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Beginner Tips -- Anna Shine
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Before beginning, prepare carefully. -- Marcus Tullius Cicero
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Clear, direct and vibrant instructions will inject energy into the class, and create a feeling of safety for the students. -- Gudjon Bergmann
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The secret of getting
successful work out of your trained men lies in one nutshell - in
the clearness of the instructions they receive. -- Robert Baden-Powell
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If you could see the instructions that I gave Jerry to begin with, I'd be embarrassed. -- Tim Lahaye
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Mix ingredients. Close bottle with a cork and fix cloth rags around the mouth. Soak rag in kerosene immediately before use. Light and enjoy! -- Matt Kindt
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How This Book Works -- Sheila Mackechnie Murtha
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Kids don't come with an instruction manual. So if you're gonna make mistakes, at least make them your own way. -- Steve Schirripa
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If there were a Jessica Chase instruction manual, it would be written backwards in Arabic Pig Latin and twelve thousand pages long with random pages missing. -- Olivia Cunning
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Theater is there to search for questions. It doesn't give you instructions. -- Vaclav Havel
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You have to write down all your everyday steps -- Sunday Adelaja
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What I really need is to get clear out about what I must do, not what I must know, except insofar as knowledge precedes every act. -- Soren Kierkegaard
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The incredible thing about the human mind is that is didn't come with an instruction book. -- Terry Riley
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Confessing I didn't, I scribbled the directions on the notepad I always kept by the phone. I hung up and my feet were already on the floor as adrenaline hit my nerves like espresso. The house was quiet. I grabbed my black medical bag, scuffed and worn from years of use. The -- Patricia Cornwell
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Instruction is important but inspiration kindles the candle for a life time. -- Debasish Mridha
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Just begin and the mind grows heated; continue, and the task will be completed! -- Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
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Recipes are not assembly manuals. Recipes are guides and suggestions for a process that is infinitely nuanced. Recipes are sheet music. -- Michael Ruhlman
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The easiest way to do anything is properly. -- K.j. Parker
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You got to figure out how to eat your snack while your elbows are touching. You got to learn how to twist your little plastic utensil. -- Brian Regan
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Books always help. -- Aung San Suu Kyi
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highly recommend a safety video called, -- Bryan Mcwhorter
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If we had directions, it wouldn't be life. It would be an assignment. Grunt work. -- James Patterson
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Just put on the lens and go. -- Miroslav Tichy
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By reason of weird translation, many such sets of instructions read like poems anyhow. -- Brian Ferneyhough
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When something is written for you or handed to you, sometimes there's a very interesting dance as you discover what it is that's required. -- Mark Sheppard
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Arrange whatever pieces come your way. -- Virginia Woolf
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Do everything by hand, even when using the computer. -- Hayao Miyazaki
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One foot in front of the other. Repeat as often as necessary to finish. -- Haruki Murakami
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Return to the beginning. Enter by form. Clean your dojo. As you have every day, tie on the white belt and empty your cup. Pick up your guitar, tune, then play. -- Philip Toshio Sudo
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Unavoidable circumstances prevent me from giving you ample written instructions. Such however as may be deemed necessary will be prepared and sent to you at the City of Washington in a very few days. -- Anson Jones
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So, here's the short version of my predetermined biblical procedure manual all in one place: Alarmed, I resolve to remember who I am. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. Stay in the flow - my job is obedience; God's job is results. Shift from an attitude to gratitude. My reactions determine my reach. -- Lysa Terkeurst
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You get a checklist, and then you just sort of ride herd on it. It's just a few items on a single sheet of paper. -- Kirk Kerkorian
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Questing is hard. Fortunately, Thomas is here to spoon-feed them answers. We're one step away from him giving them an instruction sheet by Ikea, with cartoonish diagrams and a little goddess-slaying allen wrench. -- Jim C. Hines
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You read yourself full, you pray yourself hot, and then you turn yourself loose. -- Timothy B. Tyson
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Can't you just read the directions?"
"I could if I wasn't fueled by testosterone and stupidity, but where's the fun in that? -- Robert Kirkman
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I need the kind of help that comes with a side order of help. -- Brad Meltzer
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Step-by-step. That's how we'll get through this. One foot in front of the other. -- Jay Asher
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The rules are simple! -- Kazuki Takahashi
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At every level, vital instructions were missing, and the instructions about what to do in the event of discovering that vital instructions were missing, were also missing. -- Douglas Adams
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There are no definite rules (in writing). You learn as you go. -- Winna Efendi
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T h e C o n t e x t Anyone who wishes to master an activity must first understand its tools and rules -- Anonymous
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Start as you mean to go on. -- Tracy Hogg
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Bloody instructions, which, being taught, return to plague the inventor. -- William Shakespeare
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My training was that you fill in the canvas where it needs colour and polishing. You start with the words on the first night and keep adding bits of business. -- Ron Moody
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There is only one guide you need, and it is inside you. -- Indigo Ocean
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First, you have to finish. -- Michael Schumacher
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You have to do it and do it, until you get it right. -- Julia Child
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Directions Combine syrup, fruit and walnuts; let stand overnight. Cut a slit in the crust of each slice of bread -- Eva Miles
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Do I get any kind of training?"
"Do you know how to use a basic calculator?"
I roll my eyes "Yes."
"Consider yourself trained. -- Colleen Hoover
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Instruction begins when you, the teacher, learn from the learner; put yourself in his place so that you may understand ... what he learns and the way he understands it. -- Soren Kierkegaard
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Give me something to assemble, I won't look at the directions, I'll try to figure it out by myself. It's why I love Ikea furniture. -- Dave Grohl
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Where's your instruction manual?" I asked him. "What's the baby
customer-service number? -- Lisa Kleypas
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Once you figure out the question, then the answer is relatively easy. -- Ashlee Vance
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Give what You command and command what You will. -- Saint Augustine
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Dear sir, you simply begin. There is no magic method of beginning. If a man standing on the edge of a swimming-bath and wanting to jump into the cold water should ask you, "How do I begin to jump?" you would merely reply, "Just jump. Take hold of your nerves, and jump. -- Arnold Bennett
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It is like operating a new washing machine or videodisc player, all lights and buttons. You have to know how to operate it before you can understand the instruction booklet (it was written by someone who already knew). -- J.-C. Spender
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Write. Edit. Repeat. -- Miles White
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You just do it, then if you die, you die. -- T. Scott Mcleod
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Try. Make mistake. Fail. Learn. Try better. Make mistake. Fail. Learn. Try better still. Make mistake. Fail. Learn. Repeat until ... Try. Succeed. -- Ken Evoy
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Why do I ask for directions? Because I hate wasting time. -- Harrison Ford
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We don't know what we can achieve because no instruction manual accompanies our birth -- Asoka Nimal Jinadasa
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Just pour the tea, just look into the eye of the flower, just sing the song - one thing at a time and -- Billy Collins
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It is important to be Intuitive at this time and allow the natural course to show you the way to the next step. -- Auliq Ice
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Do it badly; do it slowly; do it fearfully; do it any way you have to, but do it. -- Steve Chandler
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First master the fundamentals. -- Larry Bird
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In life, as in breakfast cereal, it is always best to read the instructions on the box. -- Terry Pratchett
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Step by step and the thing is done. -- Charles Atlas
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You must do right before you feel good. -- John C. Maxwell
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No one ever gave me an instruction manual on how to be an openly gay man. -- Jameson Currier
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Begin and you're halfway there. -- Alfred Armand Montapert
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I did it the stupid way, through trial and error. -- Jake Roberts
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Listen patiently, quietly and reverently to the lessons, one by one, which Mother Nature has to teach, shedding light on that which was before a mystery, so that all who will, may see and know. -- Luther Burbank
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Laying Plans -- Sun Tzu
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Give full attention and devotion to each act. -- Marcus Aurelius
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Just a reminder - a guidebook is no substitute for skill, experience, judgment and lots of tension. -- Charlie Fowler
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Have the gist of the spell. -- J.k. Rowling
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with a whim of iron. -- Simon R. Green
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There is no technique, there is just the way to do it.
Now, are we going to measure or are we going to cook? -- Frances Mayes
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Beginning with the first bite, and for every bite after, that try to chew ten times. -- Aaron Hoopes
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Let me earnestly recommend ... one studio which you may freely enter and receive in liberal measure the most sure and safe instruction ... the Studio of Nature. -- Asher Brown Durand
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Begin, and you are halfway there. -- Alfred Armand Montapert
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Read, learn, apply... -- Irene Riot
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I just arrive, they hand me a script and say, do it. -- Esai Morales
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Babies don't come with instruction booklets. You'd learn the same way we all do
you'd read up on dinosaurs, you'd Google backhoes and skidders. And you don't need a penis to go buy a baseball glove. -- Jodi Picoult
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Imagine teaching a fifteen-year-old how to drive a car with manual transmission. First, you have to press down the clutch. Then you have to whisper a secret into one of the cup holders. -- Joseph Fink
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dig my fingernails into my palms. -- Paula Hawkins
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Do not ask directions from the people around you. Ask directions from the person who called you. -- Bo Sanchez
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The first time you make something, follow the recipe, then figure out how to tailor it to your own tastes. -- Ruth Reichl
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It's easy, there's a trick to it, you do it or you die. -- Neil Gaiman
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Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity. -- George S. Patton Jr.
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Give away everything you know, one bite at a time. -- Jay Baer
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If you want to obtain the secrets of such wonderful techniques, drill yourself, harden yourself, undergo severe training, abandoned body and mind; follow this course for years and you will naturally reach the profoundest levels. To know if water is hot or cold you must taste it yourself. -- Yamaoka Tesshu
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Try & try until you cannot succeed. -- Self
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I just put on what the lady says. I've been married three times, so I've had lots of supervision. -- Upton Sinclair
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I did absolutely nothing. Carefully. -- Jim Butcher
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Instruct humbly.
Instruct happily.
Instruct hopefully.
Instruct honorably. -- Matshona Dhliwayo
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Listen to everything, forget much, correct little. -- Pope John Xxiii
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The instructions of the teacher consist then merely in a hint, a touch-enough to give a start to the child. The rest develops of itself. -- Maria Montessori
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Place. This is how -- Karin Slaughter
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You can read about it all you want, but there is no substitute for just doing it. -- Richard Morris