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My kinky, foul-mouthed romantic gentleman lover. -- Raine Miller
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14. Sensuality Sensuality -- Recovering Couples Anonymous
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What do you know? She liked to be told she was scary. Kinky. -- Kevin Hearne
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Unlike the millions who casually masturbate in solitude while looking at girlie pictures in Playboy and similar magazines, the massage man preferred an accomplice, an attendant lady of respectable appearance who would help him reduce the guilt and loneliness of this most lonely act of love. -- Gay Talese
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A rubber doll with a microchip can imitate human flesh without human feeling. Porn leaves an emptiness inside. Erotica sets up a vibration in the mind that sends pulsing waves through the body. -- Chloe Thurlow
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Parents should keep 'Eyes Wide Open' next to the 'Kinsey Report' on their shelves. -- Paul Fleischman
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Sexual activity is driven by the same aims and motives as reading poetry or listening to music: to escape the limitations imposed by the need for particularity in the consciousness. -- Colin Wilson
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The Art of Love: knowing how to combine the temperament of a vampire with the discretion of an anemone. -- Emile M. Cioran
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I came to consider the instinct as nothing more than the "motor aspect of pleasure."
-- Wilhelm Reich
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Erotic intelligence stretches far beyond a repertoire of sexual techniques. It is an intelligence that celebrates curiosity and play, the power of the imagination, and our infinite fascination with what is hidden and mysterious. -- Esther Perel
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There is no aphrodisiac like innocence -- Jean Baudrillard
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The passionate interest being shown to a man of Kendall's timid demeanor proved that there was no aphrodisiac more effective than end-of-season bachelorhood. -- Lisa Kleypas
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Sex game kinky, niggas call me Pinky -- Nicki Minaj
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{Rogers} sexual aim is "to convert a creature who is cool, dry, calm, articulate, independent, purposeful into a creature who is the opposite of these: to demonstrate to an animal which is pretending not to be an animal that it is an animal. -- Kingsley Amis
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The kinslayer is accursed in the eyes of gods and men, -- George R R Martin
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Kink crowds are the same the world over. The good ones are already taken, the hot ones only talk to each other, and everyone else is desperate. -- Alexis Hall
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The world of sexuality it finds is not entirely mature and pure, it is not human enough, only virile, rut, intoxication, restlessness, and weighed down by the old prejudices and arrogance with which men have disfigured and overburdened love. -- Rainer Maria Rilke
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In itself, no doubt, the natural and moderate satisfaction of the sexual instinct is a matter quite indifferent to morality. It is only in relation to something else that the satisfaction of a natural instinct can be said to be good or bad. -- Aldous Huxley
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Im Hunter. The guy who has sex like an animal. If you're with me. I'll fucking tear you to pieces" -Hunter (fierce) -- Clarissa Wild
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Hello, sex on legs -- Toni Aleo
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Eroticism is like a dance: one always leads the other. -- Milan Kundera
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I Like Gay Men, Right Ken? -- Eminem
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Eroticism challenges us to seek a different kind of resolution, to surrender to the unknown and ungraspable, and to breach the confines of the rational world. -- Esther Perel
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The erotic is a resource within each of us that lies in a deeply female and spiritual plane, firmly rooted in the power of our unexpressed or unrecognized feeling ... -- Audre Lorde
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So you're a dom, huh? Nice." I stabbed my pancakes again. "Kinky."
"You're the one who ties people up, babe. -- Lilith Saintcrow
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We play in the jungle gym of sexuality until our spirit takes us out into a clear field where we can see the stars, the ten thousand radiances of enlightenment. One of those radiances is the dance of sexuality. -- Frederick Lenz
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The pervert."
"He prefers to think of himself as sexual deviant."
"Semantics. -- Ilona Andrews
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Sex, a great and mysterious motive force in human life, has indisputably been a subject of absorbing interest to mankind through the ages. -- William J. Brennan Jr.
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Smart as a whip, kinky enough to own one. -- R.g. Alexander
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Rack?" "You know, R-A-C-K," Mason spelled out. "Risk-aware, consensual kink. It's a level beyond S-S-C." "Safe, sane and consensual," Mark replied, glad he at least knew that one, and feeling foolish that he hadn't heard of RACK before, though he understood and practiced the concept behind it. "Yep. -- Claire Thompson
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When sex was something godlike, Lust was the profane curiosity that killed many a straying cat. Now, having removed mystery, Lust is less a long-standing, overpowering yearning, more a sudden craving of the appetite. Less quest, more impulse buy. -- Geoffrey Wood
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A little more than kin, a little less than kind. -- William Shakespeare
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All of us have observed how often our erotic attractions reflect a mysterious but consistent taste, almost as if we were ordering a favorite dish -- Francine Prose
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The inextinguishable lesbian spark. You've surely heard about it? The one that was first ignited at Lesbos, because Sappho was so sad every time a young woman left the academy that she wrote her a poem. Fancy being sad because someone leaves! Perverted, that's what I call it. Don't you? -- Gerd Brantenberg
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Thrilling to the sensation of hard, teeming flesh. -- Emma Holly
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The Gay Science, section 108 -- Friedrich Nietzsche
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You're just gonna create somebody who is, I was gonna say, 'toying with his sexuality.' Pardon the pun. -- Christine O'donnell
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In this book I do not intend to give a blow-by-blow description of a sex bout: I find them inartistic, clinical and unpoetic. The circumstances that lead up to sex I find more interesting. -- Charlie Chaplin
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Sexual love is a troubled and problematic relationship in cultures where there is a strong sense of man's separation from nature, especially when the realm of nature is felt to be inferior or contaminated with evil. -- Alan Watts
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Are vampires kinky? I didn't know. -- Roger Ebert
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Chaste with a chance of inveterate lust. -- David Levithan
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The most refined form of sexual attractiveness - as well as the most refined form of sexual pleasure - consists in going against the grain of one's sex. -- Susan Sontag
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A hunter in love with his prey. -- Sophie Jordan
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Magdalene's handjobs, -- Ian Tregillis
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Looking for a sizzling menage romance? I've got you covered. -- Scarlett Avery
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[Erotica] contains the idea of love, positive choice, and the yearning for a particular person. -- Gloria Steinem
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It's just sexual tension. Hardcore, animalistic, lick his body all over, sexual tension. - Norah -- Angela Richardson
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Repress the natural and it comes back even stronger: not everyone can be a fetishist -- Philippe Lejeune
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It seems I have a knack for kink in ink. -- Sai Marie Johnson
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Eroticism thrives in the space between the self and the other. -- Esther Perel
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Jesus. To think I thought I'd have to be dealing with hazing and marijuana possession. Who's that girl out there, by the way? You kissed her?"
"No," Gansey replied truthfully.
"You should," she said. "Do you like her?"
"She's weird. You're weird. -- Maggie Stiefvater
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Kinsey thought that Freud in his own way was as dangerous as the Catholic Church. -- Bill Condon
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I'm a sexual person. A lot of different people turn me on and have over the years, and I've always wanted to make it very clear that this was not coming from some sort of antimale point of view. -- Sandra Bernhard
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Don't we all have an itch for kitsch? -- Matei Calinescu
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I think that one should view with philosophic admiration the strange paths of the libido and should investigate the purposes of its circuitous ways. -- Carl Jung
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What sort of perverse beast uses sex to lure a woman into a game of table tennis? -- R.r. Hood
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In using the style of the erotic/pornographic story, I am interested in dismantling stereotypes of an essential feminine identity, particularly one of exclusive tenderness and passivity. -- Barbara Degenevieve
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A man's eroticism is a woman's sexuality. -- Karl Kraus
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They were a tangle of limbs on the bed, limbs and f lesh and bodies entwined so fully, joined so deeply, that it was as if they were sealed together. The heat had melted and merged them. They weren't even human now, but sex in its rawest, purest form. -- Anonymous
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Kelly O. realized she had a problem with her Ouija board when an aggressive entity turned the planchette into a sex toy and sent it slithering up her thigh. -- Rosemary Ellen Guiley
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Nothing is better for "spiritual advancement" & the detachment of the flesh than a close reading of the "Erotic Dictionary. -- Remy De Gourmont
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For a woman there is nothing more erotic than being understood. -- Molly Haskell
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Lesbians, homosexuals, masochism, sadism are not perversions. Actually, there are only two perversions: hockey on grass and ballet on ice. -- Faina Ranevskaya
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When do we start?"
"Give me a minute to change from vanilla guy to kinky guy. -- C.d. Reiss
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wtf even is your sexuality -- Dan Howell
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Queer. And not in the way I like. -- Jordan Castillo Price
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The flick of her hip is distilled erotica, a practiced sexuality. -- Thomm Quackenbush
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An illicit love affair seems sweetly old-fashioned in the age of one night stands and orgies. -- Mason Cooley
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Katherine Kenton remains among the generation of women who feel that the most sincere form of flattery is the male erection. -- Chuck Palahniuk
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An orgasm -- for all that ails you.

-Kelly's thoughts -- Marie Harte
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wtf even is my sexuality -- Dan Howell
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Greek pederasty honored the erotic magnetism of male adolescence in a way that today brings police to the door. Children are more conscious and perverse than parents like to think. -- Camille Paglia
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The emotion of sex is an "irresistible force," against which there can be no such opposition as an "immovable body." When driven by this emotion, men become gifted with a super power for action. -- Napoleon Hill
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Erotic play discloses a nameless world which is revealed by the nocturnal language of lovers. Such language is not written down. It is whispered into the ear at night in a hoarse voice. At dawn it is forgotten. -- Jean Genet
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Whatever the dangers in sex, gay men's innate drive to make love to other men corrects, redeems, and intervenes on a world gone mad with man-to-man violence. -- Douglas Sadownick
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I love that word. Gaydar. So clever."
"I'm afraid mine is broken," Burke said. "It never occurred to me that you were gay."
"It's because I'm teeming with masculinity," Gaither joked. -- Michael Thomas Ford
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Kate Daniels, trained negotiator. When in possession of some valuable information, give it away to the first sexy man you see with no guarantee of return. -- Ilona Andrews
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Warlock D. J. Prod of Didsbury says:
My wife used to sneer at my feeble charms, but one month into your fabulous Kwikspell course and I succeeded in turning her into a yak!
Thank you, Kwikspell! -- J.k. Rowling
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All of us from fertile egg to embryo to corpse, are exactly that: warm, wet, furry animals compelled by the sexuality of our forefathers and foremothers to be, either directly or indirectly, our own exciting and excitable, provocative and provocable selves. -- Lynn Margulis
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Sexual thrills are not all physical, and although Parlabane was an unlikely seducer, even on the intellectual plane, it was clear that his desire was, by this prolonged tickling, to bring me to an orgasm of the mind. -- Robertson Davies
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Woman, especially her sexuality, provides the object of endless commentary , description, supposition. But the result of all the telling only deepens the enigma and makes woman's erotic force something that male storytelling can never quite explain or contain. -- Peter Brooks
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I keep forgetting who I'm dealing with. The Queen of Kink."
"I'm a trained submissive. More like King's Consort. I'm not worthy to hold actual rank," she said with a wink.
"Well, I'm honored to consort with you."
Eleanor gave him her best wicked grin. "Then consort with me already. -- Tiffany Reisz
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We must escape and help others to escape the two readymade formulas of the pure sexual encounter and the lovers' fusion of identities. -- Michel Foucault
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Eroticize intelligence. -- Douglas Coupland
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Sexuality with all its attendant yearnings and pains, jealousies and taboos, is the most disturbing impulse humans have. -- John Steinbeck
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The anxiety of the sexual act is my sexual act: a love story. -- Melissa Broder
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Mental seduction. He'd never thought it possible -- Karen Ranney
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Over the top sex - Actionjackson -- Scarlett Avery
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Fetish is a straight-up sex song. -- Joan Jett
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Kiril. His name was but a whisper upon the wind, a sigh upon her lips.
Her gaze silently begged him while her hands continued their magic upon his aching cock. As if he could deny her
or himself
the pleasure that awaited. -- Donna Grant
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Every modern male has, lying at the bottom of his psyche, a large, primitive being covered with hair down to his feet. Making contact with this Wild Man is the step the Eighties male or the Nineties male has yet to take. That bucketing-out process has yet to begin in our contemporary culture. -- Robert Bly
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I feel like a wild animal in heat, and I want to fuck like one -- Roxy Sloane
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The sexual stage invites lovers to become whoever they want, enticed with endless possibilities of characters, roles, situations and scenarios to play-act. It is a chance for us to trade in our self-imposed labels and everyday identity for something a little more adventurous. -- Miya Yamanouchi
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What lurking temptations to forbidden tenderness find their finding-places in a woman's dressing-gown, when she is alone in her room at night! -- Wilkie Collins
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A male after my own heart. And don't knock perversion, you judgmental little fuck. You never know when you might find it appealing. -- J.r. Ward
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All sex, and indeed all pleasure, must include a poisonous drop of perversion, of devilish transgression - of evil, even - for it to be worth getting into bed for. -- Hanif Kureishi
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He was explicit sex, personified.
I was hungered curiosity, caged.
And as long as I held onto the key, my heart would remain unscathed. -- K.m. Golland
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I am inspired by human sexuality. The act itself is mechanical and holds little interest to me. -- Jerzy Kosinski
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That soft seduction of need and want, an equation of dependence that eases under the skin, so slow and sweet, only to lay a man open at the very time he most needs his strength. -- Mark Lawrence
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A part of sexuality may go to research, and a much larger part must lead to aesthetic creation. The art of the future will, because of the very opportunities and materials it will have at its command, need an infinitely stronger formative impulse than it does now. -- John Desmond Bernal