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I'm looking for a deal from one of you TV networks to give Snoop Dogg his own hood TV show where I can find America's hottest hood artists. -- Snoop Dogg
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Hoodies are definitely street wear, no doubt. It's amazing how hoodies have become such an important staple in people's wardrobes. -- Ian Astbury
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I am excited to bring elements of my lifestyle to the masses with the Rich Gang, and with Lil Wayne to be able to share the feel of our labels with the YMCMB Apparel brand. -- Birdman
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Merlin's "Merlin" outfit. -- Shanna Swendson
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As blacks, all we got is sports and entertainment. That's the only way out the hood sometimes. -- Trey Songz
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Regardless of what people say, that's what they gotta bang in their heads: Ace Hood is the future. You ain't got nobody else in my lane. -- Ace Hood
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The boys in the hood are always hard. -- Eazy-E
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I think that the new models of Chevrolet should have Barney Frank as a hood ornament. -- Sean Hannity
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A visit to the hood through a record, or through a video, or through a film, is a lot safer than actually visiting the people in real life. It became a business model. It became a revenue engine that, you know, you can get to the hood without ever going there. -- Chuck D
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Cowboy: New York hood talk means kill the mother fucker wherever you find him. A rat is a rat is a rat is a rat. Is an informer. -- William S. Burroughs
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coat that she always -- Ethan Somerville
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I grew up in a very nice house in Houston, went to private school all my life and I've never even been to the 'hood. Not that there's anything wrong with the 'hood. -- Beyonce Knowles
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suburban-cocooned ass -- Bobby Adair
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A few weeks later, in the wood,
I came across Miss Riding Hood.
But what a change! No cloak of red,
No silly hood upon her head.
She said, 'Hello, and do please note
My lovely furry wolfskin coat. -- Roald Dahl
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Greaser ... greaser ... greaser ... " Steve singsonged. "O victim of environment, underprivileged, rotten, no-count hood! -- S.e. Hinton
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You got to face your evil, Hoodoo," Zeke said. "If people don't face the danger that's seeking them, evil will find them first. -- Ronald L. Smith
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Little Red Riding Hood sure is looking good. -- Trista Jaszczak
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If all fools wore white hoods, any crowd would look like a field of blooming buckwheat. -- Austin O'malley
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I'm 5-foot-5, and I'll wear a big parka and put the hood up, and nobody gives me a second glance. -- Daniel Radcliffe
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African American Congressman Bobby Rush wore a hoodie on the floor of Congress to make a point this week. And they threw him out. They said a hoodie is too scary for Congress. Too scary? Have you ever looked into Michele Bachmann's eyes? -- Bill Maher
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Children listen, I'm trying to tell you something good, don't get caught up in the hood. -- Dr. Dre
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Who are you wearing? Who are you wearing? -- Kelly Clarkson
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Jousting with an obvious hoodlum couldn't hurt. -- David Pietrusza
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Why do you wear a mask and hood?"
I think everybody will in the near future," was the man in black's reply. "They're terribly comfortable. -- William Goldman
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I came back to the hood and got in those streets and started doing whatever it took for me to provide. -- Young Buck
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Yo' Momma, I'm a ghetto super star. -- Ludacris
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Really, though, there are only two kinds of weather: hoodie weather and weather where you wear a hoodie anyway. -- Becky Albertalli
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Grayson Dunn is in my head. He's under my skin. He's invaded me like a deadly disease and hijacked my immune system until I don't even bother fighting it anymore. I look at him, and I'm twisted into knots. Tangled into a messy spool of desire and desperation. -- Julie Johnson
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Who dat dere's gunna beat dat team? Who Dat? Who dat? -- Dick Murdoch
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Gotham City. Clean shafts of concrete and snowy rooftops. The work of men who died generations ago. From here, it looks like an achievement. From here, you can't see the enemy. -- Frank Miller
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How could you be from the ghetto and be a rat? -- Suge Knight
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Here's a tip: never get drunk while wearing a hooded sweatshirt. You will eventually think there's someone right behind you. -- Dave Attell
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Rich Gang is a rich look. -- Birdman
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Through my life, [there have been] a lot of devils and a lot of situations, so I'm just goin' hard, maintaining, regardless of what people got to say about Ace Hood. -- Ace Hood
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I was a hoodlum. I was a gang member, and art saved my life. -- F. Murray Abraham
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I grew up on the west side of Detroit - 6 mile and Wyoming - so I was really in the 'hood. And I would go to school at Detroit Waldorf, and that was not the 'hood. Growing up in Detroit was good. I had a good perspective, a well-rounded one, and not being one-sided. -- Big Sean
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Who you looking at -- Darren Shan
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The cunning livery of hell. -- William Shakespeare
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Roll big blunts, a whole ounce of reefer
Rocked that 'Black and Yellow' before Wiz Khalifa
It's a killer bee color scheme -- Ghostface Killah
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Auburn Tigers T-shirt. -- Rachel Hawkins
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Classy.' Mara shines the flashlight on my chest as she climbs into the beached boat and sits across from me.
'It was either this ["Bass Man" sweatshirt] or "Master Baiter". Or freezing to death. -- Jeri Smith-Ready
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Look down your shirt and spell attic. -- David Foster Wallace
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I am urging the parents of black and Latino youngsters particularly to not let their children go out wearing hoodies. -- Geraldo Rivera
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Breakin down the weed about to make a plane, a hundred niggas wit me all reppin taylor gang. -- Wiz Khalifa
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You destroyed five million dollars' worth of luxury cars."
"Yes, but none of them are wearing human heads as hood ornaments. -- Ilona Andrews
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Damn where my roof just go, I'm somebody that you should know
Get to shakin somethin cause that's what Drama produced it fo' -- Drake
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When I was a kid doing television, they'd stick a leather jacket on me, and I would be the thug. -- Phil Daniels
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Now we just showin' and provin' that there's a ghetto everywhere you go. -- Method Man
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The roots of my music start from the ghetto. -- Ziggy Marley
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been following turned his black Cadillac -- J.a. Konrath
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Slim Shady: Hotter then a set of twin babies
In a Mercedes Benz, with the windows up
When the temp goes up to the mid 80's. -- Eminem
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I get high like the clouds
Gather every rapper up
Bring em to the roof
And watch em' fly for the Styles -- Styles P
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Of course I'm going to say "I'm a thug" that's because I came from the GUTTER and I'm still HERE! -- Tupac Shakur
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We look at young black kids with a scowl on their face, walking a certain way down the block with their sweatpants dangling, however, with their hoodies on. And folks think that this is a show of power or a show of force. But I know, because I've been among those kids, it ultimately is fear. -- Ta-Nehisi Coates
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I'm a ghetto man who made good. I never forgot where I came from and who put me on top - God and Jack The Rapper. -- James Brown
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A true gangster can smell out a person's strenghts and weaknesses in a matter of minutes, but what they can sense most of all, what their bodies are most attuned to, is the scent of fear. -- Lorenzo Carcaterra
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I was brought up in this part of Detroit that they used to call the ghetto. -- Diana Ross
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pulled out a blue bandanna, -- Jeffrey Eugenides
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My biggest challenge is to not do urban movies for the rest of my life, those alpha hoodies. -- John Boyega
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Sneaking out the back door to hand out with those hoodlum friends of mine. -- Stevie Wonder
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the basement. Katz -- Bill Bryson
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Jamaica full of ghetto, but boy, I tell you: me never see it like that. -- Damian Marley
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Takin' out my freak tonight -- Britney Spears
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On a park bench on 12th street, my whole crew's famous, you try bust your gat and keep it rel but you nameless -- Prodigy
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Black Mafia. If they don't understand that, they ain't gangsta. I just watched TV and Bill Parcells kissed two or three of them boys ... it's a Mafia thing. -- Lil' Wayne
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In fashion, there are so many gangs, if you identify too much with one, you get caught - I would lose my freedom. -- Daphne Guinness
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You're either ghetto or you're not. -- Vince Staples
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He wore a gray hoodie with the green Jakob's Quest logo across the front. Dear God, I thought. The RG had a Jeff. -- Chloe Neill
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I spend a lot of time out there. I've got a lot of family that lives in Inglewood and surrounding areas. So I'm right in the hood, every time I go there I go see my peoples. I rep real hard for the people that I see that are the counterparts of what I'm trying to do out here, out there. -- Immortal Technique
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When you a ghetto star, when you a hood star, you gonna take care of your grandmother, your mother. When you on that next level, you gotta take care of the city, the streets. -- Young Jeezy
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One day the grandmother presented the little girl with a red velvet riding hood; and as it fitted her very well, she would never wear anything else; and so she was called Little Red Riding Hood. -- Jacob Grimm
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The Midnight Gang -- David Walliams
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I'm from my hood, and everybody knows me in my neighborhood, and that's cool, I can do what I want over there, but in other people's neighborhoods, I can't. -- Danny Brown
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Rollin wit a posse full of paranoid drugdealaz! -- Tupac Shakur
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I give the niggaz what they came to see, a reflection of one self where they aim to be. -- T.i.
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Are you rage, wrapped in skin, tight like leather dried in the desert sun?
From: "The Comfort of Black -- Carter Wilson
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Oh, goddamn," said Minty Fresh (damn on the downbeat, with pain and sustain). "Goddamn, my hood and grille are all fucked up. Goddamn. I will tolerate the rising of darkness to cover the world, but you do not fuck with my ride. -- Christopher Moore
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going to nail this Hazmat -- James Patterson
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I'll save a spot for you on the hood of my truck. -- Laura Miller
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This one is for the boys in the polos Entrepreneur niggas & the moguls -- Nicki Minaj
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town. In the back of his -- Jodi Picoult
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I said Yo Jay, I can rap. And I spit this rap that said I'm killin' ya'll *****s on this lyrical sh*t, mayonnaise colored benz, I push miracle whips. -- Kanye West
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The hoodies themselves aren't criminal. White people wear hoodies all the time! -- Marc Lamont Hill
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You could name practically any problem in the hood and there'd be a rap song for you. -- Jay-Z
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Is that your hat or are you wearing a cabana? -- Henny Youngman
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Underworld butt. -- Rick Riordan
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of those clothes. -- Anthony Horowitz
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The hedges and driveways were black and silent, but he imagined the silhouette of a jacket hood could move into view at any time, skimming past the light of a window like a shark's fin. -- Teresa Flavin
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Cammie, where did you get that necklace? -- Ally Carter
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Eisman took the cart to the clubhouse and bought a hoodie. The hoodie covered up his t-shirt and made him look a lot like a guy who had just bought a hoodie to cover up his t-shirt. -- Michael Lewis
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I'm the ghetto Martha Stewart, the black Rachel Ray. -- Coolio
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This is the city of disguises. -- Jeanette Winterson
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Do you think there'd be a Givenchy in the hood if it wasn't for that South Park photo? -- Kanye West
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the wizard prison, -- J.k. Rowling
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Soon the Boggy Mun would open up shop. I wore no cloak and had no pockets. I carried my knife and salt in a basket. Little Red Riding Hood, skipping off into the woods. And whom will she meet?
Why, her own self, of course: the wolf. -- Franny Billingsley
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That gods-damned nightgown. -- Sarah J. Maas
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I'm a thug. And my thug comes from ... my definition of thug comes from half of the street element. Straight street hustling. -- Tupac Shakur
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My aesthetic is that of the sniper on the roof. -- Jean-Luc Godard
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Chanel lambskin, vintage Vanson I'm on the bike doing wheelies in a mansion -- Nicki Minaj
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Let's be honest, for a lot of well meaning, open-minded white people, the sight of a young black man in a hoodie still evokes a twinge of fear. -- Hillary Clinton