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Humour breaks down boundaries, it topples our self-importance, it connects people, and because it engages and entertains, it ultimately enlightens. -- John Agard
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Humor is the only thing that allows you to survive every pressure and crisis. -- Vinton Cerf
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Humor is the ability to see three sides to one coin. -- Ned Rorem
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Humor plays close to the big hot fire which is Truth, and sometimes the reader feels the heat. -- E.b. White
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Humor is the mask of wisdom. -- Friedrich Durrenmatt
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Humor makes our heavy burdens light and smoothes the rough spots in our pathways. -- Sam Ervin
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Humor is such a wonderful thing, helping you realize what a fool you are but how beautiful that is at the same time. -- Lynda Barry
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Trying to restore some kind of natural balance of humors in the world. -- Kate Atkinson
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Humor is probably species specific -- Anna C. Salter
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Humor can be an incredible, lacerating and effective weapon. -- Carl Hiaasen
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Good-humor makes all things tolerable -- Henry Ward Beecher
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It's always amazed me how little attention philosophers, psychologists, or anyone else actually has paid to humor. -- Edward De Bono
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Wit and playfulness represent a desperately serious transcendence of evil. Humor is both a form of wisdom and a means of survival. -- Tom Robbins
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Humor is really laughing off a hurt, grinning at misery. -- Bill Mauldin
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As a species, we would not have survived without humor. -- Jane Hamilton
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Of the things which nourish the imagination, humour is one of the most needful, and it is dangerous to limit or destroy it. -- John Millington Synge
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There is nothing harder to explain than humor. -- Milan Kundera
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Humor is not an end in itself, but a tool to understanding. A dense head must be tickled with an ax. -- Bauvard
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Humor prevents a hardening of the attitudes. -- Joel Goodman
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Humor is a part of spirituality. -- Zooey Deschanel
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Humor is the offspring of man; it comes forth like Minerva, fully armed from the brain. -- Roger L'estrange
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Humor may be defined as the kindly contemplation of the incongruities of life, and the artistic expression thereof. -- Stephen Leacock
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Humor bridges the weight of serious reflection. -- Lorin Morgan-Richards
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With humour, there is life. -- Jr
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There's no life without humour. It can make the wonderful moments of life truly glorious, and it can make tragic moments bearable. -- Rufus Wainwright
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Humor is not an unconditional virtue; its moral character depends on its object. To laugh at the contemptible, is a virtue; to laugh at the good, is a hideous vice. Too often, humor is used as the camouflage of moral cowardice. -- Ayn Rand
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Humor is the observation of an unprejudiced heart -- Marsha Boulton
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Humor is a terrific tool for explaining things, especially when what you're explaining is frightening or dull and complicated. -- P. J. O'rourke
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Humor is a bit like Mary Poppins' sugar-it helps the medicine go down. A little bit of humor allows people to think about very difficult subjects. -- James Fadiman
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A sense of humor is an escape valve for the pressures of life. -- Richard G. Scott
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The secret to humor is surprise. -- Aristotle.
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Religion supposed Heaven and Hell, the word of God, and sacraments, and twenty other circumstances which, taken seriously, are a wonderful check to wit and humour. -- Jonathan Swift
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Humor is reason gone mad. -- Groucho Marx
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Humor simultaneously wounds and heals, indicts and pardons, diminishes and enlarges; it constitutes inner growth at the expense of outer gain, and those who possess and honestly practice it make themselves more through a willingness to make themselves less. -- Louis Kronenberger
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Humor is an affirmation of dignity, a declaration of man's superiority to all that befalls him. -- Romain Gary
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Humour is the weapon of unarmed people: it helps people who are oppressed to smile at the situation that pains them. -- Simon Wiesenthal
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One does not have humor. It has you. -- Larry Gelbart
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Humor is emotional chaos remembered in tranquility. -- James Thurber
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Humor is something that thrives between man's aspirations and his limitations. There is more logic in humor than in anything else. Because, you see, humor is truth. -- Victor Borge
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Humor wades across a brook, wit jumps over it. -- Austin O'malley
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Humor tells you where the trouble is. -- Louise Bernikow
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Humor is man's greatest blessing. -- Mark Twain
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Humor, warm and all-embracing as the sunshine, bathes its objects in a genial and abiding light. -- Edwin Percy Whipple
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If its not for humor, life would too bland. -- Krishna Saagar
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Humor is an antidote to all ills. -- Patch Adams
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Humor is mankind's greatest blessing. -- Mark Twain
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Humor is a social lubricant that helps us get over some of the bad spots. -- Steve Allen
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Humour is human. Why? Well, because the Philosopher, Aristotle, says so. -- Simon Critchley
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Humor enables us to deal with and overcome many of the most painful and difficult situations in our lives. -- Frederick Lenz
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Humor is such a great gift - why leave it to chance? -- Joel Goodman
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Humor levels the playing field. I understood that early on - that was something I had. -- Robert Mankoff
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Humor is a universal language. -- Joel Goodman
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Humor springs from rage, hay fever, overdue rent and miscellaneous hell. -- Will Cuppy
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The truth is often found in humour. -- Nick Pollack
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Humor is when the joke's on you but hits the other fellow first
before it boomerangs. -- Langston Hughes
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Good humor is one of the preservatives of our peace and tranquility -- Thomas Jefferson
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Humor needs to come in under cover of darkness, in disguise, and surprise people. -- Garrison Keillor
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Humour is not a postscript or an incidental afterthought - rather it is a serious and weighty part of the world's economy. -- Oscar W. Firkins
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Humor is how you change people's opinions, and if you can make someone laugh, they'll listen, even if they hate you. -- John Waters
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We tend to associate humor with lightheartedness, but really, it's a rhetorical mode than can be applied to any subject. It was through researching Chechnya that I came to understand this. -- Anthony Marra
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Humour is essentially a comforter, reconciling us to things as they are in contrast to things as they might be. -- Stephen Leacock
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Humor is, by its nature, more truthful than factual. -- P. J. O'rourke
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Humor is just another defense against the
universe. -- Mel Brooks
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Humor comes from the surprise release of some buried tension. -- Lorrie Moore
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Humor is a univeral language. -- Joel Goodman
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I don't want to sound facetious, but humour is the key to the soul. You know what I mean? -- Martin Lawrence
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Humour is the shortest road from one person to another. -- Georges Wolinski
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Explaining humor is a lot like dissecting a frog, you learn a lot in the process, but in the end you kill it. -- Mark Twain
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I don't know what humor is. -- Will Rogers
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Fortune and humor govern the world. -- Francois De La Rochefoucauld
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What is humor?' one of their professors had posed, and he had answered, 'nondangerous, unexpectedly inappropriate juxtaposition. -- Sena Jeter Naslund
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Humor is also a way of saying something serious. -- T. S. Eliot
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Some people seem quite destitute a sense of humour. -- George Grossmith
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Humor is the ovum of dissent, -- David Mitchell
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Humor is an excellent method of keeping a tight rein on unproductive displays of emotion. -- Elizabeth Peters
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Among animals, one has a sense of humor. Humor saves a few steps, it saves years. -- Marianne Moore
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The essence of humor is sensibility; warm, tender fellow-feeling with all forms of existence. -- Thomas Carlyle
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Humor is anger that was sent to finishing school. -- Richard Peck
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Humor can help you cope with the unbearable so that you can stay on the bright side of things until the bright side actually comes along. -- Allen Klein
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A keen sense of humor helps us to overlook the unbecoming, understand the unconventional, tolerated the unpleasant, overcome the unexpected, and outlast the unbearable. -- Billy Graham
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Humor, in one form or another, is characteristic of every nation; and reflecting the salient points of social and national life, it illuminates those crowded corners which history leaves obscure. -- Agnes Repplier
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Humor is a great way to relieve stress. -- Christina Maslach
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Humor is not a trick, not jokes. Humor is a presence in the world - like grace - and shines on everybody. -- Garrison Keillor
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I know all about human suffering, but I can't imagine a world without humor. It's one of the most important tools we have." I -- Abby Fabiaschi
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Humor is a way for them to deal with the hardships they will soon face -- Anonymous
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Humor, to be comprehensible to anybody, must be built upon a foundation with which he is familiar. If he can't see the foundation the superstructure is to him merely a freak
like the Flatiron building without any visible means of support
something that ought to be arrested. -- Mark Twain
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Humor is a way of holding off how awful life can be, to protect yourself. -- Kurt Vonnegut
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Most people don't understand what humor is. They think it's something lighthearted and cheerful. Like 'good humor.' But it isn't. It's looking into the darkness and spitting at it with a joke. Humor is dark. Humor is that we're all going to die. -- B.g. Harlen
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It is well known that humor, more than anything else in the human make-up, can afford an aloofness and an ability to rise above any situation, even if only for a few seconds. -- Viktor E. Frankl
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The world likes humor, but it treats it patronizingly. It decorates its serious artists with laurel, and its wags with Brussels sprouts. -- E.b. White
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A sense of humor judges one's actions and the actions of others from a wider reference. It pardons shortcomings, it consoles failure. -- Thornton Wilder
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Humor can alter any situation and help us cope at the very instant we are laughing. -- Allen Klein
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Humor comes from self-confidence. -- Rita Mae Brown
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Humor is hope's companion in arms. It is not brash, it is not cheap, it is not heartless. Among other things I think humor is a shield, a weapon, a survival kit. -- Ogden Nash
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Humour is often linked to shared experience. Like, a guy gets up and says, "Have you noticed public restrooms have really inefficient hand-dryers?" Oh my God, yes I have, hahaha, really
good point, they should ... fix that. It's good to know that somebody finally gets me! -- Bo Burnham
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Humor is the pensiveness of wit. -- Robert Aris Willmott
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Humor has a way of bringing people together. It unites people. In fact, I'm rather serious when I suggest that someone should plant a few whoopee cushions in the United Nations. -- Ron Dentinger
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A well-developed sense of humor is the pole that adds balance to your steps as you walk the tightrope of life. -- William Arthur Ward
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Surviving dangerous times require a sense of humor. -- Robert Ferrigno
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Humor is essential to a successful tactician, for the most potent weapons known to mankind are satire and ridicule. -- Saul Alinsky