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This book could not have been written without the people of Mongolia, who allowed me to live among them for a time and who taught me their history over salted tea and vodka while the winter eased into spring.
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I don't even know where Russia and Mexico are.
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I'm a product of Russian culture, but I never felt it was my country.
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I didn't choose Russia but Russia chose me. I had been fascinated from an early age by the culture, the language, the literature and the history to the place.
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I always encourage my promoter to see if we can go someplace new. And he'll go, 'OK, how about Armenia?'
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Chechnya is part and parcel of the Russian Federation.
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Russia will make new allegiances. Siberia, unfreezing, will become a land grab.
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There's no country in the world that's more devastated from natural resources than Afghanistan.
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I have spent time in Mongolia, in China.
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UK - that was Britain.
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Neither Imperial Russia, nor the Russia of the Soviets needs me. They don't understand me. I am a stranger to them. I'm certain Rembrandt loves me.
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Russia drunks are the kindest people and the kindest people are drunks.
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Russia. I speak not only to fathers here, but to all fathers I cry out: 'Fathers, provoke not your children!' Let us first fulfill Christ's commandment ourselves, and only then let us expect the same of our children.
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The land of embarrassment and breakfast.
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I was hanging out in gers [yurts] with these Kazakh sort of Bedouins. Drank nasty-ass camel milk. The drive [from the Souther Gobi to Ulan Bator] is insane. It's like The Road.
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To see the Persia of poets and painters, hiding in plain sight behind the much-maligned Iran of our newspaper headlines, would be my fondest wish.
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In the former Soviet republics, there are three staples of life: vodka, chocolate, and corruption. I know someone who once survived in Uzbekistan for two weeks solely on these three items.
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I'm actually embarrassed to tell people I'm Russian these days, because it's become such an awful place.
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Name a country, and I have probably been there.
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In the end, for congenial sympathy, for poetry, for work, for original feeling and expression, for perfect companionship with one's friends
give me the country.
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But Sasha was from Russia, where the sunsets are longer, the dawns less sudden and sentences are often left unfinished from doubt as how to best end them.
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When I was in Russia I found that I thought I was going to give these people that I was interviewing a whole bunch of choice in terms of what they could drink while we were chatting.
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My home is in Moscow and I have no plans to change this.
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America, the plum blossoms are falling.
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There's an 800 kilometer border between Iran and Afghanistan.
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Lord, save Russia and bring her peace.
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When my father was born, it was part of the Austro-Hungarian empire. When I was born, it was Lithuania. When I left, it was Hungary. It is difficult to say where I come from.
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It's a lot of fun finding a country that nobody knows about. The only thing better is finding a country everybody's bullish on and shorting it.
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I don't believe in that country any longer. I'm not interested. I'm writing in the language, and I like the language.
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From the country with limited hope to grow your own business and express your own personality, Russia has become the land of significant opportunity.
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I promise everyone who comes to Ukraine can see a beautiful country.
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Afghanistan is a land-locked country.
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When I visited Chechnya, I was taken aback at first because people would regularly make jokes about kidnapping me.
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Kartik feels like a country I want to travel - vast, dangerous, and unknown.
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Unhappy Persia, that in former age
Hast been the seat of mighty Conquerors,
That in their prowesse and their policies, Have triumph over Africa.
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I often heard the same question: What place does Russia reserve for itself in the world; how does it see itself; what is its place? We are a peace-loving state and we want to cooperate with all of our neighbors and with all of our partners.
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At last, Russia has returned to the world arena as a strong state - a country that others heed and that can stand up for itself.
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I'm amazed to find those countries are in Europe.
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The Persian rug served as their country. The brawnier toilet paper people opted to live in its jade green jungles while the more sensitive and reflective toilet paper people preferred hiding in its opal cream sky. They were so light. No one would ever be able to tell that they had lived there.
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Even in Siberia there is happiness.
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Avain attempt to subdue that unsubduable country.
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I can't think of a time when we've had a region emerge as suddenly to become as strategically significant as the Caspian.
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One of the cool, chaste countries - Canada or Sweden.
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Any country that is not careful can be seized.
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Canada - they won't like me saying this, but it's really like it's a part of Michigan, that area.
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Bulgaria is a fascinating, beautiful, difficult country, and I fell in love with it.
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That country whose people are autumn people, thinking only autumn thoughts.
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Everybody is jumping up and down back in Russia. Probably lots of vodka, too.
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Many analysts compare Turkey with countries in the Middle East, but I think we need to compare it with Russia. Both countries come from a tradition of empire, and also from a tradition of the strong state.
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There are Russians, and then there are Russian ballerinas from the Kirov.
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Mongolia is a country of rich and ancient heritage, unique culture and astounding natural beauty. It is a land of free and brave, peace-loving and hard-working people.
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Geography and history demonstrate that we can never discount Russia. Russia's partial resurgence in our own age following the dissolution of the Soviet Empire is part of an old story. Russia
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'Moldova: Yes or No?' That's a great app, and we actually used the geo-locator on your phone, so if you are in Moldova, it will say 'Yes, you're in Moldova.' I'm so excited. People need that. That's the whole point. The whole reason you buy a $500 phone is to see if you are ... in Moldova. Or not.
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Afghanistan, one of the most inconspicuous nations on earth. In 1946 it was just emerging from the bronze age, a land incredibly old, incredibly tied to an ancient past. At the embassy we used to say, Kabul today shows what Palestine was like at the time of Jesus.
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It would appear that the natural frontier of Russia runs from Dantzic or perhaps Stettin to Trieste.
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Iran is an island of stability in a turbulent corner of the world
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Russia sees itself as a country that is self-sufficient.
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Russia is the only place where men and women can be free.
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Goodness, how sad is our Russia!
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I am very familiar with Hungary, because I grew up in Romania, which borders it.
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I'm Switzerland; neutral as can be, and also with great chocolate.
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It seemed to me that I had come for the first time close to the soil of my native country, and could feel for the first time running in my veins Russia's vastness, her potency, her strength.
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my country is the world
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What country is stabler than Iran? Where else in the world would an assassinated prime minister be so quickly replaced?
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I do not pretend to know precisely what is on foot there; but I think it pretty evident that there is a very free communication between that country and this body, and unless I am greatly mistaken, I see the dwarfish medium by which that communication is kept up.
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Russia is a part of the West and at the same time is a part of the Asia-Pacific.
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Russia is the only country of the world you can be homesick for while you're still in it.
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I first came to Russia because of the culture, literature and music ... and my interest in the 19th-century revolutionary spirit of Herzen, Bakunin and Kropotkin. Russia is a wonderful place to bring new clowns because Russians give back a wonderful response.
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If I still lived in Russia, I'd be dead ... or a really effective oligarch.
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Are they Russian by way of the Ozarks?
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With Russia, it is almost similar to China: people there have had it up to here with the West! The Russian people suffered immensely from Western imperialism.
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Russia is very big and very varied. People are different in different regions.
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I'm going back to Russia. That's where the money is, and the power. And, of course, the ladies.
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This is my country. The Russian people are in bit of trouble. Russian court doesn't work. Russian education decline every year. I believe that Russia has a chance to be free. Has a chance. It's difficult, but we must do it.
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I had assumed I'd pack my bags and head elsewhere after 'Constellation,' but Chechnya is creeping its way into the margins of my second book.
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Mother Russia is on the move, she can't stand still, she's restless and can't find rest, she's talking and she can't stop.
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A country peopled by peasants, priests and pixies.
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Go and come back safely.
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I love Russia because Russia gave me you.
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There are two unknowns in the World. The Poles and the Turks!
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I didn't get much peace, but I heard in Norway that Russia might well become a huge market for tractors soon.
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Turkey is a European country, an Asian country, a Middle Eastern country, Balkan country, Caucasian country, neighbor to Africa, Black Sea country, Caspian Sea, all these.
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Romania, which had the worst dictator in Eastern Europe, Ceausescu, he was a darling of the West. The United States and Britain loved him. He was supported until the last minute.
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Turkey's great if you're one of those people who can't sleep on planes because when the tryptophan kicks in, it's no problem.
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I definitely feel Russian inside, even when I'm in America I feel Russian.
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In Russia there are no roads - only areas.
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The Arctic is going to be an area of intense interest. Russia has the longest coastline in the world with the Arctic.
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If Russia, if Russia had the same military power that America did, earth would be called Russia.
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Romania is an interesting place because I think it has been abused, on so many different levels.
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Russia will become beacons of hope for the world.
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Maybe we should hold the next [Olympic] games in Afghanistan and hope the Soviets pull out of that one too.
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I want people to laugh with me and Paraguay and Newfoundland, but I don't want to laugh at them. I hope in my books at the end of the day you come across with the impression that I really admire both of these places.
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Fifteen percent of Russia badly polluted.
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Since Russia has the largest number of illegal immigrants, second only to the US, and immigrants from Central Asia bring in drugs, I'm calling for a visa requirement for all those wonderful people from Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.
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I went to Mongolia many years ago and it was so incredible.
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It [the Sudetenland] is the last territorial claim that I have to make in Europe.
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I am in a country which is five hours behind my beloved homeland Pakistan and my home in the Swat Valley.
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In Russia I felt for the first time like a full human being. No color prejudice like in Mississippi, no color prejudice like in Washington. It was the first time I felt like a human being.