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Obviously the idea of being human is a very human idea. -- Dominic Monaghan
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To be human is to care for your fellow human beings and protecting the environment. -- Jacque Fresco
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My God! Who is this creature? It considers itself human. -- Saul Bellow
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Believe it or not, I swear I'm just a human being. -- Nelly
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Human it is to have compassion on the unhappy -- Giovanni Boccaccio
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At the end of the day, I'm a human being. -- Quinton Jackson
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I'm human. The single most overused excuse on the planet for doing the absolute wrong thing. -- Debra Webb
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I'm a human being before anything else. -- Freida Pinto
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Human for love and things for use
But now days people use humans and love things -- Mohammed Zaki Ansari
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I am a person who recognizes the fallacy of humans. -- George W. Bush
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What does it mean to be human? It means we are created in the image of God for the glorious reality of being in permanent fellowship with Him. -- Ravi Zacharias
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You can't be human alone. -- Maggie Kuhn
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What is human is to make a difference to the world, to act on it, to interact with others, and, together, to transform the environment and themselves. If this process is prevented, we become less than human; we are harmed. -- Mark M. Lanier
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Why do you assume I'm human?
I wasn't born; I was created just like this.
First I was an idea.
Then I came into being, charged with a very important task.
I've come to find the monster. -- Eliza Granville
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It's complicated. He's not ... ' Human? 'He's playing hard to get. -- Nicki Elson
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The human is evil. -- Friedrich Nietzsche
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She was the last lightning-struck without a mate, and therefore, human. -- Carrie Ann Ryan
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The word 'human' refers to something more than the bodily form or even the rational mind. It refers also to that community of blood and experience which unites all men and women on the Earth. -- C.s. Lewis
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What is a human being, then?'
'A seed.'
'A ... seed?'
'An acorn that is unafraid to destroy itself in growing into a tree. -- David Zindell
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I am more human than rational. -- Karen Essex
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Humanism is not a single character. It is a magnificent blend of various emotional and behavioral traits that are unique to the human mind. -- Abhijit Naskar
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I am a human.
Maybe consciousness.
Or 'love'! I sometimes think.
I could be all, or some of them.
Perhaps a puzzle link? -- Cheri Bauer
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A human being is a naturally political [animal]. -- Aristotle.
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Here is a human being; it's me! -- Walter Gilbert
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One can only describe the human but can never define it because humans are complex in their nature. -- Zaman Ali
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Beware of anyone who describes a human being as something other than human being. -- George Monbiot
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I'm only human, Odair! -- Suzanne Collins
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Was as close to human as he'd felt in -- Blake Crouch
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Sometimes being human is harder than it looks. -- Gregory Benford
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He is human. I hadn't wanted him to be human. I had wanted him to be perfect and golden - steady and solid, simple and strong - so that I could be messy, complicated, and weak. But we are each all of those things. -- Glennon Doyle Melton
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For some people themselves and their family is only human But Other all are Toy For play and Broke After game
But The truth they do not know that they just Own Human Body Nothing More -- Mohammed Zaki Ansari
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The human being first put values into things, in order to preserve itself - it created a meaning for things, a human's meaning! Therefore it calls itself 'human' - that is: the evaluator. -- Friedrich Nietzsche
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You are not a human being, but you are a thinking and dreaming machine. -- Debasish Mridha
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I don't think you're human if you don't get nervous. -- Sidney Crosby
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To be human is to be on the defensive, somewhere, somehow. -- Corra May Harris
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If there is an error of human judgment, I am the human. -- William Mulholland
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I'm a rapper but I'm a human being. -- Phife Dawg
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We're not inherently anything but human. -- Robin Morgan
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The actor is not quite a human being-but then, who is? -- George Sanders
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I'm obsessed with being human. -- Rachelle Lefevre
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I've always played very human sort of characters. -- Michael Caine
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I'm a complete human being. I'm very emotional and loving. I feel, I hurt, I give, I take, and also I think. I analyze. I'm a sociologist, anthropologist. -- Erykah Badu
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I'm not a human being. I'm despicable and disgusting - but that's where the money is. -- Steve Martin
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The human body is not necessarily a human being. -- Abhijit Naskar
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That is my theory to explain the I don't knows. It's human. -- Gene Weingarten
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I'm a human, too. I'm not an angel. I'm a devil. -- Nichkhun
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I'm not a human anymore -- Darren Shan
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What is a Person? is a clear and comprehensive reconsideration of the meaning of human personhood as the central core of social structures. With breadth of intellect and balance of wisdom, Smith resets the frame of reflection for the most important discussions of the twenty-first century. -- William B. Hurlbut
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I'm still human - I can't not feel. -- Delta Goodrem
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I'm a human. Every human is flawed. I might be flawed in different ways than some people, or worse ways than some people, or better ways than some people. -- Tucker Max
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People are more than one thing. -- Cassandra Clare
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There's nothing more human than two people making love. -- Victoria Abril
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Regardless of who you are~ you can not escape the fact that you are human. -- Nina Montgomery
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Being human means having doubts and yet still continuing on your path. -- Paulo Coelho
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I'm human. That's how humans spend their time, doing shitty things. -- Nick Hornby
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A person is a great process, a bridge from animal to Soul. But we do not know about it -- Anatoliy Obraztsov
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What are humans? They are unserious creatures in this serious universe! And because they are unserious, they appear and disappear quickly! -- Mehmet Murat Ildan
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The human creature is so astonishing, but count on it before anything else to be just that-a creature. A laughing animal, a dangerous one, a clever one, a scared one, but always acting for a reason-a motive that will move the beast towards its desires. -- Jeffery Deaver
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One of the things forgotten about the human spirit is that while it is, in the right conditions, noble and brave and wonderful, it is also, when you get right down to it, only human. -- Terry Pratchett
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A person is truly a human if he or she learns, and teaches, and inspires others. It is difficult to regard as truly human someone who is ignorant and has no desire to learn. -- Fethullah Gulen
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Are all humans human? Or are some more human than others? -- Romeo Dallaire
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A normal human being ... does not exist. -- Karen Horney
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I thought humans were or weren't, I didn't know someone could be a bit human. Then what are his other bits? -- Emma Donoghue
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I'm human, It's a terminal condition -- C.d. Reiss
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No, human. I don't know shit about this. I'm just rattling off randomness to confuse you."

Xypher -- Sherrilyn Kenyon
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people, the kind of man who -- Nicholas Sparks
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A person is an individual substance of a rational nature. -- Boethius
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Human, Allen, is an adjective, and its use as a noun is in itself regrettable. -- William S. Burroughs
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To be human is to be in the tense condition of a death-foreseeing, consciously libidinous animal. No other earthly creature suffers such a capacity for thought, such a complexity of envisioned but frustrated possibilities, such a troubling ability to question the tribal and biological imperatives. -- John Updike
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I'm stupid. Stupidity makes me human!
.29. -- Nova Riyanti Yusuf
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I'm a great lover of human beings. -- Warren Mundine
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How embarrassing to be human. -- Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
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To be a human is to state the obvious. Repeatedly. Over and over, until the end of time. -- Matt Haig
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I like to think of myself as a people person. -- Seal
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I'm a human who is aware of the history of humanity and the ways in which the movies touch on those things. -- Wesley Morris
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A person is a fluid process, not a fixed and static entity; a flowing river of change, not a block of solid material; a continually changing constellation of potentialities, not a fixed quantity of traits. -- Carl R. Rogers
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There was only one possible answer, as plain as it was disturbing.
That she was not, in fact, human. -- Laini Taylor
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Human nature. I don't like human nature, but I do like human beings. -- Ellen Glasgow
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We are human only in contact, and conviviality, with what is not human. -- David Abram
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I can be human to strangers and coworkers, just not to the people who actually care about me. -- Sara Zarr
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He looked like something more than human, or something less. -- Edward Lee
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To be human is to be in a story. -- Miles Richardson
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We might even define the human as a dynamic process produced by a series of identifications and misidentifications with animality. -- Simon Critchley
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To be human, at the most profound level, is to encounter honestly the inescapable circumstances that constrain us, yet muster the courage to struggle compassionately for our own unique individualities and for more democratic and free societies. -- Cornel West
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A person is a process, one that leads to death ... -- Randall Jarrell
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It is in vain to say human beings -- Charlotte Bronte
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I am a person. I am Raven Stirling. They are monsters. -- Amy Ewing
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The human being is a self-propelled automaton entirely under the control of external influences. Willful and predetermined though they appear, his actions are governed not from within, but from without. He is like a float tossed about by the waves of a turbulent sea. -- Nikola Tesla
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What's important is to remain human. -- Katerina Gogou
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Even the most despicable person is still a human being. -- Stellan Skarsgard
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Humans consist of body, mind and imagination. Our bodies are faulty, our minds untrustworthy, but our imagination has made us remarkable. -- John Masefield
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You're human, that's what I like about you. Well not that you're a human, well yes that you're human but that you're a girl human. -- Evelyn Smith
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Can't you recognize the human in the inhuman? -- Ray Bradbury
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What exactly is it that humans do that is specifically human? There has to be something. How odd it is for billions of people to be alive, yet not one of them is really quite sure of what makes people people. -- Douglas Coupland
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Sometimes being human sucks. -- Melissa Marr
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Every human heart is human. -- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
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How embarrassing it is to be human. -- Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
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When any person suffers for someone in greater need, that person is a human. -- Cesar Chavez
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To be human is to have a whole spectrum of these experiences that arise within us. -- Annie Lennox