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My name's Sean, Jem. I'm Sean. -- J.a. Belfield
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What are you afraid of, James? That you could actually start to like me? -- Susann Julieva
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Good heaven! My dear Isabella, what do you mean? Can you
can you really be in love with James? -- Jane Austen
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James, at the beginning of his friendship with Edith Wharton. -- Hanya Yanagihara
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Stuart Davises he -- Amor Towles
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James got some good looks that he just didn't knock down, as did Buckley. James has been pretty consistent, but the reality is when he and Melvin go 2 for 21 and Solomon (Jones) only gets four offensive rebounds, this is going to be the outcome. -- Robert Mccullum
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We should throw the Epistle of James out of this school ... -- Martin Luther
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I can't figure out whether the idea of seeing James or never seeing him again hurts more. I don't want to talk to him until I can decide. We walked the path together, but he almost took me so far down it I would have fallen off the edge. Not even he could have caught me then. -- Kiersten White
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A meaningful future in America. This was something that James apparently had a hard time imagining. -- Beverly Haviland
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The truth is that James, like many other great writers and artists, had chosen his own loyalties and nationality. His true country, his home, was that of the imagination. -- Azar Nafisi
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The world's most effeminate heterosexual, Daniel Johns -- Art Alexakis
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If you were to hold me down and tickle me to pick my favorite 'plus-comic,' it would have to be Kevin James, a broad physical pratfaller capable of deadpan underplay, a technique honed from years of reaction-shot close-ups on TV, where every teeny fraction of a squint registers. -- James Wolcott
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Gay James: Well, why don't you stop playing games and give us a little of your private self?
Straight James: Kind of impossible, don't you think? As soon as I share it, it becomes public. -- James Franco
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Fia, James says, and I love the way he always answers the phone with my name: a statement, not a question. -- Kiersten White
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I'm your big sister. I don't have to see anything to know James is always something bad."
Fia snorts. "You wouldn't think so if you could look at him. -- Kiersten White
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hospital johnny. -- Mary Catherine Gebhard
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James could do all this because he had made a bargain with himself: he wouldn't try to get killed, nor would he try to survive. He could do all this because he felt terribly sorry for the men he rescued. They harbored the saddest and most foolish desire of all. The desire to go on living. -- Ann-Marie Macdonald
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James Salter is a consummate storyteller. His manners are precise and elegant; he has a splendid New York accent; he runs his hands through his gray hair and laughs boyishly. -- Edward Hirsch
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He didn't care if Matt made him cuddly or made him hornier than he'd ever been or even made him a lovesick fool. James was keeping him. Hopefully Matt would want to keep James too. -- Anne Tenino
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James does what anybody would do when they see somebody they'd like to know: he ignores the shit out of her. -- Imogen Binnie
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There were two things going on: 1) I had already established in my own mind where I wanted to go with the next series, and having James around as a Grey Eminence would have complicated matters. He had had an amazing life and it was time to bid him good-bye. -- Raymond E. Feist
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Henry James seems most entirely in his element, doing that is to say what everything favors his doing, when it is a question of recollection. The mellow light which swims over the past, the beauty which suffuses even the commonest little figures of that -- Virginia Woolf
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I love you, James Bell. I love you with all of my heart. You are the missing piece from my life. -- Renae Kaye
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James also revealed he and his teammates smoked marijuana one night after getting access to a hotel room in Akron. -- Lebron James
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She summahs in Lake James, how mahvelous -- Stephanie Clifford
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John. I would ask you what you are doing, but I fear you would actually tell me. -- David Wong
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Partly James was jealous because he was a virgin, but mostly it just felt really weird being in a room with two people who'd spent the night having sex. It reminded him of the feeling you get when you pull a hair off your tongue and realise it's not one of your own. -- Robert Muchamore
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I think James here has either just made a gorgeous friend or a sultry enemy," Zane said, watching the swoop and drape of Tabitha's robes as she turned the corner. "I can't say for sure which I am rooting for. -- G. Norman Lippert
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My name is James Guckert. Well, when you read it, it's always pronounced some other way. -- Jeff Gannon
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James reared up from his bed and threw himself into Uncle Jem's arms. He had heard some people found the Silent Brothers frightening, with their silent speech and their stitched eyes, but to him the sight of a Silent Brother's robe always meant Uncle Jem, always meant steadfast love. -- Cassandra Clare
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Johnny James was sitting on the front porch, sipping from a glass of gasoline in the December heat, when the doom-screamer came. -- Robert Mccammon
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LeBron James has cemented himself as one of the GREAT PLAYERS of ALL TIME. -- Stephen A. Smith
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The name's Bond. James Omar Bond. -- Eoin Colfer
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As fate would have it, Jay's status appears
To be at an all-time high, perfect time to say goodbye
When I come back like Jordan, wearing the 4-5. -- Jay-Z
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your uncle Geoffrey. -- Catherine Coulter
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If there is a life after this one, he said, let me meet you in it, James Carstairs. -- Cassandra Clare
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Magnus did not take such suffering lightly, but even mortals did not die of broken hearts. No matter how cruel Grace had been, he told himself, James would heal. Even though he was a Herondale. -- Cassandra Clare
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to you. James 1:5 -- Dianne Neal Matthews
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My first encounter with James was when I was seventeen. My brother brought home from the public library a science fiction anthology, which included 'The Beast in the Jungle.' It swept me away. I had a strange, somewhat uncanny feeling that it was the story of my life. -- Cynthia Ozick
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She hadn't come for any of that. She came for him. Twenty feet in front of her, leaning back against the waist-high bar, stood the man she'd spent all day tracking down - the infamous Dillon James. The man who would soon have the power to take away everything she held dear. -- J.m. Stewart
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The work of Henry James has always seemed divisible by a simple dynastic arrangement into three reigns: James I, James II, and the Old Pretender. -- Philip Guedalla
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The effect on James of being ignored by the people who stood to benefit the most from his work was to distance himself even further from those people. -- Michael Lewis
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Well, I don't know what to do first. I mean, should I take the piss out of you" - he points at me - "for the TV interview? Or you" - he points at James - "for the fan mail? -- Sarah Mason
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James, the brother of the Lord ... was holy from his mother's womb; and he drank no wine nor strong drink, nor did he eat meat. -- Hegesippus
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I thought LeBron James was just going to be another addition to help me score -- Ricky Davis
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Men are terrified of him. Global organizations haven't been able to kill him. And yet when his cock is in my mouth, he gives me all the power. I could get drunk on that power I have over him. I could get off on that power too. I want my James. -- J.a. Huss
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Kevin James is going to do a couple of specials. One's called It's Getting Muggy In Here. -- Andy Kindler
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Katniss the mockingjay -- Suzanne Collins
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After a song or three or seven, James pull me closer. -- Kiersten White
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Henry James was one of the nicest old ladies I ever met. -- William Faulkner
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James was a good twenty years old and several inches taller - it shouldn't have been a fight at all. But -- S.m. Reine
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HISTORY IS A bath of blood," wrote William James, -- Edward O. Wilson
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Jorinda and Jorindel -- Jacob Grimm
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We fit together better than James with Etta. -- Jasmine Sandozz
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I was lost. I was found. I, James Cavendish, unrepentant dominant, sexual deviant, and prolific slut for more years than I cared to count, was in love. I'd taken her virgin body, but just as surely, she'd taken my virgin heart. -- R.k. Lilley
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James II's second wife, an Italian Catholic princess called Mary (at the time, there was an edict whereby all female royals were to be called Mary to confuse future readers of history books), -- Stephen Clarke
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To his children, Will showed the same love he had always shown to her, fierce and unyielding. And the same protectiveness he had only ever showed to one other person: the person James had been named after. Will's parabatai, Jem. -- Cassandra Clare
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And what do you like to do, little man?" "I like-books," James had said. While standing in the bookshop, with a parcel of books under his arm. The lady had given him a pitying look. "I read-erm-rather a lot," James went on, dreary master of the obvious. King of the obvious. Emperor of the obvious. -- Cassandra Clare
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There was a period ... when I used to say, with as much ferocity as I could muster, 'I hate Henry James, and I wish he was dead.' Influence is perdition. -- Cynthia Ozick
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(James) Anderson has a gift from the gods: he could swing an orange. -- Geoffrey Boycott
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My beloved jay, give me a name now. call out the name you give me, looking into the deepest place in your heart. Everytime you call my name, I'll fly to you and be your wings. -- Ilchi Lee
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You'll stay with me?'
Until the very end,' said James. -- J.k. Rowling
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James Woods is great. I actually did a movie with James Woods in 2000: 'John Q.' -- Kevin Connolly
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I've never managed to get very far with Henry James. -- Sarah Waters
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We love Cyclops and as you know, we love James. It's a great team and we'll continue the team, obviously. -- Avi Arad
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Anybody can call me Jamie, and you have to watch it when you call me James. Then there's going to be a problem. -- James Cromwell
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What is his name? -- Jane Austen
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James wasn't sure when exactly it had started - when he had fallen in love with his best friend. He couldn't remember a time he didn't love him. Even when they were kids, he'd had a pretty bad case of puppy love: -- Alessandra Hazard
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What's his name? -- Anthony Marra
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Junie B. Jones. The B stands for Beatrice. Except, I don't like Beatrice. I just like B and that's all. -- Barbara Park
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Busted. I'm a monster. Jev is my deceptively harmless-and shockingly handsome-alter ego. -- Becca Fitzpatrick
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Javi is the poison I drink so willingly because nothing else has ever tasted so sweet. He is everything. The light and the dark. The solace and the pain. The torment and the peace. And I can't imagine not having him here with me. I can't even consider it. -- A. Zavarelli
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Only then did she pause to read Juniper's card.Professor James Moriarty. She slipped it into her reticule without another thought. The name meant nothing to her, except that he looked more like a James than an Arnold. -- Emma Jane Holloway
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Some of us might not understand why LeBron James is the way he is, but fortunately he found his great craft in life. -- Troy Polamalu
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What's your name?" was my first question. I couldn't keep calling him Squirty though my pants were proof of the moniker's accurateness.
"James Franco."
"Like the actor?" I couldn't help but ask.
His expression eased into a smile. "Yes, but poorer and uglier. -- Jeaniene Frost
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about Jim Jeffreys was that he must be Christian, churchy - he had the patience and optimism of someone who thought Jesus was -- Gillian Flynn
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We're over at Dad's. James just won another hand of poker. I'm starting to worry."
"He's your son, Pidge. Does it surprise you that he's good at cards? -- Jamie Mcguire
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James [Wilson] has a great future ahead of him. Everyone can see he has a great left foot, it's incredible the way he can finish. His touch is good and he is quick as well; he has everything to succeed. -- Juan Mata
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When he bowed his head to hide his grin, she stiffened. "This is most certainly not amusing."
He looked up, the humor still glittering in his eyes, and spoke one word. "James."
"Pardon me?"
"James Lamont. It's my name. You'll need it if you're to curse me properly. -- Tamara Hughes
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Jah is love, or God, whichever way you might accept it. -- Dennis Brown
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James - "Are you paying attention or just trying to make me look like an idoit?"
Elizabeth - "Oh, I'm definately paying attention. If you look like an idiot it has nothing to do with me. -- Julia Quinn
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Since my initials are J. U., people called me Ju. Or Jujube, like the candy. -- Jenna Ushkowitz
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J.R.'s got moves like Jagger! -- Jerry Lawler
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Steven Barnes is uniquely powerful in helping others balance their physica and emotional arenas along a path of unifying purpose. -- Gerald M. Levin
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Court of St. James's, -- Anonymous
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Johnny, he is bounce, effort, and snark. -- E. Lockhart
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What are you?' It was the first time I'd come out and said it.

'I'm Jess,' she said. "Who do you think I am? You're such a silly billy, Uncle Paul. -- Sarah Lotz
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There arose a riot among the Jews and Scribes and Pharisees, saying that the whole people was in danger of looking for Jesus as the Christ. So they assembled, and said to James, 'We beseech you to restrain the people, who are going astray after Jesus as though he were the Christ. -- Robert H. Eisenman
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Baby Feet (Again) Jimmy -- Judy Blume
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I love you, too, James, but that doesn't give you a free pass." "No, it doesn't. Being your Dom does that, Love. I've compromised far more for you than I've ever done for anyone or anything in my life. Controlling you sexually is something I won't be bending on ... -- R.k. Lilley
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James said you called yourself a nameless girl... Oh, nameless girl... When will you learn to trust me?"
I turned my hand over to find the Black Knife mask.
My heart tumbled and twisted. "You?" Tobiah was Black Knife? -- Jodi Meadows
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Who you looking at -- Darren Shan
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That's J, E, double F, J, A, double R, E , double T ... I'm double J, Jeff Jarrett! -- Jeff Jarrett
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It's just me and James walking and walking except he's on my back and his eyes are looking past the people who are looking past us for the coyote of our soul and the wolverine of our heart and the crazy crazy man that touches every Indian who spends too much time alone. -- Sherman Alexie
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J.J. Watt is larger than life and Houston's newest sports hero, in every sense of the word. He is a guy who spends NFL Fridays at high school football games and actively seeks out those in need of his kindness. -- Hannah Storm
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A trio of reputations lie at the heart of Henry James's 'The Portrait of a Lady.' -- Tina Brown
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Anthony Davis is cool. -- Deron Williams
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He was a fugitive, lurking soul, James Leer. He didn't belong anywhere, but things went much better for him in places where nobody belonged. -- Michael Chabon
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James 1:22 is the theme verse of the entire book of James. It says, But be doers of the word and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves. -- David Platt
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I wanted to try and trace the genuine origins of 'Johnny' and how he so successfully staged this takeover of 'Michael Pennington.' 'Johnny' is a contradiction to who I am as a person. I'm not very good at confrontation, I have a tendency to internalise and to carry things around. -- Johnny Vegas