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A lady's armor is courtesy -- George R R Martin
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she's a lady, my lord. And you know as well as anyone that I am the furthest thing from being a gentleman you'll ever meet." Throughout -- Catherine Gayle
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An intelligent lady, a little too mature for recklessness, a little too young for caution. -- Connie Brockway
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A tip for increased sales or in situations of life or death: Try to always refer to the lady as Miss. or Ms. Using the term: Ma'am could piss her off. -- Ginnetta Correli
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A gentleman? How quaint. Not everything in a lady's life revolves around a man, -- Daphne Du Bois
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I'm no lady; I'm a member of Congress, and I'll proceed on that basis. -- Mary Norton
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and grinned. "The lady -- Susan May Warren
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Don't be lady. Be a legend. -- Stevie Nicks
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I am Asha of House Greyjoy, aye. Opinions differ on whether I'm a lady. -- George R R Martin
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Luck, be a lady tonight. -- Frank Loesser
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A lady's imagination is very rapid; it jumps from admiration to love, from love to matrimony in a moment. -- Jane Austen
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Lady, I'm just a nigga that loves titties. -- Dave Chappelle
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Honest, hopelessly romantic old-fashioned gentleman seeks lady friend who enjoys elegant dining, dancing and the slow bloom of affection. -- Claire Cook
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The kind of woman who could pleasantly instruct you to fuck off, dear, and you immediately would because you'd just hate to disappoint her. -- Neal Stephenson
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Give the lady what she wants! -- Marshall Field
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Am I a boy or a lady, I don't know which? -- Frank Zappa
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The lady is almost the only picturesque survival in a social order which tends less and less to tolerate the exceptional ... In the age-long war between men and women, she is a hostage in the enemy's camp. Her fortunes do not rise and fall with those of women but with those of men. -- Emily James Smith Putnam
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Just because I have the vocabulary of a well educated sailor, doesn't mean I'm not a lady. -- Someecards
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The true lady treats the whole world as her dance floor, -- Sarah Zettel
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A fine lady she weren't, oh, but a damn fine woman and a brave one ... -- C.j. Cherryh
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A proper young lady who should, in your opinion, play by the conventional rules. do as you like, Mr. Hopkins, but I am having a mulled wine. This feels like a good day to break rules. -- A.s. Croyle
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The Lady or The Tiger,'
'My lady, the tiger, -- Holly Black
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A lady is the last thing on earth I want to be. Capitalists sidetrack the women into clubs and make ladies of them. -- Mary Harris Jones
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She wavers, she hesitates: in a word, she is a woman. -- Jean Racine
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I have bursts of being a lady, but it doesn't last long. -- Shelley Winters
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I'm a woman in search on an adventure -- Alice Steinbach
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Lady, how the hell do I know who you are or I am or anybody is? -- Charles Bukowski
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A young lady ought to be two things: tasteful and breathtaking. -- Coco Chanel
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I'm a gentleman. -- Rod Stewart
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There are many marks of a true lady but I believe that one of them is to walk with her head held high while her world falls apart around her. -- Hester Browne
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Every discussion of the status of woman is complicated by the existence of the lady. She overshadows the rest of her sex. -- Emily James Smith Putnam
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She called me 'my lady,' " she told him in a plaintive voice. "I don't know who that is. I'm no lady." The last of his fury faded away to be replaced with a quick gleam. He peered under the sheet. "I can attest to that. -- Thea Harrison
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A gift by women, for women. -- Nevil Shute
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A woman who looks like a girl and thinks like a man is the best sort, the most enjoyable to be and the most pleasurable to have and to hold. -- Julie Burchill
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This woman's work is exceptional. Too bad she's not a man. -- Edouard Manet
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a complete woman. Plus, -- Cassandra Dee
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A lady decidedly. Fast? perhaps. Original? undoubtedly. Worth knowing? rather. -- George Egerton
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Horseman. I know you were born back when women were thought of as little more than brood mares and slaves, but it's the twenty-first century, and we can do anything a man does. -- Larissa Ione
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Lady?" he echoed, with a nasty laugh. "Just because she looks like a fat Pippa Middleton and talks like she's got a cock shoved in her mouth doesn't make her a lady. -- Erin Lawless
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If the inner life of our fashionable women were known, how few would deserve the title of lady! -- James Merrick
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The lady is proverbial for her skill in eluding definition ... she may be described merely as the female of the favored social class. -- Emily James Smith Putnam
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Being a lady does not require silence. -- Betty Ford
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I work with a lot of lovely ladies. -- Brad Goreski
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Gentleman. A man who buys two of the same morning paper from the doorman of his favorite nightclub when he leaves with his girl. -- Marlene Dietrich
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You can't expect any woman to be a lady if you're not being a gentleman, and vice versa. -- N.b. Roberts
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A woman is a loving mother, a gorgeous daughter, and beautiful angel of imagination. -- Debasish Mridha
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A woman today knows that the power of her femininity is very important. -- Oscar De La Renta
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I'd rather be a lady of the evening than a feminist. -- Wendy E. Long
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My friend, she is a woman." "No, no, you are deceived
she is a queen. -- Alexandre Dumas
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I am a woman phenomenally, phenomenal woman that is your grandmother, that is your mother, that is your sister, that is you and that is me. -- Maya Angelou
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She has the care of a mother, the love of a sister, a prostitute in bed. Who is she? -- Bangambiki Habyarimana
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What sex is she, anyway? Girly girl?"
"Base human female. There were only two, possibly three genders originally. -- Gavin G. Smith
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beautiful young maiden? -- Melanie Dickerson
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'The Lady' is an incredible love story about how a family was cut off from each other, about sacrifice, about the ability to put the needs of million of people before your own. -- Michelle Yeoh
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Always refer to those of the female gender as ladies.
The descriptive woman is usually reserved in Dixie for females of questionable respect. -- Ann Barrett Batson
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condition of the woman -- Marcia L. London
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Who is it can read a woman? -- William Shakespeare
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My kinky, foul-mouthed romantic gentleman lover. -- Raine Miller
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A woman is subject matter enough. -- Claude Chabrol
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A woman is a blissful mother, a wonderful sister, a gorgeous daughter, and a friend with a kind heart who really cares. Wishing you a wonderful International Women's Day -- Debasish Mridha
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She's a pot-of-tea-before-I-say-boo-to-you woman. There's always a pile of warm teabags in the sink when I come down, like what a horse would leave behind. -- Roddy Doyle
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I'm a gentleman, call me old fashioned if you want. -- Michael Jackson
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Lady, you are one sick fuck. -- Karen Marie Moning
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You don't know what kind of girl I am." "I know precisely the kind of woman you are, Daisy. And if you don't understand it, then it'll be up to me to show it to you. -- Kristen Ashley
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Christ. I fear I've just met the devil. Figures she's a woman. -- J. Daniels
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What does it mean, being a woman? -- Brigitte Bardot
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So, Mystery Lady? What's it going to be? You're going to spend your short little life playing by their rules, or are you going to take your chance? -- Lili St. Crow
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There must be something she wanted; and that therefore she was no lady. -- Elizabeth Bowen
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A woman whose smile is open and whose expression is glad has a kind of beauty no matter what she wears. -- Anne Roiphe
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Sir,"she said,"you are no gentleman!"
An apt observation,"he answered airily."And, you, Miss, are no lady. -- Margaret Mitchell
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Woman is a most charming creature, who changes her heart as easily as she does her gloves. -- Honore De Balzac
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A lady's hair is her crowning glory -- Jeannette Walls
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I'm not a woman. I'm a force of nature. -- Courtney Love
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What does being a woman today mean? Is there a right way of doing it? Is there a wrong way of doing it? Different kinds of women, female friendships: It's all pretty funny, and worth making fun of. -- Elizabeth Meriwether
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She was not softly delicate in all her ways; but in disposition and temper she was altogether generous. I do not know that she was at all points a lady, but had Fate so willed it she would have been a thorough gentleman. -- Anthony Trollope
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I was in the supermarket the other day, and I met a lady in the aisle where they keep the generic brands. Her name was 'woman. -- Steven Wright
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A thin woman about fifty with a face like a silver hatchet. -- Ross Macdonald
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A charming woman is a busy woman. -- Loretta Young
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If she's a lady, I'm a vernicious knid. (Eddie Albert in Willy Wanka and the Chocolate Factory) -- Roald Dahl
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Let the lady lead! -- Regena Bryant
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A veteran of the gender wars. -- Lorrie Moore
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Ladies with curly hair / Have time to spare. -- Phyllis Mcginley
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Darling, a true lady takes off her dignity with her clothes and does her whorish best. At other times you can be as modest and dignified as your persona requires. -- Robert A. Heinlein
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My illustrious lordship, I'll show you what a woman can do. -- Artemisia Gentileschi
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A perfect woman's but a softer man. -- Alexander Pope
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An elegant woman, with a refinement that makes mere prettiness seem redundant. -- Hilary Mantel
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The difference between a lady and a flower girl is not how she behaves, but how she's treated. -- George Bernard Shaw
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I am not a woman. I am a force of nature ... -- Courtney Love
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A woman of haughty and fierce carriage, of a nimble wit and active spirit, a very voluble tongue, more bold than a man. -- John Winthrop
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The true lady is in theory either a virgin or a lawful wife. -- Emily James Smith Putnam
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Woman, you see, is an object of such a kind that study it as much as you will, it is always quite new. -- Leo Tolstoy
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Don't call me 'gentleman'. I work for a livin'. -- Tamora Pierce
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There are words to describe her, my dear, but one does not repeat them in polite company. -- Gail Carriger
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Lady Bracknell, I hate to seem inquisitive, but would you kindly inform me who I am? -- Oscar Wilde
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The kind of woman who would breeze into the bathroom while I was shaving and say, Yo, shithead - you going to fix that shelf like you said, or do I have to take you back to Husbands-R-Us? -- Michael Marshall Smith
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a lady with such a genius for dreaming! -- Charles Dickens
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Ladylike is the beastliest word there is, I think. If a girl isn't a lady, it isn't worth while to be only like one, she'd better let it alone and be a free and happy bounder. -- E. Nesbit
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This was a woman who lunched in fancy restaurants, filtered suitors based on their bank balances, and who looked at women like me as snacks. -- Alessandra Torre
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Dear, sweet, beautiful girl, -- Tahereh Mafi
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One is not conceived a lady, one turns into one. -- Simone De Beauvoir