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There is, however, another purpose to which academies contribute. When they consist of a limited number of persons, eminent for their knowledge, it becomes an object of ambition to be admitted on their list.
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In 1995, I founded The Molecular Sciences Institute with a gift from the Philip Morris Company where I hoped that we could create an environment where young people could pursue science in an atmosphere of harmonious purpose and high intellectual challenge.
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The Ilan-Lael Foundation is an arts education foundation celebrating nature and the aesthetic of the built environment for its ability to help us see ourselves and our world in new ways.
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If people institute wrong institutions, wrong institutions do not just produce wrong people, but wrong people who understand and accept mediocrity as an institution
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I thought that I would like to be affiliated with some school or institution. As time went on, I also decided on the subject that I wanted to get involved with in addition to music: it was Black Studies.
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The Segue Institute was the preeminent research organization for all things paranormal and it was housed in a haunted, renovated turn of-the-century hotel. The place was supposedly loaded with what the scientists there called Shadow, capital S, a scary word for magic. Dark magic.
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I think it was the institution ... I was trying to master it.
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There are few earthly things more beautiful than a university a place where those who hate ignorance may strive to know, where those who perceive truth may strive to make others see.
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There is no education but self-education.
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Education must be taken out of the hands of rich illiterates, third rate politicians, and put where it belongs: in the care of scholars. At present the whole University system is rotten to the core, and an appalling waste of time, energy and money ...
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It is what the "I" stands for - Information, Innovation, Insight, Improvement, or Influence, that needs to be represented by CIOs in the Boardroom.
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At no point did I form the conscious intention of founding an ad hoc university in my sitting room. It happened, as it were, by accident.
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The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases is an institute of the National Institutes of Health that is responsible predominantly for basic and clinical research in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of immunologic and infectious diseases.
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I had very high respect for the Pratt Institute, but I thought that I had done my best, and that was not their version of the best.
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S. J. Keyser is a shrewd and insightful observer of academe. His experiences in three universities, Brandeis, UMass, and MIT, enrich his perspectives about the way universities work, and his exploration of the culture of MIT is brilliant.
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I'm not part of any organization that has initials.
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I is a militant social tendency, working to hold and enlarge its place in the general current of tendencies. So far as it can it waxes, as all life does. To think of it as apart from society is a palpable absurdity of which no one could be guilty who really saw it as a fact of life.
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It was a kind of eleemosynary institution,
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The Agat Institute was a God- and state-forsaken outfit inhabited by dead souls and a few disoriented live ones like Yekaterina, who was put to work developing software for the weapons-control system of a nuclear submarine.
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When I became the chair of the British Film Institute, I didn't understand how much of my time would be taken up with trying to make a case for the British Film Institute: what it's for, why it exists, why it needs its money.
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University University of Toronto University of Nebraska
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I believe that in the ideal school we have the reconciliation of the individualistic and the institutional ideals.
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I joined the board of the Santa Fe Institute.
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Education is the Jewel casting brilliance into the future
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The International Institute of Islamic Thought and Civilization (ISTAC) ... to establish a superior library reflecting the religious and intellectual traditions both of the Islamic and Western civilizations.
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Education is a state-controlled manufactory of echoes.
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The library is our house of intellect, our transcendental university, with one exception: no one graduates from a library. No one possibly can, and no one should.
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I went to the University of Life and was chucked out.
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Ineos is a friendly organisation. Very few people leave. It's collegiate. There's not much politics, and we like decent people. We don't like arrogance or bullies.
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Academy. And what a narcotic the drug of positive feedback
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In an information society, education is no mere amenity; it is the prime tool for growing people and profits.
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When I was the NIH director, I often expressed envy of institute directors: they had the money and ran the scientific programmes.
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The future belongs to the educated.
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If history, philosophy and so on vanish from academic life, what they leave in their wake may be a technical training facility or corporate research institute. But it will not be a university in the classical sense of the term, and it would be deceptive to call it one.
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I was later to receive an excellent first two years' graduate education in the same University and then again was able to pursue my studies in the U.S. on a fellowship from the aforementioned fund.
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Davos is my university.
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intelligence" of
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As science, of necessity, becomes more involved with itself, so also, of necessity, it becomes more international. I am impressed to know that of the 670 members of this Academy
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When an individual from underprivileged background gets higher education, he/she uplifts the entire family. 90% of students at Namal college are from underprivileged backgrounds. I look forward for your support in this noble cause
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Learned Institutions ought to be favorite objects with every free people. They throw that light over the public mind which is the best security against crafty and dangerous encroachments on the public liberty.
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Within the confines of the lecture hall, no other virtue exists but plain intellectual integrity.
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The university most worthy of rational admiration is that one in which your lonely thinker can feel himself lonely, most positively furthered, and most richly fed
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I have studied at the school of the world.
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The completion of my undergraduate training at the University of California (Berkeley) provided just the needed touches of rigor at advanced levels in both economics and mathematics.
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I hope that the institution will succeed in maximizing students' potential in the same way. I will give all of my stock to this institution. It will own the Bose Corporation and be funded by the Bose Corporation.
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Education is everywhere, prompting one to think, to consider, to remember.
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Title I dollars are well spent. They are really making a difference in the education of students.
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The education of the intellect is a great business; but an unconsecd intellect is the saddest sight on which the sun looks down.
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I.B.M. was my college education, effectively. They were very good at teaching you management.
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I would found an institution where any person can find instruction in any study
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Failure in school does not mean failure in Iife.
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Each university should have a Young Scholars' Committee. I became the chairman of this Committee, and immediately it was permitted to have this plan officially adopted.
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Service to mankind must ever be the ideal of this great university. It was established in the name of Jesus Christ, who gave his life that all men might live.
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The John F. Kennedy Institute of Politics was originally intended to bring scholars and politicians into closer contact, on the assumption that other office-holders can use academics as profitably as Kennedy did during his political career.
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The main insight learned from interdisciplinary studies is the return to specialization
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An individual excels where the institution fails.
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Drama school, you know, I own an acting school, Actor Prepares.
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Just after graduation in 1966, like many of my contemporaries, I applied for research training at the National Institutes of Health. Perhaps because his wife was a poet, Ira Pastan agreed to take me into his laboratory, despite my lack of scientific credentials.
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Industry and institutes need to build smarter linkages.
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An institution is the lengthened shadow of one man
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University: ... a place where rich men send their sons who have no aptitude for business.
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It is certain that every class is interested in [educational] establishments which give to the human mind its highest improvements, and to every Country its truest and most durable celebrity.
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Fellows of colleges in the universities are in one sense the recipients of alms, because they receive funds which originally were of an eleemosynary character.
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The intellect is a beautiful servant but a terrible master. Intellect is the power tool of our separateness. The intuitive, compassionate heart is the doorway to our unity.
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The problems of financing the universities and their intellectual freedom, threatened by political and bureaucratic interference, are problems which are invariant under the ism transformations: socialism, communism, capitalism, or any other ism or ology.
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Adversity is a good school.
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Redound to the university's professed goal of excellence
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The UNIA teaches our race self-help and self-reliance ... in all those things that contribute to human happiness and well-being.
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Education and Training For Life
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The future of research is interdisciplina ry, and will quickly take us into areas that today we cannot even foresee. This building gives us the space and the flexibility to go where the imagination of our faculty takes us.
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I'm a member of the Academy, but I don't know who all the other Academy members are. It's not like a politician who knows who is in the Iowa caucus.
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We conclude that, simultaneously with the organization of the colleges, there should be at Santa Cruz an organization by disciplines, whose units would have a voice in appointments and promotions, in course of programs, and in the allocation of funds for research.
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For integrity to flourish in society, we have to nurture it - within ourselves, in our children, in our education systems.
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I came to Broadway through Indiana University.
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If the human race has ever invented an institution more effective in the propagation of intellectual and ethical cripples than the nobility, I have yet to stumble across it.
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Let us in education dream of an aristocracy of achievement arising out of a democracy of opportunity
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The school is the manufactory of humanity.
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True education is enlightenment.
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This ( ... ) had made me aware for the first time of the well-disguised myth that they and the academic institutions they represent are bastions of a free exchange of ideas. They are -but only of those ideas that don't 'rock the boat', that refrain from challenging hallowed taboos.
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My AIESEC exchange helped me grow personally and professionally. I have gained confidence while meeting new people and I have become more aware of the different lifestyles and cultures around the world.
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The debate that I'm interested in having is with seriously smart people about how we design institutions in the 21st century that will genuinely address problems of poverty and educational underachievement.
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just graduated from Tufts - Laine
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At the University of Utah we not only educate the mind we transform it.
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The universe is a great university.
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The admission fee was a viper's tongue and a half-concealed stiletto. It was a sort of intellectual slaughterhouse.
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Study institutions may become visible when the head is more emptied of imaginings.
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Klara Sztucinski, and Elliott Kellman. The administrative
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What is the engine that drives economic growth in an ideopolis? The university.
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Called the Academy for Citizens of Tomorrow (ACT) Program, it focuses on giving young people the opportunity to become leaders both in their school and in the broader community.
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I went to study at Oxford University in the 1980s on an imperial scholarship instituted by Cecil Rhodes.
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American universities are organized on the principle of the nuclear rather than the extended family. Graduate students are grimly trained to be technicians rather than connoisseurs. The old German style of universal scholarship has gone.
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Scholarship is to be created not by compulsion, but by awakening a pure interest in knowledge.
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The human heart is my school.
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I suppose that in no educational institution can one become an educated person.
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Inspired intellect must endure all kinds of ghastly education.
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I had teachers in high school to point me in the direction of the University of Indiana School of Music, and after IU, I went on to study at the Academy of Arts in Philadelphia. I graduated in 2006.
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The answer is thoughtful, plural institutions: an unending labor of differentiated creation. This is a matter of imagination, maturity, and survival. We
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Big Picture Learning. Since 1996, with the opening of its flagship public high school, the Met, in Providence, Rhode Island, Big Picture Learning has been creating places that cultivate engagement rather