right fair mark, fair coz, is soonest hit.
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Who hit you?"
"She whaled me one in return for upsetting you. Well, at least, that was the main reason.
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When you get in a snit, don't hit
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I'm not heart-broken if I don't have a hit. But I guess a hit would help. It makes the money go up a bit.
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You've scored on my heart...
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another headbutt,
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Three thousand hits is something that should stand for itself.
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Mamma, don't you see -- you shouldn't hit me. He shouldn't hit me. You shouldn't hit me about God, Mamma. You should never hit anybody about God . . . .
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In this game of baseball, you live by the sword and die by it. You hit and get hit. Remember that.
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Hell, I can't hit a girl. Here, Claire. You hit her.
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Aim high, hit high.
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I don't think I can get into my deep inner thoughts about hitting. It's like talking about religion.
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Swing at the strikes.
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I got a hit for Justin Bieber.
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I didn't feel the aimed word hit and go in like a soft bullet
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I'm married, I have three children, I never hit my wife.
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They throw the ball, I hit it. They hit the ball, I catch it.
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If I let you go are you going to hit me again?"
"What do you think?"
"Then I'm not going to let you go.
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You should have hit the target at least once by now, even by accident.
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I've never hit a woman in my life. Not even my own mother.
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Either you have the ability to hit or not. But I also think you have to work at it.
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Here we received the first blows: and it was so new and senseless that we felt no pain, neither in body nor in spirit. Only a profound amazement: how can one hit a man without anger?
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Bethany blinked. "Did you just hit me?" she asked, disbelief coloring her every feature.
Skylar raised both hands, palms outward. "I come in peace!"
"You do not come in peace. You hit me."
"I hit in peace!
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Strike at a great man, and you will not miss.
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Strike with the soul, and you will never miss.
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For a minister's daughter," he said, "you hit hard ... and quite often, below the belt too.
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One hit, one moan of fractured air, one solid impact and the man went down.
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Love-struck' means being hit in your heart by the emotion of love.
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Ultimately, the goal of hitting is to get your mind out of the way and let your body take over - and to slow the game down
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You were the one who hit me on the roof?
I hit you on the jaw. We just happened to be on a roof at the time.
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I swing hard all the time. That's what I've done my whole life - hit.
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I hate to admit this, but I've never actually hit anyone. I don't even kill wasps or spiders. I'm pretty veggie as well. In fact, really, I'm New Age.
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If you're a website and you want to get attention, you can Hiterlize anything.
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After all, there's only one aswer to be made to the young fellow who is asking constantly for advice as to how to hit. The answer is: Pick out a good one and sock it!
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Whatever the outcome of the day I shall never forget that you hit me when I wasn't even looking!
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I should hit him harder. With a truck,
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I was never hit as a child. I don't believing in hitting, period.
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You'd better stop readin' and writin' and start hittin' !
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Most people that do play nowadays hit really hard. It was good to get someone that hit really hard early on.
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Oh boy. I do have a question."
"Hit me," Breeze smiled. "That is slang." The smile died. "Don't really hit me though. You couldn't hurt me but I might hit you back and that would injure you.
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Not exactly hit them, but I've restrained a few people.
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If you can't take a hit, you're not going to last long, that's for sure.
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Hits and flops are overrated.
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I know I have a hit show on my hands.
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Don't ever hit a person first, but if anybody ever puts their hands on you, you hit them right between the eyes.
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I'll hit you so hard you'll starve to death rolling!
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If we're a hit, let 'em say anything they want.
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Don't hit women. Never, ever, ever.
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Of all the trees we could've hit, we had to get one that hits back.