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You're my favorite sister."
I snorted. "Gosh,I'd hate to be your unfavorite sister. I might not survive."
"Hey,Kate,you know I'm just teasing when I give you a hard time."
"Yeah,right,and the teasing just keeps me laughing. -- Rachel Hawthorne
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But now I have something that blows that feeling out of the water. Every time I need a hit of joy, I think about you. You are my solace, Kate. Just knowing that you are in this world, everything makes sense. p. 275 Until I Die (ARC) -- Amy Plum
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If it pleases you.
And in his wprds, as always, Kate heard the echo of I love you. -- Lorraine Heath
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I introduce the two girls. Kate leans over and whispers, "She's gorgeous!" And I respond with the truth: "She has nothing on you, of course, Kates. It's just that you are so very... taken. -- Amy Plum
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What, with my tongue in your tail? nay, come again,
Good Kate; I am a gentleman. -- William Shakespeare
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The joy of those years had its own integrity, and Kate existed within that. She could not be touched by the misery caused by her own death. -- Paul Harding
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You might want to have Kate close her eyes if you ever want her to sleep with you, asshole. Because once I take off my pants, you'll always come second. -- Debra Anastasia
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God, would you just come here, Kate? I'll behave, I promise. It wrecks me to see you cry and not be able to hold you. Or if you can't do that, go to him and let him hold you. I'm making a bloody mess of everything. -- Rysa Walker
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It was best not to ask too many questions. Especially since you'd get the answers. And the answers were
usually followed by a tightening of Kate's forehead and a tick in her left eye. The tightening could cause
wrinkles, the tick a tumor, and Kate didn't need to borrow that kind of trouble -- Rachel Gibson
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Kate, I honestly don't know how Vincent puts up with you. You are ... infuriating. -- Amy Plum
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But Kate, dost thou understand thus much English? Canst thou love me?"
Catherine: "I cannot tell."
Henry: "Can any of your neighbours tell, Kate? I'll ask them. -- William Shakespeare
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I love you, Kateri. You're the only one in this world that I have ever really loved. I would sell a kidney to shoe your feet and I'd sell my soul, if I still had one, to make you smile. -- Sherrilyn Kenyon
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Mhm, Kate, the chief of security. Sexy. Who better to guard my body than the woman who owns is?"
"Curran, I will punch you."
"Rough play." Curran pretended to shiver in excitement -- Ilona Andrews
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Well. I am not afraid. But to protect you, Katerina, I will be discreet. Plain Kate considered a cat's idea of discretion, and was frightened. -- Erin Bow
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It's Katherine, right?"
"Kate," she said.
"Freddie," he corrected. -- Victoria Schwab
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Kate is going to come back, she is going to be super-strong again. Everybody is going to want her again because she is that kind of person. She is very professional and beautiful and she is going to be around forever. -- Helena Christensen
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I know my heart. It has always been yours, Kate. Always. -- Julianne Donaldson
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Katherine the Midwife -- Darynda Jones
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You cannot hide from your heart, Kate. It always finds you. And, sadly, I cannot hide from mine. -- Rysa Walker
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I'm the male Kate Moss. -- Nicholas Haslam
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The phone rang. I picked it up. "Kate Daniels"
"It's me," Curran said. "I - "
I hung up. -- Ilona Andrews
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probably never said I love you to another human being . . . How could Kate have said that? And then not called to apologize . . . or to say hello . . . or even to wish her a happy birthday? -- Kristin Hannah
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It was too late to change anything. Too late to make different choices. To be a better mother than she had been. Kate could only be the mother that she was, Amelia's mother - the curator of her memory, the keeper of her secrets, the cherisher of her heart. That, she would always be. -- Kimberly Mccreight
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That was when I realised a sad but incontrovertible truth: I was a geek, and there was no getting around it. I could dress in Kate's clothes, but it didn't make me Kate. -- Sharon Sant
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I'd much rather be known as some curvy Kate than as some skinny stick. -- Kate Winslet
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Kate stood next to Ethan with a shotgun of her -- Blake Crouch
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Next to me, Saiman smiled.
We all want what we can't have, Kate. I want you, you want love, and he wants to break my neck. -- Ilona Andrews
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I've only just arrived, Kate. It may surprise you to learn that you were my top priority. -- Trenton Lee Stewart
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I love Kate Moss. I've worked with her a couple of times, and she is a great girl, really funny and easy to work with. -- Twiggy
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I glanced over at him warily. "Don't start getting any ideas about her. The last time someone took a fancy to Kate, things went very badly for him."
"What happened?"
"He got shot."
"You shot him?"
"Well, no, but he did get shot. -- Kenneth Oppel
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Kate approved of the child's father, and so did she. Kate all her life had championed the underdog, and so therefore did she. And what more oppressed puppy in all the world was she likely to find than this one? -- Dorothy Dunnett
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My Kate,"he uttered with a deep groan."My sweet Kate."He took her with one last earth-shattering thrust,and as she suckled his neck,as her cunt suckled his cock,Nicholas spilled hot seed into her body. -- Laura Wright
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Jane Austen Emma -- Anonymous
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I have one promise I can make you, Kate." He reached for her hair, coiled some of it around his hand, and used it to pull her toward him.
"What's that?" she whispered breathlessly. Not so cocky now.
"You're going to enjoy this. -- Jackie Braun
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Kate Moss has great style. -- Yigal Azrouel
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Who is there with you?"
Kate's voice snapped. "I'll be in Atlanta in three hours. Where are you?"
"I said it's nothing major."
"Bullshit. You wouldn't work with Raphael unless the Apocalypse was imminent and that was the only way to prevent it. -- Ilona Andrews
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Kate, please. You have to focus. I've pulled up a stable point, love. Just slide your fingers over it and go. I'll be right behind you. I promise."
That promise is a lie in one sense, but hopefully, she'll never know it. Six will be there. -- Rysa Walker
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And then I began to drift, fighting tears. I used to come here with Miriam. Miriam, my heart's desire. What was troubling her this morning? Maybe Kate had reproached her on the phone for leaving me? How dare Kate.
Oh yeah? Go for it, my darling. Remind her of what she's missing. No, don't. -- Mordecai Richler
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Elizabeth Spencer. -- Julia Glass
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You two were in a cave together?' said Miss Simpkins in horror.
'Yes,' said Kate, 'and it was very, very dark. -- Kenneth Oppel
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Dickhead. He makes a beeline for Kate, not even seeing the other women who are right in front of him. Tunnel vision. He wants her bad.
Where have I seen the look on his face before? Oh, yeah. In the mirror. -- Vi Keeland
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Jessica, who loves stories, -- J.k. Rowling
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I just love Kate. [Bieber], to me, is one of the funniest impressions because it's so all encompassing. It's like a total body and soul impression. But that's Kate. Every character she does is that way. -- Paul Feig
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I couldn't change the past, but hell if I didn't want to be what Kate needed now. -- Nicole Jacquelyn
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Kate realized she had a grave problem. She was infatuated. Or mildly insane. Possibly both. -- Tessa Dare
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Kate Middleton's a pretty girl who sounds nice. -- Peter York
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Kate had never met a person she didn't want to protect, preferably by hacking at the hostile parties with her sword. -- Ilona Andrews
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We Hate William and Kate -- Steven Morrissey
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It seems you don't approve of the family business Katerina. Or of me. But these chances you take ... These things you do ... This is a dangerous life to live ... alone. -- Ally Carter
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She mussed her red hair with her fingers and flashed a whimsical grin. "We've all heard stories about her. What girl doesn't want to be Kate Lindsay for a little while? -- Matt Tomerlin
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Why, there's a wench! Come on, and kiss me, Kate. -- William Shakespeare
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Kate had dressed for battle, donning her finest pink muslin morning dress. With lace at her wrists and mother-of-pearl buttons at her throat, instead of that itchy servant's cloak, she felt capable of matching wits with anyone. -- Courtney Milan
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I'd pegged you as cute-but-boring. But it looks like Kate's little pet has claws. -- Rysa Walker
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Sara: "You are so brave," I tell her, and then I smile. "When I grow up, I want to be just like you."
To my surprise, Kate shakes her head hard. Her voice is a feather, a thread. "No Mommy," she says. "You'd be sick. -- Jodi Picoult
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Sadly, I've never met Princess Kate. -- Lily James
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How did your day go?"
"I got some head. It was vamp, but still."
I stared at her. Kate was the last person I would have expected to make that joke. Well, someone had loosened up since mating. "That good, huh."
"Yup. -- Ilona Andrews
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I don't know why Kate was trying to impress him, as far as I could see the guy had all the allure and social grace of a psychotic slug with halitosis and a bad head cold. -- Sharon Sant
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- the rusalka was kneeling beside Plain Kate on the deck. She was made of fog and shadow until Kate caught her eye, and then, all at once, she became human. She was young, mischievously sad, a fox in a story. Kate fell in love with her. And then she was gone. -- Erin Bow
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Under Kate's tireless and frankly intrusive instruction, my legs and underarms are shaved to perfection, my eyebrows plucked, and I am buffed all over. -- Anonymous
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Kate had the shape of a pixie, all noodle arms and legs; and when she bent to the ground and kicked up her feet, it looked as delicate as a spider walking a wall. Me, I sort of defied gravity with a thud. -- Jodi Picoult
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Vincent to Kate: The day I stop seeing you as one of the strongest people I know is the day I wake up human. -- Amy Plum
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Her mother ... told Kate that after women got out of lousy marriages, they generally had the good sense to stay away from the institution altogether. While men just kept trying to get it right because they were incapable of being alone. -- J. Courtney Sullivan
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No matter what happens, you will always be Pack. Because you have that loyalty and restraint. Not human, not whatever, but Kate. Unique and different, but not separate. -- Ilona Andrews
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I recall the look in Rhauk's eyes the moment he spotted Kate. It will stay with me forever, carved into my brain like an engraving on a headstone. It's as if he found something he treasured, something he's been looking for all his life. -- Marianne Curley
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Wanting Kate was one thing. Sex was simple. Or it could be. But liking her?
Enjoying spending time with her? Allowing her into his private life, as Brody had tonight, albeit at his sisters' invitation? It would lead to nothing but trouble. -- Jackie Braun
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What's her name? Claire, what's her name? -- Rachel Caine
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Now remember, Kate." Barabas leaned over to me, grinning. "You are the Consort. Be the Consort." He stretched "be" into a three-syllable word. "Think like a-"
"Open the door or I'll punch you right in the face," I growled. -- Ilona Andrews
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Please, Kate. Suspend your dislike of me for a few moments and listen to what I have to say. It makes sense."
"I don't dislike you. It's an oversimplification. -- Ilona Andrews
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Kate& Derek
"No, Kate, you don't understand. He vanished. He was there one moment and then he was gone."
I couldn't resist. "Like a ninja. In a puff of smoke. -- Ilona Andrews
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At eleven, Kate woke Jake up when she went searching in the cooler for juice.
"You know, you used to be peaceful," he grumbled.
"I can't believe you were ever married." Kate said, as she cracked the can open. "What did you do, make her stand in the corner all the time? -- Jennifer Crusie
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Poor Kate," said Constance, "she's lost her marbles. -- Trenton Lee Stewart
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I love you. I'm in, Ashleigh. I want you, I want Kate, I want this. I want to sleep with you every night and give you everything -- J.a. Huss
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Kate Daniels and her deadly attack poodle. Kill me, somebody. Julie, my adopted niece, would have a field day with this. -- Ilona Andrews
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Katniss the mockingjay -- Suzanne Collins
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Be the person you really are and not the person you'e allowed yourself to become, Kate said to Nikki.
From 'Life Song -- Christine M. Knight
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He had eaten Kate's map so -- Roland Smith
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Reynie's fce fell. 'It's not funny, Kate.'
For a moment - a fleeting moment - Kate looked desperately sad. 'Well, of course it's not funny, Reynie Muldoon. But what do you want me to do? Cry? -- Trenton Lee Stewart
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Kate Winslet is my girl crush. -- Angela Kinsey
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Kate cleared her throat. She looked between the two of them. "Uh, how did you two
"Ella stalked me," Clove replied at the same time as Ella said, "I saved her life. -- Lauren James
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Gabriel looked up at her from under thick eyelashes. Will you please grope me under the table, Kate mine? -- Eloisa James
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I have a confession to make. In the beginning, I did not understand the Kate Moss phenomenon. -- Hamish Bowles
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If memory serves me correctly, and it doesn't always, Kate [DiCamillo] and I met in the fall of 2001 at the former Figlio's restaurant in Minneapolis. We were laughing within a minute of meeting - always a good sign. -- Kate Dicamillo
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Their poses are all different but the face is the same. Painted from memory in scene after scene is the fresh-faced beauty. Kate.
It's the bargain I've made with myself. If I can't caress her body with my hands, I paint it with my brushes. Use my fingers to trace her lines. -- Amy Plum
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He yells, "I want any part of you that you're willing to give me!"
We both fall quiet. Breathing hard. Staring each other down.
And his voice drops low. Defeated. "I'll take anything, Kate.
Just ... don't tell me it's over. I won't accept that. -- Emma Chase
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I love her, but I wouldn't marry her if she was the last woman on earth [on Kate Moss -- Pete Doherty
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Every woman needs to think about her career above everything. And I'll say it again ... Kate [Siegel] is unemployed. -- Kate Siegel
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Tick's eyes twinkled, and he drew a long sip of coffee. Poor Kate ... wanting to run the world and yet no one will let her. -- Elizabeth Camden
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Kate looked at her in warning, but didn't say anything. Jasmine ignored the whole issue. "Guys, I need to get ready. Go away." "I know," Jasmine -- K.f. Breene
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All kidding aside, this is a new beginning for Kate and me. A fresh start. I'll be a perfect
gentleman. Scout's honor.
Then again, I never was a Boy Scout. -- Emma Chase
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I got divorced from my wife on June 6, 2006. Yeah, 6-6-06, which coincidentally, was when my wife turned into a demon spawned from Satan's anus. But for legal reasons, I have to call her, Kate. -- Christopher Titus
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Although my mind recognizes that Kate Brooks is now my rival, apparently my cock hasn't gotten the memo. -- Emma Chase
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I'm not going to be like my mother. You're maniacs. You're mad."

"Yes," said Kate. "I know it. And so you won't be. The best of luck to you. And what are you going to be instead? -- Doris Lessing
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So she was on her own, Kate thought, and instilled all the friendly helpfulness she could into her next question. Excuse me, but are you the bad company young Mr. Scott has got into? -- Dorothy Dunnett
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[...] But do you know what I have in mind, Kate?'
She shook her head. 'Devilry, no doubt,' she muttered.
'I'm going to drive you mad,' he said conversationally. 'I'm going to kiss you and tease you and taste you... and leave. And then I'll come back and do the same thing again. And again. -- Eloisa James
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Actually I brought a friend for you to meet." Ruby looked over at Kate. "Is she going on vacation here?" Kate smiled and stepped closer. "I wish I could go on vacation," she said easily. "But actually I -- Kirkland, Rainy
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Be who you were meant to be and not what you've allowed yourself to become, Kate said to Mavis as she wavered over following her dream.
from 'Lifesong -- Christine M. Knight
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You know that Kate called Walter a heartless bastard?"
"And an asshole. I am quite proud. -- Aimee Carter
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Kate had never been married, so she had no way of knowing if I was a normal husband. This has been good for our marriage. -- Nelson Demille
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Kate won't be troubled. I don't know any gentlemen, anyway.'

'Thank you,' said Lymond. -- Dorothy Dunnett
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Blood trickles from my throat, on to Kate's white nightgown. She screams at the sight. 'Jarrod, you're bleeding!'
'I'm all right, don't struggle I won't let it get to you. -- Marianne Curley