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Knight, one look, yeah, the guy is a guy you do not fuck with, but other than that, class, command, confidence and cash. And that last in a way that he just has it because he earns it, and he's not in your face about it because he's got so much of the other three he doesn't need to be. -- Kristen Ashley
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Hither came Conan, the Cimmerian, black-haired, sullen-eyed, sword in hand, a thief, a reaver, a slayer, with gigantic melancholies and gigantic mirth, to tread the jeweled thrones of the Earth under his sandaled feet. -- Robert E. Howard
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So quiet now my dearest knight
your armor shines white still
for my lips shall not say the words
that make you flee with fear
White Knight -- Shay Leigh
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A true knight has a strict code of chivalry by which he lives his life: He cannot refuse a challenge and he always keeps his word. I also have a code of honor, but it is flexible. -- Joseph Delaney
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Knighthood lies above eternity; it doesn't live off fame, but rather deeds. -- Dejan Stojanovic
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Never judge another knight without first knowing the strength and cunning of the dragons he fights. -- Richelle E. Goodrich
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A warrior so bold, and a virgin so bright,
Conversed as they sat on the green.
They gazed on each other with tender delight,
Alonzo the Brave was the name of the knight
The maiden's the Fair Imogene. -- Matthew Gregory Lewis
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Kingship wrought of Infinite worship,
Quick-forged by the Swift Sure Hand;
Bold in Righteousness,
Valiant in Justice,
A sword of honor to defend the clans of Albion! -- Stephen R. Lawhead
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Path of knight-errantry, and in pursuit of that calling I despise wealth, but not honour. I -- Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra
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You have another choice, though," Prince Baelor said quietly. "Whether it is a better choice or a worse one, I cannot say, but I remind you that any knight accused of a crime has the right to demand trial by combat. So I ask you once again, Ser Duncan the Tall - how good a knight are you? Truly? -- George R R Martin
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I've told you that I'm a tricksy wight, and I am, my sweet. But there are those in the Seelie Court who would make me seem a very perfect knight. -- Emma Bull
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The mystery knight prevails against all challengers, and wonder dances in his wake. -- George R R Martin
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The word knight, which originally meant boy or servant, was particularly applied to a young man after he was admitted to the privilege of bearing arms. -- Thomas Bulfinch
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Her father said she was a princess. He did not see that she was a brave knight. -- Anne Ursu
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I don't want a knight in shining armor.
I don't want a knight in scuffed armor.
I want his helmet to have dents. I want my knight to be real, and dark and savage. I want my knight to be a survivor. Someone who's been tested and got through his trails. Not some pussy in gleaming metal. -- Belle Aurora
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Without honor, a knight is no more than a common killer. It is better to die with honor than to live without it. -- George R R Martin
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A knight whose heart is set upon the Way, but who is ashamed of wearing shabby clothes and eating coarse food, is not worth calling into counsel. -- Confucius
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Making a square around the greatest living Olympic Knight, like a wolfpack come upon a great panther of the forest. -- Pierce Brown
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Anglo-Saxon barbarians. Arthur should have been made a Knight -- William W. Johnstone
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Chadwickius frenemus, -- Heather Vogel Frederick
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Some knights are dark and full of terror, my lady. War makes monsters of us all. -- George R R Martin
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I have fought my fight, I have lived my life,
I have drunk my share of wine;
From Trier to Coln there was never a knight
Led a merrier life than mine. -- Charles Kingsley
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Dude, I'm Brandon Knight. I'm not gonna kill you. -- Bella Jeanisse
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To ... to ... What the heck to call a duke who 'comes a monk?"

"Brother?" Colin ventured.

Will shook his head. "A bit too familiar. How 'bout BrotherYourGrace?"

"Got it," Colin exclaimed. "Your Celibacy. Get it? Your Celibacy. -- Patricia Coughlin
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Earnest young knights are my favorite. I love the looks on their faces when they realize that they're being slow-cooked in their own armor. -- Jessica Day George
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Sam said he doesn't have time for a boyfriend, much less Knight Delicious Face."
"Remind me why you call him that?" Pete asked.
"Uh, pretty simple, Pete," I said. "He's a knight. And his face is delicious. -- T.j. Klune
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I will protect those who cannot protect themselves.
Second Ideal of the Knights Radiant -- Brandon Sanderson
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A knight sets out to illuminate the darkness in society, not from its leaves but from its roots. This is how justice will be realized. Find the source -- Ethan Hawke
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So faithful in love, and so dauntless in war, There never was knight like young Lochinvar. -- Walter Scott
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This meant I had it all from Knight, at least in bed. Scary, crazy, hot. Adventurous. Consuming. Excruciating. Exciting. Unexpected. Slow. Lazy. Gentle. Sweet. Never -- Kristen Ashley
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The Warrior Elite, -- Marcus Luttrell
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A knight's a sword with a horse. The rest, the vows and the sacred oils and the lady's favors, they're silk ribbons tied round the sword.
Maybe the sword's are prettier with ribbons hanging off it, but it will kill you just as dead. -- George R R Martin
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A half-equipped little knight she was, venturing to reconnoitre the mysterious city and dreaming wild dreams of some vague, far-off supremacy ... -- Theodore Dreiser
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Everybody is always saying what a parfit, gentle knight I am, but it has nothing to do with me. It is Arthur's idea. It is what he has wished on all the younger generation, like Gareth, and now it is fashionable. -- T.h. White
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I would not guess Knight was a classical man. I would guess he was an unbelievably good-looking psychopath but not one who listed to Beethoven (or whoever). -- Kristen Ashley
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Peaceful Warrior -- Hill Harper
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When his apprenticeship was finished (the candidate for Knighthood) was received into the Knightly Order by a ritual of sacramental awe ... -- Ariel Durant
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Better a long life as a squire than a shore one as a soiled knight. -- George R R Martin
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Your knight in shining aroumor may just be an idiot in tin-foil. -- Alexis M. Smith
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Must I say it, ser? You call me love, yet you refuse me, when I have most desperate need of you. Is it so wrong of me to want a knight to keep me safe? - Arianne -- George R R Martin
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I'm not a princess but Ryan is a knight, he just belongs to someone else. -- Katie Mcgarry
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prince of those Whose lore in words of wisdom flows. Whose constant care and chief delight -- Valmiki
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Poor Knight! he really had two periods, the firsta dull man writing broken English, the seconda broken man writing dull English. -- Vladimir Nabokov
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Knight was walking to me; dark gray, drawstring pajama bottoms on, long-ish hair sexy messy from sleep, chest with its enticing array of dark hair bared, eyes on me. -- Kristen Ashley
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A knight trusts in his own judgement, and the weight of his sword. -- Mark Lawrence
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A true knight is fuller of bravery in the midst, than in the beginning of danger. -- Philip Sidney
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It was all for the best. I am an elf, and he is a human. Thomas is a Knight, and I am a Princess. His Knighthood meant nothing in this world. Though it did make me wonder what it meant in his. In his world, did Knights and Princesses fall in love? I doubted it. -- Rae Z. Ryans
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Fight on, brave knights! Man dies, but glory lives! Fight on; death is better than defeat! Fight on brave knights! for bright eyes behold your deeds! -- Walter Scott
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I am your knight in dark, shining, and wickedly laden armor. -- Suzanne Steele
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What baron or squire Or knight of the shire Lives half so well as a holy friar. -- John O'keefe
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He had transformed, from "Froschjunge," or "Frog boy," to her very own knight in shining armor. -- Melanie Dickerson
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This knight was indeed a valiant gentleman; but not a little given to romance, when he spake of himself. -- John Evelyn
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You, know, I always thought I wanted a knight in shining armor ... But I like my dashing rouge much better ... Angel, shiny armor just means the knight never went to battle ... -- Nichole Chase
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Remember, there were dragons long before men came into the world. Why, it was none other than The Great Dragons of Yore who invented the idea of knighthood. Yes, yes, that's right! Dragons had knights, Kings, princesses and queens long before men crawled out of the muck. -- Sully Tarnish
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I'm not a Knight. I'm a Bishop. Or at least I am trying to be. And traveling with you is the most slantwise, backward thing I can possibly think of, which in this place probably means it's the right thing to do. -- Catherynne M Valente
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Carrowicus much drunkicus or Hot-assicus in my greedy handsicus. -- Kresley Cole
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Even a hedge knight has his honor. -- George R R Martin
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Princes of courtesy, merciful, proud and strong. -- Henry Newbolt
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Some women waited for a night in shining armor. She, apparently, had ended up with a knight in black jeans and leather, who wanted to chase her down and have his evil way with her. -- Ilona Andrews
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Knights are cavalry, bishops are archers, rooks are cannons and queens are wizards. -- Jacob Aagaard
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Lady, I have never been a hero, no Ryam Redwyne or Barristan the Bold. I've won no tourneys, no renown in war ... but I was a knight once, and you have helped me remember what that meant. My life is a poor thing, but it is yours. -- George R R Martin
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We no need to be a knight for to live in a castle and fight for a better life. -- Jan Jansen
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Knights don't cry."
"They certainly do," said the Comandante, taking the boy's hand, "but only when they are clean and dressed, and wearing shoes. Do you think you can wait that long?"
"I'll do my best. -- Anne Fortier
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Prince Achilles! Aristos Achaion! As -- Madeline Miller
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Today the American knight holds the commercial supremacy of the world. -- Betsy Ross
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The youthfull knight could not for ought be staide,
But forth vnto the darksome hole he went,
And looked in:his glistring armor made
A litle glooming light, much like a shade, -- Edmund Spenser
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While the traditional image of knights in armour is accurate and widely accepted, the equally representative image of knights wearing corsets and suspender belts is perhaps less well known. -- Ian Mortimer
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Slay like the knights of the Round Table -- Me
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Oh what can ail thee, knight-at-arms, Alone and palely loitering? -- John Keats
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my very own knight in shining armor (he just doesn't know it yet) -- Mary Kubica
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Fly not, cowards and vile beings, for a single knight attacks you. -- Miguel De Cervantes
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My new knight mistress is famed for wielding sharp edges: Sword, Knife and Tongue! -- Tamora Pierce
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What was it Catelyn Stark had called them, that night at Bitterbridge? The knights of summer. And now it was autumn and they were falling like leaves ... -- George R R Martin
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Habit maketh no monk, ne wearing of gilt spurs maketh no knight. -- Geoffrey Chaucer
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You must understand, wizard. Once you are my Knight, once this last quest of yours is complete, you are mine. You will destroy what I wish you to destroy. Kill whatsoever I wish you to kill. You will be mine, blood, bone, and breath. Do you understand this? -- Anonymous
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Dark Star Safari, -- Amanda Lindhout
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It is chivalry that makes a true knight, not a sword. -- George R R Martin
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Forgiveness from the heart is a knightly style of life. -- Kristian Goldmund Aumann
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Why?" he asked Pate. "What am I to them?"
"A knight who remembered his vows," the smith said. -- George R R Martin
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Always Sir Arthur lost so much blood that it was a marvel he stood on his feet, but he was so full of knighthood that knightly he endured the pain. -- Thomas Malory
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Less of a Galahad than a Lancelot, thought Archer. A flawed knight in a flawed world, unstable yet unyielding. -- David Gemmell
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It's not the Mistletoe Knight that these knights are coming for. It's the girl. Lady Jaclyn." "The girl?" Blaise echoed. "She is rumored to be the fairest in the land. Most of these men have come in hopes of winning the land, not for the castle, but for the woman. -- Laurel O'donnell
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Remember the White Knight. -- Trenton Lee Stewart
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And the mystery knight should defeat all challengers and name the wolf maid the queen of love and beauty. -- George R R Martin
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Welcome to the Knight Bus, emergency transport for the stranded witch or wizard. Just stick out your wand hand, step on board, and we can take you anywhere you want to go. My name is Stan Shunpike, and I will be your conductor this eve - -- J.k. Rowling
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Hello, everyone and Probies," Jeff said. "Especially a very healthy Merit." "Hello, my knight in shining armor," I said, taking a seat. "Or at least my knight with a very shiny reflective blanket. -- Chloe Neill
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In blitz, the Knight is stronger than the Bishop -- Vlastimil Hort
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Are all knights so gentle? (Taryn)
I know not, Taryn, since I don't make it my habit to lie abed with other knights. (Sparhawk) -- Sherrilyn Kenyon
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Stand and answer! Why are ye come? By whom are ye sent to trouble me? I am a knight of the Great King. In the King's Name, speak!

~Sir Constant -- W.e. Cule
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The very purpose of a knight is to fight on behalf of a lady. -- Thomas Malory
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Now, I came to everyone else's rescue. Screw the knights in shining armor. This beauty of the night came to your rescue with pointed fangs and skintight leather then, as a thank-you, sucked your blood in payment. -- Eve Langlais
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I believe in white knights, but the only knight in this story is me. No one saved me. I've fallen so far that I can't even see the way out anymore. I'm at the bottom of Hell and I found you. -- H.m. Ward
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I choose you, James Thomas Kellan MacCrae,to be my king and coruler. -- Carey Corp
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Saw Knight smiling, Kat giggling and Kasha in her own world, not helping her father and sister, but for some reason she was in the middle of the kitchen twirling. There it was again. Knight was a natural at everything he touched. -- Kristen Ashley
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Possessions can be, and most often are, a distraction from the real work of a knight's life. A lion doesn't own anything at all, yet we all know his power. -- Ethan Hawke
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I am the herald of the Great King. -- Francis Of Assisi
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The mind's only perfect vassal. -- Henry Theodore Tuckerman
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All Knights must bleed. Blood is the seal of our devotion. -- George R R Martin
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Sweet smile is half again as sinister as her sister's razor. Beside her is an Olympic Knight, the Storm Knight -- Pierce Brown
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As I princessed in the tower, he knight-in-shining-armoured up the drive. -- John Harding