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If everything had a label, we would live in a fully delineated but false world. -- Mason Cooley
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You can't just buy things for the label - it's ridiculous. -- Roberto Cavalli
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I'm not sure I understand the compulsion to label things. -- Ti West
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You know, I am just a musician and I have no idea these days what good and bad is in terms of labels. -- Billy Sherwood
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I fucking hated labels. Always had.
But maybe that was because no one had ever given me the right one.
At least, not until that moment.
Gay. Straight. Bi. None of them fit me the way mine did rolling off Henry's tongue.
Suddenly, it was the only label I'd ever wanted. -- Aly Martinez
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A label doesn't make something so. A label is just a word. It's what a person does that makes them who they are -- Heather Brewer
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As far as I am concerned, I write novels, and other people can do the labelling. -- Peter Temple
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Drink wine, not labels. -- Maynard Amerine
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Labels are distancing phenomena. They push us away from each other. -- Leo Buscaglia
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Don't rely too much on labels, for too often they are fables -- Charles Spurgeon
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I am in discussions with a label. We are talking about doing something. -- Freddie Hubbard
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Labels (of any kind) are simply band-aids people apply to their lives to mask the wounds of their insecurities. -- Carlos Wallace
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I made this record without a record label. -- Jules Shear
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You are too free and untamable to be labeled. -- Steve Pavlina
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Labels fund things and have resources for you to use. But just because you sign doesn't mean you sign yourself away so they can then tell you what to do. You need to have a plan yourself before they do. -- Gabrielle Aplin
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Labels don't really impress, it's the uniqueness and risk in decor that inspire. -- Bryan Batt
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A sight of the label is worth 50 years experience. -- Michael Broadbent
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I don't think anybody's quite accurately branded me. I'm not sure I could do it myself. -- Willie Geist
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What labels me, negates me. -- Soren Kierkegaard
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When we tag ourselves with a particular label, we mustn't be surprised when we attract others looking for our particular item. -- Charles F. Glassman
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Everybody uses labels: they give you a handle on things - an over-simplified handle, sure, but without labels, without ads, without words, the world would be an indistinguishable mass, a blur. You can hope, maybe, that people ascribe so many labels to you that none wins out -- Vito Acconci
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I'd rather be on a label that understands us and allows us to be a bit odd. -- Sean Booth
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It's magazines like HITS that have to label things. -- Nina Gordon
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Running a label in 2013, you don't do it for any financial purpose, you do it for all the amazing creative aspects of what you can achieve. -- Erol Alkan
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Very active in the label, maybe to a fault sometimes. -- Kirk Franklin
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To name a thing is easy: the difficulty is to discern it before its appearance. -- Pierre-Joseph Proudhon
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I want to
peel away all the labels
I had once given to others
and place them
upon the fabric
of my own identity.

They have reflected back to me,
everything that I refuse
to See in myself. -- Meraaqi
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If you label me, you negate me? -- Wayne Campbell
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It's one thing to be a fan and it's another thing to be a label. -- Gerry Beckley
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I really should come with a warning label. -- Tom Upton
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...judgment says more about the labeler than the labeled. -- Connor Franta
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I don't like to be labeled, to be anything. I've made the mistake before myself of labeling my music, but it's counter-productive. -- Neil Young
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To label myself is similar to thinking that I can come up with a single phrase to explain the universe. -- Craig D. Lounsbrough
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What is the point of labeling each individual piece of fruit? Buy the fruit, EAT the ad! We've carved a chunk out of the ozone, burned up all the rainforests, soon we won't be able to BREATHE, and all because we had to label each individual piece of fruit. -- Lucy Ellmann
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That's the thing about labels - they're bloody sticky! Although the harsh words from classmates stopped years ago, the damage has been done. -- Claire Eastham
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I hate labels; the problem is that if you say you're one thing, it's hard for people to imagine you as something else. Music is way more complicated than that. -- Bill Frisell
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I've always tried to stay clear of being labeled, putting a label on what type of music that I make. -- Chino Moreno
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I think people think that labels can get you features more than you can get your own. I just doesn't work like that. -- Kid Ink
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So So Def has been one of the most successful and consistent labels in the game in the last 10 years. -- Jermaine Dupri
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People label you the way they know you best. -- Lauren Conrad
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It's funny how we like labels. If I ever have a bookstore, I'm not going to put any labels on the sections. -- Audrey Niffenegger
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A good legible label is usually worth, for information, a ton of significant attitude and expression in a historical picture. -- Mark Twain
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But we have all been branded even if you can't see it, inside if not without -- Colson Whitehead
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People like to think of you as a certain person, or a certain type of person, and they do love to give you a label. We like luggage labels, and we like people labels. -- Clare Balding
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If you don't build a personal brand, someone else will brand you with the wrong label. -- Richie Norton
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I'm a label that wants to sell. I believe in clothes. -- Giambattista Valli
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We tend to treat labels as real, rather than as representations of reality -- Dewight R. Middleton
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There's nothing worse than a label to cement people's loyalties. -- Greg Egan
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It's fun seeing my label on someone's behind - I like that. -- Calvin Klein
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I want people to get out of that nasty habit of needing a label. Every genre for each song is different. -- Sza
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The concept, the label, is perpetually hiding from us all the nature of the real. -- Joyce Cary
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We label things through value systems that we have developed. But nothing is or is not unless we feel it is that way. We give ground to reality by creating it. -- Frederick Lenz
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I don't like the idea that the first preparation when you start to design your building has to put your label. I think this is not fair. It's not fair to the building or to the people, to the client, because every building tells a different story. -- Renzo Piano
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I don't think labels are as important as results. -- Hillary Clinton
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My label is largely about fabrics; print is definitely not my point of difference! -- Roksanda Ilincic
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Who are you? Answer; you are who you are in this given moment. Label-less. Limitless. Remember that from this day forward. -- Connor Franta
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I hate labels, and I wear no labels. When a man has to put something around his neck and say I am, he isn't. -- Pearl Bailey
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Everything may be labelled- but everybody is not. -- Edith Wharton
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I think staying away from labels is what makes my films refreshing. -- Aurora Guerrero
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Branding is a profound manifestation of the human condition -- Wally Olins
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A label's typical plan would be to put something out that's safer and get fans, and then push buttons, but my idea is to push buttons first, scare off the people who are gonna be scared off, and then the right people will like you for who you really are, and stay with you. -- Kacey Musgraves
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A reader should know what he might reasonably expect under a particular label. -- John Christopher
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I've been labeled all my life. -- Corey Feldman
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Because that was what we all did - we searched for labels for people until we found one we thought might fit, and then we sighed in relief that we had placed them. -- Erin Mccarthy
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Once you label me you negate me. -- Soren Kierkegaard
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IMITATION CITRUS FLAVORED DIETARY ARTIFICIALLY SWEETENED CARBONATED BEVERAGE. That, I submit, is not a label; it is an incantation. Someday, it should be set to a suitable plainsong tune or Anglican chant. -- Robert Farrar Capon
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My label is to play bad guys of Latin origin in American movies. I'm happy with that label. I prefer to play that than to play a city boy. The bad guy is always something very tempting for the audience. -- Jordi Molla
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Once my jars were labeled, I felt contentedly thrilled with myself, as if I had pulled off a wonderful trick. People feel this way when they bake bread or have babies, and although they are perfectly entitled to feel that way, in fact, nature does most of the work. -- Laurie Colwin
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Break your bad labels instead of living in them. -- Orrin Woodward
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I can't drink a wine if it has an ugly label, -- Bryan Ferry
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People often need to describe things quickly and so they use a shorthand. The problem is that after they use a label, they begin to think only in terms of the label instead of the totality of the experience a novel provides. -- Akhil Sharma
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The problem is that resuscitating old labels doesn't work anymore. I think it is very important to give hope to a new generation of designers, so that one day they really can put their own names out there. -- Giambattista Valli
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A German wine label is one of the things life's too short for. -- Kingsley Amis
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Labels cloud our vision and distract us from seeing how much we have in common with one another. -- Russell Simmons
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I'm not a brand name, I'm a person. -- Sarah Kane
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Jacob Thorke. My label, but not the description of a person. The prints are the most permanent thing about me. -- Scott Kelly
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I've never really gotten into the whole labels thing. There were times I would cover a pop song, and people would say 'You sound really country.' I gave up on that whole thing a long time ago. -- David Nail
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As I say, you get labelled. To stop all that, I've got to win things - that's the only way you make your mark. -- Jamie Redknapp
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There is no one label that could be attached to me that would be thought adequate. -- Robert Robinson
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I don't like labels. I don't understand the need for them. When you define yourself a certain way, people have expectations. -- Eddie Huang
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Technology being the way it is, and record sales being the way it is, there are not too many things that you need to depend on a label for that you can't go out and do yourself. -- Joe Budden
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Sometimes labeling is only useful, like with OCD. Once you're labeled you can be treated. On other occasions labeling leads to tyranny, like with childhood bipolar disorder in the U.S. -- Jon Ronson
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I've never been a fan of labels. I think its very easy to kind of look at somebody and just kind of throw a label on them 'They're crazy.' -- Charlize Theron
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Whatever labels are being pinned on me have nothing to do with me. -- Skeet Ulrich
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If somebody wants you to pin a label on my place in your life, just tell them I'm yours. It's that simple. -- Shannon Stacey
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The world loves stupid labels. I wish we got to choose our own. -- David Levithan
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I consider myself to be an entertainer, given that I'm most known as MGK "the rapper" I don't have a problem with the label, I just want the people to know that I am much more than that. -- Machine Gun Kelly
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If people have to put labels on me, I'd prefer the first label to be human being, the second label to be pacifist, and the third to be folk singer. -- Joan Baez
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A label locks me into a definition that people use to control me. A vision graces me with an idea that serves to release me. -- Craig D. Lounsbrough
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Okay, let's talk about cartoon labels for half a second - some people think anything with a dog or a car or a colorful alien is garbage, which is not true. Look at Big Moose Red. It's, like, a $6 wine with a cheesy label, and it's actually a solid wine. -- Gary Vaynerchuk
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Beginning with brand rather than substance is dangerous. -- Peter Thiel
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We send our kids off to school to major in labeling and think the ones who do it best deserve the highest grades. -- Wayne Dyer
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There's a very distinct difference between a really wonderful DIY label and a soft drink company, or a car company, or a clothing brand, and you will always understand that difference. -- Alan Palomo
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When you get past making labels for things, it is possible to combine and transform elements into new things. Look at things until their import, identity, name, use, and description have dissolved. -- Corita Kent
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We are all warned to read labels. The salutary truth is that we shouldn't be eating anything that has a label on it! -- T.c. Fry
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Basically we just created our own label, but again we just did it to document our own music and create our own thing, so the major labels were just always out of our picture, we're not interested. -- Ian Mackaye
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Artists are traditionally resistant to labels. -- Patti Smith
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As actors you don't want to have one label. You'd rather have seven. -- Neil Patrick Harris
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Labels are boring and often have nothing to with the person; it is just the way others perceive you, or choose to perceive you. -- Shannen Doherty
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Technically, at this point we're no longer with the label; we've fulfilled our contract. -- Peter Steele