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He said, 'Is there a child?' 'I have told you that there is,' said Jokaste. 'I wasn't talking to you,' said Damen. The attending women seated around Jokaste were of varying ages, from the eldest of perhaps sixty to the youngest, Jokaste's age, around twenty-four. -- C.s. Pacat
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Hush, let me talk to the crazy lady. -- Nalini Singh
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Melissa officinalis -- Ann Bellows
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Jane Jameson."
He grinned. "Like the porn star."
I gaped at him. "What? No, Jane Jameson."
"Oh, not as fun," he said, making disappointed clucking noises. -- Molly Harper
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Jonkonnu if you want to. That was a custom that got started -- Sue Monk Kidd
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Gervasio Lonquimay -- Isabel Allende
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We're great, Jo and me. We're pals, and I guess sex has a lot to do with it. She's also brilliant at clearing a room. So protective, so devoted. I can't believe how much she loves me. -- Ron Wood
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Kiril. His name was but a whisper upon the wind, a sigh upon her lips.
Her gaze silently begged him while her hands continued their magic upon his aching cock. As if he could deny her
or himself
the pleasure that awaited. -- Donna Grant
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Jacquelyn, Luna, Mate. You have many names. Each of them holds a special meaning, but the only thing I want to call you is mine.
Loftis, Quinn (2011-11-18). Blood Rites: Book 2 Grey Wolves Series (The Grey Wolves Series) (p. 233). Kindle Edition. -- Quinn Loftis
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Jodi in tactical gear was something to behold. Pert, a lot shorter than I am, blond hair tucked under a helmet, cinched into body armor never intended to mold to the body of a curvy woman. Ugly but efficient attire. Someone needs to talk to armor designers about female body shapes and style. -- Faith Hunter
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Verranica, I will never leave you. -- Carey Corp
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Jeremias, my soul mate, I will forever love you. -- Lailah Gifty Akita
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Her name's Brienne. -- George R R Martin
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Ernest Hemingway called Jospehine the "most sensational woman anyone ever saw." I think all women deserve to be this sensational looking! -- Mia Moretti
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'Jolene' has been very popular all of these years, even overseas. -- Dolly Parton
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Yorda...that's your name? -- Miyuki Miyabe
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Anna, my strong, terrifying Anna. -- Kendare Blake
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Skye." "Lima-Oscar-Victor-Echo -- Jeanne Birdsall
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Members of the Pravus Rule and the Vertas League are both welcome to bid on this capture, a female who will have tactical value against a common enemy. -- Kresley Cole
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She was one of those golden mulatas that French-speaking Caribbeans call chabines, that my boys call chicas de oro; she had snarled, apocalyptic hair, copper eyes, and was one whiteskinned relative away from jaba. -- Junot Diaz
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I see that you've
had the non-pleasure of meeting my sister.Jordo, this is
Rylann Pierce.
Jordan raised an eyebrow pointedly at Kyle.
He glared.
An entire dialogue seemed to pass between them -- Julie James
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Vera incessu patuit dea.
(The goddess indubitable was revealed in her step.) -- Virgil
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Artemis Entreri: Do not underestimate Jarlaxle. Many have; they all are dead. -- R.a. Salvatore
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I always knew you were unworthy of my Johnny. You couldn't even provide him with an heir!" Before Cassandra could reply, a shadow fell over them both. "You should leave now, madam, before I throw you out," Rafael Villar told her in a low voice. -- Brooklyn Ann
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Annia of the red braid and the ferocious scowl and the long, long limbs. Annia Galeria Faustina ...
"Mine," I whispered, "Mine -- Kate Quinn
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Jacinda nearly manifested at school today, Tamra tattles in that singsong voice of whiny kids everywhere. It reminds me of when I would take her dolls and give them haircuts. -- Sophie Jordan
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What do you want, Alvaro?
- Kristine
Ikaw. Marry me.
- Alvaro -- Martha Cecilia
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Jasper to her. I was obliged -- Henry James
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Petra Hermans
If you loose my Energy, you'll loose, it All.
October 31, 2016 -- Petra Hermans
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Mandy (lentil eating, lesbian, long socks) in PR -- Poppet
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Jessica, who loves stories, -- J.k. Rowling
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I have always felt that Judit was a relatively slow starter, though she is extremely motivated, diligent, hard-working, and disciplined towards her goals in chess and in life. -- Susan Polgar
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Why did you call me that?"
"Cinda? Because no one else does. -- Lisa Kleypas
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Megan Luisa Garcia
I WAS HERE -- Gayle Forman
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All things are in the hand of heaven, and Folly, eldest of Jove's daughters, shuts men's eyes to their destruction. She walks delicately, not on the solid earth, but hovers over the heads of men to make them stumble or to ensnare them. -- Homer
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Lysandra Barbas, please meet Princess Cleiona Bellos. -- Morgan Rhodes
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Varvara was a girl of some twenty-three summers, of middle height, thin, but possessing a face which, without being actually beautiful, had the rare quality of charm, and might fascinate even to the extent of passionate regard. -- Fyodor Dostoyevsky
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Her name is Portia -- William Shakespeare
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I always beat Jankovic so who do you think I want to play? -- Marion Bartoli
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She is an attractive, robust, fleshy, large-headed woman several years younger than Laura (it seems that every one, suddenly, is at least slightly younger than she). -- Michael Cunningham
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She was a voice with a body as afterthought, a wry smile that sailed through heavy traffic. Give her a history and she'd disappear.
Eric Packer about Vija Kinski -- Don Delillo
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Janelle, you're my home. -- Elizabeth Norris
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It's Sanjit. It's a Hindu name. It means 'invincible.'"
"That's great," Lana said.
"Invincible. I can't be vinced."
"That's not even a word," Lana said.
"Go ahead: try to vince me," Sanjit said. -- Michael Grant
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All things I do are in every woman. Every woman is Medea. Every woman is Jocasta. There comes a time when a woman is a mother to her husband. Clytemnestra is every woman when she kills. -- Martha Graham
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Neither does she have a name
none that I could find even in my most persistent researches: Julian's gentle lady, I mean; she whom I sought and chased and wooed (as it were) down a warren of historical tunnels. -- Walter Wangerin Jr.
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I can't rave enough about Eloisa James. I'm simply in awe of her talent. -- Julia Quinn
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[After the Captain of the guards went into the wagon, where Laurent dressed as Jokaste was wearing a short blue dress]
'The stories of Lady Jokaste's beauty are not exaggerated,' said the Captain, man-to-man, as they wound their way across the countryside. -- C.s. Pacat
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When the game ended, Mike laid down his control paddle. "So you've met the Nordic goddess, right?"
Aria glanced up at him warily. "Excuse me?"
Mike rolled his eyes. "Duh. Klaudia, which I'm pretty sure is Scandinavian for sex vixen. -- Sara Shepard
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You love her. The half-breed daughter of the Summer lord. -- Julie Kagawa
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My hearts desired divine twins,
My guardian angels,
Jeremias-Jean Joachim Akita
Lia-Lachelle Lisette Akita -- Lailah Gifty Akita
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!Cabron!" [Mariposa] stomped her foot. "Hijo de puta."
Hard to believe that she was two centuries old and not the young girl she looked and acted. Like Peter Pan, she'd never grown up. -- Patricia Briggs
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Cassia Reyes, the Society is pleased to present you with your Match. -- Ally Condie
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I'm going to kill you, Aja! I'm going to kill you in your face! -- Pierce Brown
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Watching Jodie on this is incredible; it's the perfect role for her. It's so intense and so emotional. She just jumped right into it and is so professional. -- Erika Christensen
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I don't think as big and as creative as Joss. -- Julie Benz
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heights th' immortal Gods, Jove -- Homer
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Gisela. She was beautiful and easy to talk to. And unlike Rainhilda, she didn't prattle on and on about things Valten didn't care or know anything about. She talked about horses-a subject he was quite comfortable with. And he always thought a love of horses was sign of gentleness and good character. -- Melanie Dickerson
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Then I read Little Women, and of course, like a lot of really young girls, I was very taken with Jo - Jo being the writer and the misfit. -- Patti Smith
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I'd fight for you, Julia. I'd get you everything you wanted. I'd give you everything you wanted. -- Lauren Blakely
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Estene aleera hesaad de viren aneda. And now, you are forever mine. -- Ilona Andrews
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Jacinda, will you listen to me?"
"Not if your words have anything to do with 'this isn't right' or 'Jacinda, this can't happen between us. -- Dominique Eastwick
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I'm uncontrollably in love with Vivian. In such a short amount of time she's infiltrated my thoughts, cast a spell over my body, and wormed her way into the deepest part of my heart. A day without her would feel like a lifetime without breath, an eternity without light. -- Jewel E. Ann
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My heart beats her name -- Michelle Hodkin
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Jodi Arias had a deadly obsession with Travis Alexander. -- Jane Velez-Mitchell
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Where's Vanessa? -- Julie Ann Walker
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Hera the cow queen, -- Rick Riordan
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Corina Bartra is a very intriguing singer. On Son Zumbon ... the music utilizes tricky rhythms, the leader's haunting voice, and plenty of short solos. There is no lack on intensity in this program. -- Scott Yanow
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God, Jory, don't you know, after all this time? Can't you tell? -- Mary Calmes
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She rages through my blood, is etched in my alma, and fused to my corazon. quote Ricardo Emmanuel De La Cruz.
Hot & Enchanting, De La Cruz Saga -- P.t. Macias
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and made herself a cup of coffee - but Jo was -- Nicholas Sparks
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Helen, who was wild to be doing, and who had no patience for the limitation of words, or of thoughts, or even of the body, though she trusted the body most. -- Walter Van Tilburg Clark
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Sestrilla, hafelina
Jue amourasestrilla
Awou jue selaviena
En patre jue
Beloved one, little cat
I love you for all time
In this time
And all others -- Christine Feehan
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What's her name? Claire, what's her name? -- Rachel Caine
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JAQUES: Rosalind is your love's name?
ORLANDO: Yes, just.
JAQUES: I do not like her name.
ORLANDO: There was no thought of pleasing you when she was christened. -- William Shakespeare
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Looking forward to never meeting again,
Jessamin Olea -- Kiersten White
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Can I ask you something?" Jo
"Maybe" Thorn
"What's between you and Karma?" Jo
"Right about now ... three miles." Thorn -- Sherrilyn Kenyon
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Vandiya Devan: "You dare to ask 'me' who I am? I am Vallavareyan, Vandiya Devan of the Vanar Clan in Thiruvallam . Once upon a time, soldiers like you, proudly carved the names of my ancestors on their chests. -- Sumeetha Manikandan
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Jo left me a few months ago for 10 days. I get this note: I'll come back when the real Ronnie comes back. -- Ron Wood
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Hortense. We broke -- Heather Webb
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Jo turns towards me. Her voice is calm but now I see her eyes blaze in a holy hazel fire. She doesn't want to die, but she will, for what she believes in. I need new friends. -- Eliza Crewe
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jessamine. Flowering -- Kathy Reichs
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She has the same features as every other Syrena. Smooth olive skin, dark black hair, violet eyes. But hers are all arranged in just the right way to make her stunning. -- Anna Banks
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Sweet Jovah singing, he had slept beside her all night, and kept her warm with his wings; and perhaps he did not hate her after all. -- Sharon Shinn
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Do you hate her?"
"Almost as much as I lover her." - Dany & Ser Jorah -- George R R Martin
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Sofia the kind of woman no matter what she have in her hand she make it look like a weapon. -- Alice Walker
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tht's why u mst never forget ma sister jodie -- Jacqueline Wilson
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panta rei ("All things are in flux"), -- Epicurus
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Florence Nightendick -- V. Theia
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What lady do you think prettiest?" Said Sallie.
"Which do you like the best?"
"Jo, of course."
"What silly questions you ask!" and Jo gave a disdainful shrug as the rest laughed at Laurie's matter-of-fact tone -- Louisa May Alcott
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Is Buffy the Vampire Slayer her personal savior?
Because that would bum you out?
The slaying part would, yeah. Not the Joss part. We all love Joss. -- Chloe Neill
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Stardust," Jyn said. "It's that one."
"How do you know that?" Curiosity and urgency mixed in his voice, as if he wanted to say: Be sure.
Jyn was sure. "I know because it's me. -- Alexander Freed
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Your word is more than : Only One Word.
Petra Cecilia Maria Hermans -- Petra Hermans
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Marina, as of the sea. You stick with Hector Ricardo. I'll take care of you;its in my name -- Pittacus Lore
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Madeline Reynolds -- Natasha Lowe
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Me Tarz-tosterone; You Estro-Jane -- Tony Cleaver
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On her son Rene: Oh my God, when he's 20 years old what's going to happen to me? I'm gonna marry him. -- Celine Dion
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Anna anna bo banna, banana fanna fo fanna, me my mo manna ... Anna."
"Chuck! Do Chuck! -- Jodi Picoult
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Is Loor a man's name or a woman's name?" Aja, TRB.
It is the name of a female warrior." Loor, TRB.
What did she do that was so heroic?" Aja, TRB
She killed her enemies and ate them." Loor, TRB. -- D.j. Machale
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El Vibora - The Viper. A sexy, badass motherfucker. Part-time underground fighter and full-time thug. The primary concern when fighting El Vibora isn't winning ... it's not dying. -- Kele Moon
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She was faintly terrifying. She wanted it all. She wanted them all. She wanted experiences. In Tin's already jaded view, experiences were what you got when you couldn't get what you wanted, but Jorrie had always been more optimistic than him. -- Margaret Atwood