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. . . you should always kick a man when he's down. It's much easier then.
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Don't kick the shit, it'll go all over the place!
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Mr. President, we've taken off our "Kick Me" sign.
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Life is tough enough without having someone kick you from the inside.
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See! I just kicked Stan!!!
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People think it's how hard you kick that hurts,' Mr Vandemar's voice was saying. 'But it's not how hard you kick. It's where.
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Never underestimate the kick to the groin.
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Like a kid kicked out of class. humiliated and free.
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When you are getting kicked from the rear it means you are in front.
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You can never take anything personally. Just a story. It's not their fault they want to kick you and it's certainly not yours. It's just the way things are. Sometimes you need to hear the worst, so you have no fear in what you do and learn to work around the what-have-you.
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Knocked the architecture right out of his legs.
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Faythe, it's me!"
"I know who the hell you are. Why do you think I kicked you?
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They've kicked our backsides ... we've got to lick our wounds ...
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Why should I resent it when an ass kicks me?
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For unto you is given this day a boot to the head.
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I fancy I only got a rap on the head, which knocked me stupid.
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Old habits die hard, I guess. If you dont kick them, they kick you.
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It is always a bit hypocritical when a defender who spends the whole game kicking you complains of being kicked.
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Karma, continuing the Screw Dez kick it seemed to be on lately ...
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Life is fun. celebrate. If you aren't being kicked, the world probably thinks you are dead anyways.
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Man, you should have seen them kicking Edgar Allan Poe.
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Even a kick in the ass is good when you're facing the right direction.
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If you disrespect my woman like that again, I'll kick your fuckin' ass. You won't get back up.
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Unless you intend to kill him immediately thereafter, never kick a man in the balls. Not even symbolically. Or perhaps especially not symbolically.
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You might get an elbow in the face, maybe kicked in the 'nads.
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The first person who says anything unpleasant will get a swift kick in the ass.
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I think there is something to be said for a well-publicized ass-kicking.
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The whiskey kicked like a mugger.
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You might think it wasn't real nice to kick a dying man, and maybe it wasn't, but I'd been wanting to kick him for a long time, and it just never had seemed safe till now
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try and kick me while im down ill break ur leg
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I tried to help. They were ganging up on one of the girls. I got hit in the head." "With a stiletto," Jonah helpfully threw in. "She got hit in the head with a stiletto.
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If a guy drew a charge on me, I tried to kick him in the balls.
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A pat on the back is six inches away from a kick up the ass.
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I've been kicked in the teeth more times in tennis than the law ought to allow.
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If someone burgles your house, and you knock them out, are you gonna apologize for knocking them out? No you're not, you're gonna stomp on their head, just like any other normal person would.
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Every man's got to figure out how to get beat sometime.
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First catch your Boer, then kick him.
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It's hard for thee to kick against the pricks
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The thing to remember about a kick is you go for his twigs and berries" ~Declan~
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If you can't take a good kicking, you shouldn't parade how much luckier you are than other people.
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To be slapped with a shoe is a dirty insult in the Muslim world.
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forcibly stopped them,
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Yelled, but Chuck was already off the box and running
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another headbutt,
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I just got pinned by a freakin' twelve year old.
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How does a boot to the groin region sound?" A quick smirk. "I'll even pay you." Tommy feigned shock. "Jeez, no wonder you're making no money. Your customer service is lousy.
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You cannot comfort a man and kick him at the same time.
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I have come, Sire, to complain of one of your subjects who has been so audacious as to kick me in the belly.
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Kicking a police car? Really?' Caleb shrugged. 'Car offended me. It was sitting right where I wanted to stand. What would you do?
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Is this you trying to cheer me up?"
"What are you ... going ... to do about it?" I asked. "Your Wussiness?"
He touched his index finger to my forehead. His voice was rough. "Tap. You're out, Ass Kicker.
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You've never kicked him in the bollocks - that should speak volumes to you.
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The first time he tapped her toe she thought it happened by accident. The second time, she kicked him.
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Kick him in the balls before he kicks you in yours
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I'm going to kick you in the head when I get home. Repeatedly.
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I don't like to kick people when they're down. I like to kick people when they're up.
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He's halfway sick and halfway stoned. He'd sure like to kick, but he's too far gone. So they wind him down with methadone.
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Do not kick a man when he is down or he might never get up.
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When boy likes you, you say no thank you. You don't kick him on the ground.
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I forgot how it feel like to have the top of my foot hurt so bad from kicking people on the face ...
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Well, if you didn't like that, this is going to feel like a swift kick to the nuts.
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I don't kick a man when he's down, unless I'm the one who put him down in the first place. I don't put him down unless he deserves it. And I don't break my word if I give it. So I'll give you my word.
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I had been pushed as far as I could stand
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Promise not to kick me again, and I'll promise not to kiss you again," he said.
"I only kicked you because you kissed me!
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I was out-niggered, and I will never be out-niggered again.
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Stop kicking me! I do not want to pee right now!
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Kick hard when you have the chance. Aim for parts that hurt. Hope you get lucky and his surprise shocks him into being stupid. Then knock him out with the shovel if you've got one handy. If not, go find the shovel." - Nora
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Ash held one finger up. "OK. Now listen-"
Mary-Lynnette kicked him in the shins. She knew it was inapporopriate, she knew it was uncalled-for, but she couldn't stop herself. She just had to.
"Oh, for God's sake," Ash said, hopping backward. "Are you crazy?
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This was uncalled for.
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I've kicked at Notre Dame the past four years, I've been in frigid cold weather, snow. I've kicked at Yankee Stadium in December, so whatever is thrown at me I'm able to do.
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You have a real talent for getting your ass kicked.
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Do you really want to kick a guy when he's down? Of course you do. That's when his head is nearest to your foot. You barely have to move it.
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A tiny part of me wanted to kick him, too, not because he was homeless, but because he was a judgmental asshole.
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I needed two stitches after Alex kicked the boot at me.
(on Ferguson)
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Are you going to kick somebody's ass?
I don't know. Maybe.
Well, I'm not going to worry. I've watched you spar with that martial arts dummy in the backyard lots of times, and you always win.
Thanks, buddy. I'll see you soon.
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When I get loose, Cabarro, your ass is the first one I'm kicking." "Oh good. Hope you get out soon. Been awhile since I had a good ass-kicking." Bastien made a kissy face at him. "Says the man who's so bruised, he looks like a two-year-old banana." "Now that's just mean and hurtful.
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Since no one said anything, I decided to make offense my best ... offense. You didn't call me up here to kill me, did you? Or to pay me back for staking you? Because the last time I saw you upright, you were ... rude.
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Pushed forward. A flying elbow struck his cheekbone just below his
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I am shocked both that I hurt him and that my shoe hit him, because I do throw like the proverbial girl. I hurl stuff around secure in the knowledge I'll miss my target.
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Every man's got to figure to get beat sometime.
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Baravetto was unconscious when we found him," Hi said. "What'd you do to the guy?"
"Kicked him in the balls, then brained him with a rolling pin. Twice.
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My face is burning and I want to kick her, I want to kick her, I want to kick her.
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Yelled, and finally got me on my cheek with a loud slap that made
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She kicked me off the bed!
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You punched him by accident.
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stomped up the stairs and then slammed
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It was a cheap shot. They won the game, move on. My thing is, I don't ask for a lot, but I demand my respect, especially from a guy like that.
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Zapped while zipping.
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It was a sucker punch. But you know who gets hit by sucker punches? Suckers.
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You kick a dog long enough, that dog is going to bite you or die.
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I've seen your foot up close."
Curran pointed to his chest. "I've seen it here." He moved his hand to his jaw. "Here." He touched the place over his cheek where my kick had cut him. "And here.
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A stubbed in the back could only be from a friend.
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I have never played against anybody like that in my life and I was pleased to be taken off.
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But I never again went through this street. There would be other men coming in this man's place and, ignorant of the incident, they would behave likewise. Why should I unnecessarily court another kick? I therefore selected a different walk.
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pushed from behind and that he heard an
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Why did you cut off my toe?
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Impressive," Court offered, gallantly bending to retrieve the shoe. "You should join the theater."
"Fuck you."
"I owed you that."
"Revenge is a dish best served with a side of handcuffs and a hard ass-fucking. Remember that."
Really is a dirty fighter. Goddamn.
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I may be a donkey but I can kick the wrong people.
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I was bullied at school.
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Do you have any idea what your sacrifice was?" he asked Chase.
"Yeah, my sanity," he mumbled under his breath.
I kicked him.