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Researchers have proven that scientifically, that all humans are one people -- Bill Nye
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poachers and Methodies, of course. Oh, -- Patrick O'brian
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Most people are other people. -- Oscar Wilde
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The people I see from my window. In the huts, in the distance. They're all dressed the same.' 'Ah, those people,' said Father, nodding his head and smiling slightly. 'Those people ... well, they're not people at all, Bruno.' Bruno frowned. 'They're not?' he asked, unsure what Father meant by that. -- John Boyne
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Humans are the absolute worst thing to happen to this planet. -- Lauren Destefano
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Monkeys who very sensibly refrain from speech, lest they should be set to earn their livings. -- Kenneth Grahame
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Some people are like human tuinals -- Lou Reed
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Human beings are a social species. We like to hang together in groups, just like wildebeests, just like lions. Wildebeests don't hang with lions because lions eat wildebeests. Human beings are like that. We do what that group does that we're trying to identify with. -- Dan Phillips
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We asked for workers. We got people instead. -- Max Frisch
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There are different kinds of people in the world. -- Cheryl James
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You shouldn't say 'animals' to distinguish between humans and non-humans. We are all animals. -- Peter Singer
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Women! I have no idea. I don't know anything about women at all. They're a complete mystery to me. -- Bryan Ferry
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We're animals. We're violent. We're criminal. -- Maurice Sendak
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Humans are one, not divided, but multiplied into many. -- Raheel Farooq
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Humans are capable of a lot more than they know. -- Amy Reed
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We Bene Gesserit sift people to find the humans. -- Frank Herbert
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The TV people. I like calling them that. The TV people. And they have TVs for heads and their faces can change when the channels change. -- Paul Tremblay
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I'm not people, I only eat them. -- Sherrilyn Kenyon
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people in attendance. Even though -- Danny Naten
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Human beings, little bags of thinking water held up briefly by fragile accumulations of calcium ... -- Terry Pratchett
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Humans are cruel. -- Kelsey Sutton
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People are human, not some machine we can control. -- Ika Natassa
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Humanity, n. The human race, collectively, exclusive of the anthropoid poets. -- Ambrose Bierce
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People are powerfully moved by imagination, belief, and knowledge. They can consider the past and future. They can make changes in their behavior out of reason in a way that animals can't do. -- Gretchen Rubin
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Humans are the one species the world could do very well without. -- George Schaller
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Human beings are weak. -- Jack Abramoff
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Human can surprise you sometimes. An unpredictable species, Homo sapiens -- Katherine Applegate
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Humankind differs from the animals only by a little and most people throw that away. -- Confucius
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Poltroons, cowards, skulkers and dastards. -- Eustache Deschamps
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Homo Sapiens and their guns. -- Jack Kirby
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we're not actually people at all, but simulations running on an ultracomputer built by other people. -- Jordan Ellenberg
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People are our greatest asset . -- Dave Ulrich
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Humans are drawn to each other's rough edges. -- K. Bromberg
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Humans are attracted to each other's rough edges. -- Mark Manson
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People are the most important resource in the world. -- Sunday Adelaja
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People is the name of the body, State of the spirit, of that ruling person that has hitherto suppressed me. -- Max Stirner
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Humans are animals, too, you know. -- Eliot Schrefer
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Humankind comprises four kinds of people: Idiots, Wimps, Bystanders and terrorists -- Mukul Deva
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Rats. Rats, mice, and rodents. -- Jean Ferris
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Women are people too". -- R. Alan Woods
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Who are we? That is the big question. And essentially we are just an upright, walking, big brained, super intelligent ape. -- Louise Leakey
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We're very much in the people business in that there are two important groups you have to work with: customers and employees. -- Fred Deluca
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Human beings, from their own point of view, are very different than what people see. -- Kurt Russell
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Every human being ask this question of himself -- Sunday Adelaja
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People are most important. -- Lech Walesa
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We humans are a fairly barbarous bunch. -- Neil Labute
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Humans, so easily electrified by the snap, crackle, pop of blood, brutality, and butchery. -- Artemis Crow
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People are different from each other -- Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick
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For those that don't know, a human is a real bipedal life form of midrange intelligence, living a largely deluded existence on a small, waterlogged planet in a very lonely corner of the universe. -- Matt Haig
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Humans are very imaginative animals. -- Susumu Tonegawa
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We are those who do not disconnect the values of their minds from the actions of their bodies. -- Ayn Rand
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Through breathing in and breathing out, we drink in Heaven; through food, we eat the Earth. These beings who stand magnificently between Heaven and Earth, endlessly creating, are humans. -- Ilchi Lee
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People are what are scary ... people. -- Blackbeard
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Human beings are millions of things in one day. -- Nick Hornby
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Human beings are curious by nature. -- Aristotle.
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Children. Pay close attention to them. They grow up to be adults. The really heinous people we see on the news? The serial killers, murderers, rapists, and complete ass-hats of society? Yeah, they were children once. And no one paid attention. -- Scott Hildreth
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A people without the knowledge of ... -- Marcus Garvey
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Humans are not really very humane. -- Steven Morrissey
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People are no longer human beings. We should be called human doings. -- Richard Carlson
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We are the people our parents warned us about. -- Jimmy Buffett
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Variety of men and women here, but very few of them are humans.I am just striving to be a human being in real. !! -- Zuhair
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I believe man . . . in the same predicament with other animals. -- Charles Darwin
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People and gorillas, horses and duikers and pigs, monkeys and chimps and bats and viruses: We're all in this together. -- David Quammen
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They're animals, all right. But why are you so sure that makes us human beings? -- Richard Bachman
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Monsters, show me the monsters: these people out on the street.

My people. -- Jose Eduardo Agualusa
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We are what make up society. -- Tom Shadyac
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People are universal. -- L.a. Jones
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Humans are destructive animals, but they are also wise ones. -- Gemma Malley
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grandmothers. Elephants -- Boyd Varty
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Let us ask ourselves; "What kind of people do we think we are?" -- Ronald Reagan
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Who would not prefer animals to these people who prefer animals to people? -- Wendy Doniger
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a bunch of granola eaters who hate George Bush. -- C.j. Box
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I see humans but no humanity. -- Jason Donohue
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Because of the nature of my life, because I train a great many people, I come upon such a huge variety of human species, as well as the earth species for that matter. -- Jean Houston
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Humans. Rats have bigger hearts. Roaches have kinder souls. Flies have- -- Katherine Applegate
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Humans are a dangerously insane and very sick species. -- Eckhart Tolle
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We may be human, but we're still animals. -- Steve Vai
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The better angels of our nature -- Abraham Lincoln
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Men and women that don't bother to think are just biomasses. -- Sunday Adelaja
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I believe in humans. -- John Malkovich
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Humans have a global benchmark-standard of conduct that called humanity -- Cg9Syxjhzgl0Awe=
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And suddenly I knew I was people and could not stop laughing. -- Robert A. Heinlein
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Men who only live to eat. -- Juvenal
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In spite of our high-tech world and efficient procedures, people remain the essential ingredient of life. -- Charles R. Swindoll
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We're all homos. Homo sapiens. -- Michael Scott
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Humans are the world's greatest treasure -- Sunday Adelaja
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We are humans who see clearly the barbarity of all ages except our own. -- Ernest Howard Crosby
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Human beings are the best hope in the world of other human beings to survive. -- Gavriel Savit
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People are like vegetables with armpits. -- Kenta Shinohara
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Humanity, you never had it to begin with. -- Charles Bukowski
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Those people ... well, they're not people at all, Bruno -- John Boyne
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Philosophers and scientists confidently offer up traits said to be uniquely human, and the monkeys and apes casually knock them down
toppling the pretension that humans constitute some sort of biological aristocracy among the beings on Earth. -- Carl Sagan
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Left alone, human beings are a plague. They multiply relentlessly, consuming every resource, destroying everything they touch. -- Scott Westerfeld
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Laypeople. They think everything in the past happened at the same time. -- Christopher L. Bennett
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The biggest mystery of the people is "The People". -- Himmilicious
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Our kind, we don't leave many traces behind in this world. -- Zoraida Cordova
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Let me take a moment to point out the glaringly obvious. Humans are idiots. -- B. Justin Shier
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We are the guardians of our beings. -- Tehya Sky
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City people. They may know how to street fight but they don't know how to wade through manure. -- Melina Marchetta
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Vampires are people too! -- Laurell K. Hamilton