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Female is female. -- Lailah Gifty Akita
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Jessica Seinfeld made a toast. She turned to the assembled guests. 'And you are all so lucky to be part of Gwyneth's world. Because this is the real deal. And she's invited all of you good people in here. I would never do that.' -- Gwyneth Paltrow
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What's her name? Claire, what's her name? -- Rachel Caine
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Rachel The Huffington Post -- Anonymous
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That girl can barely spell her name. -- Tupac Shakur
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Please don't try to figure out who she is because then you might figure -- Stephen Chbosky
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Tammy Faye said, I am so happy that Jessica Hahn is so ugly, because now I don't feel so bad. -- Jessica Hahn
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She had a pretty name but she knew she wasn't pretty. -- Jonathan Maberry
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Jessica Lange was my biggest crush when I was a kid. -- Oscar Isaac
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Junie B. Jones. The B stands for Beatrice. Except, I don't like Beatrice. I just like B and that's all. -- Barbara Park
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There's this girl in the mirror, i wonder who she is. Sometimes i think i know her and sometimes i wish i did. -- Stephine J. Randall
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Another girl? That's awesome Shea. What are you guys going to name her, Sheanana? -- Toni Aleo
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Up next is Noelle.
'Hey, girl!'
'Don't you dare start calling me that. This is very nice of you to do. -- Ned Vizzini
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Eliza, my pancreas. -- Tiffanie Debartolo
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MRS. REYES FARROW. -- Darynda Jones
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From the time I got the first couple of scripts [of Jessica Jones], I always felt that this was groundbreaking material and a groundbreaking character. -- Krysten Ritter
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Jessica stopped a few feet away so that Ken could get an optimal view of her body posed against the seductive backdrop of the sea, sand, and palm trees. -- Francine Pascal
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Sarah. Sarah. Sarah. I can't get away from myself. -- A.s. King
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Hank Promise's niece. But he'd talk to Mandy -- Lisa Mondello
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Tina Blackstone, -- Kristen Ashley
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I love everything [Jessica Simpson] ever has on! Jessica can definitely come pick me up in her little Mercedes and take me shopping if she wants! -- Miley Cyrus
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It was always Isabelle. -- Cassandra Clare
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Katherine the Midwife -- Darynda Jones
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I find Jessica Jones a much more interesting character to write for than Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman is so noble and heroic, and I don't find that as interesting as one who's really damaged and flawed and has post-traumatic stress disorder. -- Melissa Rosenberg
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I'm just in profound gratitude that we get to go back and work on a show that we love, with amazing actors and great writers, and be a part of the Marvel universe. As with all of the characters in Jessica Jones, Trish has an alias. -- Rachael Taylor
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What happened to her now? -- C.l.stone
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Aunt Hilda,' Violet -- Laurel Remington
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Looking forward to never meeting again,
Jessamin Olea -- Kiersten White
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Jacin. I'm sorry that I'm not sort of pretty anymore. -- Marissa Meyer
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The whorl of her stars. -- Gabrielle Harbowy
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The content that Jessica Nigri puts out, really displays cosplay in the wrong light. -- Yaya Han
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Meg McCaffrey, a girl of few words and much belching. -- Rick Riordan
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Pretending Tina Patterson was Jessica James was like pretending tofu was steak. -- Penny Reid
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I'll make sure you forget every guy but me, Jess Jordan. And that's a promise I mean to keep.
Oh, that voice. -- Anne Eliot
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Megan Luisa Garcia
I WAS HERE -- Gayle Forman
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'Seanan McGuire' is my real name; if I'm being silly and third-person about it, she's a frequently cranky, foul-mouthed Disney Princess on vacation in the real world, where she studies diseases, cuddles reptiles, watches lots of horror movies, and goes to as many corn fields as possible. -- Seanan Mcguire
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Anna, my strong, terrifying Anna. -- Kendare Blake
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Jim Bakker came along. He said, Jessica Hahn, listen. You're a virgin. As God as my witness. He said, We need a girl that we can trust. -- Jessica Hahn
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Jessica put out her hand and braced herself against the door jamb. She experienced one of those rare moments when understanding of the world alters and a previously impossible thing is admitted, if not understood. -- Audrey Niffenegger
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Kate Daniels, deadly swordswoman and rescuer of hungry orphans. Come in. Wash your hands. -- Ilona Andrews
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Fate is what you make it." - Jessica -- David G. Mcdaniel
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Alison Rosen IWHI! From the easter egg chapter. -- Bryan Bishop
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Who you looking at -- Darren Shan
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Uh, I feel like there's a Jessica Jones tip somewhere in here about Hollywood and using looks and fame and skintight costume to your advantage or something, buuuuut I'm just gonna skip it. -- Kelly Thompson
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Wife-Mother-Actress-Author The world will remember. -- Eve Arden
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You're not pretty. Goddamn it, Dani. You're beautiful. -- Karen Marie Moning
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My name's Jennifer Ellison and one day I'm going to be famous! -- Jennifer Ellison
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Angela Wexler, person -- Ellen Raskin
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you-know-who." Amy -- Gordon Korman
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The first season [of Jessica Jones] exceeded my expectations already, so I'm just waiting to see what will happen in the second season. -- Rachael Taylor
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Violet Lynn Parker, you'd better spill or I'll start bellowing 'Happy Birthday' to you in my Bobcat Goldthwait voice. -- Ann Charles
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What is her name? I don't know. I know her eyebrows. -- Salman Rushdie
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The most heartbreakingly beautiful girl I ever hope to see -- Kurt Vonnegut
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Salvation Amy from Flat Hill, Kansas. Just a trailer-park girl with a bunch of stupid dreams that would never come true. -- Danielle Paige
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Jessi is a great person. She really is. She's been a friend to me all through all my bad times, and she's understood what I was doing. She came up with that one saying, which was great. -- Waylon Jennings
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My real name - my real name is Jennifer Caban. -- Molly Crabapple
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Margaret Benton; creative marketing director -- Alice Schroeder
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Beth from accounting
is just sitting in her car
eating spaghetti. -- Ryan Mecum
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Jessica Alba to me is on the top of the food chain. She's gorgeous, she's smart, and she really takes care of herself. I think that she looks great. I think that as Jennifer Aniston gets older, she looks better and better, and I really like that. -- Bob Harper
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Stephanie Plum, psycho bait. -- Janet Evanovich
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Oooh, intrigue?' Sylvie said playfully. 'Want to know a secret? I am someone else. Nobody knows the real me.'
Jess opened the door, sick of being toyed with, wanting to get away. Her voice was flat. 'You're a girl. It's the same for all of us. -- Kirsty Eagar
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Aye, Jessica, I like you. And I'm not just stuck with you. You fit me here, woman. He thumped his chest with his fist. -- Karen Marie Moning
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Jorinda and Jorindel -- Jacob Grimm
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I wish I could be as thin as Jessica Simpson. I think she looks gorgeous! I have had Jessica on my show several times, and I can tell you that girl is genuine and funny with a great self-deprecating sense of humor. -- Rachael Ray
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Diary Amy. She was meant to be likable. Meant for someone like you to like her. She's easy to like. I've never understood why that's considered a compliment - that just anyone could like you. No matter. -- Gillian Flynn
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HONORINE BEATRIX -- Honore De Balzac
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Juliette," I whisper. "My name is Juliette. -- Tahereh Mafi
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You should fear me, Mother. I am the Kwisatz Haderach." Jessica -- Frank Herbert
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Jessica's Daisy Dukes are even shorter than Catherine Bach's, which I honestly didn't think was possible. -- Jay Chandrasekhar
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Cheyenne. Created from the finest Belgian lace over ivory sateen, it fit Anna like -- Maggie Brendan
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I knew it wasn't Jess. I love that girl, but I knew it wasn't Jess. I even told Jess that one day the right girl would come along and you'd know. She'd rock your world. That she would heal you. Fix what they did to us. -- Abbi Glines
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One day Michelle -- Bruce Lansky
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Here is a girl who is pretty in a quiet way. I bet she's had a very sad life. -- Wally Lamb
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Who the hell is that?!
Some call her Satan. Others, Beelzebub. She goes by many names. -- Susan Elizabeth Phillips
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I can't control a nightmare, but in my waking moments her name is the only reminder I will permit myself. -- Tahereh Mafi
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I'd like to think I'm Elizabeth, but deep down I think I'm the one whose name no one can remember. Not Lydia the slut or Mary the nerd or Jane the beauty or Elizabeth the opinionated. I'm the second-youngest. The forgotten one. - Francesca Spinelli -- Melina Marchetta
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I just can't wait to get out of Sweet Valley,' Jessica explained. 'I feel like I've been dancing with the same ten cute guys my whole life. -- Francine Pascal
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Your sister Betsey Trotwood... -- Charles Dickens
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What's she like?"
It was a question to breach a dam wall. -- Jonathan Renshaw
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Identity was everything, but it seemed I never had one. (Jessica) -- Shannon A. Thompson
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Hush, let me talk to the crazy lady. -- Nalini Singh
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Brooke Dumas. I'm Remington. -- Katy Evans
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Hey what's your name"
"Candi." She's hesitant, like that beaten dog Jade mentioned. "Candi Woodward."
"I'm Ayla Monroe."
She laughs uneasily. "I know."
"Out, Candi Cane," Jane orders. -- Roxanne St. Claire
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She on a diet but her pockets eating cheese cake -- Nicki Minaj
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Heck, that woman out there looked like she was getting more from one kiss than Jessica had ever gotten from the whole insert-dick-move-around shebang. -- Cherise Sinclair
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Do you like her? -- Linda Howard
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She's pretty in a familiar kind of way that I forget to notice, until someone else notices and I'm reminded. -- Vikki Wakefield
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Rosabelle - answer - tell - pray, answer - look - tell - answer, answer - tell. -- Harry Houdini
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Her joke of a name aside, her general unprettiness aside, she was, in terms of permanently memorable, immoderately perceptive, small-area faces, a stunning and final girl. -- J.d. Salinger
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You are my mere jaan, my life, Kelsey Hayes. -- Colleen Houck
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Whose Daddy's Little Girl Now? -- Lauren Bradshaw
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Melissa Pritchard is a treasure. -- Bradford Morrow
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I make Jessica Simpson look like a rock scientist. -- Tara Reid
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Jessica Rabbit! People wouldn't call her the most beautiful person in Hollywood, but I find her quirkiness and talent very attractive. -- Tom Weston-Jones
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Jessica: "You great drunken jackass!"
Dain: "I did not give you leave to use my Christian name. -- Loretta Chase
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I wonder who you'll marry now, Esther. -- Sylvia Plath
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Lucky Justin Timberlake has Jessica Biel. I think she would just be the coolest girl to hang out with. -- Kellan Lutz
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Jessica Cameron had to propose marriage in a couple of hours, and she was a little nervous about it. Trying -- Noelle Adams
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Goodbye, pretty girl. -- Jay Mclean