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My heart beats her name -- Michelle Hodkin
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Fortuna, that vicious slut. -- John Kennedy Toole
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What is her name? I don't know. I know her eyebrows. -- Salman Rushdie
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Cheryl Cole and Katy Perry are two of the hottest girls in the world - and so normal and funny with it. If I was a few years older they are the kind of girls I'd like to date. I want a younger version of Cheryl and Katy - a mixture of the two would be hot. -- Justin Bieber
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Tim -- Sean Waller
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Romy Madley Croft from the xx. Number two: Alison Moyet from Yaz. And number three: Johnette Napolitanos from Concrete Blonde. -- Kim Holden
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I was kind of hoping it was Anna Kournikova. -- Shaquille O'neal
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Rachel The Huffington Post -- Anonymous
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Salvation Amy from Flat Hill, Kansas. Just a trailer-park girl with a bunch of stupid dreams that would never come true. -- Danielle Paige
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Kaylin. The shape of a girl on the edge of the long climb into adulthood. -- Michelle Sagara
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I would like to know the given name of the woman who can kiss me so passionately she makes me want to climb to the roof tops and roar. -- Amy Jarecki
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Tina Blackstone, -- Kristen Ashley
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Iggy Azalea, I can't really get into her. Because it's just not real to me, -- Rah Digga
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I am a huge fan of Sheila Hicks. -- Michelle Grabner
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She ate the stars and swallowed the earth,
She is the girl with all the power. -- Zoraida Cordova
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Katie bar the door. -- William Kennedy
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Female is female. -- Lailah Gifty Akita
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HONORINE BEATRIX -- Honore De Balzac
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Katy skipped over, her low-rise jeans threatening to fall off her skinny hips. With some girls, that was a sexy look. With Katy, it made you nervous. -- Sara Zarr
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Katie Holmes is really amazing. -- Bailee Madison
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Do you like her? -- Linda Howard
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My eye, though, is set on Miley [Cyrus]. -- Patrick Schwarzenegger
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Hailey Dashford Reid, with her silky brown hair and big, smoky blue eyes, all prim and proper and so fucking sexy it makes my nuts ache. Also, totally off-limits. -- Ainsley Booth
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I really like 'Roar' and 'Dark Horse.' 'Dark Horse' I really like, and I feel I would sing that in the bathroom; I would buy that album, and I think Katy Perry's amazing! -- Iggy Azalea
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Cassia Reyes, the Society is pleased to present you with your Match. -- Ally Condie
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Kate Daniels, deadly swordmaster. Fear my twitching pinkie. -- Ilona Andrews
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Shakira is a talented singer, and I am a huge fan of her. -- Bipasha Basu
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Jorinda and Jorindel -- Jacob Grimm
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Chyna Shepherd, untouched and alive and able to pee. -- Dean Koontz
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Alison Rosen IWHI! From the easter egg chapter. -- Bryan Bishop
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I love Lady Gaga, Rihanna - all the pop girls like Katy Perry. I think Miley Cyrus is very talented, too. Apart from the visuals, which you may like or not like, but her music is quite good, actually. 'Wrecking Ball' is quite a good song, and she sang it really nicely. -- Giorgio Moroder
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Her Leo, so bright, so beautiful.
And in the end, so catastrophically flawed. -- Sherry Thomas
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What happened to her now? -- C.l.stone
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Kate Hudson is my style icon. -- Shantel Vansanten
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Florence Nightendick -- V. Theia
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Fancy me between Scylla and Charybdis. -- Henry James
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Unless I've got Katy Perry on the cover of my CD, it's going to be tough to sell a lot of records. -- Kenny G
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I love Keri Russell. I watched every episode of Felicity, and Waitress is my favorite film. I like her voice a lot - it didn't surprise me that she would be doing voiceover work. -- Virginia Madsen
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I love Kelly Clarkson. -- Ashley Tisdale
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Martina, she's got several layers of steel out there like a cat with nine lives. -- Virginia Wade
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Patricia [Rozema] is really special, and she really worked hard to make the environment and the landscapes' natural beauty come alive. She was not forceful with anything, but enabled it to really have this poetic nature. -- Ellen Page
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GLINDA SANG about how good it was to be popular. And while the actress was nearly as good as Kristin Chenoweth, and the stage of Wicked glittered in fantasy, Casper couldn't peel his gaze off Kevin. -- Brandon Witt
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An off-screen persona of Globally Conscious Earth Mother and an aggressive on-screen embodiment of Kali, Goddess of Destruction. -- Angelina Jolie
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Ke$ha is her art; there is no curtain you peel back to find the real person. And with Ke$ha, you never know what to expect when you're in the studio. -- Benny Blanco
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Ke$ha is super talented and super fun and always down to party - I love that girl. -- Bonnie Mckee
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Katarina Witt. She was the ultimate competitor. She would just stare down people before competition. She was relentless on the ice. -- Sarah Hughes
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Her name is Portia -- William Shakespeare
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And last there was a woman with loads of strawberry blonde curls who looked like a fairy princess. Her name was Sadie Chavez. -- Kristen Ashley
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Oh, I have to say Romana; she was much more fun to do but I did enjoy the Princess when she was turning bad. -- Lalla Ward
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Lara [Raith] was gorgeous, brilliant, and sexier than a Swedish bikini team hiking up a mountain of money. -- Jim Butcher
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No one can make me cry
Make me laugh
Make me smile
Or drive me mad like she does -- Kenny Chesney
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Her name was Dominika Egorova. She was a ballerina, an officer in the SVR, a Sparrow trained to bend others' minds. She loved and was loved in return. -- Jason Matthews
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It was always Isabelle. -- Cassandra Clare
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The motorcycle black madonna Two wheeled gypsy queen. -- Bob Dylan
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Her [ Onata April] great talent as an actress is that she has the ability to understand and listen to the scenario and what the story is, and then she can pretend and live that. -- David A. Siegel
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Please don't try to figure out who she is because then you might figure -- Stephen Chbosky
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I am a huge, huge Regina Spektor fan. -- Jenji Kohan
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Laia is the wild dance of a Tribal campfire, while Helene is the cold blue of an alchemist's flame. -- Sabaa Tahir
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Oh Lana Turner we love you get up -- Frank O'hara
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Who you looking at -- Darren Shan
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If you don't mind me saying, Mr. Hale. She's a keeper. He pointed in Kat's direction. -- Ally Carter
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Nina, little red bird. Don't go. -- Leigh Bardugo
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Kinsley Grace Bryant, you crazy beautiful loon, marry me so we can make hundreds of little soccer prodigies. -- R.s. Grey
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I love Karlie Kloss. I want to bake cookies with her! -- Taylor Swift
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From what?" "The empty-headed girls who think you're sexy." "You know." "Know what?" "That I only have eyes for you." Laila -- Khaled Hosseini
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Katie is like my calendar, watching her grow
and change. She is growing up so fast, learning to have opinions of her own,
learning that I don't have the answers to everything. And the moment a child
begins to understand that, you know you're in trouble. -- Cecelia Ahern
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Baby she look like a star, but only on camera, only on camera, only on camera. -- Drake
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I'm a big fan of Lady Gaga. -- Tyra Banks
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Is tall and rangy, with muscled thighs that start three inches apart. She looks like she probably runs up a mountain every day and doesn't even know what a KitKat is. -- Sophie Kinsella
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I swear to god, Angie, you're like Kryptonite - you fucking break me. -- J. Kenner
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Lily Calloway ... all this time, your superpower has been loving me. -- Krista Ritchie
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Fire-breathing bitch-queen. -- Sarah J. Maas
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Amy King is a true bard. -- Tomaz Salamun
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Cheryl Cole, if you're reading this, I may not be as prety as you but at least I write my own songs. -- Lily Allen
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Beautiful, brave and possessed of violent tendencies. I like her. -- Dianne Duvall
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Aja gave Loor an up and down once-over. She then said, "Is Loor a man's name or a woman's name?"
Loor answered, "It is the name of a legendary hero on Zadaa. A woman."
Really?" Aja said. "What did she do that was so heroic?"
She killed her enemies and ate them. -- D.j. Machale
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This is Karma. I'm a bitch. Can you think of anyone who deserves a bitch slap? - Kat -- Jenny Han
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Amber London is a political rapper, a preaching rapper who speaks true facts and not just nonsense. -- Spaceghostpurrp
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Nora Roberts is cool. -- Stephen King
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Hush, let me talk to the crazy lady. -- Nalini Singh
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that piece of herself. Not now, not ever. -- Sarah Price
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Pick this one, she vibrates! -- Erica Larsen
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Anya, the minor goddess of Anarchy? A woman who had more balls than most men - because she'd cut them off the guys stupid enough to get in her way and kept them as souvenirs. -- Gena Showalter
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Angie . . . she's the girl I breathe for. -- Corinne Michaels
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Break the rules, Karla. Just this once, -- L. H. Cosway
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If liking Katy Perry and drinking margaritas is gay, then who wants to be straight?! -- James Franco
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Shakira is a new friend, but I love her dearly already. She's so sweet and adorable and hilarious. -- Adam Levine
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I loved her. I loved her with a something so fierce I couldn't even name it. -- Abbi Glines
Katya Quotes : pic 001048716's the First Lady of disappointment, Kate Bush -- Bruce Mcculloch
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Looking forward to never meeting again,
Jessamin Olea -- Kiersten White
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Anna anna bo banna, banana fanna fo fanna, me my mo manna ... Anna."
"Chuck! Do Chuck! -- Jodi Picoult
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I never knew that I would be performing on talk shows with Sia. -- Maddie Ziegler
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I really love Norah Jones. -- Caroline Manzo
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I like Lady Gaga! -- Cory Monteith
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Whose Daddy's Little Girl Now? -- Lauren Bradshaw
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Lilianna: Shut up. And this isn't about me. Celebrating Alaia ROCK STARNESS!
Alaia: Love that! My Rock Starness! -- H.r. Willaston
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Tatiana is a ridiculously curvy thing of dreams, with smooth succulent thighs, long strawberry blond cascading beneath a teal bandana, and a nympho sparkle in her eyes that says pick me, lick me, spank me, or I punish you. Raw innocence and mayhem at once. -- Brett Tate
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The Princess Mahiya, and she is mine. -- Nalini Singh
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Bad as I wanna be. She aint bad, she a sad little wannabe. -- Nicki Minaj
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I'm not Amy the star, I'm Amy the girl with the guitar. -- Amy Winehouse