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You kissed her? You kissed my mate?"
"Actually, the more I think about it, she kissed me. But I kissed her back."
"You kissed?" Breccan asked again.
"Yes. We kissed. Mouths tangled. Tongues involved. Kissed."
"I know what it means! Care to elaborate?"
"At one point she screamed.
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Where do whores go?
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I've been used by women all my life, fortunately.
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fucking thirty-year-old virgin.
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positioned the head of the larger cock against her pussy
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By my hand only. By my cock and mouth only, unless I command otherwise.
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I'm a woman who likes to be courted - strongly.
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Men get laid, but women get screwed.
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People say I'm henpecked. Well, let them say it.
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Madelyne, we're married now. 'Tis a usual occurrence to bed one's wife on the wedding night.
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Away with the flat of her
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I've been shucked and gone to heaven.
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The virgin was seducing the seductress!
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We returned to the hotel and had intercourse. I like that word intercourse. It poses only a limited range of possibilities.
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When a woman singles me out"- he leaned down to murmer at my ear- "it's because she wants to get fucked. She looks at the scars and tattoos and knows she'll get fucked hard"
I gasped, melting for him.
"is that what you wanted from me, Natalya"?
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into her bed purely for informational
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Pickup's washed and you just got paid, with any luck at all you might even get laid.
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I don't want to sleep with you, Pidge. I like you too much.
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You are more than who you fuck
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I would say I'm humanly engaged.
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Baby doll, you're about to be claimed.
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He'd fucked me and, fucked me dirty.
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You fell in love with me?
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Engaged to Mr. Collins! My dear Charlotte - impossible!
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Playing Xbox for 23 hours straight is cool and all, but I'm going to teach you how to spend time on things in your life that will get you the following two things: paid and laid.
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Consider yourself taken, sweetheart.
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For a man of 55 who didn't get laid
until he was 23 and not very often until he was 50 I think that I should stay listed via Pacific Telephone
until I get as much as the average man has had
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Every men wanted to be his friend and every woman wanted to be in his bed
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Dude, you just got fucked up by a girl.
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what with the follies and an indecent proposal it's been quite a night
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Now you've fucked a rock star. How do you feel?"
"Like everyone else you fuck. Used and ready for you to leave
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Question one: are you all screwing each other? Question two: how can I get in on the action?
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Who in the hot hunk of sex are you?
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This is how it should always be. You in my bed ... in my arms. Always.
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He's hot. He knows he's hot. I am taken. He knows I am taken.
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felt as though I had been the one cuckolded.
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He put his shirt on my head
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You claiming me?" The words were practically a growl and I realized our lips were now inches apart.
"Are you saying you're claimable?" she murmured.
"Depends on the girl ... "
"I thought it was just sex."
"Those were your words, babe. Not mine.
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Her pussy just fell on your dick?
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The fact is that she was terribly undressed and I was extremely undressed too. The fact is that I still had my hand where she didn't have anything and she had hers where the same wasn't quite true of me. The fact is that I found myself underneath her and consequently she found herself on top of me.
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One does not have to sleep with, or even touch, someone who has paid for your meal. All those obligations are hereby rendered null and void, and any man who doesn't think so needs a quick jab in the kidney.
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Bed is my friend.
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Pregnant. You come to see me for one weekend, and here
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Please touch me. I need you to touch me.
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To call either of us virgins would be ridiculous, yet emotionally that was just what we were. Fumbling in the dark and too eager, completely out of our depths and self-conscious, trying to impress and missing all the subtle nuances.
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When coming to sex: First served, first come.
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To penetrate or to be penetrated, that is the question.
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I've been racketeered on.
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I did what I always do when I meet a beautiful woman," Kingsley said with a shrug. "I fucked her.
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It's easy to get laid when you're rich and famous. When you're broke and unknown, it takes skill.
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I'm happily single.
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Got seven women on my mind. Four that want to own me, two that want to stone me, and one says she's a friend of mine.
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Buttered, I lie on my single bed, flat, like a piece of toast. I
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Love revealed, love laid down, love spent.
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Done. I have a date. Well, hot damn!
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I'll consider myself lucky, my elusive girl, once you consider yourself taken. Every man has a weakness; you are mine. I've accepted that. Now you must accept me.
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You've slept with Gabrielle?" Adam asked. "You haven't slept with her too, have you, Mark?"

"No!" Mark answered.

"Good, or I would have felt really left out.
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hornier than a bunny on ecstasy
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You're flattered because he wants to sleep with you? Who doesn't he want to sleep with?
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I'm married. And pregnant.
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The joke that you laid in the bed that was me.
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I've remained a virgin for you.
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I don't know what's better gettin' laid or gettin' paid.
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An unsatisfied woman requires luxury, but a woman who is in love with a man will lie on a board.
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Beautiful girl; when I hit on women, they are fucking me in less than five minutes; last time I checked we still have our clothes on.
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pretended to be interested in her, allowing
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The press of his body on hers brought
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You kissed, Wheeler, as in the guy who just canceled his wedding to a raging she-beast?" Her
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down to the floor, she accepted that she was
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She wasn't a girl to be fucked. She was a girl to be made love to.
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She Got The Gold Mine, I Got the Shaft.
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All people want to be touched.
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My thousands-of-years-old virgin...
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Ah, cariad, finally I have you to myself, with a bed behind me, and what do I do?
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I kissed her hand. My seduction technique is best filed under Obvious.
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Me getting in your bed was the first step, T. My presence in your bed was my way of telling you I was all in, because I knew," his voice, long gone hoarse, cracked, "I knew you were an all-in kinda guy, so I took the leap. Jumped for you. But you ran from me.
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Set me up, wet me up, niggas stuck me up ...
Heard the guns bust, but you tricks never shut me up.
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We playing? Or am I just throwing you down and fucking you?
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We aren't some casual fuck, and we never were. Not from the first night. Not from the first time I laid eyes on you. You were built for me. I denied it as long as I could, but we were meant to be together. You are the sea under my sky. We're bound at the horizon.
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Baby, I'm all yours if you want me to be.
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I was lost. I was found. I, James Cavendish, unrepentant dominant, sexual deviant, and prolific slut for more years than I cared to count, was in love. I'd taken her virgin body, but just as surely, she'd taken my virgin heart.
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What did one do after having a one-night stand (or, in my case, one-afternoon stand) with the school's biggest man-whore?
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When he'd pushed inside me and I'd feel him begin to penetrate, it had turned me into a wild thing-hot, wet, and desperate for more of him. With every kiss, every caress, every thrust, I'd just needed more. He'd touched me, I went nuts. The world dwindled down to one thing: him.
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as I drove her into the dirt and fucked her.
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Sexual intercourse is a grossly overrated pastime; the position is undignified, the pleasure momentary and the consequences damnable.
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straight for the elevators, intent on my
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how have i ended up dating this sprinkled donut of a person?
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Naked. Waiting. Go.
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I decided to put on my new suit and go out and find a woman, a beautiful one, of course, to support a man of my still-hidden talents.
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I was tired. Tired of men, tired of moving, tired of being scared, tired of being confused. But who was I kissing? I'm not one to sit quietly, anywhere.
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See? I harvested your seed; I burnt your sperm. Now you can't help yourself. You're mine.
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Pushing up onto my elbows, I stared at her from under the fringe of my messy hair. "I wanted to lie down where you fucked," I said, interested in seeing her reaction.
"You're unbelievable," she gasped.
I winked. "Only in the sack."
Her steel-grey eyes flared at me. "Get off my bed!
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I'ma make you feel like a virgin again.
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I wanna have sex, Ayd. Lots and lots of sex ... with you and only you.
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I'm pretty much fucked. That's my considered opinion. Fucked.
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I appreciate this, but I just want to know one thing: How are you going to fuck me?
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She went to him and he took - a lot of deep penetration, in and out, super-fast and hard.
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Don't hesitate get laid that's wisdom
sitting around chanting what crap
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Tell me where do whores go?
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My wife's married. I'm not.