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Someone ... tell us what's important, because we no longer know. -- Richard Ford
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The truth is ... everything counts. Everything. Everything we do and everything we say. Everything helps or hurts; everything adds to or takes away from someone else. -- Countee Cullen
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Nothing Is Important, Yet Everything Is Important -- Shon Mehta
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The superfluous, a very necessary thing. -- Voltaire
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The so-called small stuff actually matters very much. -- Jessica Fechtor
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It's important to give back to people. -- Sheila Johnson
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If you don't say anything it can't become important, but if you say it everyone's ever after got to walk round it like a pile of rocks in the living room. -- Philip Hensher
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It is important how people take you. -- Aporva Kala
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Everything that happens to you matters to me. -- Cassandra Clare
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It does not mean much to be important. The most important man at a burial is dead. -- C.j. Langenhoven
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Significance is about who we are before it is about what we do. -- John Ortberg
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Only a few things are really important. -- Marie Dressler
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Very little matters very much and almost nothing matters greatly. -- Iain M. Banks
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The urgent finds you; you have to find the important. Importance is not fast. It is slow. It is not superficial. It is deep. And as a result, it's extremely powerful. When important matters go wrong, they undermine everything. When they go right, they sustain everything. -- Stewart Brand
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I am interested in the size of your intention. It is better to overstate the important than to understate it. -- Robert Henri
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It is important that we remember.
It is vital we do more than just remember. -- Richelle E. Goodrich
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Things don't have to change the world to be important. -- Steve Jobs
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I'm more important to me than any body you can mention. Do you know that? -- Al Lewis
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Nothing is more important than living an important life. -- M.f. Moonzajer
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You have to see your unimportance before you can see your importance and your significance to the world. -- Charlie Haden
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If you think, you are important, you are not. -- Lailah Gifty Akita
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A human action becomes genuinely important when it springs from the soil of a clear-sighted awareness of the temporality and the ephemerally of everything human. It is only this awareness that can breathe any greatness into an action. -- Vaclav Havel
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It is only in our decisions that we are important. -- Jean-Paul Sartre
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Everybody wants to be somebody. Everybody wants to be noticed. Everybody wants to be somebody important. Importance is just treating people good. That's important. -- Mike Tyson
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If something makes you wealthier,
it is of considerable importance.
If something makes you happier,
it is of substantial importance.
If something makes you better,
it is of monumental importance.
If something makes you wiser,
it is of astronomical importance. -- Matshona Dhliwayo
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Only the small things in life are important -- Joseph Roth
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Nothing in life is as important as you think it is, while you are thinking about it -- Daniel Kahneman
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If everything is important, then nothing is. -- Patrick Lencioni
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Firsts were important -- Jenny Han
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The most important thing is the thing most easily forgotten. -- Brian Eno
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If everything is very important, then nothing is important. -- Brian Mulroney
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It is nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice. -- John Templeton
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What matters, always matters, is living. -- Jennifer L. Armentrout
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unimportant--important--' as -- Lewis Carroll
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Everyone of you right now is valuable and essential ... -- Neill F. Marriott
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Don't you dare leave this fuckin' room. I'm important too. I'm your fuckin' husband. Do you hear me? We are important. -- River Savage
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There is nothing as dead and as damned as an important thing. The things that really matter are casual, insignificant little things. -- Patrick Kavanagh
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In a major matter no details are small. -- Jean Francois Paul De Gondi
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Significance is sweet ... -- Ivan Turgenev
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We all matter - maybe less then a lot but always more than none. -- John Green
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What is important is what inspires persistence and determination- in other words what you care about. -- David Maister
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I find prostitutes vastly important. -- Richelle Mead
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Let's be honest, honest it's important. I don't care about you, don't say bullshit and if there isn't any important thing please don't write me. -- Deyth Banger
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What is important is the reliability of my posts being there to greet my fans with a smile or a giggle every morning. That's how we keep on growing. -- George Takei
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Even the most insignificant of our acts, will have some effect on the World around us! That makes every act of ours SIGNIFICANT..... -- Abha Maryada Banerjee
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What is important is seldom urgent and what is urgent is seldom important. -- Dwight D. Eisenhower
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Busy does not equal important. Measured doesn't mean mattered. -- Seth Godin
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Your life is important. Whether you achieve what you want in life matters. Whether you are happy matters. Honor and fight for your highest potential. Self-realizatio n-the realization of the best within you-is the noblest goal of your existence. -- Nathaniel Branden
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It is not important if you lose the game, but it is important, when you lose your trust by other people -- Kamaran Ihsan Salih
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Don't let the urgent get in the way of the important -- Kay Yow
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People R Matter. -- Joseph Mcelroy
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What other people think is important to them. What you think has great importance to you. -- Debasish Mridha
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Doing something unimportant well does not make it important. -- Timothy Ferriss
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Meanwhile everything matters - that concerns you. -- Edith Wharton
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Desire is important. -- Eric Cantona
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The question is just as important as the answer. -- Charlie Rose
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Nothing really matters except a few things that really don't matter very much. -- Ashleigh Brilliant
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The things which are most important don't always scream the loudest. -- Bob Hawke
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Nearly everything you do is of no importance, but it is important that you do it. -- Mahatma Gandhi
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The only thing that mattered to me, was the fact that I mattered to you. -- Timothy Joshua
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Everything important always begins from something trivial. -- Donald Hall
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In life, the only thing of importance is a radical, total, and definitive change. The rest, frankly, is of no importance at all. -- Samael Aun Weor
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Your impact on the world is significant whether or not you are aware of it, and even whether or not you desire it. -- Gary Zukav
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History matters. -- Robin Elizabeth Kobayashi
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I think in this day and age it's very important. -- Lizzy Plapinger
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It is nice to be important but it is more important to be nice -- Fela Durotoye
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Your life matters. You can't live through a day without making an impact on the world. And what's most important is to think about the impact of your actions on the world around you. -- Jane Goodall
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You know something is important when you're willing to let someone else take the credit if that's what it takes to get it done. -- Seth
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Every fool loves to hear that he's important -- George R R Martin
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the catalyst for this fine thinking, you are both essential and irrelevant. You matter profoundly, because you do not matter at all. -- Nancy Kline
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Everything counts! Everything you do helps or hurts, adds up or takes away. -- Brian Tracy
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Measure what is important, don't make important what you can measure -- Robert Mcnamara
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Everybody matters. Everyone just wants to be heard. -- Oprah Winfrey
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Anyone who thinks they're important is usually just a pompous moron who can't deal with his or her own pathetic insignificance and the fact that what they do is meaningless and inconsequential. -- William Thomas
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'The Importance of Being Earnest' is important, but it says nothing about anything. -- Tom Stoppard
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Names are important, you know -- Jonathan Friesen
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Zi, most people in the world have been tricked into believing they're not important. -- Hu Yuan Nabe
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Foreign policy is important. -- Rick Scott
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I don't want to not be important. -- Irving Azoff
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Everything you do matters. Every move you make, every action you take ... matters. Not just to you, or your family, or your business or hometown. Everything you do matters to all of us forever. -- Andy Andrews
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It is important to be nice but its more nice to be Important -- Anatoli
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Being real is what is important. -- Gavin Rossdale
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Whatever you do may seem insignificant to you, but it is most important that you do it. -- Mahatma Gandhi
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Only what is essential must be said. -- Dietrich Bonhoeffer
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It is important to remember yourself. -- Alice Walker
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Anything less than a conscious commitment to the important is an unconscious commitment to the unimportant. -- Stephen R. Covey
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You may never have proof of your importance but you are more important than you think. There are always those who couldn't do without you. The rub is that you don't always know who. -- Robert Fulghum
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I am not an important person, can you guess why? Because I am still alive. -- Anonymous
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Everything in everybody's life is ... significant. And everybody is alert, watching for the meanings. -- Tom Wolfe
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It really matters when the work we are doing doesn't. -- Scott Mautz
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For me, to turn people on to new music, on to things that are going on in the world, is important. -- Nikki Sixx
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Speaking of important things, there are so many battles right now that people are fighting for that it's overwhelming, but I am always in favor of people who crusade for the sake of people's hearts and their well-being. That is what is important. -- Drew Barrymore
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It's nice to be important, but more important to be nice. -- Someone
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Significance is inherent in the human body. -- Julia Kristeva
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not why it's important in general, but why you're doing something important that no one else is going to get done. That's the only thing that can make its importance unique. -- Peter Thiel
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A man is himself important precisely in proportion that all things seem important to him. -- Otto Weininger
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Simple and easy does not mean it is not important -- Thomas Gutierrez
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What's important is friendship and family and love. -- Roselyn Sanchez
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What is important is that one strives to achieve a goal. -- Ronald Reagan
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It's nice to be important, but it's important to always be nice. -- Alyssa Milano