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All your life has been a journey to find an identity. -- Larry Kramer
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[A]n important new book ... Professor Akerlof and Rachel Kranton have invented Identity Economics. -- Daniel Finkelstein
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Dreaming and loving and screwing. None of these are identities. Maybe when other people look at us, but not to ourselves. We are so much more complicated than that. -- David Levithan
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on the meanings of the behaviors rather than the behaviors themselves. Chapter 2 reviews the historical roots of identity theory, not only in symbolic interaction, but also, just as crucially, in the cybernetics -- Anonymous
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Human identity is the most fragile thing that we have, and it's often only found in moments of truth. -- Alan Rudolph
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As I was sifting through a heap of old and new "identity cards," I noticed that something was missing: my identity. -- Sigizmund Krzhizhanovsky
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Frankly, I believe that identity is what's inside us. -- Theo Coster
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Identity does not grow out of action until it has taken root in belonging. -- Charles Martin
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Personal Identity depends on Consciousness not on Substance -- John Locke
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If serious reading dwindles to near nothingness, it will probably mean that the thing we're talking about when we use the word "identity" has reached an end. -- Don Delillo
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You create identity, you're not given identity per se. What became more and more interesting to me wasn't the I, it was text because it's text that create identity. That's how I got interested in plagiarism. -- Kathy Acker
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Identity is gradual, cumulative; because there is no need for it to manifest itself, it shows itself intermittently, the way a star hints at the pulse of its being by means of its flickering light. But at what moment in this oscillation is our true self manifested? In the darkness or the twinkle? -- Sergio Chejfec
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To have an identity, you have to believe that other identities equally exist. You need closeness with other people. And how is closeness built? By sharing secrets. -- Jonathan Franzen
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Throughout my life, I have grappled with my own identity, who I am. As a young child, I often felt ambivalent about myself, in fact, confused. -- James Mcgreevey
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The first step that leads to our identity in life is usually not 'I know who I am,' but rather 'I know who I am not.' -- Matthew Mcconaughey
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Oh, for the time when I shall sleep Without identity. -- Emily Bronte
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The word "identification" is derived from the Latin word idem, meaning "same" and facere, which means "to make." So when I identify with something, I "make it the same." The same as what? The same as I. I endow it with a sense of self, and so it becomes part of my "identity. -- Eckhart Tolle
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My newspaper job ... is my identity. -- Roger Ebert
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Identity and self-belief: a courage that swells from within, borne of waters drunk deeply. -- Fennel Hudson
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According to Viktor Frankl, a person finds identity only to the extent that "he commits himself to something beyond himself, to a cause greater than himself."4 The meaning of our lives emerges in the surrender of ourselves to an adventure of becoming who we are not yet. -- Brennan Manning
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Your identity is like your shadow: not always visible and yet always present. -- Fausto Cercignani
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The only pertinent political question in relation to an identity [or its photograph] is not Is it really coherent? but What does it actually achieve? -- Victor Burgin
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Having an identity is one thing. Being born into an identity is quite a different matter. -- Henry Rollins
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I didn't have an identity. It was manufactured. My identity now? It was written on the wall by ancient forces. -- Robert Downey Jr.
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idiosyncrasy than -- Thomas S. Kuhn
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The Israeli philosopher Avishai Margalit has suggested that the important thing is not a person's identity but his or her identifications.

Tablet: A New Read on Jewish Life -- David Kaufmann
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We've all got an identity. You can't avoid it. It's what's left when you take everything else away. -- Diane Arbus
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It is passing strange, what a fluid thing is one's own identity. -- Jacqueline Carey
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You seek identity in the midst of indistinguishab le chaos, in sprawling nameless reality. -- Jack Kerouac
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Where id is, there shall ego be -- Sigmund Freud
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The seed you sow today will not produce crop till tomorrow. For this reason, your identity does not lie in your current results. This is not who you are. your current results are who you were. -- James Arthur Ray
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Where id was, there ego shall be. -- Sigmund Freud
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And identity is funny being yourself is funny as you are never yourself to yourself except as you remember yourself and then of course you do not believe yourself. -- Gertrude Stein
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My hair is my identity. -- Ethan Zohn
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Identity has been such an explosive territory for me ... so hard, so painful at times. -- Jhumpa Lahiri
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Identity is an assemblage of constellations. -- Anna Deavere Smith
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Identity: smack-dab in the middle ... Neither omnipotent nor impotent. Neither God's MVP nor God's mistake. -- Max Lucado
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Our identity is not in our joy, and our identity is not in our suffering. Our identity is in Christ, whether we have joy or are suffering. -- Mark Driscoll
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Our identity includes our natural world, how we move through it, how we interact with it and how it sustains us. -- David Suzuki
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impulses and instincts, id is immutable and everlasting. -- Steven Ray Ozanich
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I'm interested in how identity is transient. How do we know who we really are, when different situations and environments dictate how we behave? I'm interested in the role we all play. We spend our whole lives becoming ourselves when we are born as no one else. -- Marina And The Diamonds
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I came to believe that my true identity goes beyond the outer roles I play. It transcends the ego. I came to understand that there is an Authentic 'I' within - an 'I Am,' or divine spark within the soul. -- Sue Monk Kidd
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I have struggled with identity all my life. It's not like something that just happened last week. -- Caitlyn Jenner
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The loss of illusions and the discovery of identity, though painful at first, can be ultimately exhilarating and strengthening. -- Abraham Maslow
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Identity changes by the second, you turn into someone else every time a new thought rewires your brain. You're already a different person than you were ten minutes ago. -- Peter Watts
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Time is the enemy of identity -- Michael Moorcock
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The identity of an individual is essentially a function of her choices, rather than the discovery of an immutable attribute -- Amartya Sen
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You are more that the identity your mind creates. -- Steven Redhead
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My true identity goes beyond the outer roles I play . . there is an authentic 'I' within . . . a divine spark within the soul. -- Sue Monk Kidd
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We may taste of every turn of chance - now rule as Kings, now serve as Slaves; now love, now hate; now prosper, and now perish. But still, through all, we are the same; for this is the marvel of Identity. -- H. Rider Haggard
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In this world one must have a name; it prevents confusion, even when it does not establish identity. Some, though, are known by numbers, which also seem inadequate distinctions. -- Ambrose Bierce
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Who you are; that is, who you choose to be - your identity, works in your life like an invisible hand. -- Bryant Mcgill
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Sometimes it seems my identity's a matter of opinion -- Shannon Hale
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And I sit here without identity: faceless. My head aches. -- Sylvia Plath
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Each human needs to find his or her timeless and formless essence identity -- Eckhart Tolle
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In all cultures, the family imprints its members with selfhood. Human experience of identity has two elements; a sense of belonging and a sense of being separate. The laboratory in which these ingredients are mixed and dispensed is the family, the matrix of identity. -- Salvador Minuchin
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Identity is invariably false to facts. -- Alfred Korzybski
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In everyone there is some willingness to merge with the anonymous crowd and to flow comfortably along with it down the river of pseudo-life. This is much more than a simple conflict between two identities. It is something far worse: it is a challenge to the very notion of identity itself. -- Vaclav Havel
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When you don't inherit an identity you have to define it on your own. -- Marc Webb
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The search for identity in one's youth is a journey of alternate boredom and agony interrupted by flash of joy. -- Victoria Clayton
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To accept duality is to earn identity. -- Joss Whedon
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I can't give up my own identity. -- Shirley Maclaine
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We have to recognise that the validation of identity comes through relationships we have and what we produce. -- Eva Cox
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Identity in the form of continuity of personality is an extremely important characteristic of the individual. -- Kenneth L. Pike
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But the meaning of identity is now based on hatred, on hatred for those who are not the same. Hatred has to be cultivated as a civic passion. The enemy is the friend of the people. You always want someone to hate in order to feel justified in your own misery. -- Umberto Eco
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We all need a firm sense of identity. -- Christopher Eccleston
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In the social jungle of human existence, there is no feeling of being alive without a sense of identity. -- Erik Erikson
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Identity itself should be not a smug label or a gold medal but a revolution. -- Andrew Solomon
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Without style, there can be no identity. -- John Kinsella
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Self-identity is about content not the container that carry
the identity,contextual value and not a solo island. It is about conception and not just a birth process. -- Ikechukwu Joseph
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Human identity is no longer defined by what one does but rather by what one owns. -- Jimmy Carter
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But in fact there are infinite subtleties to identity-that is to say, there is the way that you are, which is the sum of the way you are becoming and the way you have been, which does not take into account the way you secretly wish to be. -- Hilary Thayer Hamann
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Identity is not found, the way Pharaoh's daughter found Moses in the bulrushes. Identity is built. -- Margaret Halsey
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Self-identity is inextricably bound up with the identity of the surroundings. -- Lars Fr. H. Svendsen
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I suppose identity depends on memory. And if my memory is blotted out, then I wonder if I exist - I mean, if I am the same person. Of course, I don't have to solve that problem. It's up to God, if any. -- Jorge Luis Borges
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If a group of people feels that it has been humiliated and that its honour has been trampled underfoot, it will want to express its identity and this expression of an identity will take different shapes and forms. -- Abdolkarim Soroush
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The I is the soul, which endures. -- Nachman Of Breslov
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Identity was partly heritage, partly upbringing, but mostly the choices you make in life."
Patricia Briggs. -- Demetra Angelis Foustanellas
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identify with everything so easily - with your body, your thoughts, your opinions, your roles - and so you suffer. I have released all identification. -- Jack Kornfield
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Who you are is not what you do. What you do is not who you are. Identity is unchanging. Being comes before doing. Who you are determines what you do. -- Brad Lomenick
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Spiritual identity means we are not what we do or what people say about us. And we are not what we have. We are the beloved daughters and sons of God. -- Henri Nouwen
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Our identity is like that of an onion; with each experience we endure, a layer is peeled away, finally revealing who we really are at the core. -- Afnan Ahmad Mia
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It is easy to see that the ego is that part of the id which has been modified by the direct influence of the external world. -- Sigmund Freud
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We are always in the process of becoming. Self-identity is a fusion of our prior decisions and our current thoughts. -- Kilroy J. Oldster
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Hate gives identity. -- Ta-Nehisi Coates
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Space and time and boundaries between identities fade away, until all that exists for those brief, endless seconds, is you, one melded person, one self. You. One you, from two fragments of I. -- Jasinda Wilder
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I believe that true identity is found ... in creative activity springing from within. It is found, paradoxically, when one loses oneself. Woman can best refind herself in some kind of creative activity of her own. -- Anne Morrow Lindbergh
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Being born into this world involves taking on a conditioned view of identity - for a while at least. We are all conditioned from a very young age to believe that we are separate and incomplete, and that if we could only just get something additional then we will somehow become whole. -- Dhyana Stanley
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The identity of the Filipino today is of a person asking what is his identity. -- Nick Joaquin
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If you can accept the indescribable nature of your true identity, you unveil the mystery of life. -- Akemi G
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Writing about identity can be like maneuvering through a minefield, even when considering contemporary figures who have discussed the subject themselves. -- William J. Mann
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I is what I is, and I'm not changing, -- Paula Deen
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I have both been given and taken so many identities, but at last I am beginning to grow into my one true name.
This was the gift my mother gave to me: Hope. -- Teri Terry
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If you have ever talked about having an "identity crisis" you have psychologist Erik Erikson to thank for inventing the term. Erikson -- Tom Butler-Bowdon
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The real identity is projected only through our deeds, what we leave behind, unchanging and merging with our ultimate reality. -- Gian Kumar
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Here is the major life question: Does our experience create our identity ... or does our identity create our experience? -- Steve Backlund
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What is your trouble? Mistaken identity. -- Wei Wu Wei
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My identity might begin with the fact of my race, but it didn't, couldn't end there.
At least that's what I would choose to believe. -- Barack Obama
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The origin of our identity is love. -- Vanessa Diffenbaugh
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Our identity is fictional, written by parents, relatives, education, society. -- Genesis P-Orridge