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Knowing was a temptation. What you don't know won't tempt you.
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Knowing yet not knowing is a strange sensation, like being split in two
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What you don't know
You can feel it somehow
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Knowledge is knowing that we cannot know.
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To be too knowing is a downfall.
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there something you know and
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Shall I tell you what knowledge is? It is to know both what one knows and what one does not know.
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Sometimes not knowing can be a lot worse than knowing - even if knowing proves to be very painful.
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There is something I do not know, the knowing of which could change everything.
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Knowing is not understanding. There is a great difference between knowing and understanding: you can know a lot about something and not really understand it.
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One who "knows," knows there is no need to discourse; knowing is enough
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Sometimes I just know things.
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Seeking to know is too often learning to doubt
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Talk was one thing, but knowing was something else entirely.
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The connection between doing and knowing is breaking down.
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Knowing is the same thing as the inner voice.
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...knowing often felt preferable to not knowing. It provided the illusion of control.
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The urge to know scrapes against the inability to know.
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Knowing is important, but understanding is everything.
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Knowledge is a function of being. When there is a change in the being of the knower, there is a corresponding change in the nature and amount of knowing.
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Wisdom is knowing when you don't know
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What is more basic than the need to be known? It is the entirety of intimacy, the elixir of love, this knowing.
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To know what you know and what you do not know, that is true knowledge.
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Sometimes we just know things.
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Foreknowledge is power.
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To know is to observe, to understand is to experience
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Knowledge is sweeter found than given
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There are those who act without knowing; I will have none of this. To hear a lot, choose the good, and follow it, to see a lot and learn to recognize it: this is next knowledge.
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There is a knowingness that is as much a part of us as flesh and blood and bones. It's intuition, the deepest natural knowing ... Intuition is the voice within forever pressing us to stretch ourselves, to take risks, to keep loving and giving birth to a new self, regardless of circumstances.
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Knowing the answer is knowledge and knowing the question is wisdom.
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Understanding is the key to true knowledge
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The difference between the Known and Unknown is just Knowing it.
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What you know is what you share
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Death is the perfect knowing.
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Knowing and feeling are two different things, and feeling is what counts.
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The man who thinks he knows does not yet know what knowing is
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The goal is to know how not-to-know.
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The most elusive knowledge of all is self-knowledge.
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I only know how little I know
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Though I play at the edges of knowing,
truly I know
our part is not knowing,
but looking, and touching, and loving
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To know non-knowing is optimal
to imagine one knows
is affliction of mind
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Understanding is the sure and clear knowledge of some invisible thing.
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You know more than you think you know, just as you know less than you want to know.
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I only know when I don't know a thing ... wisdom lies in that.
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Knowing something is not as good as liking it. Liking something is not as good as rejoicing in it.
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Some people say, "How can you live without knowing?" I do not know what they mean. I always live without knowing. That is easy. How you get to know is what I want to know.
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It's not what you know, it's when you know it.
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To know is one thing, and to know for certain that we know is another. One
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I don't know. I don't know anything, really. I just feel. And when the feeling is strong enough, then I just say I know. But I don't ...
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Not knowing should not be an excuse when the matter of knowing becomes a turning point in one's life
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It was the greatest sensation of existence: not to trust but to know.
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The knowing is easy. It's the doing that gives us trouble.
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Knowing someone is not enough
You need to understand them
Because knowing and understanding are different
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Know what you do not know.
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Knowledge is the barrier to knowing. When knowledge is dropped, knowing flowers.
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All that you can imagine you already know
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Learning how to recognize and act on your Inner Knowing is the greatest tool for discovering what's important now by living in the present.
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Too much knowing is misery.
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Being, be bold and venture to be wise.
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To know an object is to lead to it through a context which the world provides
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It's like knowing your way through the forest. You don't keep the whole forest in your mind, but wherever you are, you know where to go next.
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If you don't know, recognise that you don't know. If you know, acknowledge that you know. That is knowledge.
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What I have been taught, I have forgotten; what I know, I have guessed.
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To know. Not to know about.
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The more you know, the more you know that you don't know.
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Know yourself, to know others.
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The ability to admit that you do not know is the surest indication of your enduring strength
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from one thing, know ten thousand things
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Fear of knowing is very deeply a fear of doing.
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In reference to right answers - Knowing is a process, not a product.
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Knowing is NOT the most important thing. To be able to FIND OUT is more important than knowing.
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The problem with knowing is that it takes away the possibility of pretending!
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My dear, how will you ever learn unless you first don't know?
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What is not worth understanding is not knowing.
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The ability to know one's limitations, to recognize the bounds of one's own comprehension - this is a kind of knowing that approaches wisdom.
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Learning is not the accumulation of knowledge, but rather, one thing only: understanding
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There is nothing better than not knowing.
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Knowledge is the rediscovering of our own insight.
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Wisdom is knowing how little we know.
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Learning is the measurement of knowledge before and after.
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The more one knows, the luckier he is, for knowledge is the greatest gift in life.
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Self-knowledge is an anchor that makes unpredictability tolerable.
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To know you can do better next time, unrecognizably better, and that there is no next time, and that it is a blessing there is not, there is a thought to be going on with.
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We know less when we erroneously think we know than when we recognize that we don't.
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There is no knowing that does not begin with knowing God.
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When you are ignorant about something, to know that you are ignorant about it - that is knowledge.
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To know is sometimes good, but to have the wisdom to accept what you cannot know is better.
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I think there's a knowingness in my face.
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Depth of feeling and clarity of thought isn't the same as knowing.
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We all know more than we know we know.
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Once you know some things, you can't unknow them. It's a burden that can never be given away.
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Knowledge is too final. Not knowing lets you dream a little.
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Knowledge is in the end based on acknowledgement.
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This is ... self-knowled ge-for a man to know what he knows, and what he does not know.
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There was a young man who said though, it seems that I know that I know, but what I would like to see is the I that knows me when I know that I know that I know.
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Streams of conscious 'knowing' flows like the Nile when one is open from within.
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Self-knowledge is the great power by which we comprehend and control our lives
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There are things you may know in your heart for a long while without admitting them to conscious awareness, until, unexpectedly, something triggers an inescapable realization.
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Know thyself because what else is there to know?
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Not knowing makes it worse. I