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Kisses honeyed by oblivion.
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So on one hand, honey is an amazingly sophisticated and efficient food source. On the other hand, it's bee backwash.
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I didn't have any problem bonding with Honey, but I was plagued with insecurities about my ability to bring up my baby.
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If You Want to Gather Honey, Don't Kick Over the Beehive
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The flowers are full of honey, but only the bee finds out the sweetness.
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You do not get more with honey than with vinegar.
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It's ok, Honeybear, I've got you.
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Faye, honey, breathe."
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Despite its lack of size, the bee makes fine honey.
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A princess always takes care that her words are honeyed, for she may have to eat them
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The only really interesting thing about someone that makes you want to explore them further is their heart, and Miss Honeycut has a teeny tiny pea-sized one and it takes you nowhere you want to go.
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On the radio Smokey Robinson complained that a taste of honey is worse than none at all.
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Sometimes at drive-thrus I go into Winnie the Pooh and ask for a jar of honey.
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Life is a flower of which love is honey.
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Honey poured over thunder.
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the sweet drone of honeysuckle thickening the
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Hee pays too deare for honey that licks it from thornes.
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She's the honey trap I fall for. Every. Fucking. Time. Without fail.
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Baby," he told me, his eyes lidded and dark, "you always taste like honey buns.
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Turn all things to honey; this is the law of divine living.
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Honey from the devil's fingers tastes bitter.
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Pigs may like honey, but that doesn't stop it being sweet.
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He who is full loathes honey, but to the hungry even what is bitter tastes sweet.
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We have chosen to fill our hives with honey and wax; thus furnishing mankind with the two noblest of things, which are sweetness and light.
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Humor is the honey in my tea.
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It takes a bee to get the honey out
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Honey and spice and all things dangerous are nice.
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A teaspoon of honey is worth more to the bee than a barrel of gold.
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He could see the honey, he could smell the honey, but he couldn't quite reach the honey.
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I eat pots of honey everywhere I go. I like anything sugary. And baths. I spend five hours in the bath. I eat in the bath.
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Are you wet for me, Mary? I think you are. I think you're covered with honey.
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The fly that prefers sweetness to a long life may drown in honey.
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I stepped away from the car preparing my own smile because you catch more flies with honey than you do with shit.
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Honey, you haven't even kissed me yet.
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There is no food more satiating than milk and honey; and just as such foods produce disgust for the palate, so perfumed and gallant words make our ears belch.
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For honesty coupled to beauty, is to have honey a sauce to sugar.
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When was ever honey made with one bee in a hive?
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Tiggers don't like honey.
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For me, neither the honey nor the bee
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Everything about her was sweet, pale like honey. You would not have been surprised to see a bee caught in the tangles of that yellow hair.
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It was my fault. You can't stick your hand in a hive and expect only honey.
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Honey Boo Boo is a handful, baby. She says what she wants to say, does what she wants to do. I've only seen, like, snippets, like one or two or three, you know, little shots of her, but yeah, she's a handful, baby.
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The best way to catch a bee is using its own honey.
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The honey is guarded by bees.. The rose has thorns.. To enjoy the sweet & beautiful you can NOT be cowardly.
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Huh. Tastes like rat squeezins' with too much honey.
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Life is like licking Honey from a Thorn
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Who writes poetry imbibes honey from the poisoned lips of life.
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The greater your love of honey
the lesser your fear of bees.
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Don't hide from me, honey. You're so beautiful. You take my breath away. Never hide from me. You're too beautiful for that.
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That's one. The other is Honey Sunshine.
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Honey is hydrating and antiseptic. It really clears your skin, and it's moisturizing. You can use it every day if you want. It's so gentle.
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It is the honey which makes us cruel enough to ignore the death of a bee
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Do not grumble that bees sting;
rejoice that they make honey.
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Talk to me. Look up, I thought. But she didn't, only stopped and picked a sprig of alyssum to smell the honey. I cut a shred from my heart and dangled it on a homemade hook before her.
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To pile up honey upon sugar, and sugar upon honey, to an interminable tedious sweetness.
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Do you want honey? We have fresh honey from local bees. Did you know that it's better to eat honey from local bees?
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Amelia, meet my Honeydew.
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All the honey in the world is nothing without the confirmation of the bees.
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And your skin is like honey. I wonder how you taste."
Bitter and tired. "Mhm.
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Fortunate is the person who can succeed in extracting honey from such a flower as this life, whose root and every petal is bitterness.
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It was the month of May and there was warm sunshine dripping through the holes between the clouds, like the sky was a broken blue bowl and a child was trying to keep honey in it.
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If you weren't naggin', honey, you'd be so sweet.
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Do they know they make the honey for you? Or do they work tirelessly because they think its their own choice?
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You taste so good, Julia. So sweet. Your skin is so damn sweet all over,
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Wild honey smells of freedom
The dust - of sunlight
The mouth of a young girl, like a violet
But gold - smells of nothing.
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Roses grow on thorns and honey wears a sting.
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When you see honey in the bush and there are no sign of bees, flee!! for its all but a trap
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That's the way love sounds, my mother told me. You think it should feel like honey, but instead it cuts like a knife.
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If there's anything I like better than honey and ketchup, it's baloney and whipped cream
and we haven't got any!
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Only make yourself honey and the flies will suck you.
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I'm a lot of things, Tinkerbell. Sweet ain't one of them.
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Bee, why are you staring at me? I am not a flower??
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It demeans you to cover rotten meat with honey. I know what I am. What would you want with a monster?"
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I expect some new phases of life this summer, and shall try to get the honey from each moment.
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He collected my hand to pull my finger out of his mouth. "Peanuts." I laughed, breaking the shock I'd felt. "Bad?" "No," he said, and he popped my finger into his mouth again. "I like it. Peanut tastes like peanuts." "So I have to call you Honey, now?" "Yup," he said, chewing.
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Figs that drip with honey, sugar blown into curls and flowers.
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Take me, honey, I'm yours
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It is not the bee's touching on the flowers that gathers the honey, but her abiding for a time upon them, and drawing out the sweet.
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When you're out to get the honey you don't go killing all the bees
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It's as if the world is full of honeybees and I'm the only flower -Elena
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From his tongue flowed speech sweeter than honey.
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This is what love does and continues to do. It tastes like honey to adults and milk to children.
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Hope is the only bee that makes honey without flowers.
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The sweetness of life lies in usefulness, like honey deep in the heart of a clover bloom.
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Joe!' he called. 'Hey, honey, can you get the pretty girl a Coke?'
'Only if you stop calling me *honey*,' the bartender, a bearded man in his thirties, replied. 'We've had this discussion before, Harrison.'
'Aw, Joe. It's so cute that you think I listen.
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Love is like honey;
sweet even in small quantities.
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Nothing but Money, Is sweeter than Honey.
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smack smack honey smacks its the snack that will smack you back
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You make me feel like honey and trombones. You make me feel like honey and trombones.
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I got my eyes to the prize, honey.
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Tart words make no friends; a spoonful of honey will catch more flies than a gallon of vinegar.
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Did you ever notice all the items on a honey do list are dangerous. Clean gutters, put light in shower, patch roof. It's a honey die list.
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When I started to recording, I gave the name of Honeyboy, but my people only knew me by Honey.
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But bees that hae honey in their mouths hae stings in their tails, aye?' He
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She was indeed a girl of exquisite beauty. She was one of those languid women made of dark honey smooth and sweet and terribly sticky.
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There's nothing sweeter than sweat.
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Where's a friggin' rocket when you need it? Ah, crap, Jaden, stop with the pollen. I hate that. Yeah, taste honey, you punk! (Acheron)
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Do you think I got stung because I have honey in my coffee every day?
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It's salt. Why don't you sprinkle some on me, honey? Aren't I just good enough to eat?
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Honey increases sperm count."
"Oh, you're so full of it. There's no scientific evidence to support that ridiculous statement."
"It's an auld Scottish belief.