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The Internet has become an integral part of everyday life precisely because it has been an open-to-all land of opportunity where entrepreneurs, thinkers and innovators are free to try, fail and then try again. -- Ron Wyden
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The Internet is corporations all the way down. -- Ethan Zuckerman
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Eventually the Internet will be accessed by PC, television, and wireless devices. -- Steve Ballmer
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One of the big myths about people growing up is that they are "digital natives;" that just because they've been raised with the Internet - that you're very adept at using the app on your phone - it doesn't mean you have any idea about how the Internet actually works. -- Astra Taylor
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The Internet is just it's great in a lot of ways and it has its disadvantages. But one of the great advantages is the ubiquity - virtually anyone can be discovered and things catch like fire when they're great. -- Pharrell Williams
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The Internet is an evil thing, -- Garon Whited
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The Internet is only the street corner meeting on a big scale -- Tony Benn
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The Internet is great for things, like finding the answers to things you pretended to know or stalking people. -- Shaun Sipos
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I live, I shop almost exclusively on the Internet. I've bought cars on the Internet. I watch television, I do everything on it. I even watch my son online. -- Tom Ford
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The Internet has changed the way we communicate with each other, the way we learn about the world and the way we conduct business. -- Ron Wyden
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The Internet is a great way to get on the net. -- Bob Dole
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The internet has grown so tremendously fast in our society. It is the fastest communications technology in the history of the world. (It) grew from almost a dead stop in 1995 to having 80 million users in the United States alone in five years. Nothing has grown that fast. -- William E. Kennard
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The Internet is a modern infrastructure that plays a key role in the future of the state. -- Thomas De Maiziere
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The Internet opens up a whole new range of possibilities in a wide range of areas. -- Herbie Hancock
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The Internet works because a lot of people cooperate to do things together. -- Jon Postel
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The accessibility and effective immortality of actual information is a magnificent phenomenon, a beautiful extension of human consciousness. It is too bad people find so many ways to abuse the internet, but that's just how things are. -- Marilynne Robinson
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So many people are are using the Internet now to watch movies and TV shows online. -- Luke Pasqualino
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We are all now connected by the Internet, like neurons in a giant brain. -- Stephen Hawking
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Surfing the Internet every day has become a habit for many leaders and officials, including myself. -- Li Yuanchao
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The internet makes everything not enough. -- Alec Sulkin
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The Internet challenges traditional ways of distributing and processing information and so encourages new standards and behavior. -- Ethan Zuckerman
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The Internet is the stained glass picture of the 21st century. -- Diana Butler Bass
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As a research tool, the internet is invaluable. -- Noam Chomsky
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The Internet has made us richer, freer, connected and informed in ways its founders could not have dreamt of. It has also become a vector of attack, espionage, crime and harm. -- George Osborne
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While my cousins were gang-banging, I was trying to learn what the Internet was about. -- Theophilus London
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The Internet is a wonderful thing, but it opens the door to many crimes, so you have to stay ahead of it. -- Frank Abagnale
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The current days of the Internet will soon be over. -- Rupert Murdoch
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The Internet is emblematic of an era in which what happens in Southeast Asia or southern Africa - from democratic advances to deforestation to the fight against aids - can affect Americans. As has been observed about water pollution, we all live downstream now. -- Shashi Tharoor
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The Internet is awesome because it's ... there. -- Steven Page
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Technologically, the Internet works thanks to loose but trusted connections among its many constituent parts, with easy entry and exit for new ISPs or new forms of expanding access. -- Jonathan Zittrain
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Everybody has a different Internet. -- Bruce Sterling
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The Internet has made some phenomenal breakthroughs that are still only poorly understood in terms of changing people's ideas of us and them. If mass media, social isolation in the suburbs, alienating workplaces and long car commutes create a bunker mentality, the Internet does the opposite. -- Alex Steffen
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Web searching and cellphone use both flourish in the wee hours. Before the dawn of the web, I would stay up watching television. But there is something soporific about television: I would often nod off. Not so when I'm online. As technologies expand, these problems may only worsen. -- Sendhil Mullainathan
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The Internet was a wonderful invention. It was a computer network which people used to remind other people that they were awful pieces of shit. -- Jarett Kobek
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The Internet is literally a network of networks. -- Vint Cerf
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I'm not even worried about the Internet; that ain't even my thing. I'm not even an Internet guy. You rarely even see me into that. -- Shy Glizzy
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The Internet really lets people connect that wouldn't have in the past, and lets conversations happen and connections happen. -- Ann Leckie
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The Internet is an amazing development. -- J.g. Ballard
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I don't actually go on the Internet that much. -- Jennifer Coolidge
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The Internet is probably the most important technological advancement of my lifetime. Its strength lies in its open architecture and its ability to allow a framework where all voices can be heard. -- Adam Savage
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The Internet is not so different from a highly interactive videogame with competitors set to be offed. -- Audacia Ray
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The internet is not something you just dump something on. It's not a truck. It's a series of tubes. -- Theodore Stevens
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The Internet offers untold potential for humanity. To make the most of it, we need to think of the Internet as 'ours.' -- Mitchell Baker
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The world is changing, and the Internet is about to become the next broadcast network. -- Mark Burnett
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The Internet is a whole new world opening up. -- Kenneth Edmonds
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Being connected to the Internet means being vulnerable to coordinated actions that can knock down walls of secrecy and shatter mechanisms of control. -- Jamais Cascio
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I must confess that I've never trusted the Web. I've always seen it as a coward's tool. Where does it live? How do you hold it personally responsible? Can you put a distributed network of fiber-optic cable "on notice"? And is it male or female? In other words, can I challenge it to a fight? -- Stephen Colbert
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Internet! Is that thing still around? -- Homer
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No matter how much Bill Gates may claim otherwise, he missed the Internet, like a barreling freight train that he didn't hear or see coming. -- Jim Clark
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A lot of things you want to do as part of daily life can now be done over the Internet. -- Marc Andreessen
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I don't know much about the Internet, I'm afraid. -- James Marsters
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Here's the thing: I fell impossibly in love with the Internet from the minute I saw it in action in the early 1990s. From that moment on, I have studied it, analyzed it, reported on it, and, mostly, have not been without it as a part of my daily life since. -- Kara Swisher
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What the Internet is great at is building networks. -- Evan Williams
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The Web, the great time-killer that had replaced conspicuously passive television with its seductive illusion of productivity. -- Lionel Shriver
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I agree completely with my son James when he says 'Internet is like electricity. The latter lights up everything, while the former lights up knowledge'. -- Kerry Packer
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With the new medium of knowledge - the Internet - knowledge not only takes on properties of that medium but also lives at the level of the network. -- David Weinberger
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The last decade of Internet evolution has been marked by innovation. That innovation has been a consequence of the open and neutral access that the Internet has afforded up until now. -- Vinton Cerf
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Despite all the drawbacks, the Internet provides a wide array of information - and some of it is being watched pretty carefully by the pros. -- Gary Weiss
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The internet is just a world passing notes around a classroom. -- Jon Stewart
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The internet, our greatest tool of emancipation, has been transformed into the most dangerous facilitator of totalitarianism we have ever seen. The internet is a threat to human civilization. -- Julian Assange
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Over the years, online, we've laid down a huge amount of information and data, and we irrigate it with networks and connectivity, and it's been worked and tilled by unpaid workers and governments. -- David Mccandless
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With over 1 billion users and counting worldwide, the Internet has quickly become a critical place for individuals, business communities and governments to share and distribute information. -- Robin Hayes
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The Internet opens up so many doors. It's a phenomenal tool for education but also a way for people to be scary and dangerous. We're living in a world where we can be hacked and exposed. -- Christian Slater
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The Internet," [Judy] Singer said, "is a prosthetic device for people who can't socialize without it." For anyone challenged by language and social rules, a communication system that does not operate in real time is a godsend. -- Andrew Solomon
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The Internet is like a herd of performing elephants with diarrhoea - massive, difficult to re-direct, awe-inspiring, entertaining, and a source of mind-boggling amounts of excrement when you least expect it. -- Gene Spafford
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The Internet is not a place. It's a great void, a black hole, from which you can call up an incredible amount of disorganized information. -- Eleanor Antin
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The Internet is a telephone system that's gotten uppity. -- Clifford Stoll
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I'm interested in how the Internet spreads information. -- Cass Sunstein
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The Internet creates as well as destroys. Social networks, search advertising, and cloud computing are multibillion dollar industries that didn't exist 10 years ago. They are products of the same force that has rendered the Postal Service's core business obsolete. -- John Sununu
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I use the Internet for what it's for: to learn. -- Danny Brown
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The Internet was done so well that most people think of it as a natural resource like the Pacific Ocean, rather than something that was man-made. When was the last time a technology with a scale like that was so error-free? The Web, in comparison, is a joke. The Web was done by amateurs. -- Alan Kay
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The web: yet another total disorientation that becomes status quo without anyone realizing it. -- Richard Powers
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Internet made changed us... people which taught us about the world stuff... they changed us...

We are their experiement. -- Deyth Banger
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If the Internet is worth its salt, it has to help arrest the forces that promote inequality, monopoly, hypercommercialism, corruption, depoliticization and stagnation. -- Robert Waterman Mcchesney
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Back in the time when life was easy, the Internet would have told me what I needed to know. The great thing about the Internet was it didn't care why you were asking. -- Susan Beth Pfeffer
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I hate the Internet. It's full of rubbish. I'm on it all the time, watching terrible, useless things and ossifying my brain. -- Peter Capaldi
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I live in the 17th century. I don't have a computer. I don't look at the internet. I use a cellphone, and that's about my only connection to the modern world. -- Iris Apfel
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The internet explodes when somebody has the creativity to look at a piece of data that's put there for one reason and realise they can connect it with something else. -- Tim Berners-Lee
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If you make the Internet, live on the internet. -- Matt Mullenweg
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It seems there is no area in our culture that is not touched, changed, even swallowed by the Internet. It's both medium and message, mass and personal, social and solitary. -- John Battelle
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The remarkable social impact and economic success of the Internet is in many ways directly attributable to the architectural characteristics that were part of its design. The Internet was designed with no gatekeepers over new content or services. -- Vinton Cerf
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For reasons no one has yet explained, the Internet is at once riveting and a great killer of concentration. -- Joseph Epstein
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The history of the Internet is not, as some people have tried to make it, a libertarian just-so story. It is a messy tale in which the government played a significant role. That role was, however, far more subtle than the plans of industrial policy gurus or techno-boosting politicians. -- Virginia Postrel
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I'm an Internet junkie. -- Marion Jones
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We thought that the Internet was going to connect us all together. As a young geek in rural Maine, I got excited about the Internet because it seemed that I could be connected to the world. What it's looking like increasingly is that the Web is connecting us back to ourselves. -- Eli Pariser
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I don't know why, but I'm continually amazed to think that two and a half billion of us around the world are connected to each other through the Internet and that at any point in time more than 30 percent of the world's population can go online to learn, to create and to share. -- Gary Kovacs
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The power of the Web is obvious and undeniable. We diminish it at our peril. But what if the most potent social effect to spread outward from the Internet turns out to be disinhibition, the breaking down of personal restraints and the endless elevation of oneself? It may be already. -- Daniel Henninger
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The Internet moves very fast. In the old world, we could afford to sit and analyze forever. But in the new world, the first mover has the advantage. -- Raymond Kwok
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I travel abroad constantly on book promotion and research, and the Internet is invaluable to me for accessing U.K. news in places such as America, which most of the time hasn't heard of England. -- Peter James
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The network is the computer. -- Scott Mcnealy
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The Internet allows me to be more free. -- Daryl Hall
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The Internet lives where anyone can access it. -- Vint Cerf
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The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow. -- Bill Gates
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We have already discovered how quickly we become dependent on the Internet and its applications for business, government and research, so it is not surprising that we are finding that we can apply this technology to enable or facilitate our social interactions as well. -- Vint Cerf
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I actually barely ever go on the Internet. -- Evan Goldberg
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The Internet is the most effective instrument we have for globalization. -- Milton Friedman
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We believe that within five years, 96 percent of British consumers will have access to the Internet, whether it be through a personal computer, a set-top box or a mobile phone. -- Richard Branson
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The web can be a fast trip to the library, giving you immediate access to a government report, or it can filter media for you, which is why I look at around 15- 20 of these sites every day. -- Ben Schott
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A final word: I am not knowledgeable about the internet. I do not have a computer. I guess that at 74 years of age, I don't have the patience to learn. -- David Wilkerson
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The Internet is just a chance to do something. Nowhere else can you go, 'I have an idea, I can write this idea, and I can execute this idea.' -- Paul Scheer