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Above all else, deep in my soul, I'm a tough Irishwoman.
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I'm Irish; I grew up in Ireland, and it's impossible to separate my background from who I am as a filmmaker.
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[on the Irish] A race of poets and wordsmiths, my ass.
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[On the Irish:] Strange race ... Don't know what they want, but want it like the devil.
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I grew up with a very strong Irish accent.
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The Irish are the niggers of Europe, lads.
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Irish and Italian are my two favourite people.
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Being Irish is very much a part of who I am. I take it everywhere with me.
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I'm tri-racial: African-American, Native American and Euro - that's the Scotch-Irish part.
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I'm first and foremost an Irishman, by birth, by nature, by soul, but an American citizen through and through as well.
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I'm just a true Irish boy at heart. I'm just myself, I stick by my guns and I treat people the way I think they should be treated, regardless of their status. And I just have a laugh.
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Kerry Gold Irish butter.
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Again and again, I find something eerie in many Irish occasions - the unrelenting whiteness, the emotional tribal attachments, the violent prejudices lurking beneath apparently pleasant social surfaces, the cosy smugness of belonging.
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To be Irish is to know that in the end the world will break your heart.
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Being Irish, I always had this love of words.
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Ya see I'm Irish, but I'm not a leprechaun.
You wanna fight, then step up and we'll get it on!
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I'm Irish. That means I'm Catholic. But, truth is, now I'm a retired Christian.
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Everyone wants to marry and Irish girl, they have the most beautiful babies.
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Irish was a man of parts even if some of them didn't work too well.
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Bullshit, as you Americans say.
He's Irish.
The Irish say bullshit too.
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Lot of Irish in Mexico. The Mexican name, Obregon? It comes from O'Brien.
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It is a most disgraceful shame the way in which Irishmen are brought up. They are ashamed of their language, institutions, and of everything Irish.
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I was raised Irish Catholic, but I don't consider myself Irish Catholic: I consider myself me, an American.
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The Irish are the damnedest race. They put so much emphasis on so many wrong things.
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I've had Irish skin from the time I was a young girl.
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Irish improves a poet.
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Ireland is a little country which raises all the great questions.
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I'm Irish but I design something that is quintessentially English and I love hats.
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The Irish seem to have more fire about them than the Scots.
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My first language is Gaelic.
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I'm half-Irish, half-Dutch, and I was born in Belgium. If I was a dog, I'd be in a hell of a mess!
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I've been told I have an Irish temper, I know I have Scottish thrift, and, like the English, I love a good show.
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I don't hold it against you that you turned out Irish, either. I wasn't there to make Englishmen of you, and so it's Irish you are, by default.
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You really are one mad Irish motherfucker.
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I know Irish-American people. I know what their homes look like. I know what they have for dinner. I know how they turn a phrase.
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The trouble with the Irish question always has been that it was an English question.
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An Irishman I am, begora! With a heart and a spirit on
me not crushed be a hundred years of oppression. I'll be getting me
shillelagh out next, wait'll you see.
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Yelling Irish, you can sound like an angry Leprechaun.
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It is not blood that makes you Irish but a willingness to be part of the Irish Nation.
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The politicians in Ireland speak Gaelic the way the Real Housewives of Orange County speak French.
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What can I say? I'm Irish, I love a good potato.
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We come bulletproof in Ireland. We're reared tough, and we fight.
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I used to be Irish Catholic. Now I'm an American - you know, you grow.
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I am Irish as a person, but I feel Jewish as an actor.
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In the spirit of the Irish people, Osama bin Laden, you can kiss my royal Irish ass!
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We Irish had the right word on the tip of our tongue, but the imperialist got at that. What should trip off it we trip over.
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I'm Irish yet I don't drink as I refuse to be a stereotype and live down to the expectations of others.
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When Irish eyes are smiling, watch your step.
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My background is Scottish.
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I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for my Mum. I know I've got Irish blood because I wake up everyday with a hangove
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I am Michael, and I am part English, Irish, German, and Scottish, sort of a virtual United Nations.
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I grew up in a brick house. What's wrong with bricks? An Englishman took me aside and said, "You have to understand, all the bricklayers in England are Irish, and the English hate the Irish."
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I was brought up Irish, where there was room for my own private world.
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To be Irish is to know the world will break your heart before you are thirty.
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Growing up, I was brought up around Irish music, Irish traditions.
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Irish is the prominent nationality in the family, but beyond that, I really don't know. I see a lot of artistic or creative influence coming through on my mother's side.
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My parents were Belfast Catholics.
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We Irish are born dreamers; sometimes we never wake up at all, and then we're counted failures.
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That's how vile i am! I live Ireland, I breathe Ireland, and Christ how I loathe it, I wish I were a bloody Scot, that's how bloody awful it is being Irish!
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I don't really go around feeling very Irish at all. I don't go to Irish pubs. I've lived so many places, and I'm still so curious about the bigger world. It's grand to be alive in a time when mobility is so accessible.
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Both my parents were Irish, and the Irish word for "suntan" is "burn.
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I'm Irish, I'm from New York, and I definitely have issues.
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Alas! the culture of an Irishman is an enterprise to be undertaken with a sort of moral bog hoe.
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I'm not Irish. Just because I have red hair doesn't mean I'm a lucky charm, you know?
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I'm as Scottish as they come.
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I'm part German and part Irish. In fact, there's even a town in Germany that was named after my family, Limbach or so forth. And I don't know. I might even have some Indian blood in there.
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I must admit, even though I'm the product of two Jewish parents, I think the Irish temper got in there somewhere, so I'm going to check Mom's genealogy.
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Even if I did speak Irish, I'd always be considered an outsider here, wouldn't I? I may learn the password but the language of the tribe will always elude me, won't it? The private core will always be ... hermetic, won't it?
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My dad lives in Sicily, so I'm half Italian and half Irish - it's a fiery combination.
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Everything that we inherit, the rain, the skies, the speech, and anybody who works in the English language in Ireland knows that there's the dead ghost of Gaelic in the language we use and listen to and that those things will reflect our Irish identity.
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My Irish derivation has nothing to do with me. Why should it?
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Cause I'm Irish, and everyone remembers me.
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I think of myself as being Jewish and Irish, despite the fact that I'm English.
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I see myself as part English and part American, with a dash of Irish thrown in, and a pinch of Italian from my mother's ancestry.
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I'm such an odd mix of things. My grandfather was Indian: I've got more family living in India than I do in the U.K. My old man was East London. I was brought up in Yorkshire. My great-grandfather was Irish.
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I love the Irish for their attachment to the faith and for many amiable and noble qualities, but they are deficient in good sense, sound judgement, and manly character.
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Gust of British wind tousles my hair. (Top of the morning! Oh, no, wait, that's Irish.) It's
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What's the use of being Irish if the world doesn't break your heart?
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What's the use of being Irish if you can't be thick?
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Damn it all, MacMurrough, are you telling me you are an unspeakable of the Oscar Wilde sort?'
'If you mean am I Irish, the answer is yes.
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Even when they have nothing, the Irish emit a kind of happiness, a joy.
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For you can't hear Irish tunes without knowing you're Irish, and wanting to pound that fact into the floor.
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My mother is Irish, my father is black and Venezuelan, and me - I'm tan, I guess.
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Irish tory employers hid[e] their sweatshops behind orange flags, and Irish home rule landlords us[e] the green sunburst of Erin to cloak their rack-renting in the festering slums of our Irish towns.
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If there were only three Irishmen in the world you'd find two of them in a corner talking about the other.
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You're in Ireland the summer after you left college and you're drinking at a pub near the castle where every day bus loads of English and American tourists come to kiss the Blarney Stone.
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Do you know that an Irishman always respond to a question with another?"
And the Irish guy replies "Who told you that?
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My kids are Irish; I want them to grow up playing Gaelic football and learning Irish.
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The problem with being Irish ... is having 'Riverdance' on your back. It's a burden at times.
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Somebody once said that the Irish derived the greatest benefit from the English language. They court it like a beautiful woman. They make it bray with donkey laughter, they fling it at the sky like paint pots full of rainbow colors.
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I'm representative of 21st century Irish design, so I promote Irishness all over the world wherever I go.
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You may have noticed there are three things an Irishman always puts his soul in: his religion, his sports, and his politics. If you ever find an Irishman who is wishy-washy on any one of those, you can make up your mind to it he is not the true article at all.
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After the spiritual powers, there is no thing in the world more unconquerable than the spirit of nationality. The spirit of nationality in Ireland will persist even though the mightiest of material powers be its neighbor.
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Irish people give big hellos and very little goodbyes. Unless they're female, and then they spend five hours talking in the doorway to the person that's leaving their house.
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If the Irish programme did not insist on the Irish language I suppose I could call myself a nationalist. As it is, I am content torecognize myself an exile: and, prophetically, a repudiated one.
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I have no prouder boast to say I am Irish and have been privileged to fight for the Irish people and for Ireland. If I have a duty I will perform it to the full with the unshakable belief that we are a noble race and that chains and bounds have no part in us
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Ireland sober is Ireland stiff. Lord help you, Maria, full of grease, the load is with me! Your prayers. I sonht zo! Madammangut!
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There's no sense to being Irish unless you know the world's going to break your heart.
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What captivity has been to the Jews, exile has been to the Irish. For us, the romance of our native land begins only after we have left home; it is really only with other people that we become Irishmen.
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My last name is originally Irish. I'm not exactly sure whereabouts it's from, but I've got family branches that were traced back there.