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Bonapartist democrat."
"Grey shades of a quiet mouse colour.
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The sky blue blue, Mr. Wiggins.
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The pigment must be mixed with the tears of spinsters of good family, who must live long lives of impeccable virtue and die without ever having had a day of true happiness.
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Hold on to your divine blush, your innate rosy magic, or end up brown. Once you're brown, you'll find out you're blue. As blue as indigo. And you know what that means. Indigo. Indigoing. Indigone.
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Purple - the color of royalty and holiness and wealth.
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Oh, come on! Nobody's favorite color is BROWN!
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The main part of the house is a deep red and I have butterscotch carpet. And I have a bathroom with leopard skin floor, wallpaper and toilet.
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What is the colour of abstraction? What is the smell of hope?
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Color is the fruit of life.
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The most Superior amongst the colors in the universe is the color of Devotion.
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Let Your Color Out!
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Um. I feel the color in my cheeks rising again. I must be the color of The Communist Manifesto. Stop talking. Stop talking NOW.
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Lawful heart, did any one ever see such freckles? And hair as red as carrots!
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What I need most of all is color, always, always.
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Blushing is the color of virtue.
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A man's character always takes its hue, more or less, from the form and color of things about him.
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Soul is a feeling, not a color,
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I cannot pretend to be impartial about the colours. I rejoice with the brilliant ones, and am genuinely sorry for the poor browns.
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Perhaps someone had once hoped to lighten the air of the blue room in Hill House with a dainty wallpaper, not seeing how such a hope would evaporate in Hill House, leaving only the faintest hint of its existence, like an almost inaudible echo of sobbing far away...
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An aura surrounds every living thing, an aura in a different colour each time. Do you know what colour is yours?
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Emotions are the color of the soul.
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Orange is an underrated color, it's the second most underrated color after yellow.
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Color cannot stand alone.
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Well, that's the tackiest color I've ever seen, and we'll have half the town talking about us, but if it can lift May's heart like that, I guess she aught to live inside it.
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Gohan...Is that sunburn or are you blushing?
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Brilliant pale green of her eyes, the buttercup yellow of her hair.
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...[W]e are in a new age in America today. It is an age in which the nuances of brown, yellow, and red are as important, if not more so, than black and white.
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Strike the hue. Westward, burning. Pages turning. Indiana. Ripe banana. Happiness approaches. Serpents and roaches.
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Happie is hee that chastens himselfe.
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Dance the orange.
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I spend a lot of my time looking at blue,
The colour of my room and my mood ...
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You know who Boehner is, right? He's that orange looking guy. See, for Republicans that counts as diversity.
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Colour is the skin of the world,
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Colours are nature gone wild.
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the long sorrow of the color red.
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Colors pursue me like a constant worry. They even worry me in my sleep.
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I now have great color sprinkled throughout my herd.
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Were it not for the melanin in our skin, myoglobin in our muscles and haemoglobin in our blood, we would be the colour of mitochondria. And, if this were so, we would change colour when we exercised or ran out of breath, so that you could tell how energized someone was from his or her colour.
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Color transmits and translates emotion.
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My color is my joy and not my burden...
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version of Amber.
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Brown, I say, deep brown. Like coffee without any milk.
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The gloomy shade of death.
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Blue is therefore most suitable as the color of interior life.
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Go sit down and look pale.
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Gray, the colour of forgetting.
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[H]is skin was the color of age and his features the shape of a saint's.
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Green is the fresh emblem of well founded hopes. In blue the spirit can wander, but in green it can rest.
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It can be a fascinating game, noticing how any person with vitality and vigor will have a little splash of red in a costume, in a room, or in a garden ...
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The mists of nostalgia color memory.
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nocturnal purple.
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Flowers of all hue, and without thorn the rose.
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Who can even imagine what that would mean, for blue to be - well, more? All
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Color is nothing, I do not even notice it, I know only one thing, which is the purity of my conscience and the whiteness of my soul.
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Color is joy. One does not think joy. One is carried by it.
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O' the blue-bodied cowherd - ever playful in love and war. Don't you fail to see the immensity of his wisdom and light.
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my balls are bluer than the entire cast of Avatar
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Bluie, the blue stuffed bear I'd had since I was, like, one - back when it was socially acceptable to name one's friends after their hue.
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Who says soul has only one colour?
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The blood pigment haemoglobin is a compound which can be split by diverse methods into its constituents, pigment and protein.
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Each color lives by its mysterious life.
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Color is so intuitive.
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Color in color is felt at any and every place of the pictorial organization; in its immediacy - its particularity. Color must be felt throughout.
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One should absorb the color of life.
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Colour is the soul of Nature and of the entire cosmos ...
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Mauve is just pink trying to be purple.
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A color is as strong as the impression it creates.
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There are so many beautiful lives with wrong 'colors'!
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Are we looking at
each other suspiciously
when colour-blind cured.
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The dove, as it flies in the sun, seems simply to sparkle like silver, but only one who has been able to wait at length to discover its hidden face will see its true gold or, rather, the color of a shining orange.
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Colour is a human need like water and fire. It is a raw material indispensable to life
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The very pink of perfection.
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I have trouble saying hu ... hu ... husband.
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Color in a picture is like enthusiasm in life.
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I suppose everything in existence takes its colour from the average hue of our surroundings.
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For years I'd thought my color was black: deep, dark, thoughtful, mysterious. Black, you can hide behind. But now I know it is red.
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If envy is red and doubt is black then happiness is brown. I looked from the little brown stone to the tiny brown freckle to her huge brown eyes.
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Who is the public now that it has changed color?
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Colour and I are one.
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A baton of light across the bracken redeemed the reputation of the color brown with fiery reds and yellows.
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We are Bay Aryans from Berkeley: prepare to be reengineered in an attractive range of color schemes for your safety and comfort!
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Think pink. A better way of life.
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You know home isn't really about what color your couch is or what you hang on the wall... Home is about knowing you are in the right place with the right people.
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Ugly doesn't have a color. It lives among selfishness and hate
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I want to paint men and women with that something of the external which the halo used to symbolize, and which we now seek to give by the actual radiance and vibrancy of our colorings.
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Purple? Boy, what kind of a homosexual are you, anyway? That's not purple, Mary, that color up there is mauve.
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The true color of life is the color of the body, the color of the covered red, the implicit and not explicit red of the living heart and the pulses. It is the modest color of the unpublished blood.
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All green things brown.
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Why feel blue when there's sooooo many other colors you can feel.
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The Rainbow is a promise
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The first one, we'll name Blue.
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Inside, cooking smells maneuvered through the house: cow liver, sweet potatoes, stewed onions, cabbage - scents that were as assertive as colors.
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Oh, quit it! You're the possessor of a beautiful wife, a beautiful gas-stove, and you were going to forget all this race-hysteria.
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He was the color of blood, not the springing blood of the heart but the blood that stirs under an old wound that never really healed. A terrible light poured from him like sweat, and his roar started landslides flowing into one another. His horns were pale as scars.
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The one who is color blind sees the way
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astonishing splashes of colour
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fraudulent blue ozone
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The forlorn appearance assumed by all houses that have lost their people.
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Colour can transform our environment and increase our productivity. It can enhance our social life, and improve our state of health.