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Hung herself in the closet."
"Hanged," said Nate.
"Don't be one of those people. -- Peter Clines
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There are degrees of screwed. -- Peter H. Gleick
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The ambulance left. My shoulders became gallows and from them I hanged. -- Daniel Kraus
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Hanging is too good for him said Mr. Cruelty. -- John Bunyan
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I believe in hanging. Just so long as I'm not the one being hanged. -- Truman Capote
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want to hang on to your -- Max Lucado
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We must hang together or we will surely hang separately -- Benjamin Franklin
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of the hanged men were cut down, and the starosta -- Vasiliy Bryukhov
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A hanging, though, was something different. I got to thinking. We hadn't never been to nothing just to have a good time. A hanging was special and we was all getting to go. -- Eddie Whitlock
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If we don't hang together, by Heavens we shall hang separately -- Benjamin
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He died. And waited. -- James Herbert
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I was taken down by a bench. -- Richelle Mead
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If a man dies when you hang him, keep hanging him until he gets used to it. -- Spike Milligan
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As to hanging, it is no great hardship. For were it not for that, every cowardly fellow would turn pirate and so unfit the sea, that men of courage must starve. -- Anne Bonny
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I'm awful sorry to bother. I can come back. I was wondering if maybe there was any special Program prayer for when you want to hang yourself. -- David Foster Wallace
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The weight of wait. -- Cameron Conaway
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I have been hung in effigy by the gay community for a long time, from when I was on President Reagan's first AIDS commission. -- Richard Devos
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A man destined to hang can never drown -- Regina Spektor
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I'm holding myself together with hands callused by strings. -- Emma Trevayne
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The rope longed-for her beloved, the ceiling hook.
The suspended body; a harbinger of good news.
Love was lost.
Love was found. -- Chirag Tulsiani
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Spartacus," I called, "how's it hanging?" Probably not too well. Once you're dead, had your organs removed, and are resurrected as an undead mummified cat, your testicles probably looked like old raisins that had rolled under the couch. Raisins didn't tend to ... hang. -- Rob Thurman
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you're stuck with me. -- Kristen Ashley
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You not trapped girl. Not unless you nailed to the floor. -- Michael Lee West
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We must all hang together or we shall most assuredly all hang separately. -- Benjamin Franklin
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They say that the prospect of being hanged in the morning concentrates a man's mind wonderfully; unfortunately, what the mind inevitably concentrates on is that, in the morning, it will be in a body that is going to be hanged. -- Terry Pratchett
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If you get hung up on everybody else's hang-ups, then the whole world's going to be nothing more than one huge gallows. -- Richard Brautigan
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Hang (hang without fail, so the people see) no fewer than one hundred known kulaks, rich men, bloodsuckers. -- Vladimir Lenin
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He was tired
of being called
a fag and teased
for his sexuality
by one of the guards,
so he tried to hang
himself, twice

The kid got a little
closer the second
time, but I won't be
around to see a
third -- Phil Volatile
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Wedding is destiny, and hanging likewise. -- John Heywood
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There are so many laws that no one is safe from hanging. -- Napoleon Bonaparte
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I am gagged and imprisoned. I can't even speak. I want to kick a football in a park with my son. Ordinary, banal life: my impossible dream. -- Salman Rushdie
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out. May propped the -- Nancy Cavin Pitts
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Such was a prisoner's life. -- Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
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But to be hanged - is that not unendurable? Even so, when a man feels that it is reasonable, he goes off and hangs himself. -- Epictetus
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Let life go hang, as long as these loved ones of ours are happy. -- Fyodor Dostoyevsky
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I heave a painful gasp, trying to catch my breath. My cheeks feel wet, though I don't remember crying. Executed. My blood boils under my skin. It's a lie. He didn't run. He was in the Guard. And they found out. They killed him for it. They murdered him. -- Victoria Aveyard
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Caught between the tongue and the taste. -- Anne Carson
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Trapped in a trap of your own making. -- David Baldacci
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Flabby, bald, lobotomized,
he drifted in a sheepish calm,
where no agonizing reappraisal
jarred his concentration on the electric chair-
hanging like an oasis on his air
of lost connections ... -- Robert Lowell
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The tortured always remain tortured. -- Jean Amery
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I am sorry to see you here, but if you had fought like a man, you needn't be hanged like a dog. -- Anne Bonny
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He was hanging from one of the rafters in a laundry up near Frau Diller's. Another human pendulum. Another clock, stopped. -- Markus Zusak
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willing prisoner -- Edgar Rice Burroughs
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He who holds me by a thread is not strong; the thread is strong. -- Antonio Porchia
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Do you mind?" I looked at him from my upside-down position. The rope tight around my ankle, hands fought a losing battle with gravity over my t-shirt.
"What are you doing here?" He kneeled, hand rested on the crossbow while he dug his mismatched eyes into me.
"Oh, you know... just hanging. -- Isabelle Crusoe
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Im too hung for womens underwear. -- M. Shadows
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You simply cannot hang a millionaire in America. -- William Bourke Cockran
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I'm stuck. I'm stuck in yesterday, and you're tomorrow. -- Rebecca Donovan
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Everything hangs on one's thinking. -- Seneca The Younger
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Umbed by disappointment and betrayal, like a child who had been awakened suddenly from a summer dream about christmas morning. -- Armistead Maupin
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My life was on the line here and my career and everything I worked for, it was hanging by a thread. -- Rafael Palmeiro
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Where you hang your feelings is where you hang your focus. -- Shannon L. Alder
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If you have to hang a man you could have put on a better trail, you aren't entitled to own a rope. -- James Hickey
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All human things Of dearest value hang on slender strings. -- Edmund Waller
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Give him enough rope and he will hang himself. -- Charlotte Bronte
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People are locked up in all sorts of ways. -- Emma Donoghue
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Excuse me if I'm clinging on to life, but my parents wove me from tight thread. -- Jeanne Calment
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Every single line that you write, you hang on every single word, and you hang on every single moment. -- Green Day
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Poor, poor girl. All tied up and nowhere to go. -- R.b. O'brien
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I am in cage. I wish to be free. -- Lailah Gifty Akita
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If I ever saw an amputee getting hanged, I'd probably just start calling out letters. -- Demetri Martin
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A girl that's born for hangin' ain't likely to be drowned. -- L.a. Meyer
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Perfection's stuck. -- Toba Beta
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He put his life on hold as he waited for his life to begin. -- Keith Donohue
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Upon such slender threads as these do the fates of mortals hang -- Voltaire
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And my poor fool is hanged. No, no life. / Why should a dog, a horse, a rat have life, / And thou no breath at all? O, thou wilt come no more. / Never, never, never. Pray you, undo / This button. Thank you, sir. O, O, O, O! -- James Shapiro
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When you knew you were going to hang, the only thing to do was grin at the noose. -- Robert Jordan
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discombobulated around -- Emma Lea
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I've got the hungries for your love and I'm waiting in your welfare line. -- Buck Owens
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Had you fought like a man, you need not have been hang'd like a dog. -- Anne Bonny
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People are often unable to do anything, imprisoned as they are in I don't know what kind of terrible, terrible, oh such terrible cage. -- Vincent Van Gogh
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Every guilty person is his own hangman. -- Lucius Annaeus Seneca
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subsequently sentenced to five minutes on the Wall. -- Amy Zhang
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It is the waiting that cripples. -- Hannah Kent
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You sittin' here chained to your rockin' chair. -- Hoagy Carmichael
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stuck in their belly like Jonah. -- John Green
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Hung on our driving boat, I saw your brother, Most provident in peril, bind himself, - - -- William Shakespeare
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I lived and languished. -- Andrei Platonov
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Hangs in the uncertain balance of proud time. -- Robert Greene
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Anywhere you hang yourself is home. -- Henry Rollins
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I was helplessly captured; and hopelessly enraptured. -- Brownell Landrum
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Fucked Up
Set up
Faced up
Jacked up
Sitting there in chokey
14 years old

No lock on the door
But no way out
No joking
No hoping
No nothing
Pinned Down. -- Shane Macgowan
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Life is a thread that someone entangled. -- Fernando Pessoa
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You might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb. -- Howard E. Koch
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Once again, she was trapped, with no -- Amy Raby
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It is the loose ends with which men hang themselves. -- Zelda Fitzgerald
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And then I go up to my room, climb onto a chair, and contemplate the mechanics of hanging. -- Jennifer Niven
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If we do not hang together, we shall surely hang separately. -- Benjamin Franklin
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Down the hall I could hear the thud of basketballs, the blare of the time-out horn, and the shouts of the crowd as the sports-beasts fought: Lisbon Greyhounds versus Jay Tigers.
Who can know when life hangs in the balance, or why? -- Stephen King
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Death by hanging ... well, in view of the whole situation, I never expected anything different. It's all right. -- Arthur Seyss-Inquart
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Caught between life and death, I clung to life. -- Diogo Mainardi
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He brought them the gold they asked for, but they hung him anyway." "Hanged, Ami. Your father was not a tapestry. -- George R R Martin
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It took me a while to get myself untied. Every time I meet you , I seem to end up hog-tied and unconscious -- L.j.smith
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If you have ever felt hopeless hang on The night you're enduring may seem long but there is joy coming in the morning. Incredible changes are going to take place in your life as you begin to relinquish your past and renew your present. -- Sue Augustine
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You hung around the tattered edges of my soul, that's where you preferred to be ... -- Jaeda Dewalt
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If they want to hang me, let them. And on the scaffold I will shout Freedom for the working class! -- Mother Jones
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Hanging one scoundrel, it appears, does not deter the next. Well, what of it? The first one is at least disposed of. -- H.l. Mencken
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They don't hang dukes, darling. He'd be let off by reason of insanity. Everyone knows the upper classes are batty. -- Rhys Bowen
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Neither dead nor alive, the hostage is suspended by an incalculable outcome. It is not his destiny that awaits for him, nor his own death, but anonymous chance, which can only seem to him something absolutely arbitrary. He is in a state of radical emergency, of virtual extermination. -- Jean Baudrillard
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I have been whipped, as the saying is, but I am sure I can recover all the lost capital occasioned by that disaster; by only hanging a few moments by the neck; and I feel quite determined to make the utmost possible out of a defeat. -- John Brown