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Hollywood is wonderful. Anyone who doesn't like it is either crazy or sober.
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When you're down and out, there's no meaner place to live than Hollywood. You can get away with your embezzlements and your lies and your murders, but you can never get away with failing.
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We Americans have always considered Hollywood, at best, a sinkhole of depraved venality. And, of course, it is. It is not a protective monastery of aesthetic truth. It is a place where everything is incredibly expensive.
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Hollywood is an extraordinary kind of temporary place.
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You know, Hollywood sometimes tends to patronize the interior of the United States. As Horton Foote used to say, the great Texas playwright, that a lot of people from New York don't know what goes on beyond the South Jersey Shore.
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Hollywood is kind of a bad world.
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Hollywood is a gold-plated suburb suitable for golfers, gardeners, assorted middlemen, and contented movies stars. I am none of these things.
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Hollywood to me is a place to work. Home is Chester County.
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Hollywood is like being nowhere and talking to nobody about nothing.
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Hollywood is horrible ... it's beyond satire.
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Hollywood's like a warehouse. It's just a place that you go. What's interesting in the warehouse has to do with the creative people.
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You know, Hollywood is a very interesting town - always has been, always will be.
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I don't know what they call Hollywood anymore. The whole meaning of the town has changed.
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Hollywood is McWorld's storyteller, and it inculcates secularism, passivity, consumerism, vicariousness, impulse buying, and an accelerated pace of life, not as a result of its overt themes and explicit story lines but by virtue of what Hollywood is and how its products are consumed.
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Hollywood's a very weird place. I think there's less of everything except for attitude.
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Hollywood is great. I also think it's stupid and small-minded and shortsighted.
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Hollywood's a mecca, but it's not the final answer. You pick up a camera anyplace in the world, you can make a movie.
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Hollywood is a challenging place; it's very easy for people to lose their heads. Fortunately, I grew up on it and I think I have a little bit of a head start.
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For the most part Hollywood is a world of imagination.
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Hollywood is a place that attracts people with massive holes in their souls.
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Hollywood allows you to go and express yourself.
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Hollywood ... was the place where the United States perpetrated itself as a universal dream and put the dream into mass production.
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Hollywood shines by virtue of light within.
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Hollywood ... a city I was to come back to time and again, in sickness and in health, in success and in failure, with anticipation and with dread.
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Hollywood is yesterday, forever catching up tomorrow with what's happening today,
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I am beginning to loathe & detest all that Hollywood represents.
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Hollywood was a fantasy world in more ways than one
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Hollywood is a very hard place to be in. It really is.
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Hollywood movies are seen throughout the world.
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People are intrigued by fame, power and wealth and I think Hollywood is the only place where you get all three together.
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Hollywood is a fast-paced, competitive world.
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Hollywood is a town; it's not a medium. And cinema is a medium you can practice anywhere.
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Hollywood - it's either people who are unhappy or soon will be.
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Well, there's different shades of Hollywood, sure. I mean, I'm working in this business but I'm not Hollywood.
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Hollywood is like an empty wastebasket.
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Hollywood is a place where people from Iowa mistake each other for stars.
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Hollywood is wonderful, but it does eat its young.
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Hollywood is a place where a man can get stabbed in the back while climbing a ladder.
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I'm in Hollywood right now, surrounded by nothing but the sons and grandsons of movie stars.
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...because everything you've heard about Hollywood is true. Even the lies are true....
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Hollywood is responsible for some of the greatest and worst movies of all time!
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Hollywood is the sort of town where you wake up in the morning and look out to see if it's still there. I expect the whole movie colony to pick up its tents one night and go back to whatever fairyland they came from.
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I consider myself a student of Hollywood.
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When you go off in the world and make your life, and you come back to your home town, and you find your old high-school friends driving in the same circles, doing the same things, that's what Hollywood's like. It's a little block, little town. It doesn't really grow or change.
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Hollywood exists only for the B-movies. The best things are coming from Europe.
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I'm in Hollywood - I have no business not being in the movie industry.
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Apart from earning an awful lot of money, why would you go to Hollywood?
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Hollywood is a very small world; the people who matter matter, and the people who don't matter are just like nothing.
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Hollywood is a mirage factory ...
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Hollywood can be an ugly place and it can do ugly things to you.
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Hollywood is just a bunch of people going around in Learjets to other people asking them if they've got any money? Well, they might have if they didn't spend it all on jets.
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I hated Hollywood. It's a town without pity. Only success counts. I know of no other place in the world where so many people suffer from nervous breakdowns, where there are so many alcoholics, neurotics and so much unhappiness.
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Some people think Hollywood is shallow. I find that it's home.
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When you think of Hollywood, you think of the land of opportunity. I always want to have the opportunity to do things conducive to my career.
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I never did love Hollywood, I just loved the work.
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People are looking more and more to Hollywood for fashion trends: who got dressed in what, and what was on the red carpet. Hollywood is becoming a big advertisement.
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What you have now is a Hollywood that is pure poison. Hollywood was a central place in the history of art in the 20th century: it was human idealism preserved. And then, like any great place, it collapsed, and it collapsed into the most awful machinery in the world.
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We always say about Hollywood that it's a company town and it's sort of is. It's like in Washington, they say, you know, the company is the government.
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Hollywood sucks. I've got the bruises to prove it.
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Hollywood-Nobody's impressed by anybody because they're all too consumed with trying to cover up their own shortcomings. Hollywood is a microcosm of a world of lazy moral ideals and social indifference where every man is trying to convince himself he's a king.
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Living in Hollywood, you can get disconnected from everybody. You can feel like you are the only one.
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Most people grow up dreaming of going to Hollywood and some of them work and work and work and finally end up in Hollywood.
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I always say: you're not going to find Hollywood. Hollywood will find you! But I'm ready for it: for Hollywood, for Bollywood, for everything!
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The whole idea of doing the Hollywood thing never even occurred to me. When you grow up on the East coast, Hollywood seems like this fantasy land and you don't think that people can actually make a living there.
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Hollywood is a very interesting place to deal with. And having been a theatre person, I was quite surprised by the slipperiness of some people in Holly-weird. There was a part of me that just said, 'If this is the way the game is played, I'm not sure I want to play it.'
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I was in Hollywood. It's the mythology heart. It's where all the European films came in the '30s and '40s. The marriage between Europe and Hollywood has always been the best when it works.
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Hollywood money isn't money. It's congealed snow, melts in your hand, and there you are.
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Some of my favorite movies are Hollywood movies. Hollywood is part of the cinematic spectrum. I nurture a healthy love-hate relationship with Hollywood.
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Hollywood is geared toward teenage idiocy.
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Out in Hollywood, where the streets are paved with Goldwyn ...
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At times I think I actually hate Hollywood. I have many acquaintances there, but few friends ...
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For the most part, Hollywood is very transactional. People want to make movies and television shows.
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Behind the phony tinsel of Hollywood lies the real tinsel.
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I wish I was old Hollywood.
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[Hollywood] always sounds glamorous when you're young.
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People always make these generalized statements about Hollywood, and there's all kinds of people in Hollywood.
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Los Angeles: where dreams go to make movies about themselves dying.
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Hollywood, it's just like high school. Whoever is pretty and popular, everyone wants to be with.
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Everyone in Hollywood is seeking fame and fortune; it's in the water here. Everyone from young women to old men - they all want it.
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In the past, as now, [Hollywood] was a stamping ground for tastelessness, violence, and hyperbole, but once upon a time it turned out a product which sweetened the flavor of life all over the world.
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If you look round Hollywood there's no end of white smiles and six packs. Long lines of beautiful people lining up to be incredible on film.
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Hollywood's never really been the ultimate goal for me.
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For a kid in London, Hollywood seems like such a mythical place.
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I think Hollywood is interesting. As an actor, Hollywood would be a horrible place to go if you weren't actually invited.
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Hollywood is a small, familial place. Everyone does business with everybody else. The same complications occur in investment banking.
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Hollywood has this incredible ability to make a lot of noise.
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When it comes to turning out movies, I'm for Hollywood.
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I don't need Hollywood. With or without them, I'll be fine. But I'll admit it would be nice to have them on board.
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I grew up right near Hollywood, and I wanted to be a filmmaker.
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Times change; Hollywood is not the same as it was when I first entered the business. It felt to me like it was starting to narrow down and centralize itself around what would ... make money.
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Hollywood is a symbol of global movies, it's not just American movies. It's become a platform and a melting pot; it's for all the talents and capital from all over the globe.
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That's all gone, now, the old, Hollywood.
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Hollywood is a small town, believe it or not. I see the same people over and over, so it's not that overwhelming or crazy as you might think.
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I'm just not happy with Hollywood.
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It's so crazy in Hollywood.
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Hollywood can jack you up and then help you fall, but it can also raise you up.
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I'm not Hollywood. I'm a Quarter Rat. I belong here.
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Hollywood can be a draining industry. For all the glitz and glory and wonderful parts of our business, it takes it's toll on your inner self.
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I just don't like the whole Hollywood thing.
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As if Hollywood were the name of the enchanted forest where you loose yourself and find yourself, again; the wood that changes you; the wood where you go mad; the wood where the shadows life longer than you do.