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The reason why it is easy to kill another person must be that one's imagination is too sluggish to conceive what his life means to him - the infinite possibilities of a succession of days which are furled in him, & have already been spent.
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All right, I said murder and I'll say it again as often as I like, so keep your hair on...
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Killing ain't fair, but somebody gotta do it.
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I kill because I can. I kill because no one stops me. I kill because no one is stopping them. I kill to protect the innocent.
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Doing nothing, badly.
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I suppose, if helping a patient die is killing, I suppose I'm a killer.
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This is, I believe, what happens when people take their own lives. They're not killing themselves, they're killing the world. Either to spare it pain or to cause it some, depending.
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A lifetime of hurt in one act of vengeance.
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I don't know and I don't care anymore. I was supposed to have my way for once, just once in my life. I did everything right and I got nothing for it.
I want to kill them all. no, better yet, I want to die. No, even bettter than that: I want to kill them all then die.
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Each killing steals a bit of humanity until a murderer is nothing more than an animal. A hunger replaces the spirit. A want for what was lost, but as with innocence, the soul can never be replaced. Joy, love, and peace flee such a vessel and in their stead blooms a desire for blood and death.
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Retribution. In a way, by asking me to kill
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I'm going to kill them all
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Killing is the ultimate refutation of our own humanity.
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Give me a one good fucking reason not to kill you.
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I am not Death. I am killing; I am the verb, I am the action, I am the performance.
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The greatest thrill is not to kill but to let live.
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I always wondered what it would be like to kill someone.
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From an early age I knew very strongly the lust to kill ...
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You've got to kill your darlings.
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If it was killing-and it was- then I thought it not murder, but a justifiable homicide, undertaken in desperate self defense.
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If you are killing time, it's not murder. It's suicide.
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Between killing and dying there's a third way: live
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I kill where I wish and none dare resist.
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Pity it is to slay the meanest thing.
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People wind up killing what they love most.
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I can't tell you. I would say that if I did, I would have to kill you, but that wouldn't be polite.
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I can't let the killing go on. No more death, not because of me. This is the only way. You and I both know it. Eio.
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But what was more violent than making people disbelieve in the worth of their own lives? What was more violent than making them believe they deserved less and less every day?
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For us what was killing was how nothing had changed. We'd been waiting to be transformed, and now here we were, back in our old life.
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It's not easy to kill; it's not supposed to be. If it is, then there's something wrong with you. But sometimes good people have to do unpleasant things just so we can come home at night to our kids.
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For twenty years and more the whole planet had been bombed, raped, ravaged, and gouged by people whose fury had so exceeded their judgment that the only thing they could think of to do to express their discontent was to kill somebody.
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Luckily, killing is prohibited these days, unless you do it en masse. They call it conquering." "So
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They kill. To feel safe. It almost never worked.
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Killing is unavoidable but is nothing to be proud of
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I don't believe in killing whatever the reason!
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If history teaches us anything at all, it is that sooner or later, wherever you go or whatever you do, the sad, brutal fact remains that you're almost bound to run into somebody or something that really needs killin'.
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Killing takes space. You need to move, to advance, to withdraw, and sometimes to just plain run for it.
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Kill not, cause no pain. Nonviolence is the greatest religion.
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Means are more important than ends in the civilized struggle for ideas. Our dreams may be the loveliest on earth, but if we wade through blood and terror to achieve them, we will arrive to find ourselves destroyed. Don't kill.
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They didn't want to kill me. They wanted to hurt me. And they were good at it.
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Once killing starts, it is difficult to draw the line.
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Nobody's trying to kill you, Deirdre. You're killing yourself.
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Nothing so completely verifies our perception of a thing as our killing of it.
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I don't enjoy killing, but when done righteously, it's just a chore, like any other.
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Each man kills the thing he loves
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Killing time is not murder, it is suicide.
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No one will ever kill me, they wouldn't dare
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... murder wol out
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Play with murder enough and it gets you one of two ways. It makes you sick, or you get to like it.
page 155
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There are worse things you can do to the people you love than kill them. The regular way is just to watch the world do it. Just read the newspaper.
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Betrayal was the greatest of all crimes, for it took all that was human within a person and made it a thing of pain. In the face of that, murder itself was surcease: it was quick, and it ended the anguish and despair of a life without hope.
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Some days, a killing spree seems like a good idea.
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Death is hungry and Destruction is determined and it does not like its intended victims to get away.
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Do you have a different name for killing when you wear a unifiorm to do it?
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Murder isn't that bad, we all die sometime anyway.
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There are times to kill and times not to kill. Please bear this in
mind with grave consideration.
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We do not believe in murder! We believe in convenience in our careers, in our cuisine, in our kills, and in our definitions.
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A killing was exactly what he didn't want to make because to make a killing you had to kill, and he lacked the killer instinct.
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Man kills, the things he love the most, sometimes by the virtue of hatred, crime, anger and war and sometimes by dramatizing his activities. But he is not aware that his killings are his own self-image.
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Kill me, or you are a murderer.
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What happened? Who do I need to kill?
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Most sacrilegious murder hath broke ope
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Having just enough life to enjoy being dead.
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There is no murder. We make murder, and it matters only to us.
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You kill yourself when you hate. It's the worst disease in the world.
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There are innumerable ways to murder a person, but the most subtle and pernicious of these is to mutilate the soul of the innocent by denying or downgrading their uniqueness and their beauty.
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The thing about killing is you don't know if you can actually do it until you actually do it.
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The only ones who kill are those prepared to be killed
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Death to the killers, bringing light to life.
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Why would I kill to know what she's thinking right now?
Probably because I enjoy killing.
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Life is a warfare against the malice of others.
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Revenge is a dish best eaten cold and there is no sweeter dish than outliving an enemy
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What does he do, Clarice? What is the first and principal thing he does, what need does he serve by killing? He covets. How do we begin to covet? We begin by coveting what we see every day.
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You think you are killing me. I think you are committing suicide.
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Let someone else get killed!
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If you kill what you love, you're damned.
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The same question arose in every soul: "For what, for whom, must I kill and be killed?" ... p982
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Even the young are killing each other.
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To burning my father to the ground.
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I am constantly torn between killing myself and killing everyone around me.
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There are times when you have to defend yourself or someone else against relentless evil. And some of those times the only defense that has any hope of succeeding is a one-time use of brutal, devastating force. At such times good people act brutally.
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To kill time is not murder, it's suicide.
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Killing somebody, even if you have to do it, it feels that bad?'
'Willy, it's one of the ugliest things in the world.
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You kill strangers deliberately so you don't accidentally kill the people you love.
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Killing was easy. Dying was something else.
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For he did not seem to know any way to do a person a kindness but by killing him.
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I get a kick out of murdering people.
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With every act of vengeance we murder part of ourselves.
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Killing someone is different in practice than it is in theory. There are factors you can't prepare for, feelings in the moment where you'll question everything you thought you knew about yourself, other feelings that might follow you long after the deed is done.
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People rarely want to kill, David. It's not the basic makeup of the healthy human mind. In most situations they will go to great lengths to avoid killing. Remember that, and it will help you.
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To kill was to be doomed. To kill was to die, yourself.
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I want to create, not kill.
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Two men. I had just killed two men. A killing machine, I hadn't even hesitated. Fear and rage settled deep in my chest, forming a layer of ice around my heart.
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I don't believe in killing people. I believe in locking you up for the rest of your life.
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It is hardest to kill the man who has the most to live for.' He took a pretend shot. 'The empty, the soulless, the hate-filled enemies drop like flies. Those who love, and love hard, are the ones left standing.
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Plunder, ravage and kill; the secret works of the repugnant. Since the fall of man and brother killing brother, evil has owned the night.
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Killing echoes inside you. It never goes away. Maybe some who have killed don't know that they've lost something, but they have.
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Man does not live by murder alone. He needs affection, approval, encouragement and, occasionally, a hearty meal.
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What can you do by killing? Nothing. You kill one dog, the master buys another-that's all there is to it.
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Going to pieces. To go to pieces so pointlessly and unnecessarily.