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I saw a guy juggling chain saws, it was cool, unless something needed to be sawed down, then it's annoying. -- Mitch Hedberg
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Most of us have trouble juggling. The woman who says she doesn't is someone whom I admire but have never met. -- Barbara Walters
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I tend to take on a lot of things. And then they all just seem to happen at once. Or maybe I'm not good at saying 'No'. But the juggling's fun. -- Joel Edgerton
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The fact of the matter is, when I'm on tour, I'm juggling so hard to keep all the balls in the air that I don't often get to really enjoy what I'm out there doing. -- Amy Grant
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How do you juggle it all' people constantly ask me, with an accusatory look in their eyes. 'You're fucking it all up, aren't you' their eyes say. -- Tina Fey
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Most stuff you can do standing on your head. -- Tom Wilkinson
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I look at it somewhat as a way - when you learn juggling, what you learn is how to feel with your eyes and see with your hands because you're not looking at your hands, you're looking at where the balls are, or you're looking at the audience. -- Michael Moschen
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What on earth can you do on this earth but catch at whatever comes near you, with both your fingers, until your fingers are broken? -- Tennessee Williams
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Some people are born to lift heavy weights,
some are born to juggle golden balls. -- Max Beerbohm
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When I hear people talk about juggling, or the sacrifices they make for their children, I look at them like they're crazy, because 'sacrifice' infers that there was something better to do than being with your children. -- Chris Rock
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If you look at any 15 pieces of mine, nobody does a piece like them. Totally new techniques. All the jugglers are stealing from me and claiming that they've done it. -- Michael Moschen
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If life gives you lemons, learn how to juggle. -- James Patterson
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How is a juggler you can't hear or see or smell or touch different to no juggler at all? -- Tom Stoppard
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Those elegant delights of jig and vaulting. -- Elijah Fenton
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I have a friend who is a juggler. If I'm at his house, I don't like to take food from him, if it's in threes. He has three apples left, I guess I can't have one. I wouldn't want to screw up his practice routine. -- Mitch Hedberg
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I like being busy and juggling a lot of things at the same time. I get bored easily, so I need to do a lot. -- Ellen Degeneres
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I've always said that instead of watching a guy juggle seven things amazingly I would rather see a really bad juggler who's really funny. -- Jeff Dunham
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sucking on a football. -- Carl Hiaasen
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My grandmother was a Jewish juggler: she used to worry about six things at once. -- Richard Lewis
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throwing the football. But instead -- Steve Yarosh
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The art of angling, the cruelest, the coldest and the stupidest of pretended sports. -- Lord Byron
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I know you're capable of juggling the entire world on your shoulders, but you don't have to do it alone. Do it with me. Marry Me. -- Jaci Burton
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Tumbling has always been my favorite. -- Aly Raisman
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When fighting clowns, always go for the juggler. -- Darynda Jones
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When I see three oranges, I juggle; when I see two towers, I walk! -- Philippe Petit
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I love doing stunts. -- Tyler Posey
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Someone has said that all the great jugglers are dead. -- Ronald Graham
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Dancing cheek to cheek. -- Irving Berlin
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If I see three oranges, I have to juggle. And if I see two towers, I have to walk. -- Philippe Petit
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I went to the store and bought eight apples; the clerk said, "Do you want these in a bag?" I said, "Oh, no, man, I juggle." -- Mitch Hedberg
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The most acrobatic thing that goes on here is a synchronized hair flip. -- Louise Rozett
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Stuntwork ... once, I've really only done one thing, which is take a punch and transport myself into the air onto a mat. -- Ciaran Hinds
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A person who learns to juggle six balls will be more skilled than the person who never tries to juggle more than three. -- Marilyn Vos Savant
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In the arts of peace Man is a bungler. -- George Bernard Shaw
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I like to do the splits onstage. -- Gavin Degraw
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After quitting gymnastics in 2000, I was looking for that next thing where I could defy gravity. I was looking for something that had the flipping and the twisting and allowed me to be acrobatic. -- David Boudia
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Lord Snow wants to take my place now.' He sneered. 'I'd have an easier time teaching a wolf to juggle than you will training this aurochs.'
'I'll take that wager, Ser Alliser', Jon said. 'I'd love to see Ghost juggle. -- George R R Martin
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Ducking, weaving, bouncing away from the knockout blow which must inevitably come. -- Ray Bradbury
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I'm in professional wrestling, which is what I do for a living. I coordinate stunts. I memorize them. -- Kurt Angle
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When I was 15, I had a crush on this guy who was really good at magic, and so I learned to juggle, thinking it would impress him. I spent hours and hours practicing, planning to show him. And then I never even saw him again. But at least I learned how to juggle. -- Danica Mckellar
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Like the juggler, deceiving by his tricks, one is deluded by egotism, falsehood and illusion. -- Guru Nanak
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I'm really good at gymnastics, and that's about it. -- Amy Adams
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Ballet.something pure in this crazy world -- Misty Copeland
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For women of my generation, it was the 'juggling act.' Jobs, marriage, children, homes, and aging parents were the balls we added, tossing them in the air as our lives filled up and praying they wouldn't come crashing down on our heads. -- Willow Bay
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Performers try harder. -- David Byrne
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Harry," Bob drawled, his eye lights flickering smugly, "what you know about women, I could juggle. -- Jim Butcher
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Giving one another the rather embarrassed grins of people who know that they've just been part of a synchronized making-a-fool-of-yourself team. -- Terry Pratchett
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It was hard to find somebody who could juggle both. And so we were really just focusing more on that. We figured, okay, if we're lucky enough to find somebody then, you know, the audience will get over it in one episode. -- Debra Messing
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A little backflip (backflips), but it's not part of Parkour, but i like doing this since i did gym. -- David Belle
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rolling eye balls -- Homer
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Technique is not being able to juggle a ball 1000 times. Anyone can do that by practicing. Then you can work in the circus. Technique is passing the ball with one touch, with the right speed, at the right foot of your team mate. -- Johan Cruijff
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The most able seems clumsy. -- Laozi
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Talent may frolic and juggle; genius realizes and adds. -- Ralph Waldo Emerson
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I've always been a wriggler. I just dig dancing. -- Marc Bolan
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I'm a writer, so whatever gymnastics jump through my head, I write about it. -- Earl King
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I kind of alternate between conducting and playing and kind of juggling those things, but I don't use a baton. -- Joshua Bell
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To snap head shots while he throws one hand back -- Kristen Proby
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With no one collecting his knockdowns, what was Crouch supposed to do, juggle the ball with his head until the midfield support arrived? -- Tony Cascarino
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I'm a phys ed major: that's ballroom dancing and handball. -- Joe Gibbs
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I've worked ever since I was a kid with a two-bit kit of magic tricks trying to improve my skills at entertaining whatever public I had - and to make myself ready, whenever the breaks came, to entertain a wider and more demanding public. -- Johnny Carson
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I rope steers in team roping events. There's a header and a heeler on a roping team, and I'm the heeler. -- Wilford Brimley
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Many people know how to work hard; many others know how to play well; but the rarest talent in the world is the ability to introduce elements of playfulness into work, and to put some constructive labor into our leisure. -- Sydney J. Harris
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I dropped my juggling balls and my face grew embarrassed. It wasn't until then that I looked around the circus of life and noted all were too consumed on their own juggling act to see. This is when I learned to have fun, and kick the balls instead. -- Stefanie Schneider
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Your mind's always juggling, isn't it?-mirrors, torches, plates. -- Ray Bradbury
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The athlete must make a devotion of his specialty. -- Paavo Nurmi
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Oh, 'tis jesting, dancing, drinking
Spins the heavy world around. -- A.e. Housman
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Someone who has juggled the ball in the air during a game, after which four defenders of the opponent get the time to run back, that's the player people think is great. I say he has to go to a circus. -- Johan Cruijff
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Whats the name you Poms have for that thing where you jump up and down and hit each other with sticks?"
He snapped his fingers. "Morris dancing. -- Alexis Hall
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I've always got into stunts; even at drama school, I was falling down trap doors, and swinging in on ropes. -- Thomas Howes
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A painting which does not take its inspiration from the heart is nothing more than futile juggling. -- Caspar David Friedrich
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Gymnastics is so complex. -- Shawn Johnson
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weaving his way across -- S.t. Joshi
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I was a gymnast for years. -- Kelly Preston
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I'm so uncoordinated, I can't really do that much, so my specialty is standing in one spot or holding on to something, like an exploding rocket or a jetski. -- Johnny Knoxville
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VIOLENT HOOLA-HOOPING!!!!!! -- Dave Carley
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Learn tricks from others, Become a trickster -- Matt Thomas
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One of the best sleight-of-hand guys I know is a plumber. -- Ricky Jay
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Ballet teaches you how to hold yourself. -- Joseph Altuzarra
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I love doing stunts. It's so much fun. -- Eleanor Tomlinson
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I could take an umbrella and balance it on my chin or on my foot. And I just got interested in that kind of thing. And as I played games more and more and got stronger physically, I just became more coordinated. -- John Cleese
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They do tricks even I can't figure out. -- Harry Houdini
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I took literally everything I knew how to do on stage with me, which was juggling, magic and banjo and my little comedy routines. -- Steve Martin
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Stunts are really fun. -- Ty Simpkins
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Everything is about your movements and precision and timing, which is what gymnastics is about. -- Shawn Johnson
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Going up the walls doing somersaults, that trick took a couple of days. -- Donald O'connor
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It [angling] deserves commendations; ... it is an art worthy the knowledge and practice of a wise man. -- Izaak Walton
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Painting, I think it's like jazz. -- Brian Eno
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1. Balance 2. Momentum 3. Steady swing center 4. Relaxed arms 5. Rhythm -- Michael Mcteigue
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Football players throw a 3 pound ball in the air, but cheerleaders throw a 100 pound girl in the air and catch her. -- John P. Harley
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Jumping up and down like a Mexican jumping bean on crack. -- Robyn Peterman
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I keep saying I am an auto-didact, but I have a lot of outside influences. One I could cite is juggler Francis Brunn, who was the first man to throw ten rings in the air; he was really an amazing juggler who showed onstage the quest for perfection. -- Philippe Petit
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I could have become a mime or a juggler, but I became a singer-songwriter instead. -- Vonda Shepard
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Most days I juggle everything quite well, on the other days there's always red wine. -- Rachael Bermingham
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Ballin's not a hobby, it's my occupation -- Wiz Khalifa
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SELF PORTRAIT: Throwing Armfuls of Air into the Air -- Jandy Nelson
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Golf. Trying to knock a tiny ball into an even smaller hole with implements ill suited to the purpose. -- Winston Churchill
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Here's a guy who can use his arms and legs at the same time. -- John Madden
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Wrestling ... what men do during boys basketball season. -- Dan Gable
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Damn everything but the circus! ... The average 'painter' 'sculptor' 'poet' 'composer' 'playwright' is a person who cannot leap through a hoop from the back of a galloping horse, make people laugh with a clown's mouth, orchestrate twenty lions. -- E. E. Cummings
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How Fortune piles her sports when she begins to practise them! -- Ben Jonson