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_keTili; maSin mesame adgils mivuCenT astronomias; ras ityvi
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Atalanta in Calydon
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Vera incessu patuit dea.
(The goddess indubitable was revealed in her step.)
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Astra is perfect.
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ardor which is tapas; the name Indra
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Chi ti ama ti aspetta(Who loves waits for You).
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Sari Nusseibeh is a man without a country.
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Ver reisa ku'chae. Kem surah, shei'tani. (Your soul calls out. Mine answers, beloved.)
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Malavika Vishwanath. Don't try to say it you'll just piss me off.
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Adharmenaidhate tabat, tato bhadrani pashyati, tatah sapatnan jayati, - samulastu vinashyati.
In unrightousness they prosper, in it they find their good, through it they defeat their enemies, - but they perish at the root.
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You can call me namastunde or surfatunde. Either works.
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Aislin is a - " " - drunken slut.
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someone in Tunis. Halabi
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But Mithgar ... Mithgar is yet wild, tempestuous, unkept, savage, turbulent, exciting. We come here to feel alive.
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Rise, Elias Veturius." Tas smacks my face, and I blink at him in surprise. His eyes are fierce. "You gave me a name," he says. "I want to live to hear it on the lips of others. Rise." I
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Either a peaceful old age awaits me, or death flies round me with black wings.
[Lat., Seu me tranquilla senectus
Exspectat, seu mors atris circumvolat alis.]
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Ubi amo, ibi patria. Where I love. there is my home.
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There is a lovely road that runs from Ixopo into the hills. These hills are grass-covered and rolling, and they are lovely beyond any singing of it ...
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I love you, lirsha
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Sole reigning holds the tyranny of Heav'n.
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I am the Neelkanth!
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Why did you choose that name for me?"
"Why, it is who you are." Angharath's tone indicated that the answer was patently obvious. "There is no other name for you. I see you before me, and your Essence shines with that one. You could not be anything else.
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A ghra. A amhain. My love. My only.
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blatherskate," I
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Ash. It's short for Ashoka."
"A hero's name."
"I'm not a hero."
"Then we will make you one, Ashoka.
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This was the woman Narasimhan had married, as opposed to whatever girl from Madras his family wanted for him. Subhash wondered how his family reacted to her. He wondered if she'd ever been to India. If she had, he wondered whether she'd liked it or hated it. He could not guess from looking at her
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Wait, wait," Gaius cut in, his grin mischievous. "Before we go any further. I must make introductions. Keita, this is Kachka Shestakova of the - "
"Do not," the She-dragon roared, startling the birds from the trees, and the men training nearby, "again bore me with those ridiculously long names!
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Take up the tale," quoth Umslopogaas; "it is a merry one.
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You do not know it but you are the talk of all the town.
[Lat., Fabula (nec sentis) tota jactaris in urba.]
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ISL is a tough place to crack they're the rich and we are the poor you can guarantee that the city is padded with security-" before Kosse could finish Ingra cut in "Yes we are aware of that but the reason we want your help is-
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Erchomai , I am coming
Veni, I have come
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Semmelweis reflex. They
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Ascente cha ores ri ve breazza."
"Turn your ear to the wind," she interpreted. "Stand strong.
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I am extremely proud to have the surname Ambani. I am proud to be a Gujarati, and above all, an extremely proud Indian.
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nunna daul Tsuny in the Cherokee language,
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Ngari-ngari - literally
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An I mo chridhe, I mo ghraidh. - In Iona that is my heart's desire, Iona that is my love.
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Forsan et haec olim meminisse juvabit [perhaps this too will be a pleasure to look back on one day].
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Will you say it?


His grin faded and his grey eyes seemed to flicker.


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Mhe varujta. Trust me as if my soul were yours.
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I am a woman committed to
a politics
of transliteration, the methodology

of a mind
stunned at the suddenly
possible shifts of meaning - for which
like amnesiacs

in a ward on fire, we must
find words
or burn.
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She is written in a foreign tongue.
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Hei! Aa-shanta 'nygh! You are off! Send back earth's gods to their haunts on unknown Kadath, and pray to all space that you may never meet me in my thousand other forms. Farewell, Randolph Carter, and beware; for I am Nyarlathotep, the Crawling Chaos.
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Solitudinem faciunt pacem appellant. They make a wilderness and they call it peace.
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Do one thing for me, Sredni Vashtar.
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His mouth came to hers suddenly, hovering above those thirsting lips as he drilled her with the intensity of his mercury gaze.
"Neliss ... " he murmured, reverting to the elegance of their ancient language. "Neliss ent desita."
Beauty of the ages.
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Farsi Couplet:
Agar firdaus bar roo-e zameen ast,
Hameen ast-o hameen ast-o hameen ast.

English Translation:
If there is a paradise on earth,
It is this, it is this, it is this
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Bhuta ia, dewa ia. (Bali expression meaning Man is a demon, man is a god.)
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Unhappy Persia, that in former age
Hast been the seat of mighty Conquerors,
That in their prowesse and their policies, Have triumph over Africa.
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Alis volat propriss. It's Latin, it means: 'She flies with her own wings'.
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Amritsar is the place where my work and action speaks for itself. Since, I started contesting elections from this holy place, I have
promised myself never to abandon this place. Either, I will contest from Amritsar, or else I won't contest elections
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Hello - what hotel is this - ?
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Samskrit is the unsurpassed zenith in the whole development of languages yet known to us.
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Like so many poor Ilokanos, my grandparents left their village, for it could no longer sustain them. The Ilocos is a narrow coastal plain where, so often, the mountain drops to the sea. Land hunger had always afflicted the Ilokanos and made them migratory.
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I have sworn with my tongue, but my mind is unsworn.
[Lat., Juravi lingua, mentem injuratem gero.]
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Hey," Anaxantis protested. "Oh," he added, when the Muktar prince took his member in his mouth. "Oh ... that's what you meant by servicing." He laughed softly.
"Aw, aw, teeth, teeth, no teeth," he hissed suddenly.
"Sowwy," Timishi, mumbled with his mouth full. "Towd you it wouldn't je jood.
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A Persian's heaven is eas'ly made: 'T is but black eyes and lemonade.
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I want you to know my name.
The name I was given, not the title I took for myself.
Will you have it?


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Erised stra ehru oyt ube cafru oyt on wohsi
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and in those three syllables, Mustafa heard
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No surprise you've got dhampirs with you. What happened to that Moroi boy you had in tow last time? The one with the nice cheekbones?"
"Oh, he's over there," I said, flushing slightly. "I, uh, married him."
Inez's pointed eyebrows rose. "Did you now? Well, good for you.
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Was born into a middle-class Tamil family in the island town of Rameswaram in the erstwhile Madras state.
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Non apibus dubitandem est.
(You never can tell with bees.)
~ Winnie ille Pu
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Mayoimashita. Can you help me find my cat? - Watashi
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Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos!
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Inspirasi tak mengenal kata mati
There is no death for inspiration.
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Post tot naufragia portus, which translates as "After so many shipwrecks, a haven.
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Eid ma clack shaw
Zupoven del ba
Mertepy ven seinur
Cofally ragdah
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A feast of languages
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I will always come for you, a ghra. You are my life, the very air I breathe, and I cannot be without you. Taim I ngra leat. Is tu mo shonuachar. I love you. You're my soul mate.
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from Egypt: "You
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LYSISTRATA May gentle Love and the sweet Cyprian Queen shower seductive charms on our bosoms and all our person. If only we may stir so amorous a feeling among the men that they stand firm as sticks, we shall indeed deserve the name of peace-makers among the Greeks.
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If you spend a thing you can not have it.
[Lat., Non tibi illud apparere si sumas potest.]
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An ait a bhfuil do chroi is ann a thabharfas do chosa thu.(your feet will bring you to where your heart is.)
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Wotan of Walhalla,
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In the space beyond was Hedra Ka. A cracking scab of a planet, choked with storms and veins of lava. A mist of rocks floated in orbit, a reminder of its recent formation. It was a young world, unwelcoming, resentful of its existence. 'That is the angriest looking thing I've ever seen,' Ashby said.
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A nonviolent warrior knows no leaving the battle. He rushes into the mouth of himsa, never even once harbouring an evil thought.
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The man tilted back his head, raised his eyebrows, cast his eyes to heaven, pouted his lips and said, "Tch!"

"That performance," said the chief, "is the Cypriot way of saying 'No'....
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Estene aleera hesaad de viren aneda. And now, you are forever mine.
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The Ainu youth came upon a band of Ainu hunters passing through the area. "What is this area called?" he asked them.
"Do you really think this asshole of a terrain even deserves a name?" they replied.
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I ask you to stand by my side in the next five years. We shall live a good life in a Romania of all Romanians.
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My beautiful Ivey.
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Most gay, conversational, careless, lovely city ... where one drinks golden Tokay until one feels most beautiful, and warm and loved - oh, Budapesth!
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The palace of the Saggese family, once the great landowner of those parts. An archway
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Hezekiah Pendergast," Constance continued, "was the great-great-grandfather of Aloysius - and a first-rate mountebank. He began his career as a snake-oil salesman for traveling medicine shows and, over time, devised his own 'medicine': Hezekiah's Compound Elixir and Glandular Restorative.
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You're saying it wrong! It's LEVIOSA not LEVIOSAAA
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Sidi, I ache inside. I yearn to fly away, to feel free in the light, in the dark. I don't ever want to come back.
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Our first-year list is Sangeeta Bandyopadhyay (translated by Arunava Sinha), Hwang Jung-eun (translated by Jung Yewon), and Khairani Barokka.
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What do you want as your password?"
"How about iloveaura
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In what language does rain fall over tormented cities?
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Sri Lanka is an island that everyone loves at some level inside themselves. A very special island that travellers, from Sinbad to Marco Polo, dreamed about. A place where the contours of the land itself forms a kind of sinewy poetry.
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Amigo! Amigo! (Calling out to the ITALLIAN Prime minister ... )
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It is a golden chapter in the history of India's maritime security. May INS Vikramaditya, imbibe the radiance of the sun and confidence of victory in each one of us.
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You are my country, Desdemona ... My Egypt. My hot, harrowing desert and my cool, verdant Nile, infinitely lovely and unfathomable and sustaining.
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beautiful country with spectacular views. As
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I am not an Englishman, nor are you. Nor can we ever be, regardless of our foxtrots, our straight bats, our Jolly Goods and I Says.
No more the Anglicized Percy, I.
I am now Taimur Hind.
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Hy gododin catann hue Hud a lledrith mal wyddan Gaunce ae bellawn wen cabri Varigal don Fincayra Dravia, dravia Fincayra (Talking trees and walking stones, Giants aare the island's bones. While this land our dance still knows, Varigal crowns Fincayra. Live long, live long Fincayra.
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Welhewan is charming us,' Sasha says in an unsure voice. 'It is trying to soothe us with its lullaby. Do not let yourself . . . Oh, a butterfly. Look how beautiful it is! No, don't look. The forest is making us happy, and we cannot let it.
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Ia! Shub-Niggurath! The Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young!