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How do you spell it?" I asked. It sounded like Ky-den. Jay spelled it for me. "It's A-I, like Thai food," he explained. -- Wendy Higgins
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Behold Akar Kessell, the Tyrant of Icewind Dale!" he cried. "People of Ten-Towns, your master has come!" "Your words are a bit premature - " Cassius began, but Kessell cut him short with a frenzied scream. "Never interrupt me!" the wizard shouted, -- R.a. Salvatore
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Nothing on Krynn is more dangerous than a bored kender. -- Margaret Weis
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... Yelena? Hello?" Leif poked my arm.
"I'm here."
"What are we going to do?" Leif asked me.
"It's too late to go anywhere else. Kiki and the horses will watch the outside of the building and alert me if anyone approaches."
"Ooh, guard horses. How quaint. -- Maria V. Snyder
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Kahlan guide me. Kahlan teach me. Kahlan protect me. In your light I thrive. In your mercy I am sheltered. In your wisdom I am humbled. I live only to love you. My life is yours. -- Terry Goodkind
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Yorda...that's your name? -- Miyuki Miyabe
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The ironic thing is I took Kole from a family name - we had a vote and they had a few names, but Kole won - and getting it spelled with a 'K' is a constant correction, too. I'll never not be Warren Blosjo; it's just my stage name. -- Warren Kole
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Jael returned the lazy smile. "You're not my type."
"Well, you're not anybody's type," said Hazael. "No, wait. I take it back. My sword says she'd like to know you better. -- Laini Taylor
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Ky's story, bit by bit, is turning to ash and nothing. Except. He remembers it, and now I do, too. -- Ally Condie
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Amanda - "Oh God, I just kissed a vampire!" Kyrian - "Oh Gods, I just kissed a human! -- Sherrilyn Kenyon
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Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, everybody loves them. But I thought this was interesting on the box, 'Konsult Kardiologist. -- David Letterman
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The first time Kyuss was about to get signed, they're like, 'We'd like to sign you!' and we just said, 'No! Forget it!' because we thought people were always trying to invade everything. -- Josh Homme
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Ky can play this game. He can play all of their games, including the one in front of him that he just lost. He knows exactly how to play, and that's why he loses every time. -- Ally Condie
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Ky wants someone to see him. He wants me to see him. -- Ally Condie
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YURIT - discover it! -- Stella Dunn
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Around Karsa Orlong, I suspect, only Karsa Orlong has his way. -- Steven Erikson
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So what have I missed." Ingra asked Javal "Not much but hey I managed to reach your friend in Islette so all's good." Javal sounded nervous but why would he be nervous? -- Charon Lloyd-Roberts
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Let me spell my name out for you, it's Ricky:
R: Ravishing, I: Impress,
C: Courageous or Careless,
K: for the Kangols which I've got,
That I wear everyday and Y: Why not? -- Slick Rick
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Simi? You got some free time? (Kat)
Of course I do. You know akri on Olympus with that heifer-goddess I want to eat, but he won't let the Simi have no dinner. So why you calling me, little akra-kitty? (Simi) -- Sherrilyn Kenyon
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The personal appearance of the Great Kaan, Lord of Lords, whose name is Cublay, is such as I shall now tell you. -- Marco Polo
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Holy fucking Jesus toast, Kyrie. -- Jasinda Wilder
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My name is Kaida, and I am Nyiathan. -- Laura E. Taylor
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Obviously a fake Kyp. You distract him. I'll shoot him under the table.
Han (to Leia) -- Aaron Allston
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Kirito . . . teach me how to use a sword. -- Reki Kawahara
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Before he could think past his rage, Aaron launched himself
at Kyran. His first strike was dodged by a chuckling Kyran. His
second was caught.

"Easy," Kyran said, holding on to Aaron's clenched fist.
"You'll pull something. -- S.f. Mazhar
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Akela, the great gray Lone Wolf, who led all the Pack by strength and cunning, lay out at full length on his rock, and below him sat forty or more wolves of every size and color, from badger-colored veterans who could handle a buck alone to young black three-year-olds who thought they could. The -- Rudyard Kipling
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The best way to spell victory? K-I-L-L. -- Gena Showalter
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He had always called her "Krys," which nobody else had ever done. She had liked being Krys. -- J.k. Rowling
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Sukhvinder wished that she could be more like Krystal: funny and tough; impossible to intimidate; always coming out fighting. -- J.k. Rowling
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Damn it, Mariel," Kieran growled and spun her around to face him once more. "Ye belong to me."
Her heart skipped a beat. He wanted her. Mariel wrenched her arm from his hold but did not back down from the heat of his stare. "Then be a man and take what's yours. -- Madeline Martin
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From her own life experience Keldaren knew that loveable hunks were in short supply anywhere in the galaxy, loveable hunks who knew her were an extinct species, and that more marketing companies than friends had her phone number. -- L.l. Watkin
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The boy I was craved Kat. The man I am craves Milla. -- Gena Showalter
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His Tender Roni. -- Ana E Ross
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The Klit brothers should first fight each other, and the winner should fight me. -- David Haye
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Is that all your life is?" Kylar asked, finally looking up. "Tests and challenges?"
"My life? That's all life is. -- Brent Weeks
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Hermann Buhl with K2. First -- James M. Tabor
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You were on the other side of the world, but I often woke with the scent of you surrounding me. I ached for you, Kells. No matter how much Kishan thrashed me, it couldn't diminish the pain of losing you. I'd dream of you and reach out to touch you, but you were always just out of reach. -- Colleen Houck
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KAIROS A unique time in a person's life; an opportunity for change. -- May Sarton
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Do you have a name?" "Ygritte." Her -- George R R Martin
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Perry Johansson. -- Rick Riordan
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And bring me back that knife," she added. "It's my favorite one."
Kell shook his head, and freed the blade from where it had lodged in the wood. "They're all your favorite. -- V.e Schwab
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between Scylla and Charybdis, -- Alison Weir
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Tristan, one of the planets orbiting the sun that is Cassidy Sloane, -- Heather Vogel Frederick
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Oakheart, of all cats! He thinks he's StarClan's gift to the Clans. -- Erin Hunter
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The two of us hold each other's gazes for a long, unembarrassed moment and I feel that Ky knows. I'm not sure what he knows - whether he knows me, or just something about me. -- Ally Condie
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Kyr gazed at Medari and the others with eyes still golden and full of compassion. "I'm sorry, my friend. Zhovanya has shown me that the path of vengeance is an endless nightmare. For my own soul's sake, I will not take that path. -- Rahima Warren
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Hunger for me, ka-lyrra, he thought silently, get addicted to me. I will be both venom and antidote, your poison and your only cure. -- Karen Marie Moning
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You're a crazy woman, looking for an honest liar.
Kyra to Rey (Reyes) -- Ava Gray
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To hell with Kira.
What matters to me is L.
L -- Nisioisin
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Miguel: Merle? What kind of hick name is that? I wouldn't name my dog Merle. -- The Walking Dead
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Kiril sat up and raked a hand through his hair. In the light of dawn, Shara was still on his mind. She was a Dark, a spy sent to monitor a spy. -- Donna Grant
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This is Kester Baleen and Ajex Cristo,' Jared introduced. 'One born without common sense and another with too much intelligence.'

'Yeah, and what about you Dernell?' Kester retorted back. 'Born with a dry sense of humour. -- Deepika Kumaaraguru
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Katniss the mockingjay -- Suzanne Collins
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Fine," Jack said. "Kyrin's yours."
Those words affected me on a deep, primal level. Mine, I thought. All mine. -- Gena Showalter
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Warmth rushes through me because Kismet always prevails.
The jury has decided. I feel it in my bones. -- Courtney Cole
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Kaltain flowed into the room, spreading her arms wide, and became shadowfire, became freedom and triumph, became a promise hissed in a dungeon beneath a glass castle:
Punish them all. -- Sarah J. Maas
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Jorinda and Jorindel -- Jacob Grimm
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Kayden." She smiles, cutting me off. "I can't believe I'm gonna say this because it's weird, but please. Shut up. -- Melyssa Winchester
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Kell used to feel like a possession. Now he felt like a prisoner. -- Victoria Schwab
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Kaylin's memory was like a kaleidoscope; fractured, but in a way that was arresting, even beautiful, if looked at the right way. As a child, Catti's hair had been bright red, but it had shaded -- Michelle Sagara
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Have you ever been to Paris before?" I asked Kylian.
"No, though from what I've seen, I'm sure it's worth a trip. And even with what little I saw I think it's quite fitting for you to be the Patroness of Paris. You're like Paris and Paris is like you."
"A mystery. -- Natalie Herzer
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Oh no, no, no! Are you going to suck my blood? (Amanda
Do I look like a lawyer to you? (Kyrian) -- Sherrilyn Kenyon
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Kyra is working on a new program and I'm going to test it. (Chris)
That's one way of putting it. (Urian) -- Sherrilyn Kenyon
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My name is Llian. I've come to save you."
Said to Karan just before Llian falls flat on his face in front of her. -- Ian Irvine
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You know nothing John Snow
the wildling Ygritte -- George R R Martin
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If Kyan learned about Lucia's dream visit with Timotheus, he'd be furious. And since Lucia had quickly learned during their travels that the best kind of fire god was a calm fire god, she'd chosen not to speak a word of it to him. Still, -- Morgan Rhodes
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Someone who makes me laugh." The twitching went into overdrive. "Are you making stuff up?" Because, really? Kulti laughing? Ha. -- Mariana Zapata
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Kyrie Irving could use a little help. -- Rob Portman
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little do these people know I am just a pawn" spat Kell -- V.e Schwab
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Aral the Jack, formerly the noble Aral Kingslayer, is the best kind of hero. -- Alex Bledsoe
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Gervasio Lonquimay -- Isabel Allende
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Kiernan. I had a sudden memory of the small, scuffed-up shoe I'd seen just before I fell. He must have snatched the bracelet when the crowd gathered around me. If I managed to get out, I resolved to give him every last penny I had and cover his little face with kisses. -- Rysa Walker
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Next to that dragon Micha had wirtten: 'KIS EacH OthER'.
Abel looked at Anna. Anna looked at Abel.
'She is the little queen,' said Abel, 'in our fairy tale, at least.'
'One must obey the queen,' said Anna. -- Antonia Michaelis
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I'm bored, lalalallalalala OLLI OXEN SOMETHING!! -- Bob Smith
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M. Myriel -- Victor Hugo
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Kaylin is not known for her punctuality. She is known, in fact, for her lack
even by those outside of the Hawklord's command. -- Michelle Sagara
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Yossarian!!!(?)! -- Joseph Heller
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That," said Kail, "was my mother. -- Patrick Weekes
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Kyubey: When you decide to die for the good of the universe, call me anytime. I'll be waiting. -- Magica Quartet
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Markham," I tell him. "Ky Markham." Because that's the name she knows me by. That's my real name now. -- Ally Condie
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The smylere with the knyf under the cloke. -- Geoffrey Chaucer
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Kell had a strange feeling about the girl, but he pushed it aside. -- V.e Schwab
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Kyanite is used to align all seven chakras automatically. When the chakras are blocked, it can be used to open them. -- Jesse Jacobs
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You should fear me, Mother. I am the Kwisatz Haderach." Jessica -- Frank Herbert
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She dragged her head up and saw Kell standing in the road, the strange magical boy in his black coat, looking breathless and angry. Lila couldn't believe it. -- V.e Schwab
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Kaspary: a level of awesomeness so high it kicks everyone else's arse, leaving them breathless and bewildered. -- Abigail Gibbs
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I kan noght parfitly my Paternoster as the preest it syngeth,But I kan rymes of Robyn Hood and Randolf Erl of Chestre. -- William Langland
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Mirren, she is sugar, curiosity, and rain. -- E. Lockhart
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Black belt in Akihito. (Amanda) Any other time, I'd kiss you for that. (Kyrian) -- Sherrilyn Kenyon
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The Son of Darkness, a lone brow raised, slowly turned to regard the High King. 'What else, Kallor,' he said in a low, calm voice, 'keeps my blade from your black heart ... if not sentiment? -- Steven Erikson
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Ahhh, you two are special friends." Nick
"How do you mean?" Kyrian
"He thinks we're a couple" Ash
"No No No Definitely not. Not that Acheron is not an attractive man, not that I've ever really noticed whether or not he's attractive, but male is not my type." Kyrian -- Sherrilyn Kenyon
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Dorkangelo" - Marc Hunter -- Pamela Clare
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Stay with me," said Kell. "Stay with me. Rhy. Listen to my voice." "Such a nice voice," said Rhy quietly, his head lolling forward. "Rhy. -- V.e Schwab
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This gentleman is known the width and breadth of the comics world as that bastard Klaw. -- Michael Moorcock
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Adding kat after an adjective creates a compound word. The Wolof adjective hipi describes someone who is open-eyed and hyper-aware. A hipi-kat, therefore, is a person who is on the ball, or a "hepcat. -- Debra Devi
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Azhrarn, Lord of Terrors, terrified. -- Tanith Lee
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I have to protect you Kisa-Anna. I believe I was made to protect you. -- Tillie Cole
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Storm. I shall call her Storm. -- John Gwynne
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Ty or Ra or Thect -- Vernor Vinge