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The Jenny Haniver was repaired. He put his hand flat on the chart table and let the steady throb of Anchorage's engines beat against his palm, and it felt like home. In a cheap hotel behind Wolverinehampton's air-quay Widgery Blinkoe's five wives turned five -- Philip Reeve
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No " Carly wheezed "I'm going to marry Joe -- Amanda Stephan
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My real name - my real name is Jennifer Caban. -- Molly Crabapple
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Kieran's grin didn't waver as he explained, "I'm not a darling type of guy, pumpkin."
"Well, I'm not a pumpkin type of girl, darling," Jenny shot back. -- Kristen Ashley
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Abby. She's a pigeon. A demonic pigeon that fucks with my head so bad I can't think straight. Nothing makes sense anymore, Cam. Every rule I've ever made's getting broken one by one. I'm a pussy. No ... worse. I'm Shep. -- Jamie Mcguire
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More like some small, fierce bird of prey, something with a sharp bite. An owl perhaps, that speaks only when the rest of the world sleeps.
Jenny will do well enough. -- Juliet Marillier
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Rosie Germaine Mole. -- Sue Townsend
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psychologist Timothy -- Malcolm Gladwell
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Jen[nifer Lawrence]'s main goal in life is to get me to laugh while we're filming sad scenes. And it's the HUNGER GAMES. -- Willow Shields
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John, what are you doing? John, my diet soda. What are you doing? -- Cm Punk
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Jen's an impact player, a spoiled brat, a royal pain-in-the-ass, and she rewires me like nothing else. -- Scott Westerfeld
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Jennifer, you have to wake up and ride me -- Quinn Loftis
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Anne Shirley. Anne with an e. -- Lucy Maud Montgomery
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And there's something about having an especially different name that makes it difficult to imagine what you would be like as a Jennifer. -- Sloane Crosley
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Just call me Caitlin, -- Michael Grant
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Too bad we were interrupted by Captain-brainless-bod and his trusty sidekick, Jenny-from-the-cockblock. Talk about bad timing. -- Marta Brown
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Carolyn Heilbrun's -- Gloria Steinem
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Mandy (lentil eating, lesbian, long socks) in PR -- Poppet
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you-know-who." Amy -- Gordon Korman
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Jenny Fields discovered that you got more respect from shocking other people than you got from trying to live your own life with a little privacy. -- John Irving
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Sarah. Sarah. Sarah. I can't get away from myself. -- A.s. King
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As for Jenny, she felt only that women - just like men - should at least be able to make conscious decisions about the course of their lives; if that made her a feminist, she said, then she guessed she was one. -- John Irving
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Amy called the whale punkin. -- Christopher Moore
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She could have had a heart attack!" Jenny insisted. "Oh, please, Ruthie's an unstoppable force of nature, like the Black Plague or Richard Simmons. -- Molly Harper
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Since my initials are J. U., people called me Ju. Or Jujube, like the candy. -- Jenna Ushkowitz
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Another girl? That's awesome Shea. What are you guys going to name her, Sheanana? -- Toni Aleo
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My wife." "By what name is she called, Kincaid?" "Mine. -- Julie Garwood
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Wow, Mrs. Collins is a freaking miracle worker. Dangerous Noah Hutchins on the straight and narrow. If you don't watch out she'll ruin your rep with the girls."
I lowered my voice. "Not that it matters. I only care what one girl thinks about me. -- Katie Mcgarry
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Do you know how hard it is to diet with a name like Cookie?" "That's so weird." I stared off into space, marveling at the similarities of our situation. "It's hard to diet with a name like Charley, too -- Darynda Jones
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That old sick joy, her first and favorite drug. Control. -- Seth Dickinson
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John. I would ask you what you are doing, but I fear you would actually tell me. -- David Wong
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Jenny threw back her head and laughed, laughter that rang out through the leaves if the oak tree above them. Jack pulled her to him, to kiss her and whisper her name again. And the oak tree above them whispered back, of love and sacrifice, of a king and a queen, and a future made anew. -- Ruth Frances Long
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It was always Isabelle. -- Cassandra Clare
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Jen was in turmoil; she was grappling with self-esteem issues and a failed attempt at anorexia. I was in the right place at the right time, and the gods were finally ready to cut me some slack. -- Jonathan Tropper
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I've known Jennifer [Salke] for so long. Before I was a writer, I did garden design, and I designed Jennifer's garden, many years ago. I've known her for a really long time. So the pitch was not really about that. -- Ryan T. Murphy
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Junie B. Jones. The B stands for Beatrice. Except, I don't like Beatrice. I just like B and that's all. -- Barbara Park
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Joe: Oo, Brittany "Aren't I Fabulous?" Hobson?
Addie: She's not that bad.
Joe: Brittany "All the Boys Like Me, I'm so Popular I Could Die" Hobson.
Addie: Joe! -- James Howe
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I, Judy Moody, will get zero-wrong-plus-extra-credit on the spelling test! 110%! Pass it on. -- Anonymous
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You got a nickname, little Dorothy Matthews? 'Cause that's a fuckin' mouthful, right there. Not that I mind a mouthful of pretty girl. -- Madeline Sheehan
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pretty mother of two young children -- Joann Durgin
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Morgan with big organ! -- Vi Keeland
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Janelle, you're my home. -- Elizabeth Norris
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A nickname is not supposed to be your only name. I miss Jennifer a bit. -- Jennifer Lopez
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Jenny: Do you mind going back downstairs?

Damian: Why?

Jenny: Because I don't want any dead bodies in my bathroom.

Damian: ...We don't have to keep it in here.

Jenny: GET OUT! -- Alexander Engel-Hodgkinson
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Who are you calling?" (claire) Pizza hut" (shane) Loser" (claire) -- Rachel Caine
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Susie, the Weight Watchers leader, helped herself to a second helping of the sweet potatoes with the marshmallows on top, -- Fannie Flagg
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It really set my nerves jangling," Jenny Larsen confessed. "Wasn't it strange, the way it kept up, day after day?" Alice Grebe, to whom this question was directed, said nothing, for -- James A. Michener
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Hmm...which one of us has leprosy?."
"Both of us. Jill I'm a newspaperman. -- Robert A. Heinlein
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He would not question Barretto's love, since to know Jenny is to love Jenny; it's a universal truth -- Erich Segal
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Hi, I'm Britney. I'm not wearing any socks...and I have the panties to match...What's your name? -- Rachel Real
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My Jenn. Not Billy's Jenn. Mine. -- Penny Reid
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Elizabeth Spencer. -- Julia Glass
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John-who-wasn't-gonna-get-none -- J.r. Ward
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The passage he had read to Max...brought back thought of a girl and a poem. The words came back to him as if it were yesterday. "Jenny kissed me when we met.... -- Thomas Allen
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My name's Margareta, by the way." "Oh," I said, then thought that I ought to say something more. She looked as if she were expecting a reply, but what could I say? What could I possibly have to say about her name? Her name was Margareta. Okay. Good. Nice name. -- Jonas Karlsson
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Rachel The Huffington Post -- Anonymous
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The hardest thing for me is not to keep laughing. Jennifer particularly is like a clown. -- Victor Garber
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I know it looks vaguely unsanitary and potentially scandalous, Nana, but I promise that Izzy and I are only pursuing noble...pursuits. We've even got a chaperone! Izzy, who was that woman who went into the cave?'
I blanked, not sure how to describe Maya. I settled on, "My...also my Nana. -- Rachel Hawkins
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If he chose, he could help this girl, but what was the point of saving one little whore? It would make no difference to that vast, endless, tragic horde of broken children.
But as Jenny stared at him with great stark eyes, he knew that it would make a difference to her. -- Mary Jo Putney
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She's best friends with my wife. (Julian)
Gracie? You're married to Gracie? That was you? You're Mr. Hot Bottom! (Sunshine) -- Sherrilyn Kenyon
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Girl in school, she was hot as a two-dollar -- John L. Parker Jr.
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Wheat-Thinned Slut Monkey. -- R.s. Grey
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Sweeping her up into her arms, Jenny hugged her tightly. "Everybody -- Judith Mcnaught
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Goddamn it, Joanna!' Claire called. After twelve years her voice was sharper than Jo remembered. 'I know you're standing on the stairs,' she said. 'I can see you. Get down here and help me! -- Tiffany Baker
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Please look at the imperfect human being God gave to love you once, and try to like me a little for what I really was, or, God willing, am. Then please, darling, become an imperfect human being among imperfect human beings again."
"Jenny -- Kurt Vonnegut
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Jenny retained a flimsy essence of the truth. It was a quiet knowing she'd always hold in her heart...'Broken Mirror by Oliver Rixon -- Oliver Rixon
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One day she told the class, 'Nancy Clutter is always in a hurry, but she always has time. And that's one definition of a lady.' -- Truman Capote
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Morelli smiled. "It could have been Jenny Ragucci. That makes much more sense. I had good luck with sluts."
I looked over at him.
All in the past," Morelli said. "I'm a cupcake man now."
Whoa, dude," Mooner said. "That's so, like, cosmic. -- Janet Evanovich
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But that couldn't be... you don't.... That's wrong," she said lamely.

"You mean morally?" Donal looked utterly struck by the notion. "Morally wrong! Well!" He pretended to ponder and then said earnestly, "I should hope so! Honestly, Jenny-girl, moral sex! Where's the point in that? -- Lilia Ford
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I want what Claire has with Jessie. -- Georgia Cates
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AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!' he screamed.
'So that's Sara,' I said.
'She seems nice. -- John Green
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gin daisy, which -- Erik Larson
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She thinks my name is Freddie, you know, but of course it ain't. I
always tell these people some name like that, because if they got onto
your right name they might use it sometime. Understand? -- Stephen Crane
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Joe" I said. "It's Stephanie."
"Does this involve death?"
"Not yet."
"Does this involve sex?"
"Not yet."
"I can't imagine why else you'd be calling me. -- Janet Evanovich
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Tell me, Connie, is your mother still dead? -- Ed Sullivan
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Mr. Laurence. I have got a letter for the lady. -- Louisa May Alcott
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Hey what's your name"
"Candi." She's hesitant, like that beaten dog Jade mentioned. "Candi Woodward."
"I'm Ayla Monroe."
She laughs uneasily. "I know."
"Out, Candi Cane," Jane orders. -- Roxanne St. Claire
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I'm not sure if you've noticed this yet, but Jenny Sullivan likes to overuse people's first names. It's a technique she read about in a book called Own It - Take Life By The Bollocks. She once said my name so many times I disconnected from it entirely. -- Claire Garber
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Damn it! I knew she was a monster! John! Amy! Listen! Guard your buttholes. -- David Wong
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Started the business before Carly -- Nicholas Sparks
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NICOLE CULLEN Long Tom Lookout -- Jennifer Egan
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I actually prefer Abby," she said.
"I'm sorry?"
"Nobody calls me Abigail unless it's my mom and she's mad. -- David Pogue
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I hear you're losing weight again, Mary Jane. Do you ever wonder who you're losing it for? -- Alanis Morissette
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MR. GEORGE MOTHER MARGARET -- Lake Union Publishing
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Salvation Amy from Flat Hill, Kansas. Just a trailer-park girl with a bunch of stupid dreams that would never come true. -- Danielle Paige
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Jen's been hiding the sugary cereals behind the granola, so I forget we have them.
It's not a very nice thing to do.
Jen likes the granola that feels like crackling leaves.
I like cereal with taste as opposed to feelings. -- Erynn Mangum
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StocktontoMalone -- Hot Rod Hundley
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Tell me something important about her. People make fun of her?"
"Some did," she said. "I never liked it, but ... "
"Crap." I looked at Molly and said, "Code Carrie. We're in trouble. -- Jim Butcher
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jumped out of her way. She burst into her office's reception area and found Margaret Daly. 'Margaret, do you know what Jacinta found out about Gobber magazine, by any chance?' Daly was taken aback by Allie's brusqueness. 'No, no, sorry, she didn't say. But she was on the phone about it, I know -- Steven Bannister
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Here's to Mulberry Jane
She made jam when she came
Somebody cut off her feet
Now jelly rolls in the street. -- Lou Reed
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Then, walking across the room, hips swaying, blond hair flowing as if in a shampoo commercial, came Joe's date. Tall. Skinny. Big boobs despite the skinniness, their cantaloupe-like roundness announcing them as store-bought -- Kristan Higgins
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But what I thought, and what I still think, and always will, is that she saw me. Nobody else has ever seen me - me, Jenny Gluckstein - like that. Not my parents, not Julian, not even Meena. Love is one thing - recognition is something else. -- Peter S. Beagle
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What lady do you think prettiest?" Said Sallie.
"Which do you like the best?"
"Jo, of course."
"What silly questions you ask!" and Jo gave a disdainful shrug as the rest laughed at Laurie's matter-of-fact tone -- Louisa May Alcott
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I'd like to add her initial to my monogram... -- Ira Gershwin
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You're not supposed to go anywhere. Jenny said you're grounded for getting suspended."
I snort.
"Damn, Hope," Guy sings. "You got suspended? I think we need to drop the P in your name 'cause you is a hoe. -- Cheryl Mcintyre
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Hadley Grayson is my lightning, my speed, my hearts, my candy.
I've never tried any of my own products and I'm glad I haven't.
It might have reduced my tolerance for happy. -- Amanda Lance
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I was gazing at that full bushel of apples when she made her stunning, preposterous announcement, that I have possibly never recovered from. 'Jim it's over, and the kids and I have decided you should go. -- Gabrielle Hamilton
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I'm sticking with you, Jenny said. 'Want me to kill them?'
'No, thanks. Sweet of you to offer, though. -- J.l. Bryan
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You are such fun, Ms. Morgan. Watching you is like watching a five-year-old. -- Kim Harrison
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Jezebel the nun, who violently knits ... -- Bob Dylan